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Roy visited local pet stores since his freshman year in high school. He used to walk to the one on El Camino Real each lunch hour and look over the fish, having just about every fresh water, and a few salt water fish. Now he has a virtual tank and believes they should be in their natural habitats. Observing fish for awhile, one could spot a sick one which may infect all others.

Roy went to the fourth pet store years later and the owner had parrots in the back area. Why he considered owning a parrot was probably due to the TV Show Barretta(sp). There was a African Grey, and Green one and many small ones. It was the clownish acts of the Cockatoo that caught his attention. After a couple weeks the owner said the owner moved north. He would let her run along the floor. Of course this female never stopped to chew on the carpet, nor made any noise or speech. The Internet (about 1993) did not exist as it does now.

Roy bought a large cage after thinking this over...not long enough, and took Chloe' home. She lived with him for 16+ years, having been estimated to be 1 yr old when purchased.

Chloe's first egg.
Taking an unscheduled Bath
A Favorite - Almonds!
Chloe' out and about


There were two incidents where Chloe' bit Roy's nephew the 1st year, probably due to her not being around other humans. Then when she flew off Roy's hand onto his sister's head. Roy placed his hand under her to protect his sister, as she had went to protect him at times. Roy received a good bite,. I am sure Chloe' was more scared than he was. Considering a Parrot? read, read, read, then read more! Roy could get very deep into bird behavior, having read a great deal over the years, yet that is not the purpose of this page. Clipping the wings was only done 16 years ago by incompetent vet. Yes, she would fly if startled. Roy tributes VCA Pet Hospital in San Carlos, CA for excellent bird care and saving her life, again a whole other story. Fast forward 16 years, Roy makes the decision to donate Chloe' to a Cockatoo Sanctuary, after major changes in 2009/2010. At times, Roy had not given her as much attention as they deserve and require, due to work, and becoming a care-giver. Although Chloe' was free to play on top of her cage everynight. Chloe's did master "Screeching", along with Hello and some other words.

The purpose of this page is to give details to an icon which will be on the bottom of every page at this website, enlisting anyone that would like to donate a 'small amount' towards the sanctuary Chloe' is at now. The gal who runs the Sanctuary is very nice. Roy has never asked anything of anyone. This is for Roy's ex-parrot, who could live to be 50+ years old, and all her co-inhabitants.

Please visit the Lesser Sulfer Cockatoo page and the other species. No, Roy has no photos of her there, and these were before Chloe's was air transported there, yet he knows she is living a great life. Only life better would have been born in her native habitat, never having been at a pet shop or breeder..

Please visit the Cockatoo Rescue donation page if interested.

Thank you for reading this.

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