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Revised: December 3, 2014

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FAMILY TREE (Current Generation 1 - 5)

John S. Christopherson this leads to his family

Haldor Christopherson (Dori)

Susie Christopherson Brynjolfsson Individual page

Great Ancestors of the Past (Bio of past relatives from different branches. Related to all Icelanders in one way or another)

Surname List (Outdated, yet lists a good majority from Halfdan Helgason's database,
who are related entered into Roy's database as of May 10th, 2010). Roy only lists grandparents beyond lastest 4 generations.
Update: This section has been deleted out of respect for Halfdan's work.

Ron Christopherson
Ron Christopherson Memorial and Photo page

Pauline EINARSON Christopherson
Memorial Card for Pauline Christopherson

Lorne Christopherson Individual page &
Indira Individual page

Memorial card for Eileen Christopherson Keller

Henry 'Hank' Christopherson Individual page this also leads to all his siblings pages.

Eileen CHRISTOPHERSON Keller a.k.a. Eileen Christy Individual page and her memorial card

Donna Skardal Individual page

William Stewart Taylor Individual page

Infamous John Taylor, Williams brother Page 1,
Taylors and Barbadoes Page 2 (Barbados was actually spelled with an E early on)
Also see Document 0084 and Maps below

Stone Stoneson Individual page
Ingjborg Einarsdottir Individual page

Ellis Stoneson Individual page

Henry Stoneson Individual page

Joe Stoneson Individual page

Andy Oddstad Individual page

Leona Oddstad Individual page

Robert Cartwright to Dorris branch

Alice 'Amundson' Sigvaldson

MAIN PHOTO PAGE - Photo Collections
Main Photo Page (Links below will be on this page)

Family Heirlooms

PHOTO SlideShow Index (under construction)

"Come into our Heritage - R.M. of Argyle 1882 - 1982"

Clann Christopherson (Family Group photos)

Clann Isberg

Clann Einarson

Clann Sigvaldson (Sigurdur met Skapti Arason to go find Grund and file first homestead deed)

Clann Stoneson

Clann Lineage Project

Homesteads & MAPS
1. Ytri-Neslond, Neslondum, Lake Mývatn, Iceland 

1. Husavik Homestead

2. New Iceland Homestead 
Buy Nelson's book when published

Argyle District Map Page
Pin-point location of Grund Homestead

3. Grund Homestead

4. Ytranes Homestead Page 
Their last homestead

Grund Church Page

Kjartan and Gudrun's Shanty 

Lilja Kernested Collection - Sigvaldsons (See Main Photo page)

Tribute to Roberta Lee Einarson

Theodore Christopherson WWII Armed Air Forces

Sig and Lorne Christopherson WWII

Andy Oddstad Photos

Joe Stoneson Individual Page

Henry Christopherson

WWI & WWII Relatives list having served (Hosted by SmileBox)

Tranquille, British Columbia Early 1900 Photos

Media Hub (still down)

Unidentified Photos of Family and Friends

Unknown Solder Page

CEMETERIES - Eternal resting Place




(General, Research, Christopherson, Stoneson, Oddstad, Einarsdottir, Einarson, Sigvaldson, Arradottir, Current Books)

Document 0084 on William Stewart Taylor


The Stoneson/Oddstad Report (PDF)

Manitoba Hist Soc. on John Taylor, William Stuarts Taylor's brother (External Website)

Tale of Wrangler Kay
Tale of Two Pictures
The Tale of Runa, Gudrun and The Pipers

RnD - Research And Developement
0001 RnD on The Taylors,
Tale of Bowman Leslie
Taylors in Barbados
0002 RnD on the Slimmons
0003 RnD on The Dales (Juande Cuevas)
0001a RnD on The Hearns
0003 RnD on Rurik to Anna - Russian TSARs
0004 RnD on The Isbergs
0005 RnD onThe Badgers
0006 RnD on Robert the Bruce
0007 Charlemagne
0008 Sigvaldi Jonsson
0009 Leslie RnD
RnD on Cartwrights


Stories of the Past - Transcripts of Voice recordings of family