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Trial of John Taylor 175 years later

John Taylor of Barbados

Sigurdur Christopherson Caroline Taylor John Christopherson William Christopherson Halldor Christopherson Sigurveig 'Veiga' Christopherson Dawe Susis Brynjolfsson Kjartan ' Kay' Christopherson

The Trial of John Taylor 175 Years later
Purpose of this page is to gather research Roy has performed over the years regarding his Great Uncle John Taylor of Barbados, and the Trial of a Capt John Taylor in 1840 in Barbados. John's personal page is here. There has been a great disconnect between Roy's generation, and that of John Taylors. One factor has been the early deaths in the family of many of the women on the Taylor side. Another is a disconnect between cousins, and what they know or have in posession. Luckily, Roy has been able to uncover many, many items about the Taylors, thanks to his relatives.

Research is being gathered under Petition ofline

Current research on "The Trial of a John Taylor 1840 in Barbados" will be gathered here. Old articles will be posted here due to a book soon to be published in May regarding this family member. To date, Roy has not seen one shred of "evidence" that the John Taylor sentenced in Barbados for Slave Trading in Texas in 1840, is in fact, our John Taylor.

Roy has already proven that while there was our John Taylor in Barbados in 1840, and being born there, consider that 10 years prior, existed a different 'Captn John Taylor' in Barbados in 1830.

Disclaimer: The author of this page does not know all there is on slavery. He has never experienced the horror of being ripped away from family, chained, whipped, or dying in transport while imprisioned on a Slave Ship. He has read a good deal on this time period, in online books covering Slavery on Barbados. There are factors of what is illegal on different countries, as different periods. Posted on Roy's private Facebook genealogy page is the book in question titled "x". John Taylor had no middle name to Roy's knowledge. My Taylor family did have slaves at their plantation Enmore before Emancipation. Yes this is true. Is it possible at all that our John Taylor could be one in the same, as the 'Captn John Taylor' who landed in Galveston (sp), TX on 6th December 1835, selling off slaves from Enmore on the ship 'Elizabeth'? Tried in 1840, sentenced to 14 years for Piracy (selling slaves), and commuted to only 3 years in prison. Our John lived on the island at this time period. He was old enough to command a ship. His mother's name is same as this english Brig, yet, so is the Queens. His father, Richard Taylor was a Supply officer in the English Navy station on Barbados for 35 years. However, after years of research, there is absolutely nothing found showing that any of the children EVER were enlisted or military men. Captain of this Brig does not equat to a military captain. Most of this immediate Taylor family did leave the island of Barbados after this time period. Yet, most of the colonies in Virginia (southern plantations) had left Barbados for greener pastures. My Taylor family set free their "Servants" (post history of this event) before emancipation.


TO DO: post article mentioning father)


TEXAS 1840



Post events of the trial


John Taylor to Mirabeau Lamar, July 28, 1840

There is nothing on this web page that proves this is our John.

Abolition of the Brazilian SlaveTrade

Hold additional findings in private.