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SUBJECT: Ferdinand_von_Zeppelin
Count Zeppelin died in 1917, before the end of World War I. He therefore did not witness either the provisional shutdown of the Zeppelin project due to the Treaty of Versailles or the second resurgence of the zeppelins under his successor Hugo Eckener. The unfinished World War II German aircraft carrier Graf Zeppelin, and two rigid airships, the world-circling LZ 127 Graf Zeppelin, and LZ 130 Graf Zeppelin II, twin to the Hindenburg, were named after him. The British rock group Led Zeppelin's name derives from his airship as well. His granddaughter, Countess Eva von Zeppelin, even once threatened to sue Led Zeppelin for illegal use of their family name while performing in Copenhagen.

According to Ancestry (see tree below, Zeppelin is supposed to be Relationship: 13th Cousin 7 times removed. to Roy

Roy already proved that one of the largest genealogy sites ( had incorrectly linked Roy to Greta Garbo (See Great Ancestors).
Greta Garbo
Now to examine if correct on Von Zeplin family.
Did not copy the whole tree, as many are wrong.

July 06, 2013: The lineage above Solveig Halfdansdottir, b. 670 stops, so this is another bogus family tree on Ancestry. RnD halted.
Well, maybe not so fast, Roy finds this upon looking up DE Heristal,
"Herstal (Héristal), modern Belgium (where his centre of power lay), whence his byname (sometimes "of Heristal"),"

"Pepin, sometimes called Pepin II and Pepin the Middle was the grandson and namesake of Pepin I the Elder by the marriage of Pepin I's daughter Begga and Ansegisel, son of Arnulf of Metz.He was also the Grandfather of Pepin the short and Great-grandfather of Charlemagne (RnD on Charlemagne and Pepin)."

"Pepin (c. 635 – 16 December 714), commonly known as Pepin of Herstal, was a Frankish statesman and military leader who de facto ruled Francia as the Mayor of the Palace from 680 until his death. He took the title, Duke and Prince of the Franks, upon his conquest of all the Frankish realms. The son of the powerful Frankish statesman, Ansegisel," Now look at the 4th person below on the left. Still, there is no Halfdan breaking the lineage. Source:

'Ansegisel (also Ansgise, Ansegus, or Anchises) (c. 602 or 610 – murdered before 679 or 662) was the son of Saint Arnulf, bishop of Metz and his wife Doda. He served King Sigbert III of Austrasia (634-656) as a duke (Latin dux, a military leader) and domesticus. He was killed sometime before 679, slain in a feud by his enemy Gundewin. Marriage and issue
He married sometime after 639, to Saint Begga, the daughter of Pepin of Landen.
They had the following children:
1. Pippin II (635 or 640-December 16, 714), Mayor of the Palace of Austrasia
2. Martin of Herstol
3. Clotilda of Heristal (650-699), married King Theodoric III of Neustria "

The tree skips about 500 years. RnD on Charlemagne continues. Will continue at later time.

Wikipedia shows a relationship to Charlemagne. Roy will continue lineage from him to ones below at later time.



Judith Von Marchtal, b. 925
Judith von Bayern b. circa 950
m. Otto II, Herzog von Kärnten3 b. circa 948, d. 4 November 1004

Heinrich, Graf in Bayern1 b. between 922 and 923, d. after 953

Konrad Konradin Von Schwaben, b. 951

The tree jumps about 500 years!
Lets try
Childebert the Adopted
Father Grimoald the Elder Sigebert III (foster father) Mother Chimnechild (foster mother)

Grimoald I (616–656)

Ltte Von Swabia,b. 564
m. Pepin of Landen

Asegisel De Heristal, b. 602
m. Saint Begga, aka Abbess Begga of Andenne
Source: 2

Clothilde De Meroving, b. 581
m. Theuderic III of the Franks.
Source: 2
should be Clotilda of Heristal
The tree to the right is out of order

Halfdan DE Heristal, b. 640

Solveig Halfdansdottir, 670
m. Eystein "Haardaade" Throndsson
source: 1, 2

Asa Eysteinndottir, b. 708-739
m. Hálfdan "hvítbein" Ólafsson
Source 1, 2

Adalbert Von Marchtal b. 895
Von Zeplin Family Tree
Have related family then
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