On Sep 22, 3:15*pm, DBD <danbarnesdav...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I was wondering whether, when Lady Jane Smith (daughter of a Duke/Marq/
> Earl) marries Lord John Jones (younger son of a Duke/Marq), does she
> become Lady Jane Jones (because she's a Lady by birth) or Lady John
> Jones (as wife of LJJ)?

> I can't find any clear-cut answer anywhere, so thought I'd pick some
> expert brains!

I have seen answers in books on such matters.

It depends on who has the higher rank. If the ranks are equal, the
man's form of address takes precedence. Remember (stating the matter
in brief) that the younger son of a peer ranks one below the daughter
of a peer of the same rank.

Thus, if the daughter of a duke marries the younger son of a duke
(surname Jones), she is Lady Jane Jones (and not Lady John Jones). The
"equal rank" case happens when the daughter of a marquess marries the
younger son of a duke.