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Rurik to Anna of Russia RnD
The purpose of this page is to hold "research" regarding Russina Viking Riurik or Rurik.
It is the process of Roy doing a genealogy search trying to go beyond current family members.
It gets boring so feel free to pass onto more exotic finds within Previous research will not be posted.

Rurik, Prince of Novgorod. Born
Father Unknown

About five years ago Roys initial research brought up Greta Garbo and Anna of Prussia as related. Roy has since proven that Greta is not related, was wrong!
Anna of Russia was different in that Roy found all the relatives in the lineage that connected to a great grandfather, except for one, her name being 'LAF'. He verified each name had by an individual matched historical records, not just some family tree on-line.
Anna is an on-going research project.

Roy added two entries to the Great Ancestors page here...Russian Viking Rurik or Ruiruk and Anna of Russia.

Rogneda Polotzk is the key. She supposedly married into the Russians, yet her father was Scandinavian. To further clarify, Russia, as we know it today did not exist back a thousand years ago. Rogneda married Vladimir the Great unwillingly. Her son, Yaroslav I the wise. Rurik supposedly leads to Anna of Russia. Above Rogneda leads to Rognvald Olafsson. His mother was "Laf" which is the broken link in the other 24 people Roy has already minimally verified as supposedly existing and exact names, which the Ancestry tree was not too accurate on.
To Do: Post exact lineages of the two here, and Great Ancestors page.

July 21, 2011
Our Great Grandfather, Hrolf Ganger of Nomandy who was a Viking who supposedly invaded Normandie (Normandy) France in 911 with 300 longships, has about 7 relations below that ends with Raoul II of Tosny (England). His exact name and information is very sketchy and controversial, yet he did exist and not mythical.

Not much left of Raoul's castle and I am still piecing it all together.

You could visit the Castle here...
Uncle Hank Christopherson thought it funny they were "still living in the mud".

APR 01, 2012
Roy now has a lineage to Anna of Russia. Visit the Great Ancestors page here (Anna) and here (Rurik).

Rather than rule by force, the Elitists now rule covertly in 2014.

Sept 12, 2014
Added Russian Lineage chart (PDF) from Ancestry, which added the correct names for each individual.

Added Let's start with a simple search at wikipedia, we get a hit here.

The above research was done mostly in 2009.
There is a longer file within Roy's database.

Rurik Family Tree
Rurik's Family Tree
The family names are VERY confusing. Roy will post tree he has to date.

Kiev Map
Rurik's area (Enlarge)
Feb 20, 2014
While following the Ukraine Maidan event Roy created a parody of our U.S. Ambasador, then altering it the eve here of the 18th, decided to revisit the Russian genealogy. Roy was in the midst of a couple months research in obtaining exact names in the lineage from our family, when Roy's mother passed away. Research was halted.

For more lineage details visit..Russian Viking Rurik or Ruiruk and Anna of Russia.

St Wenceslas I 907
-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Wenceslas
Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2012 21:00:01 -0600
From: N Jonsson
To: Roy Christopherson
CC: K Högnason

I noticed in my searching that we are related to the brother of the Good King Wenceslas of the Christmas Carol fame, so he would be a uncle I think. I didn't know he was a real person.

On this page click on "First name" V

Valdemar II Sejr (we are all related to him)


next follow these links

Valdemar II Sejr King of Denmark

28 Jun 1170

28 Mar 1241


Sofiya Vladimirovna Princess of Russia


5 May 1198

Richia "Sventoslava" Princess of Poland

12 Apr 1116

Aft 25 Dec 1150


Boleslaw III The Wrymouth Duke of Poland

20 Aug 1085

28 Oct 1138



Judita I Princess of Bohemia


25 Dec 1085


Vratislav II King of Bohemia

Abt. 1035

14 Jan 1092


Bretislav I Duke of Bohemia

Abt. 1005

10 Jan 1055


Oldrich Duke of Bohemia

Abt. 966

9 Nov 1034


Boleslav II "the pious" Duke of Bohemia

Abt. 920

7 Feb 999


Boleslav I Duke of Bohemia (son of Wratislaw)

Abt. 900

15 Jul 967


Vratislav I Duke of Bohemia (or Wratislaw I)

Abt. 877

13 Feb 921

his other son is St. Wenceslas I, Duke of Bohemia 928-929 ,

he is mentioned on this page


under St Wenceslas I 907

This is the Christmas Carol



Have related family then
All Icelanders are related
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