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The purpose of this page to to hold "research" regarding the Taylor family through marriage into the Hearn family.
It is the process of Roy doing a genealogy search trying to go beyond current family members.
Following gets boring so feel free to pass onto more exotic finds within There is no "Update Date" which is on many other pages at this site.
Rather, all of the following text will be revised on-the-fly or added to at any time.

From the Taylor RnD page:

Richard Taylor, John's father is the last known family member above Caroline 'Taylor' Christopherson.
UPDATE: See July 20, 2012.

William Stuart Taylor's daughter, Jane Taylor married into the Hearn family.
Cause I found this
Mary Hearn
P.O. Box 306
Clinton, ON N0M 1L0

William Hearn was born in London England in 1830. He emigrated to Canada in the 1850's. According to his wedding certificate, he was married in 1859 in Kingston Upper Canada to Jane Taylor who
was born in the Barbados in 1828. She was the daughter of Richard Taylor and
Elizabeth Mehetabel Jones, who raised their family in the Barbados and emigrated to Kingston, Upper Canada
in the 1840's
From the 1861 and 71 Census Jane and William lived in Ottawa where William was a chemist.
We are looking for information about William's parents, William and Ann Hearn, who lived in London England in 1859

Mary Hearn, if you are out there, please email Roy.
List of Herns in 1881 Census(s)

JANE TAYLOR) Wm. Hearn came to Canada -- Kingston,
WM. HEARN ( from London, England, as a young man. He had been a chemist there and is said to have been very bright and attractive with charming manners.
I have heard that he had a sister which married someone named Ireson -- a large transport firm in England.
Another sister who married a man named Savage --
lived in Montreal I think, was left a widow and quite wealthy -- no family that I ever heard of. He had a brother who married and lived in Montreal years ago --
a partner in the firm of Hearn and Harrison, Optician and Surveying and Draughting Instruments ect. [Roy found book on this online] The firm was still doing
business on one of the main streets in"
END Page 3 of 6


FRANCIS TAYLOR -- severe injury to one hip as a child in
[?y] hurricane of 1833, and always lame, used a critch. married a Mr. Moore who later ran off with a servant girl and took a lot of money and jewelery.
Later she lived with Wm. Hearn [S???-]
in Toronto and later went to Grantwood, New Jersey U.S.A. [C???? Hearn
[Note: Left hand page-top-unreadable.
right hand margin has a paragraph Anna? married ???, son, Henry Ballard? Married ??????, daughter ??? & ???, Ruth? married ?]
END Page 5 of 6

Page 6 of 6
and stayed with Chas. B. Hearn where she died and was buried at about 88, in 1909.

Written by a Hearn:
"He married a woman whose maiden name I believe was "Jones" -- she
is said to have been a cousin of the then Duke of Norfolk, but was more
or less disinherited [excomunicated - this orig text "disinherited" was
struck out) because she had given up the Roman Catholic faith and
married a Protestant."

This would state Richards wife's maiden name was Jones and she was a cousin. Possibly Duke during 1814.

FEB 2012
Text on Richard Lancaster Hearn was moved to Jane Taylor page as this is now confirmed a relation.

Search for Taylor Relative

JUNE 21, 2012

Text on Richard Lancaster Hearn was moved to Jane Taylor page as this is now confirmed a relation

JUNE 22, 2012
June 22, 2012 According to document RECORD_0001_Hearn Percival, Percival's mother, next of kin Jane Hearn, lived at 1369 queen street, w, Toronto, ONT on AUG 1st 1918. Looks like a store front now.Building shown is 1371, not 1369. BlockBuster should be 1363. Going across the street, Pizza?, Falafel?, the Salon is 14xx series.

Lets move on to another document Roy already had. Uploaded image below July 24, 2012.
Percival Hearn_Birth_YorkToronto1892_altered
This appears to be a Birth type record fron York, Division of Toronto (Ontario Canada) for Percival Hearn,
It does state that the Mothers surname is Sleaman and not Slimmons. As in Isabella Sleaman who married William Stuart Taylor. You would have to have read all about the Taylors here in the Research and Developement area, along with Sigurdur and Caroline's Families Individual pages, to see that Isabella's last name varies. This is one of the first "official" documents that show as Sleaman. From the Slimmons RnD page, we know her fathers name was John and he was involved in the Finian movement. Along with some more details. HOWEVER, Isabella's son was not Percival! Should be as follows:
Richard and Elizabeth Mehetabel JONES Taylor > William Stuart Taylor and Isabella Sleaman > Jane Taylor Hearn > Percival Hearn
The skipped one generation. Perhaps Maiden name all way back. Now to find more substanciating documents.

Roy forgot he had already created a tree related to Richard Hearn, which Vern Austman was kind enough to inform him about.
Richard Hearn Tree
Click to enlarge Richard Hearn Family Tree
Read more about Richard L. Hearn.

Doing a search on "John Sleaman" and "Finian movement" yields nothing, nor on John Sleeman.

Next up in Roy's archives is an 1881 Census which he "believes" is the family. John Christopherson is listed as Danish and possible they meant Icelandic.
1881 Census_Hearns
1881 Census Manitoba District # 185 Lisgar C. ST. Andrews?

Original was larger and uncropped.
Appears to be as follows
Jane Hearne, F, Age 21, married, ENG, Born Province 6
Christopherson Caroline?, ?, Age 25, ENG, yet religion off, Born Province 6
Christopherson John, M son of perhaps Caroline, Age 4 yrs, Born Keewatin
Christopherson ? Perhaps Wm, M, Son of Caroline Age 2 yrs, Born Keewatin
Hearne, Georgina, F, 3/12 , ?, Born Keewatin
Taylor, Rosabella? Possibly John Taylors daughter Rose/Rosa, Born Keewatin

Roy has John born in 1877 and William in 1879 [Sigurdur's Page] A MATCH!
1881 Census Segment
Caroline Taylor
"Uncle John Taylor and Aunt Elizabeth came to the rescue and took the girls to live with them in Haliburton, Ontario. When their father remarried, Carrie and Anna returned
home, Susie and Jane remained with their aunt and unclie and Elizabeth married. The next few years saw Carrie attend High school and graduate as a teacher. When she was 16 her 'hair went up and her skirts were lowered' and she went out to teach at a country school. She also apprenticed as a dressmaker, soon becoming good at sewing and cutting out garments which required much tucking, ruching and gathers in those days. On a trip to visit her aunt, uncle and sisters in Haliburton, the last night of the journey was spent at Kinmount. Next morning at breakfast
..." Source: Caroline Taylor Page - Early Life

Sigurdur Christopherson
Sigurdur had taken a homestead and named it 'Hasavik', there they farmed for four years until moving to Argyle Municipality. Two sons were born at Husavik, Jon Sigurdur and William Christopher. In the spring of 1881, the move was made to their new homestead of 'Grund', NE 10-6-14 in Argyle. Their household effects, stove, dishes, and aprecious box of books, were shipped to Portage la Prairie, but were lost in transit. Source: Sigurdur Christopherson Page - Life In Canada

From this, we deduce this census was taken before April, 1881.
Roy has another census from Ontario, 159 South Brent?, S. District NO. 4, Township? Burfur?
LINE 37, Hearne, George and Mary, and Frederick, ages 50, 49, and 9. English, Cabinet Maker, Married.

Another Census 1870 Lansing Michigan, has William Stuart, Eliza with children Anna, Caroline, William, and a John McNeal?.
Reference: IMG_WEB_00xx__1870 US Fed Census_Related ques_CROPPED

JUNE 22, 2012
Roy is still on vacation. Let's start with a Google search on "isabella slemans" and john. This leads nowhere. Let's try "isabella sleman" and john . 2nd link only goes to a Search page here. Let's back up and use the Cache under the small link on the right. The Double Arrow shows a Cached page. Unfotunately they drop the "a". All dead pages.
Let's try entering John Sleaman as exact match here. It goes to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day

1881 Census Province of Ontario HEARN Surname and variations

JULY 6, 2012
William Hearn and Elizabeth thorp1708
Name:     Jeffrey John Hearn "redacted"
Date:     2006-01-31
Earliest known ancestor     William Hearn Elizabeth thorp1708
Website Name     Hearn Family
*I never knew my history but linked family to my grandfather John Henry Hearn from Lisgard Ont. his father or grandfather William AlbertJr mother or grandmother Rose.I am 1st Son of terry Hearn.The rest of the hearn are out in Calgary mostly. I would like to get in touch with other Hearn "s.*

Roy sees no connction to this branch

July 20, 2012

A MAJOR break-through thanks to Vern Austman! He has supplied Roy with 6 out of roughly 100+ page story titled The Hearn Family Story.
According to the Hearn Family, Richard's father was named GEORGE. His wife's paternal name was JONES, which is what all past info states, and his wife's maternal side was LESLIE, which confirms the Bowman Leslie Tale!

Richard and Eliza Taylor was buried here. at PLOT N. 1C. So Elizabeth is known as "Eliza". At Cataraqui Cemetery, Waterloo Village (now known as Cataraqui Village) in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Roy is emailing the cemetery as he posts this intel. Wicked!!!!!!!!!
Below, according to the Hearn Story is the Burial place of our Great Great Great/GREAT Grandfather, Richard Taylor and his wife Eliza, born as Elizabeth Mehetabel JONES.
The maps right end is actually the North side. The map is online thanks to the Cataraqui Cemetery. They reside at PLOT N. 1C [citation 1]
Burial of richard and Eliza Taylor Cemetery Map
PHOTOS. None of the markers, just in general by the Cemetery. No, you would not spot The Taylors in any of these photos, Roy already looked. Nor are they listed under Notable Persons, yet with 46,000+ persons there, that is a lot.
1. Confirmed Richard Taylor´s wife´s fathers name was X Jones, her mothers, X Leslie. Leslies on Barbados were Scottish. Elizabeth is known as Eliza.
2. Found their burial place and awaiting confirmation. These leads have no citations, so not 100% positive they are correct.
3. William and John Taylor's grandfathers name was George. This would match Richard´s childrens names recently posted at Taylor research page

New search "Leslie" and "4th duke of Norfolk". We come across Leslie, John and 4th Duke of Norfolk.
Nothing comes up searching for "Taylor, Richard b.1786" and "bristol, england". Roy had 1787 as his birth.

Search "May 21, 1807" and "Richard Taylor" married Elizabeth Jones and Parish of Saint Michael, Barbados - Nothing

Search "Enmore. The Text seemes mixed up, possibly due to OCR. And shows no "Taylor".

FIND NO. 4 of 52
Bel Air. Two Friends. While the costs of production increased. Batchelor’s Adventure. Mary whose western boundary was plantation Nooten Zuil. Plantation Kitty led the way with the changeover to sugar production. while coffee and cotton production had decreased by about half between the years 1807 and 1832. plantation Enmore was primarily a producer of cotton. For both colonial administrative and parochial Church of England efficacy. the Enmore plantation. The frontrunners were Dochfour (376). the die was cast. with Haslington to the East and Foulis to the West. 84 . Good Hope (433). 8 percent of the plantations had more than three hundred slaves. Preliminary research indicates that the name of the plantation originates from Enmore. Up to 1813. Enterprise. in the English country of Somerset. To the east was the parish of St. In the intervening years. Paul. and Triumph merged and had 383 slaves. Ann’s Grove. The surname Porter predominated in that part of England and goes back for centuries. Beginning in the early nineteenth century. the east sea coast of Demerara with some 160 estates stretching from Kitty to Abary accommodated only four “grinding” sugar factories: Kitty. To be exact. The planting of cotton and coffee predominated in the early days on the east sea coast of Demerara up to about 1800. but the expansion continued.BEFORE THE SANCHOS CAME Situated on the East Sea Coast of Demerara. there were some slippages in the price of sugar. As the price for sugar continued to rise and that of cotton and coffee declined. and Chateau Margot. By 1813. Enmore was located among the other plantations that comprised the parish of St. There was also a concentration of land and also the labor force. Sugar production almost tripled. about 86 percent had between one hundred to three hundred. the slave population declined and the price of slaves rose. sugar was looked at as the main source of the planters’ wealth. A greater investment in buildings and machinery became absolutely necessary. was owned by the Porter family. and Le Ressouvenir (396). and Elizabeth Hall had 694 slaves. It became much more common to observe a gradual shift to the production of sugar and rum. Cumming’s Lodge. Success (John Gladstone’s Plantation) now had 481 slaves producing sugar as against 186 when it cultivated only cotton. While a few had less than one hundred slaves.

thirty-three years old. carpenter. chattels. Enmore had become a thriving sugar plantation inhabited by some 718 slaves. Braveboy. . Chester. according to the estimates submitted to the colonial authorities of the day. thirty-one years old. My research was being conducted in a separate secluded room with no archive personnel present. Some tissues would have been even more welcome. Mary Ann. forty-eight years. . Mulattos were just eleven children and one adult of twenty-four years old. The security is oppressive and somewhat smothering. Something must have attracted the attention of the archive attendant. Toney. Still. Bristol. While the overwhelming majority of these slaves carried the designation of field laborers (nonpraedials). and some were even skilled. “I think you had better use these. fifty-three years old. Just about every descendant of slaves would have become emotional to sit there and read those names: faceless but not nameless! Every last one a single name. African-born slaves numbered 235 (almost 33 percent). They are possible “child minders” for the women in the fields. forty-seven years old. mason. I must have been caressing those pages. there were thirty-nine jobbers (praedials) who presumably were semiskilled. intrusive. . the attendant came up from behind. ceremoniously touching each name. boat captain. “building. Not to be left out. The pervasive atmosphere of the environment takes some getting used to.THE FOUR PILLARS 85 Windmills and ox-driven mills were replaced by steam mills. part of the personal property of one Henry Porter. 

Yet nothing online regarding Taylors and Enmore.
Update: Aug 02, 2012 Search on Barbados and "Enmore Cottage" shows one page listing the same name except in Jamaica, not Barbados.
The 2nd link is shows a much later date as the Plantation was sold off about 1839 [1]
No more links under Google.

Let's change it to Napolean and "Enmore Cottage" We get four hits. All from The Sydney Morning Herald. NO Hits.

Search 3: napoleon and "Enmore" and barbados and "Taylor -rum
Found an Enmore castle by this name which is no more here. Oddly, it is in Somerset which Roy references somewhere on the taylor RnD page.

Search 4 "wakefield" and taylor and barbados and plantation
THEY WERE WHITE AND THEY WERE SLAVES source REF.: Bibliography - Taylor, William, The White Slave’s Complaint. Nowhere else in the book
...The Romans enslaved thousands of the early White inhabitants of Great Britain who were known as “Angles,” from which we derive the term “Anglo-Saxon” as a description of the English race...

By Ryan
"... The family lived at Enmore, a sixteen-acre property in St. Michael's ..."

Keith Hearn appears to be the gatherer of the Hearn Bio. One mystery is the Mens Enamel Ring. If it is an Obituary date and not Ring size, would not make sense a 7 month old would have a mans ring?

Search "Henry Leslie" and "1753" and barbados [not sure if related] This in reference to name on ring passed down and birthdate.
Find NO. 8 of 11
Title: Pedigree
Post by: BarbadosLeslie on January 03, 2010, 01:13:31 PM
Pedigree for Arthur Leslie Kit #169311 @

Bartholomew “Bartolf” Leslie b c 1040 Hungary, m c 1070 Beatrice Canmore b c 1040
Malcolm Leslie d c 1176 Lorn, Argyll, Scotland, m ? 
Norman Leslie b c 1175 Lorn, Argyll, Scotland, m  ? 
Norino Leslie b c 1209 Lesslyn, m Katherine More (?)
Sir Norman Leslie b c 1246 Lesslyn, Scotland, m 1288 Elizabeth Leith b 1250, Edengarioch
Sir Andrew de Lesslyn b c 1291, m c 1312 Mary Abernathy (daughter of Alexander Abernathy)
George Leslie, m Elizabeth Keith
Hamelin Leslie b Balquain, Scotland, m c 1385 Anna Maxwell
Sir Andrew Leslie b Balquhain, Scotland, m Helen Mortimer
Sir William Leslie b c 1400 Balquhain, Scotland, m c 1434 Elizabeth Fraser 
William Leslie, m ? Ross 
William Leslie d c 1501 Scotland, m Bessie Strachan (daughter of Robert Strachan)
Alexander Leslie d 1554 Scotland, m Margaret Gordon (daughter of George Gordon)
George Leslie d c 1562 Scotland, m #2 Margaret Dunbar
Patrick Leslie d c 1611 Scotland, m Jean/Jane Leslie (daughter of John Leslie & ? Wood)
John Leslie b Scotland, m Marjory
Reverend William Leslie (Rector St John’s Church) d 1674 Barbados, m Ann d 1692 
Colonel John Leslie d 1710, m #2 Margaret b c 1661
Brigadeer General Henry Leslie b c 1694 Barbados, m Katherine
John Leslie, m 1745 Frances Collymore b c 1726
Robert Collymore Leslie, m 1798 Sarah Parsons b 1779 Barbados
John Henry Leslie b 1798 Barbados, m 1820 Susanna Leslie b 1804
Robert Henry Leslie b c 1821 Barbados, m 1843 Frances Elizabeth Seales
Joseph Henry Leslie b c 1845 Barbados, m 1872 Eleanor Browne b c 1852 Barbados
Arthur Robert Leslie b 1866 Barbados d 1967, m 1910 Amy Watson b 1884 Barbados, d 1966   

REV. WILLIAM LESLIE, Vicar of St. John Parish, Barbadoes, during the middle of the seventeenth century [17th century was the century that lasted from January 1, 1601, to December 31, 1700].—To what branch of the Leslie family did he belong? By the records in the public offices of the island it appears that his wife's name was Ann, and by her he had issue— Col. John Leslie; Charles; Isabella; Margory, who m. Archibald Carmichael, Esq.,Provost Marshal of Barbadoes; Rebecca, m. James Keith; and Elizabeth,m. first William Johnson, and secondly Sir Peter Colleton. FORTIBUS.

Reverend William Leslie (Rector St John's Church) d 1674 Barbados, m Ann d 1692

July 22, 2012
Researching John Leslie and

Email to Cousin Bruce,
"The Duke of Norfolk, a cousin to the Queen and the wealthiest landowner in the country".
Now on [this page] a Henry Leslie and his lineage back. Find this fellow of interest which his son connects to the above quote. 

Gavin Lesley (Leslie), rector of Kingussie, his son John Leslie, being a Bastard, Gavin's son was John Leslie b. abt. 1526-27 may be in the lineage. They were Scots and then went to France. John was grandson of Sir Andrew Leslie b Balquhain [Scotland, m Helen Mortimer].
Source: The Dictionary of National Biography, Volume 11 By Stephen (Sir Leslie), Robert Blake, Christine Stephanie Nicholls

It would seem that Richard Taylor was somewhat wealthy and this new report shows he married Eliza in Barbadoes, not England. Her father was Mr. Jones and her mother, Mrs. x LESLIE Jones. Have done about 20 searches and a couple hundred page searches with little to show. Lot's on Captain Taylor and drowned, yet no link to our Richard. Being we now know Richard was brought to Barbados and reared by Captain George Taylor's friend, we have lots more intel and may get concrete evidence in Barbados documents, or off their grave markers.

Next Search: "Captain George Taylor" and england" and drowned [probably not related to Duke of Cumberland's Regiment] Two Google pages, yields no matches.

Vern emailed mentioning Jane Isabella which brings this OBIT, which Roy does not recall seeing before.
Ontario Death Registrations
HEARN, William Taylor, m, June 9,
1928, 67 years, Kingston Ontario,
cause – carcinoma of stomach 6
months, burial - Prospect
Cemetery, cartage, s/o
William Taylor Hearn & Jane Taylor
both born England, infm – Alfred John
Hearn, son, Toronto (York Co.)

Possibly same Cemetery 2, 3 Yet they are not listed here?
Prospect Cemetery & Mausoleum+, Toronto Cemetery
York (Toronto) County, Ontario

1898 - 1995

Roy is wondering if he has something here. To his knowledge George, father of Richard was lost as sea, so this could not be him, Richard's son, George died as an infant in Barbados.

August 03, 2012
Hank Christopherson confirmed Caroline Taylor was English, Scottish and Irish.

Looking over branches here at Lady Kathleen site here

Now reading about Sir Walter de Leslie.
Citation: Complete Peerage of England Scotland Ireland Great Britain and the United Kingdom.pdf
VIII. 1372. 6. EuPHEME (de Ross), suo jure Countess of Ross, elder da. and \\.(^) The relations of David II with her father and uncle having for some years been uneasy, it would appear that the King forced the Earl to make a new entail, 23 Oct. 1370, of all his lands except those belonging to the Earldom of Buchan, failing issue male to himself, upon Sir Walter de Leslie and Eupheme his wife, the Earl's elder da., and her heirs male, or female (the elder taking without division); failing whom to the Earl's yr. da. Janet. (<=) Eupheme was b. about 1345'; and w., istly, before 13 Sep. I365,(<J) Sir Walter Leslie, a yr. s. of Sir Andrew Leslie of Leslie. See Rothes. In 1356 Sir Walter and his elder br. Norman, as Scottish squires, had a safe-conduct through England, on their way to Prussia. After distinguished service in France, he received an annuity from Charles V; from David II he had a pension of ;^40 in I363.(«) After his marriage he and his wife had several royal grants, and his attesting of charters shows he was frequently at court. (') In 1367 he was a commissioner for Scotland, to arrange for the better ordering of the affairs of the Marches, and member of an embassy from David II to Edward III; in 1369, a guarantor of a truce in the negotiation of which he had previously taken part in London.(8) He made frequent journeys into England, his safe-conduct for the last being made out to
Page 147

Walter m. X. 1402. 8. Eupheme (Leslie), suo jure Countess of Ross [S.], da. and h.(') The Earldom and the heir were in ward to her grandfather, the Duke of Albany.

IX. 1395? 7. Alexander (Leslie), Earl of Ross [S.], only s. and h. of the Countess Eupheme by her ist husband, in 1398 and 1399 conveyed lands, and the barony of Fythkill (now Leslie), to his cousin Sir George Leslie, who had advanced money for payment of the feudal relief on his inheritance. See Rothes. He is said to have m. (before 1398) Isabel, da. of Robert, Duke of Albany, Earl of Fife and of Menteith [S.].(') He d. 8 May 1402 at Dingwall, and was bur. in the Abbey of Fearn.(B) His widow
Page 148
End Citation

In the early middle ages, Scotland consisted of four separate  kingdoms: 
* Dalriada inhabitated by Scots, 
* Strathclyde inhabited by Britons, 
* The Kingdom of the Picts, 
* Northumbria inhabited by Angles. 
From Forum with Robert Sewell Lineages pasted in
Scottish and Pictish families began intermarrying in the 8th  century, and their kingdoms were often ruled by the same king. The  monarchy of Scotland evolved from this union, known as the Kingdom of  Alba. By the late 9th century, the Kingdom of Alba began absorbing  the kingdoms of the Britons and Angles. Thus, through intermarriage  and conquest, the Scottish Kings of Dalriada emerged as the overall  Kings of Scotland.  The Scots of Dalriada claimed a legendary antiquity beginning with  Gaythelos, son of a King of Greece who went to Egypt during the time  of Moses where he married the eponymous Scoti, daughter of the  Pharaoh. Gaythelos, Scoti, and their family emigrated to Spain and  eventually several groups of their descendants emigrated to Ireland;  the final group under Simon Brek, whose grandson led a colony from  Ireland to northern Britain and named it "Scotia". In the year 330  BC, these Scots elected as their king Fergus, son of Ferehard; and  they remained in Scotland until 360 AD when they were driven back to  Ireland by the Picts and Britons. In the 5th century, they returned  to Scotia under the leadership of Fergus, son of Erc. Or so the story  goes.  History knows nothing of the Scots earlier than about 500 AD, but  at this point, the name of Fergus MorMacErc (Fergus, son of Erc)  emerges from the mists of legend as the King of Scots in Dalriada.

Thus, it is with Fergus that we will begin this genealogical record. 
Kings of Dalriada
Generation One 
Fergus MorMacErc  Acceded circa 490  Died (killed) 501
The information in the Generations One to Twelve [Roy only copied Gen 1] is taken from  Frederick Lewis Weis: Ancestral Roots, Baltimore, 1999 and from Brian  Tompsett, Royal Genealogical Data, University of Hull, 2005. Please  refer any additional sources, information, corrections and so on to  Robert Sewell. 

Well look who we have here, Fergus who has been listed on our Great Ancestor page as 43rd Great Grandfather (Sigvaldason Branch)

Roy just emailed a Steve and Janice Hearn.

August 10, 2012
Research on the Father of William Hearne the Merchant - NO RELATIONSHIP
EXCERPT: "...According to Dr. P. H. Reaney, A Dictionary of British Surnames (first edition, London, 1958), the surname Hearn, Herne, Harn, Hurn or variations comes from the Old English word "hyrne", meaning a nook or corner of land, or a bend, and the word was thus applied to people living in such a geographical feature. There are in fact place-names with this origin, such as Herne in Kent, and Hirn in Hampshire. Hern is also a Middle English form of the word "heron", hence the fact that families of the name had herons in their shields, and at a very early date the surnames are found as variants of one another. ..."

1951 Apr May Jun
St. Thomas Times Journal, St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada
April, May & June 1951
Extractions of names for Births, Marriages, Deaths and Burials
Page 8
c4 Married - Gerald David Mistele, son of William Mistele to Georgina May Jean Hearn, daughter of Dr Percival Hearn.

"Elizabeth Jones, Countess Kildare" No relationship

DEC 2017
Next research target - Miss Vinnie Savage. I found in probably Veiga CHRISTOPHERSON Dawe's address book, this name, that our cousin Carol J graciously let me scan. I believe the connection is from this passage above about a Mr. Savage. I believe his dau. might be Miss Vinnie Savage of New Westminster, BC or Galt Ontario, maybe born in Montreal.

Sister to Wm. Hearn, probably b. in ENG
Found this: SAVAGE, Lavia Elizabeth "Vinnie" b: 1885 in England d: BEF 1984 in Connecticut, USA Source Keep for husband info. Has none of her side.

2 Savage found in N.W.M., see no connection Source

PAGE Citations
[1] DOC_0093_HearnFamilyBio_PG4 "...Richard Taylor was born in Bristol, England in May 2, 1786, the son of George Taylor. On May 21, 1807 [Richard] married Elizabeth Mehtabel Jones in Parish of ST. Michael, Barbados, West Indies. Elizabeth was born March 31, 1792, the daughter of a prominent family in the Barnados. [Elizabeth's] mother's surname was LESLIE. Richard died May 1, 1859 in Kingston Ontario, and Elizabeth died March 31, 1860 Ernestown, near Kingston. They are both buried in Waterloo[Village]/Cataraqui Cemetery, Kingston, Ontario. Plot N. 1C...."