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Continued from Taylor RnD page 1

July 30th, 2012 Rnd
Jim McQuiston and Leslie Family Website
found this reference to four kings of Scotland here. ...has connections to the Leslie family through marriage...

Found the Clan Leslie Page again here.

Search on Robert Burnet Jones held the office of Attorney-General [Barbados]. This just caught my attention.
http://thepeerage.com/p2431.htm Which is easier to search than the PDF book

Continuation from July 9 research
For a Fact we know the following:
Richard Taylor, son of George Taylor, m. Elizabeth Mehetabel Jones, whose mothers name was X Leslie. See next paragraph, "maiden name I believe was "Jones"
this would be maiden name = ' a woman's surname before marriage '

Excerpt: p.1 The Tale of Bowman Leslie: "...He married a woman whose maiden name I believe was "Jones" -- she is said to have been a cousin of the then Duke of Norfolk
[Maybe 1807 if she was born abt. 1787]
but was more or less disinherited [excomunicated - this orig text "disinherited" was struck out) because she had given up the Roman Catholic faith and
married a Protestant.
I believe she had an uncle or some close relations living on the island by the name of Leslie, they were all apparently wealthy. "Aunt Fanny" [?] is said to
tell the story of a certain "Bowman Leslie"...
" [See The Tale of Bowman Leslie] End excerpt

Roy: If you study the history of that time, one did not just marry into another Religion.
John Taylor was a Baptist Lay Preacher, according to Susie Briem.

On Barbados
John Leslie (son: John Bowman Leslie – mention’s father John in will) Married: Francis Callymore
Source: Clan Leslie Page here.

Leslie Clan at Wikipedia

In The Tale of Bowman Leslie, could this John Bowman Leslie be a relation and the one in the story? Which has it's own page here - The Tale of Bowman Leslie .

Excerpt: p.2 The Tale of Bowman Leslie: ...We have peculiar and beautiful man's gold ring with white enamel on which is engraved "Henry Leslie ob 12 June 1753 7M." which no doubt means
Henry Leslie died June 12th 1753 aged 7 months.
MRS. TAYLOR -- her name may have been Jane ---
is said to have been a big hthe youngest was Wm. Taylor, my Grandfather. He is said to have been born in Arundel Castle, the home of the Duke of Norfolk,
where Mrs. Taylor [Jane] had gone on account of her health and not climate. .. .
End excerpt

This would make her name married name Elizabeth Mehetabel x and her mother's name x

This is directly from an obituary published abt. 1938, she died 1937
" Richard´s mother-in-law was of noble birth, belonging to the Catholic family of the Duke of Norfolk, when she married out of her faith she was disinherited.
After a few years her family reconciled and she visited the ancestral home at Arendale Castle where she gave birth to her youngest son: William Stewart Taylor,
the father of Susie.
[excerpt from Susie Briem Obituary]

Doing a search such as Taylor, Jones, Leslie and Barbados, have not found any matches.

Now let us do a search on
"Duke of Norfolk" and "Arendale Castle" and "Jane Jones"
A search on Arendale goes nowhere. I suspect now that is just a newspaper typo about 1937, and it is Arundel Castle, as mentioned everywhere else
"Duke of Norfolk" and "Arundel Castle" and "Jane Jones"
"Jane Jones" and Barbados or "Jane Leslie"
"Elizabeth Mehetabel Leslie" or "Elizabeth M. Leslie" or Elizabeth Leslie
Elizabeth Taylor d. 31 Mar 1860 Ernestown Township or burial 3 Apr 1860
FATHER: Richard Taylor, born in Bristol, England, 8th May 1786 Served in the Commissariat, Department at Barbados W.I. for nearly 35 years. Died at Kingston C.W., 1 May 1859
Mother: Elizabeth or Eliza] Mehetabel Jones, born 31 Mar 1797 born Barbados, died 31 Mar 1860 Ernestown Township
Elizabeth JONES Taylor

Roy found this of interest
" Mary, Queen of Scots, also known as Mary Stuart (she took the French spelling rather than the Scottish Stewart) " Source, pp 5

Search: Leslie and "barbados" and jones, found on Barbados Census 1680, I-Q
Jones Henry St. Peter All Saints
Jones Henry St. Peter All Saints
Jones Henry St. Peter All Saints
Jones Henry St. Peter All Saints
Jones Hugh St. Peter All Saints
Jones Hugh St. Peter All Saints
Jones James St. Thomas
Jones Jn.o St. Peter All Saints
Jones Jn.o St. Peter All Saints
Jones Thomas St. Peter All Saints
Jones Thomas St. Peter All Saints
Jones Benj.a St. Peter All Saints
Jones Benj.a St. Peter All Saints
Jones Anthony Christ Church
Jones George St. Lucy
Jones Jn:o St. Lucy
Jones Robert Christ Church
Jones Thomas St. Lucy
Jones William St. Lucy
Jones Cap.t Robert St. Phillip
Jones Juni.r John St. Phillip
Jones M.r/Sen.r John St. Phillip

The Will of Ann Leslie, widow of William Leslie lists; dau - Margery Carmichael gr. Dau - Rebecca Keith dau - Isabella Leslie son Col. John Leslie son-in-law Archibald Carmichael [save for future as reference - Barnados]
"I am looking for the children of William Leslie. He was the rector of the church at St. John's Parish from 1653-1676. He was sent from Scotland by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Anyone working on the Leslie, Walcott, or Watkins family?"

Let us put the above into better format and go back to Barbados and the period.
William Leslie married Ann X
1. Daughter: Margery Carmichael [m. Archibald Carmichael - see below]
2. Grand Daughter - Rebecca Keith [m. James Keith]
1. Daughter - Isabella Leslie
1. son Col. John Leslie
son-in-law Archibald Carmichael
Source: http://www.worldfamilies.net/forum/index.php?topic=1413.20;wap2

Roy keeps coming back to this man during his searches.William Leslie
REV. WILLIAM LESLIE, Vicar of St. John Parish, Barbadoes, during the middle of the seventeenth century.—To what branch of the Leslie family did he belong? By the records in the public offices of
the island it appears that his wife's name was Ann, and by her he had issue— Col. John Leslie; Charles; Isabella; Margory, who m. Archibald Carmichael, Esq.,Provost Marshal of Barbadoes; Rebecca, m. James Keith;
and Elizabeth,m. first William Johnson, and secondly Sir Peter Colleton. FORTIBUS.

Have to wonder if this little fellow is related, George II. Pasting link to this painting since many times find out there are connections. NONE at this time!
George II
George Taylor II (1811) Rembrandt Peale
Richard and Elizabeth's George was born 06 May 1810. This boy looks to be 5+, not 2 years old.

Taylors to Henry VIII Again NO RELATION, just a future reference
Reference 2 on Dukes of Norfolk.THOMAS FITZALAN, Earl of Arundel and Surrey (1381-1415)
Anne Boleyn Her uncle, the Duke of Norfolk..." " In September 1533 the birth of a daughter, afterwards Queen Elizabeth, instead of the long-hoped-for son, was a heavy disappointment; next year there was a miscarriage, and on the 29th of January 1536,
the day of Catherine's funeral, she gave birth to a dead male child. 
" ELIZABETH I, Queen of England and Ireland, born on Sunday the 7th of September 1533, and, like all the Tudors except Henry VII, at Greenwich Palace,
was the only surviving child of Henry VIII by his second queen, Anne Boleyn.
Back to the Dukes.
THOMAS HOWARD III, fourth Duke of Norfolk. Book at Amazon 'The Dukes of Norfolk A Quincentennial History' [Hardcover]
Collection of illustrations including Duke of Norfolk.
Roger Bigod , Earls of Norfolk, posessed Arundel prior to the Mowbrays, then the Howards (Illus. of Castles, incl. Framlingham Castle)

Arundel Castle offered to check into William Taylor. Roy has decided to do more research and try and verify the name of Mrs. LESLIE Jones first.

History of Norfolk

Roy believes he just found Steve and Janice Hearn.

An interesting result from this search "x" found Taylors connected to Enmore Castle in Somerset here. Margaret married Rev. Dr. Rowland TAYLOR, son of John TAYLOR and Susan ROWLAND this leads to Roger LE BIGOD (note this name above 3 paragraphs above.
Researched this URL again on July 2013, see no connection to Enmore. Rowland was born in Gloucester. Also executed on 5 Feb 1554-55 in Suffolk, England
It is also possibly his last name is not even Taylor. Leave here only to rule out relation to a rowland taylor.

Residents Coleridge, Samuel Taylor, resided at Clevedon (1795) and Nether Stowey (1796-98).

Search: "Richard and Elizabeth Mehetabel" and obit - No Results

During the early 17th century, when the Leslies of Fife and Aberdeenshire had divided along religious lines...
General Alexander Leslie, 1st Earl of Leven (of Balgonie) fought for Gustavus Adolphus, the King of Sweden. He achieved great fame across Europe for his skills in war and returned to Scotland a Field Marshal.
Meanwhile Walter Leslie,a younger son of Leslie of Balquhain had achieved recognition working for the Holy Roman Empire ( House of Leslie )

Search: "Duke of Norfolk and Leslie cousin" SUBJ: JOHN LESLIE, BISHOP of ROSS - No Relation nor marriage
...to marry Mary to the catholic, Thomas Howard, 4th Duke of Norfolk. Norfolk was executed for treason, and Leslie was imprisoned in the Tower of London. In 1573 John Leslie was released and ordered from England. ...

The works of bishop Leslie are as follow:
1. Defence of the honour of Mary Queen of Scotland; with a declaration of her right, title, and interest to the crown of England; Liege, 1571, 8vo, which was immediately suppressed.
2. Afihicti Animi Consolatiónes et Tranquilli Animi Conservatio; Paris, 1574.
3. De Origine, Moribus, et Rebus Gostis Scotorum: Romas, 1578, 4to.
4. A Treatise showing that the Regiment of Women is conformable to the law of God and Nature.
5. Do Titulo et Jure Marias Sootorum Reginas, quo Anglias Successionem Jure sibi vindicat; Rheims, 1580, 4to.
6. The History of Scotland, from the death of James I. in 1436, to the year 1561 ; Edinburgh, 1830, 4to.Source pg 1, pp4

Anglican servants in the Caribbean, c.1610-c.1740
Leslie William Barbados John rector 1653 1674 S BDA vestry minutes
- Signed Association of the Clergy of Barbados, May the 14th 1696; Commissary; Member of Council of Bds in 1700; replaced Wm Lesly/Leslie;

If you see B.W.I. or W.I., would equal Barbados, British West Indies
Arundel Church Video

While looking up reference to Bowman Leslie, Roy spots this name below his at the fastgrip site, then does a search based on Robert Collymore Leslie bapt. 14 Jan 1788
Married: Sarah Parsons
"Robert Collymore Leslie" and "Sarah Parsons"
We get two hits, the fastgrip and a few trees which may be right or wrong with no citations.
Pedigree for Arthur Leslie Kit #169311 @ worldfamilies.net

Bartholomew “Bartolf” Leslie b c 1040 Hungary, m c 1070 Beatrice Canmore b c 1040
Malcolm Leslie d c 1176 Lorn, Argyll, Scotland, m ? 
Norman Leslie b c 1175 Lorn, Argyll, Scotland, m  ? 
Norino Leslie b c 1209 Lesslyn, m Katherine More (?)
Sir Norman Leslie b c 1246 Lesslyn, Scotland, m 1288 Elizabeth Leith b 1250, Edengarioch
Sir Andrew de Lesslyn b c 1291, m c 1312 Mary Abernathy (daughter of Alexander Abernathy)
George Leslie, m Elizabeth Keith
Hamelin Leslie b Balquain, Scotland, m c 1385 Anna Maxwell
Sir Andrew Leslie b Balquhain, Scotland, m Helen Mortimer
Sir William Leslie b c 1400 Balquhain, Scotland, m c 1434 Elizabeth Fraser 
William Leslie, m ? Ross 
William Leslie d c 1501 Scotland, m Bessie Strachan (daughter of Robert Strachan)
Alexander Leslie d 1554 Scotland, m Margaret Gordon (daughter of George Gordon)
George Leslie d c 1562 Scotland, m #2 Margaret Dunbar
Patrick Leslie d c 1611 Scotland, m Jean/Jane Leslie (daughter of John Leslie & ? Wood)
John Leslie b Scotland, m Marjory
Reverend William Leslie (Rector St John’s Church) d 1674 Barbados, m Ann d 1692 
From the will of William Leslie, proved Dec 1674. sons Andrew, Charls and John. daughters Isabelle, ann, margery, rebecca, grand dau rebecca keith. there is also a will of Robert Leslie,
planter of St John parish, will proved oct 1676, wf mary, children william, robert, and mary. this maybe a bro. of william the cleric. SOURCE http://genforum.genealogy.com/barbados/all.html
Colonel John Leslie d 1710, m #2 Margaret b c 1661
Brigadeer General Henry Leslie b c 1694 Barbados, m Katherine
John Leslie, m 1745 Frances Collymore b c 1726
Robert Collymore Leslie, m 1798 Sarah Parsons b 1779 Barbados
John Henry Leslie b 1798 Barbados, m 1820 Susanna Leslie b 1804
Robert Henry Leslie b c 1821 Barbados, m 1843 Frances Elizabeth Seales
Joseph Henry Leslie b c 1845 Barbados, m 1872 Eleanor Browne b c 1852 Barbados
Arthur Robert Leslie b 1866 Barbados d 1967, m 1910 Amy Watson b 1884 Barbados, d 1966   

Brigadier [Brigadeer] General Henry Leslie b c 1694 Barbados, m Katherine
Brigadeer General Henry Leslie b c 1694 Barbados, m Katherine

The interest in Robert is his last name. Notice Collymore Rock shown below in "... is a situated between Collymore Rock and Constitution Rd...."
Could Elizabeth or her mother been related to Robert ?

Source: Complete Peerage of England Scotland Ireland Great Britain and the United Kingdom

(b) Bertolff is believed to have been a Fleming.

ROSS Page 147
VIII. 1372. 6.
EuPHEME (de Ross), suo jure Countess of Ross, elder da. and \\.(^) The relations of David II with her father and uncle having for some years been uneasy, it would appear that the King forced the Earl to make a new entail, 23 Oct. 1370, of all his lands except those belonging to the Earldom of Buchan, failing issue male to himself, upon Sir Walter de Leslie and Eupheme his wife, the Earl's elder da., and her heirs male, or female (the elder taking without division); failing whom to the Earl's yr. da. Janet. (<=) Eupheme was b. about 1345'; and w., istly, before 13 Sep. I365,(<J) Sir Walter Leslie, a yr. s. of Sir Andrew Leslie of Leslie. See Rothes. In 1356 Sir Walter and his elder br. Norman, as Scottish squires, had a safe-conduct through England, on their way to Prussia. After distinguished service in France, he received an annuity from Charles V; from David II he had a pension of ;^40 in I363.(«) After his marriage he and his wife had several royal grants, and his attesting of charters shows he was frequently at court. (') In 1367 he was a commissioner for Scotland, to arrange for the better ordering of the affairs of the Marches, and member of an embassy from David II to Edward III; in 1369, a guarantor of a truce in the negotiation of which he had previously taken part in London.(8) He made frequent journeys into England, his safe-conduct for the last being made out to
(b) In a charter of 8 Aug. 1394, she styles herself Countess of Ross {Family of Rose of Kilravock, p. 123. See Rothes); elsewhere, always Lady (Domina), and her...
1st husband always Lord (Dominus) de Ross.
(d) Reg. Mag. Sig. [S.], 1 306-1424, no. 258; Cal. Papal Letters, vol. iv, p. 59.
(e) Rot. Scotiae, vol. i, p. 797 ; Historical Records of the Family of Leslie, vol. i, p. 66; Reg. Mag. Sig. [S.], 1306-1424, no. 171.

ROSS Page 148
...him as Earl of Ross.(a) He d. 27 Feb. 138 1/2 at Perth.(b) The Countess w., 2ndly, in or before July 1382, Alexander Stewart, the "Wolf of Badenoch," 4th s. of Robert II [S.]. He appears to have been cr. Earl of BucHAN between 23 and 25" July, after the Countess's surrender to him of the barony of KiNNEDWARD, comprising a large part of that Earldom; as Earl of Buchan, the Earldom of Ross was confirmed to him on the later date.(<=) The Earl and Countess separated, the latter alleging that she lived in fear of her life.('i) She was living, 4 May 1394. The date assigned for her husband's death (20 Feb. 1394/5) is possibly that of her own. He d. s.p. leg. between i Aug. 1405 and 25 Mar. i4o6.(«)

IX. 1395? 7. Alexander (Leslie), Earl of Ross [S.], only s. and h. of the Countess Eupheme by her ist husband, in 1398 and 1399 conveyed lands, and the barony of Fythkill (now Leslie), to his cousin Sir George Leslie, who had advanced money for payment of the feudal relief on his inheritance. See Rothes. He is said to have m. (before 1398) Isabel, da. of Robert, Duke of Albany, Earl of Fife and of Menteith [S.].(') He d. 8 May 1402 at Dingwall, and was bur. in the Abbey of Fearn.(B) His widow w., before Feb. 1407/8, Walter Halyburton of Dirleton.C")

X. 1402. 8. Eupheme (Leslie), suo jure Countess of Ross [S.], da. and h.(') The Earldom and the heir were in ward to her grandfather, the Duke of Albany.(J) A claim to the Earldom, the details of which are not on record, was raised by Donald, Lord of the Isles, husband of her father's sister. (See XI below.) In 141 5 an application was made for a papal dispensation for the marriage of Eupheme to Thomas Dunbar, afterwards Earl of Moray; but the Pope's commission...
(a) Fcedera., vol. iii, passim; Rymer, vol. vii, p. 215. He is said to have been styled Earl of Ross in the patent from Charles V of France [Family of Leslie, loc. cit.).

ROSS Page 149
...appears to have arrived in Scotland too late to avail. (*) On i^ June 141 5, upon her resignation, her grandfather, the Regent, made a re-grant of the Earldom of Ross to the said Eupheme and her lawful heirs ; failing whom, in tail male successively to his sons John Stewart, "Earl of Buchan," and Robert Stewart; whom failing, to the King and his heirs. Kings of Scotland. (b) For a time John Stewart used the double title of Ross and Buchan. No further record has been found of the unfortunate Countess, and it is likely that she d. soon after this arrangement of her property. John Stewart d. s.p.m., being slain at the battle of Verneuil, 17 Aug. 1424.(0)

XI. circa 141 5.
9. Mary (Leslie), de jure Countess of Ross [S.], aunt and h. of line, being only da. of Eupheme, Countess OF Ross (VIII) by her ist husband. Sir Walter Leslie,(<i) m. Donald, Lord of the Isles, who sue. his father in 1387. As Lord of the Isles he dealt as a sovereign power with England, and was reckoned an ally by both England and France.(«) In right of his wife he claimed the Earldom of Ross. The details of his claim are not known ; nor is it known whether, in his expedition in 141 1, he was invading Scotland as a foreign enemy, or as claimant to the Earldom. When he set out from Inverness in that year, his force was composed of men of the Isles and of Ross (the latter returned to his obedience) ;(') and he was undoubtedly in possession of Dingwall Castle, the chief seat of the Earldom. He was defeated at Harlaw in the Garioch, 24 July 141 1, in one of Scotland's bloodiest battles.(B) Donald fled; the Regent took possession of Dingwall, and in the following year exacted hostages at Polgylbe (Lochgilp) for the...

ROSS Page 150
... keeping of the peace. (») Donald was living in 142 !.('') He d. at Ardtornish in Morven, [?] 1423.(6) In 1420 the Countess used a style corresponding with that of her husband — ^Dame Mary of the Ile, Lady OF THE Ylis and of RossE.('i) Though no record of the fact has been found, it is evident that, after his return, James I allowed the claim of Donald's widow to be Countess of Ross.(«) She was sum., with her son, to Inverness, 1427 ;(') and, after her son's rebellion, 1429, was sent to confinement in Inchcolm for 14 months.(e) She d. probably about I435-C')

XII. 10. Alexander (Macdonald), Lord of the Isles and Earl of Ross, s. and h. of Donald, Lord of the Isles, and Mary (Leslie), both abovenamed, was presumably recognised by James I, on his return, as heir to the Earldom of Ross, for he sat in Pari. [S.] at Stirling, 1425.0 In 1427 James I, with disciplinary intent...
many citations below text within the book.

ROSS Page 151
...sum. the Highland notables to a gathering at Inverness, where many of them were arrested, some tried and executed. Among those sum. were the Lord of the Isles and the Countess his mother. The King proposed to retain Alexander in his household, that he might be "reformed by habits of virtue." On his release (or escape), Alexander collected a strong force of the men of Ross and the Isles, devastated the countryside, and burnt down the royal town of Inverness. The King defeated him at Lochaber, 23 June 1429. His efforts to secure pardon by an embassy proving vain, Alexander made a dramatic personal appeal, clad only in shirt and drawers. His life was granted, and he was sent for a space to Tantallon Castle, receiving a pardon in the Pari. [S.] held at Perth in the autumn of I43i.(*) He appears to have been recognised as Earl OF Ross in or before Jan. 1435/6.C*) Between 1437 and 1444 there is plentiful evidence of peaceful relations between the Scottish government and the Earl. In 1438 he was Justiciary north of Forth.(<=) The good understanding was interrupted by his entering into a league, offensive and defensive, with the Earls of Douglas and Crawford, 7 Mar. 1445 [.''/6], which led next year to fierce fighting and the inevitable devastation. (1) He m., [.? istly],(«) Elizabeth Halyburton, who was living in Dec. 1444.(0 He ^- 8 May 1449(8) at Dingwall.

ROSS Page 184
Malcolm, s. of Bertolff,(»') received [ii 72-1 190] from David, (afterwards Earl of Huntingdon), br. to the King of Scots, a grant of his land in Lessele, &'c.(c) He witnessed charters [i i90-i20o].('J)

Norman, s. of Malcolm, witnessed a charter of Earl David abovenamed [1202-06]. He was constable of Inverury in or before 1199, as such witnessing a charter of Matthew, Bishop of Aberdeen, who d. that year.(e) Before 1207 he granted the church of Leslie to the monks of Lindores, mentioning his wife A . . . . About 1224 he had a confirmation of the grant of Leslie, ^c, with the lands of Caskieben in addition, from Earl David's son and successor.(')

Norman de Lescelin, s. of Norman the Constable, confirmed his father's grant to Lindores, 25 Aug. 1243.(5) As Norman {printed Norino) s. of Norman, he witnessed a charter of Fergus, Earl of Buchan [S.], before I2I4.('') In Dec. 1248 he had a grant of free forest in Leslie (Letthelyne) from Alexander n.(i) He was living in July 1253, when he granted a charter to Lindores.(J)

Sir Andrew de Lescelin was 2nd witness to the charter of 1253 abovementioned. It is suggested that this Sir Andrew was probably s. of Norman s. of Norman the Constable, and father of Norman, father of Andrew {d. ? i324).(i')

(a) The title of the earldom is derived from Rothes, Elginshire; the family name, from Leslie (Lescelyn) in the Garioch, Aberdeenshire. This name the younger branch (of Rothes) transferred to Fythkill on the Leven, in Fifeshire (Hist. MSS. Com., 4th Report, hereinafter referred to as H.M.C. iv—p. 498, no. 52), the old Leslie having passed by marriage to a cadet of the family of Leslie of Balquhain, originating another family of Leslie of that ilk, who held until the 1 7th century (Col. Leslie, K.H., of Balquhain, Historical Records of the Family of Leslie—hereinafter referred to as H.R.L.—vol. i, pp. 45-64). The Editor acknowledges the deep indebtedness of The Complete Peerage to this work, and to the article Rothes in the Scots Peerage, vol. vii, though examination of the evidence available has suggested, at one or two points in the early pedigree, solutions other than those proposed by these authorities.

(a) The title of the earldom is derived from Rothes, Elginshire; the family name, from Leslie (Lescelyn) in the Garioch, Aberdeenshire. This name the younger branch (of Rothes) transferred to Fythkill on the Leven, in Fifeshire (Hist. MSS. Com., 4th Report, hereinafter referred to as H.M.C. iv—p. 498, no. 52), the old Leslie having passed by marriage to a cadet of the family of Leslie of Balquhain, originating another family of Leslie of that ilk, who held until the 1 7th century (Col. Leslie, K.H., of Balquhain, Historical Records of the Family of Leslie—hereinafter referred to as H.R.L.—vol. i, pp. 45-64). The Editor acknowledges the deep indebtedness of The Complete Peerage to this work, and to the article Rothes in the Scots Peerage, vol. vii, though examination of the evidence available has suggested, at one or two points in the early pedigree, solutions other than those proposed by these authorities.

(b) Bertolff is believed to have been a Fleming. As to the settlement of Flemings in Scotland, see Exchequer Rolls [S.], vol. i, pp. Ixxxi, Ixxxii.
(c) H.M.C, iv, p. 493, no. i.
(d) Chartulary of Lindores (Scottish Hist. Soc), pp. 17, 81; Reg. Priorat. S. Andree (Bannatyne Club), p. 267.
(e) Collections for Aberdeen and Banff (Spalding Club), pp. 547, 1 27.
(f) Chartulary of Lindores., p. 88; H.M.C. iv, p. 493, no. 2.
(g) In a charter witnessed by his br. John {Chartulary., p. 90).
ih) Collections for Aberdeen and Banff, p. 409.
(I) H.M.C. iv, p. 493, no. 3.
(J) Chartulary, p. 9 1 . (>£) The pedigree, as given by Col. Leslie and the Scots Peerage, requires a...generation between Norman son of the Constable and the Norman here supposed to be his grandson; otherwise a Norman (h. about 1220) was in 131 3 negotiating the
marriage of his s. Andrew. (this text was contd. page 185)

ROSS Page 185
Sir Norman de Leslie (qy. s. and h. of Sir Andrew above named) witnessed a deed not later than I26^.(^) In 1296 he did homage to Edward I, and by him was app. sheriff of Aberdeen.(") He sat in the Pari. sum. by Bruce to Cambuskenneth,
Dec. I3i4.(c) He is said to have been a party to the marriage contract of his son,(d) and to have been living in I3i7.(*)

Sir Andrew de Leslie, s. and h., was lord of Leslie, Apr. 1320.0 He m. in 1313(e) Mary, da. and coh.Ci) of Sir Alexander Abernethy,(') and d. before 28 Nov. 1324.(1)
[Roy: Citations not copied to here! Citation nomenclature not copied properly.]

ROSS Page 186
Sir George de Leslie,...

Sir George Leslie, successor at Rothes,...

ROSS Page 187
In 1409, as George Leslie of Fythkill, he was sheriff of Fife. (a) He m. Elizabeth, da. of Sir Thomas Hay of Erroll, Constable of Scotland, by Elizabeth, da. of Robert II, King of Scotland.('') He was living in Feb. 141 1/2.('=)

RnD on NOV 11, 2012:
In one book online 'A genealogical and heraldic History of the Commoners of Great ..., Volume 2 By John Burke' This page caught Roys attention on a search to find exact lineage of the Leslies.
Page 137 Leith-Hay, Of Rannes and Leith Hall Lineage Pagagraph 2: William Leith, of Barnis, living in the time of David Bruce, and said to have been the male representative of the Leiths,
of Edingrrock, was provost of Aberdeen in 1350...
Also see pages 138, 682, 149, 368, 306, 669, 60, 725, 691, 372, and 299.

Here is a great resource on the History of the Leslies at www.scotweb.co.uk/info/leslie

The monumental inscriptions in the churches and churchyards of the island of Barbados, British West Indies. (page 8 of 23)

480. Enclosed by iron railing : — UNDEENEATH THIS MAEBLE | AEE DEPOSITED THE EEMAINS OF | MAEIA FAEEE JONES j eldest daughtee of | john foestee deake jones, m.d. | AND ANNE ISABEL HIS WIFE | WHO DEPAETED THIS LIFE j
ON THE 13™ OF APEIL 1832 I (10 lines ; died 4 days after arrival.)


532. Enclosed by iron railing : — H. JONES I Died October 5«' 1866 | Aged 68 Years | MARY JANE JONES I Died November 13*1* 1868 | Aged 67 Years \ (4 lines.)

542. SACRED | to the memory of I JOHN WEEKES JONES | who departed this life | January 7"' 1852 | aged 30 years | (3 lines; placed by wife.)
Pasted here as reference - no relationship

The Jones Family is suppossed to have come from Rock Hall  source

August 07, 2012
The Goal here is to locate Richard Taylor In-Laws full names. To date, Roy has not found any cousin connection between the Leslies and Duke of Norfolk.
David Harry opened a printing-office in Barbados in 1730, became Barbados Gazette, then parts reprinted in the following [1]
Caribbeana - VOL II 1912
Births, deaths, and marriages from the "Barbados

Barbados has twenty-two castles and forts in 1736, and twenty-six batteries mounted with 436 guns. [2] Napoleon Bonaparte's reign was 18 May 1804 – 11 April 1814 and 20 March 1815 – 22 June 1815.
Both France and Britain had become tired of war and signed the Treaty of Amiens in October 1801 and March 1802. Britain declared war in 1803.
At Milan Cathedral on 26 May 1805, Napoleon was crowned King of Italy with the Iron Crown of Lombardy. By 1805, Britain had convinced Austria and Russia to join a Third Coalition against France.
The French Navy would escape from the British blockades of Toulon and Brest and threaten to attack the West Indies (i.e. Barbados)
Napoleon spent the last six years of his life in confinement by the British on the island of Saint Helena in the Atlantic Ocean, 1,870 km from the west coast of Africa..Bonaparte decided France's naval power
was not yet strong enough to confront the Royal Navy in the English Channel and proposed a military expedition to seize Egypt and thereby undermine Britain's access to its trade interests in India.[3]
Roy mentions Napoleon here having seen image of a printing of a Taylor and Bonaparte, and to show other events in the world taking place during this time. Also see June 24, 2012

Admiral Taylor and Napoleon
Napoleon and Admiral Taylor. No relationship to us. ?
Update: Roy now believes this is nothing more than a print, from a photo, of a slide, of artwork, done for Stanley Kubreck (sp) (Space Odessy 2001)
planned for a movie on Napoleon that was never made. In other words, Taylor is a character in a movie plot. More research into this will be required.

100 Pages of Letters - Carol Jarvie Collection
While searching Caribbeana, Roy takes time out to go back to a 100 page collection from Carol Jarvie of retyped letters from the family. A couple pages is a more detailed retyping of Sigurdur Christopherson's Diary. Another is page 85 1/3 on William Taylor. It states" 1848- Uncle John Taylor makes necessary arrangements or preparations." Settled at Kingston C.W. [Canada West] where grandfather worked at his trade [probably William] as a cabinet maker bring lattinly engaged on Parliament buildings at Kingston,..."
"A Walnut writing desk or case with its many compartments is at Grund."
Goes into story of having it repaired and Will buying it back.
"Very little is known of my mothers forebearers [probably written by Veiga about Caroline Taylor] the Taylors except that they belonged to what we have recognized as the British Aristocracy. My Great Grandfather Richard Taylor was a commissioned officer in British Army in Barbados, W.I. [West Indies] and he had a fine home and plantation and many slaves who were freed before the abolition of slaves was compulsory.

He suffered severe financial losses in a great hurricane in 1833 where plantation was ruined and buildings wrecked."

Writer refers to Jane, Henrietta, and Frances, Mary dying young woman, and William's brother, Richard was being educated for the ministry but died when at college. Another brother of William was Henry. They state ARMY when most stories state NAVY.
They use Slimmons. Isabella Slimmons , daughter of John Slimmons of C.W.. She had a brother who was in the foundry business and wealthy and he had a son John. Only son on that part of the family that Caroline remembered playing with. Slimmons was a very uncommon name.

Uncle John came to rescue the five girls upon death of Isabella moving to Peterborough, Ontario. John Taylor's wife is referred to as "Aunt Lizzie". William moved to Michigan. This whole story is probably already posted, so Roy is just listing certain parts of this. Aunt Lizzie (This would have to be John and William's sister Elizabeth) at early age married George [George?] Lapham. A search on George goes nowhere except one census in Cornwall.

On November 10th, 2012, Roy discovers that a Post Card was sent to William Stewart Taylor Care Of George Lapham at Lansing Michigan. This is a historic card since NOWHERE is William mentioned regarding New Iceland.
It is proof beyond a shadow of a doubt regarding his involvement.

Roy has completely read these100 pages of private letters on December 27, 2012. While there are a variety of authors, Veiga's almost weekly letters to her mother, Caroline Christopherson are so well written, one could envision her life while possibly at Caspaco BC or on Smith Island, near Prince Ruppert, DeHonsey, Cassiar. One reference "In front of us is a sort of Lagoon or slough which connect two arms of Skeena and separate us from DeHonsey Island" which would be in Britich Columbia, Canada. The collection is considered Private and unable to publish. If you know where this schoolhouse was in 1918, please let this webmaster know.

JAN 28, 2012 Ryan mentions Oscar Smith Lapham and unkown daughter. Here is a gravestone matching the dates he gives
Oscar Smith Lapham 1891-1953 http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=52758549 Burial: Rose City Cemetery, Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon, USA

August 10, 2012
Caribbeana - VOL II 1912 on Page 156 starts Births, Deaths, and Marriages from the "Barbados Mercury" and "Bridgetown Gazette," 1805 to 1818 by Edward Goulburn Sinckler, 1813
June 5 entry starts off like a scene out of The Patriot, i.e. canonball
* Continued from page 137

Page 154
Dec. 28 (Married) On Sunday evening last, at the "Rising Sun" Plantation in Christ Church, W. Malloney, Esq., to Miss Elizabeth Taylor, daughter of Rowland Taylor, Esq.

This posting has same names. No relation as the date is off about 90 years.
Barbados I. Elizabeth Taylor of the Parish of Michael in the Island aforesaid, Barbados, wife to Richard Taylor, late of this island, Merchant, but now of the Kingdom of Great Britain, Greeting.
Richard died in Kingston, Ontario, not Barbados source

Here are Taylors in the ST. Philips and St. John Parish. North end of the island.

Three Taylor Plantations
St. Michael's Church
Barbados Parishes
Various Parishes of Barbados

Aug 19, 2012

Confirmed text here has been moved to Richard Taylor´s individual page.

New search "Richard Taylor" and "St. Vincent" and 1845

Search JONES
"James Jones married Rebecca Thurbarn on 1746"
Prince George County, VA Wills & Deeds 1713-1728 - Benjamin B Weisiger III (1973) p. 19
Will of Robert Blight of Prince George County, in Virginia,  
"sick and weak." 
 - To William Jones, son of Robert & Hester Jones, 1 caster hat. 
 - To James Jones, son of James & Rebecca his wife, of Prince George Co, 1 serge coat, a drugget jacket woved with spots, and pr. of callimanco britches.   - To Robert Jones, a drugget coat stript with white and blue stripes. 
 - To James Jones, son of James Jones of Prince George Co., 5 yards of fine keen. 
 - To Rebecca Jones, wife of James Jones Jr., one remnant of double damask, flowered with green and yellow flowers, and 9 yards of Dowlass.  -  To Ph. Claud, 8 yards of double covered damask, 1 romall handkerchief, pr leather work gloves. 
 - To James Jones, son of James Jones Sr., all money I have in hands of Hugh Hall, Esq. in Barbadoes, and what money I have in New England, said Hall being obliged to see it forth coming. ... source

NO RELATIONSHIP - This Richard was about 80 years before ours
Posted elsewhere by: J.Jones (ID *****0347) Date: December 13, 2003 at 06:57:14
"I am seeking information on the will of Richard Taylor, a merchant of St. Michaels Parish in Barbados who died in about 1724. His wife was Elizabeth. I believe that he may have had relatives in Virginia. I am especially interested in learning the names of his children."

History of Barbados - JONES
Found another book "The History of Barbados by Sir Robert H Schomburgk" Google Ebook Published in 1848
PREFACE: "If the navigation laws led to England's supremacy on the seas, that small island [Barbados] was the cause which led to the navigation laws."
"..."the shadow cast behind" by that evil is rapidly disappearing, and we see at the present period the former slave population converted into a happy peasantry...."
"The size of the map is double what I intended when I issued my prospectus: it contains every sugar-estate posessing a windmill ; and the churches and chapels, a number of detached house..."
List of Subscribers, Could Jones, Benjamin H., Esq. or Jones, Thomas, Esq. be related?
A search shows the following:
JONES, Christian Cobham
  • Born: ABT 1823, Barbados
  • Married JONES, John Esq.: 18 AUG 1845, Cathedral, Bridgetown, Barbados
  • Died: AFT 1881

JONES, John William Esq.

Page xiv The History of Barbados
Taylor, Arthur, Esq.
Taylor, the Hon. George N., M.C.
Taylor, Richard, F.S.A., F.L.S., London
Taylor, Samuel, Esq.

Barbados Britain posesses 166.3 sq. miles, 122,198 population
"...Barbados is the principal station of the military command of the Windward and Leeward Islands, and as its position, in a nautical point of view, is of such great importance..."
The island shows in maps as early as 1518, and in 1554 "Map of the World' under the name of Baruodo. It is conjectured the first Europeans named it Las Barbadas. Ligon and Oldmixon called it Barbadoes. Page 6

Parish church standing only a few yards removed from the precipiyous cliff... Pg 9

PAGE 721 Index
Taylor, George N. Speaker of the Assembly, 495, 502; resigns, 517 ; called to the Council-board, 517 (note) ; speech in favor of railways, &c. 528 (Not related?)
See bottom for George N. Taylors Estate name

PAGE 721 Index
Tayor's publication of the Acts of the Legislature, 502
Taylor, John, arraigned fro abduction of labourers, 502 [could this be our John

HOLLIGAN James R, barrister, m Mary, 3 dau. George N Taylor, Barbados, West Teignmouth, 3 Dec. 1853. (NS41:308)
ROY: So far no relationship.

Archiver > CARIBBEAN > 2002-12 > 1041353213

From: "Ernest M. Wiltshire" <murcot@synapse.net>
Subject: Forster CLARKE of Barbados
Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2002 11:46:58 -0500
In-Reply-To: <200212311400.gBVE0x92002730@lists2.rootsweb.com>

Lisa: I believe this to be the person you enquired about: I have much
more detail on him and all the related families, all very prominent in
al.; it is too lengthy to post here, but anyone interested in having a
detailed file can contact me directly.

A very happy & peaceful New Year to you all!


Descendants of Forster W. Clarke

Generation No. 1

1. Forster W.4 Clarke (George3, George2, William?1) was born
1776 in Barbados, W.I., and died 2 Jan 1840. He married Hannah Prescod
Grasett, daughter of Elliott Grasett and Mary Williams. She was born
Abt. Nov 1786 in St. Philip, Barbados, W.I..

BIOGRAPHY: The "Barbadian" Newspaper 1835: "June 20. Sailed Per "Steadfast". Forster Clarke Esq., Mrs. Clarke, and three children, Mrs.
C. Pile, Misses P & R. Pile, Mrs. George N Taylor [Not related?] and daughter, Dr. Grant Thomas, Mrs. Thomas & child. Wm Bovell Esq., Miss Bovell, Miss
Marshall, Mr. Fox, and four servants".

The "Barbadian" Newspaper. 1836: "October 5: ... To Let, "The Garden", the property of Forster Clarke Esq. Enquire of the undersigned at the "Belle" Estate". Thomas Marshall."

We have an instance in the great hurricane which commenced on the 10th of August 1831 in Barbados, and was felt as a dreadful gale at New Orleans on the 17th and 18th of August. The distance between Barbados and New Orleans is about 2100 nautical miles, which would give for its progress an average of about fourteen miles an hour. Colonel Reid observes in his excellent work, that, violent as these storms are, their rate of pregress, on examining the dates, will be found to be no more than the rate of the ordinary atmospheric currents, which is stated to be at from seven to fifteen miles an hour...." Page 47

A sever one was 1675 and 1780, which included the loss of human life at 4,326 souls. Captain Thomas Taylor, lying in Carlisle Bay, Barbados of the H.M.S. Albemarle recorded events in the log. Page 48

Page 55 talks about the 1831 hurricane and states he has difficulty finding detailed accounts 15 years later, yet here he gives details of the event. Does he list Richard and family. He starts with Bryan T. Young. The weather did not give expectation of a hurricane, except redness in the sky on the 10th of October. Possibly the 1833 hurricane was in fact in 1831. ''The writer'' lost portion of the mansion at 3 am, lifted off his feet and carried some two hundred yards. Scent of something like Sulphur in the air. Hurricane lasted from midnight to 8 AM.
PAGE 56 ''Some houses were actually levelled to the earth.'' Page 58 ''Barracks almost to the ground''

, and numbers buried in the ruins. I next proceeded to Bishop's Court; here too was ruin and devastation---not a wall standing except the New hall ; the Bishop, Mrs. Coleridge, and...Cavan's house levelled to the ground ; ...the King's House and Commissary quartes are standing...No St. Mark's Chapel, not a stone to tell where it stood..
For the last two days the living have been employed in burying the dead, this is a most distressing sight...
some coffins with two persons.
Page 60 "August 15th. Everything still looks dreadful." "...even the soil which produced them is washed away, or rendered unfit to produce a crop."
Page 61 "Four years only had passed since Barbados was devastated, when the appearances, on the 3rd of Steptember 1835, threatened anew the poor inhabitants with a storm." A severe storm, then another in 1837. See page 62. This is probably why the Taylors sold Enmore and moved to Kingston.
This would prove the Hurricame of 1833 did not existaccording to this author. The Hearn family take of Bowman Leslie must have referred to 1831 hurricane, NOT 1833.

From 1839 to 1843, the West India Archipelago was visited by three terrific and devastating earthquakes.

Page 69 "Who could picture to himself the scene where that earth on which we dwell oepns at our feet and engulfs in its insatiable bowel the devoted victims! Flames and suffocating vaours rise from the depth, and increase the terror and confusion of the moments. The surface is in an undulating motion like a sea of boiling liquid."
Page 71 Imagine reading about a volcano erruption on St. Vincent in 1812.
End The History of Barbados by Sir Robert H Schomburgk

HMS Albemarle was a 28-gun sixth rate frigate of the Royal Navy. She had been built as the French merchantman Ménagère and was subsequently purchased for service in the French Navy. She was captured shortly afterwards by a British squadron, and was commissioned into service with the Royal Navy, where amongst her commanders in her short career was Captain Horatio Nelson, who would later win several famous victories over the French.

Ménagère was duly commissioned into the Royal Navy on 22 November 1779 under the command of Captain John Thomas, who brought with him the officers and crew from his previous command, the sloop HMS Barbadoes.[1] An additional 44 men were transferred from Hotham's flagship HMS Grafton and Albemarle was duly assigned to serve off the Leeward Islands.[5] Thomas was succeeded on 12 June 1780 by Captain Thomas Taylor. Under Taylor, Albemarle was part of Sir George Rodney's fleet during the Battle of Martinique in April 1780, but did not take part in the battle herself.[6] Albemarle remained in the Caribbean and was in Carlisle Bay, Barbados when she was damaged by a hurricane that began on 11 October.[7] Taylor remained in command while repairs were carried out that allowed her to sail for Britain as a convoy escort, and until she was paid off in February 1781.

A Plan of Bridge Town Barbados (1766)

A view of BridgetownVintage Postcard

No Relationship, just posting temporary
Dear Rhona and Dorothy, Is there any connection of this M. J. Taylor with a Mr. Taylor who owned Sunflower Estate, near Bath, and sold it (apparently) to a Macgillivray circa 1780 ? I heard there is a Sunflower House at Bath, St Thomas in the East. Seeking info to crack a puzzle. Many thanks.Jane >Thank you Dorothy for the marriage date (1863) for James C Panton (born >1837) and his wife Mary Jane Taylor (born 1841) in Falmouth Jamaica. > >Does any one have any info on Taylor's of Trelawny, Jamaica?? or a >nearby parish??

Dear Rhona and Dorothy, Is there any connection of this M. J. Taylor with a Mr. Taylor who owned Sunflower Estate, near Bath, and sold it (apparently) to a Macgillivray circa 1780 ? I heard there is a Sunflower House at Bath, St Thomas in the East. Seeking info to crack a puzzle. Many thanks.Jane >Thank you Dorothy for the marriage date (1863) for James C Panton (born >1837) and his wife Mary Jane Taylor (born 1841) in Falmouth Jamaica. > >Does any one have any info on Taylor's of Trelawny, Jamaica?? or a >nearby parish??

Possibly Bajan Girl's Taylor?

Ancestors of John Donwell Taylor   
Generation No. 1 
        1.  John Donwell Taylor  He was the son of 2. Rowland Taylor and 
3. Mary Elizabeth Allamby. 
More About John Donwell Taylor: Christening: 17 Feb 1863, St. Thomas, 
Bdos, W.I.   

Generation No. 2         
2.  Rowland Taylor  He was the son of 4. Rowland Gibson Taylor and 5. 
Sarah Elizabeth Lewis.  He married 3. Mary Elizabeth Allamby 25 Oct 1849 
in St. Michael, Barbados, W.I.. 
        3.  Mary Elizabeth Allamby  She was the daughter of 6. Richard 
Jones? Allamby and 7. Mary Potter?.  Children of Rowland Taylor and Mary 
Allamby are: 

                        1       iii.    John Donwell Taylor     
Generation No. 3         
4.  Rowland Gibson Taylor, born Abt. 1800.  He was the son of 8. Rowland 
Taylor and 9. Elizabeth Mary? Ann Wood.  He married 5. Sarah Elizabeth 
Lewis 19 Apr 1827 in St. John, Barbados, W.I..   
5.  Sarah Elizabeth Lewis, born 1809.  She was the daughter of 10. 
Robert Hutchinson Lewis and 11. Sarah Melia or Emelia Searles.   

 Children of Rowland Taylor and Sarah Lewis are:         
        2       ii.     Rowland Taylor, married Mary Elizabeth Allamby 
25 Oct 1849 in St. Michael, Barbados, W.I.    


The text talks about the printing of laws on Barbados.
No Relationship here, yet Richard did have a son George who died in the Hurricane, then another
The next publication did not appear until 1840, when a collection of the Acts for the reign of William IV (1830-7) was printed in the Island. This work was compiled and prepared for the press by George Nelson Taylor, a member of Assembly (afterwards Speaker,) acting under the direction of a committee of the House. It comprises a complete table of the public Acts, those in force being starred ; a table of the private Acts ; the text of the public Acts in force, with the number of the sessional chapter of every Act of which the text is not given inserted in its proper chronological place, and lastly an analytical index, and the ordinances for the government of Bridgetown. A compilation on similar lines of the Acts for 1837-1841 was produced in 1842 under the direc- tion of a similar committee by Samuel Taylor their clerk.

The next undertaking was a more important one. In 1844 a similar committee published under the editorship of their clerk, Samuel Taylor, the seventy public Acts still in force out of the total of three hundred and fifty nine that had been passed between 1800 and 1830. The work consists of two hundred and thirty small octavo pages comprising...

...The well-known edition of 1855 was the outcome of a joint address of the Houses. By an Act of 12th April 1854 — the schedule of which is to be found in the supple- mentary volume of 1863 — a large number of Acts -were repealed; and in May 1854 George Nelson Taylor (then a member of Council) and Charles Packer, the Solicitor General, were appointed to bring out the new edition, for a remuneration of three hundred pounds. The work, in one volume of six hundred and thirty five royal octavo pages, was printed in England. When stamped with the seal of the Island, it was to be the only lawful statute book with regard to the laws inserted therein.

TAYLOR, George Nelson
, and Charles PACKER, ed - Laws of Barbados [1646-1854]. (London: Printed by W Clowes & Sons) xvi,916 pages 27 cm 8vo, 1855. Law. Statutes. Barbados. A collection of Acts and Ordinances. Replaced by the “Laws of Barbados, 1648-1874 . . .” Cited by BL as part of an anon 2 volume series, with the 2nd vol published in 1863. Very scarce. Bay, BL, Cu.W, Han, LOC, New, Pat, RES, Sab 3276. source: http://www.books.ai/11th/Ta-Thn.htm

Mary Cooper Vanderhorst, married John Duncombe Taylor of Antigua - NO RELATIONSHIP - He was on a different Island and we have no John of this time period.

St. John’s Parish records Barbados (1678): Baptism: John, sonne of Capt. John Leslie, on Oct. 3rd 1678. Source: http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~tnalhn/dew2.htm

"Old churches, ministers, and families of Virginia"
At my request, a worthy friend — most competent to the task — has searched these records, and though unable to specify who were the vestrymen of the parish, yet, in giving the following list of magistrates from 1680 to 1695, has doubtless furnished us with the names of far the greater part of the vestrymen, if not the whole of them, during that period. We cannot determine to which side of the river they belonged, as both the county and parish were on both sides. They are as follows : — Henry Aubrey, Major Henry Smith, Captain George Taylor, Mr. Thomas Harrison, Colonel John Stone, Colonel Leroy GriflBn, Major Robinson, Colonel William Loyd, Cap- tain Samuel Bloomfield, William Fauntleroy, Samuel Peachy, Wil- liam Slaughter, Cadwallader Jones, Henry Williamson. My friend adds that " the character and habits of the early settlers, so far as can be ascertained from their wills and the records, indicate intelligence and a high state of morals for the times.*' This section appears to have been settled chiefly by those coming from the lower counties, — the names of the principal men being those of families in the lower country. There are some, however, whose names are rarely met with in other counties ; and there is evidence that they originally settled here. They are such as Latane, Waring, Upshaw, Rowsee, Rennolds, Micou, Roy, Clements, Young.

To the labours of another friend, on the other side of the river, we are indebted for information gotten from the records of Rich-


mond county after the year 1692, which can nowhere else be found, as we have no vestry-book of that county, except that of North Farnham parish, from the year 1787 to 1804. The first justices of the peace were Captain George Taylor, William Underwood, Cap- tain William Barber, James Scott, Captain Alexander Swan. From that time to the Revolution, the principal families in the county were Stone, Glascock, Deane, Donaphun, Colston, Thornton, Travis, Peachy, Tuyloe, Conway, Brockenbrough, Gwin, Tarplay, Down- man, Slaughter, Parker, Sherlock, Davis, Robinson, Beale> Smith, Woodbridge, Jleale, Barrow, Taverner, Barber, GriflSn, Fitzhugh, Fauntleroy, Gibson, Taliafero, Ingo, Bellfield, Tomlin, Grymes, Metcalf, Newton, Barnes, Sydnor, Jordan, Hornby, Hamilton, Car- ter, Mountjoy, Flood, Plummer, Beckwith. Of all these, my in- formant says, a very few have descendants in the county at this time who are called by these names. Not related to Roy's knowledge

September 1st, 2012
'THFS book by Mary is now in Roy's hot lil' hands!

Richard Taylor Jr., went to Trinidad, then St. Vincent.

Wow! They have a photo of Richard Taylor Sr. Correction, Jr.

September 04, 2012
'The Hearn Family Story' [THFS] will only be posted in whole or partial sections with the Hearn families permission. The entire 197 pages has been digitally converted into a PDF file,
copied into three smaller sections and range from 8mb to 18mb in file size. None will be posted online without the familes permission. Some pages already show family secrets best left alone. [6]
1. OCR_PDF_theHearnFamilyStory_SEC1of3 18mb (Cover to page 103, Taylors and the Hearns)
2. OCR_PDF_theHearnFamilyStory_SEC2of3 7mb Pages 104 - 124 The Taylors
3. OCR_PDF_theHearnFamilyStory_SEC3of3 8.5mb Appendix (Letters from various family members - 71 Pages)
Roy will however use 'The Hearn Family Story' by Mary [redacted] to further research to find the grandchildren of Ann, Aunt Fanny, Charles Brickhearn, and others, and post his own findings from the Internet.
All that is left for Roy now to to find the Slemins branch.
Six years of research, Roy wants to thank all the cousins for help in the updating of this family website. He wishes more would contribute.


Jane is in a B&W photo with caption that her hair was Red like her mother Isabella Taylor, and Susanna's is Blonde.

From: "The history of Barbados; comprising a geographical and statistical description of the island; a sketch of the historical events since the settlement; and an account of its geology and natural productions"
We find 'Croney, Langford, Esq. '
Could this be a relationship on Barbados to Samuel Henry Croney, whom married Caroline Taylor, da. of Richard Taylor, Esq.?

Search "Richard Taylor Esq of the Commissariat" of the leads to "The Edinburgh tales". All indication that this story has NO relationship to our Richard, no a real person.
Source for Mary was "Parochial register of Baptism, Marriages and Burials in 1807, Barbados, West Indies".

From the 'The Journal of the Barbados Museum and Historical Society, Volumes 6-8' source
Leading to 'Genealogies of Barbados Families: From Caribbeana and the Journal of the ...
By James C. Brandow' Regarding 'Quakers in Barbados 1687 lists a Grace Taylor (Wife of Walter), and George Taylor, and Walter Taylor, on page 686. As Roy has shown in map above,
Taylors were on Barbados long before Richard and his family. This might be what Richard Sr. was taken to Barbados. Still no connection to any of these other Taylors...so far.
PG 679 Taylor George 1696-99, Taylor, John 1696, Taylor, Samuel 1716, and Taylor Walter 1687 [Quakers]
PG 477 1768 Philip m. Esther Taylor
PG 560 Patience married John Taylor, who died before Feb. 1701/2 [1701 ir 1702. adding these Taylors since later down the road, we may see some form of connection. Right now, there is NO RELATIONSHIP.
Regarding Leslie, only a Horton Leslie s. of the Countess of Rothes shows on page 489
Page 127 is a Thomas Jones.

Info regarding Barbados Department of Archives
The church registers are usually unindexed, but in the 19th.Century...
 X Christ Church 1637 1643 1643
 P St. Philip (all imperfect before 1757) 1648 1672/3 1673
 M St. Michael 1648/9 1648/9 1648/9
 S St. James 1693 1693 1693
 O St. Joseph 1718 1717/18 1717/18
 T St. Thomas 1728 1723 1723
 L St. Lucy 1714 1749 1748
 E St. Peter (lacking baptisms 1825-34) 1779 1779 1779
 G St. George 1801 1801 1801
 J St. John (baptisms imperfect before 1825) 1805 1657 1657
 A St. Andrew 1825 1825 1825

( * These letters are commonly used to identify the individual parishes.)

The Hearn Family Story 'info deleted'
The following are names and some dates from The book. Links on the names will go to new individual pages of each person. Let us gather research for each person.
Once confirmed, it will move to their page. Names in bold became adults,
1. Taylor, Richard - b.1808, Barbados - d.1862. Trinidad [citation 6]
Dies age 54. Married.

2. Taylor, George - b.1810 - d. 1831, Enmore Cottage, St. Michaels Parish, Barbados [citation 6]
George died in the great hurricane at age 21. No children?

3. Taylor, Elizabeth - b.1811 [citation 6]
Another letter
"...I have not heard from Aunt Lizzie's children for a long time." Reykjavik Feb 1 8,1930 [6]
Elizabeth married

The Pratt Family of Michigan. Researching i
f this is who Carrie Lapham married.
Rev. Pratt, Methodist Episcopal minister, Grand Ledge, Mich, July 16, 1871
Source: A Genealogy of the Bear Family and Biographical Record of the Descendants of ...

Rev. Pratt of Oil City officiated at the funeral and interment was made in the Coe cemetery source

Grand Ledge Card File Index Indexed By Eaton County Genealogical Society, Winter 2010
"George B. Pratt & Carrie L. Lapham & B. S., Rev. & Mrs. Pratt" abt. pg 299 source
dly there is a kate Prate listed, and Carrie's sister's name was Katie. There is Will. G. Taylor which does not match either of Williams two sons, as they are WHT, and HST.

Fenton Hist Soc., Many Pratts here. B.S. Pratt 'might' be B
yron. Source

This page at the x shows Byron Pratt
. Source

4. Taylor, John - b.1812, Barbados - d.1884, Milwaukee (Listed as 12) [citation 6]
John died at age 72 .

Ernestown, Ontario, Canada
Click to enlarge
John & Elizabeth Taylor lived in 1850 - 1851 at at Sherriff farm single family stone house, 1 1/2 stories, on Concession I, Pt Lot 33
Ernestown Twp., Lennox and Addington Co. near Kingston,Ontario

Peterborough ONT.
Click to enlarge
John and Elizabeth Taylor had a Boot Store on George Street, Peterborough ONT. aft. 1851, during 1871

5. Taylor, Abel - b.1815 - d. 1838, St. Michaels Parish, Barbados [citation 6]
Abel died at age 23.

6. Taylor, Alfred - b.1817, St. Michaels Parish, Barbados - d. ? [citation 6]

7. Taylor, Mary - b.1821 [citation 6]

8. Taylor, Frances - b. Abt. 1823, Barbados, West Indies - d. [citation 6]
Frances 'Fanny' TAYLOR [redacted] died age 83. Married

9. Taylor, Henrietta - b.1825 [citation 6]
Henrietta TAYLOR Noble
A HIT!!! hit
New data moved to Henrietta's individual page

10. Taylor, Caroline - b. Abt.1828, St. Michael's Parish, Barbados - d. 1843, Barbados [citation 6]
Died age 1843. Married 1840, age 12, to Samuel Henry Croney, [Roy doubts dates here are accurate]. Died at age 16
. Other source as by 20s.

Following are listed online
Taylor, Jane (1) - b.1830 - 19__ [citation 6]

Here is the Taylor Surname List at Kristine Mae & Robert Vanderplas

THFS includes a letter from John Taylor to his sister, Henrietta 'Henny' Taylor, dated September 27th, 1844. [6] John was at Saint Helier, Jersey. one of the twelve parishes of Jersey, the largest of the Channel Islands in the English Channel.
St. Helier has a population of about 28,000, roughly 31.2% of the total population of Jersey, and is the capital of the Island. No not New Jersey, south of England Jersey (WIKI) It sounded like John was living there, not a family visit.
St. Helier, Jersey
St. Helier, Jersey

Letter from Susie Briem to Mary Taylor, she calls her Marie. Page May 2nd to her sister. Letters stolen for the stamps.
Comments about Dorie's Ranka? Half brother William of William and Eliza, lighthouse keeper with several children, his wife's name is Margaret.

Taylor, William Stewart - b.1830 [citation 6]
William Stewart Taylor (1830 - 1903)

Children of William Taylor and Isabella Slimmons/Slemins:
1. Anna TAYLOR Ballard 1850 - ?. See below for more on Anna
2. Elizabeth Mehetabel TAYLOR 1851 - about 1916
3. Caroline ''Carrie" TAYLOR Christopherson 1856 - 1923
4. Richard TAYLOR 1858 - 1863
died an infant
5. Jane TAYLOR Hearn (2) 1860 - 1929.
6. Susanna TAYLOR Briem 1861 - 1938. View Susie's page here.

1. ANNA TAYLOR, eldest daughter of William
Search Anna Taylor Abt. 1850 Near Kingston Canada West - No Hits
All Anna's research has proven correct and moved to her Individual page here.

12. Taylor, JaneBirth/Chris: ... 1830 [citation 6]
See here personal page.

Posted portion of letter talking genealogy in general terms on the new Richard Taylor page. Update: most of this has been deleted.

Doing a search on "Elesibeth Meheteable Jones" as Susie Briem writes it or typed later on error,
Only finds our website and this entry not related based on a burial of a 5 month old in Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. U.K..
September 28, Elizabeth Mehetabel Jones, Bream's Eaves, 5 months.
This is actually close to Bristol.
However, we know where Richard's wife was buried (Kingston ONT).

Search: Jones family in Barbados See no relationships.

The Hearn book
Mary shows the following. Let us back up to earlier family for those just joining us. Richard is new data to be vetted out.
The Census data on page 105 [6]is wrong. There was no Sarah in the family to Roys knowledge.
info deleted

Family Group Sheet [6]
Info deleted. [6]

Name: Elizabeth Mehetabel Taylor... info deleted [6]

See above
No Children
Also see William Taylor page

Info deleted [6]
Also see William Taylor page

Roy emailed the Museum of Iceland. Pending. They have had enough time and Roy does not expect a reply. One reason why he does not bother emailing any institutions.

Barbados 1657
Barbados 1657
PORTION OF MAP: BARBADOS 1657 Note by Red Arrow - 3 Taylors
Bridgetown, Barbados is above left ship to left of the bay.
Relation: Caribbean Views. Collect Britain [Roy forgot he had this map online in pieces and just completed it]
Description: This is the earliest known map exclusively of the island of Barbados. It appeared in A True and Exact History of the Island of Barbados written by Richard Lignon
and published by Humphrey Moseley in 1657. Lignon is believed to have redrawn the map from an original, now lost, made by John Swan, the island's leading surveyor of the time
The map identifies 285 plantations by name of owner, the majority along the island's coast. According to the map much of the interior of the island is overgrown with forest and still
virtually inaccessible, for the roads leading inland from the coast quickly peter out. Four churches are shown along the coast, with fortifications at Carlisle Bay protecting the island's principal town,
Bridgetown. Vignettes depict planters hunting wild hogs and chasing runaway ...

Close-Up of map above

Search: "Vice-Admiralty Court of Barbados June 1840" This is mentioned in the trial of John Taylor. The father of this John is still unknown.
The Abolition of the Brazilian Slave Trade: Britain, Brazil and the Slave ... By Leslie Bethell

Spanish rule over the island, which nominally began in 1498, ended when the final Spanish Royal Governor, Don José Maria Chacón surrendered the island to a
British fleet of 18 warships under the command of Sir Ralph Abercromby on 18 February 1797.

Creating an offline page on The Humble Petition of John Taylor. Roy now believes this Captain Taylor has conflicting details which do not match.

Regarding searching old Barbadian Newspapers.
" However, a few years ago Jim Lynch did publish in book form 2 large volumes of Bdos newspapers copied from microfilm:
Vol 1. The Barbados Globe & Colonial Advocate 1837-1840
Vol 2. Barbados Mercury & Bridgetown Gazette1815; 1839-1840."

SEPT 23, 2012
Roy is going to focus on other things for awhile and copying all current open research tabs within three browsers here for himself and anybody else interested, to follow up on later.
Opera Browser only important for Roy as visited sites will show if revisiting. And here you thought what was already here was messy, wait until you see all the open searches below.
"Susie Briem" and Taylor
Found Obit and done with this search phrase

Trinidad and "taylor, Richard and Mary" and 1800
one page - no hits
Trinidad and "taylor, Richard" and 1800 - start on google page 8

Google Book Search - Journal of the Barbados Museum and Historical Society and 1840 and taylor
Book 1 Genealogies of Barbados Families: From Caribbeana and the Journal of the ...By James C. Brandow
Result: Many Jones - revisit
Search: Journal of the Barbados Museum and Historical Society an
Search: Journal of the Barbados Museum and Historical Society and 1840 and taylor
Search: Journal of the Barbados Museum and Historical Society and 1840 [Continue research on this - at link 3]

Roy is posting all current research here in order to close his browsers. Follow up will take place whenever possible.
Taylor and Barbados
Viewing 1-25 of 502 matches from 8,949,440 documents


"Admiral Richard Taylor" and Bristol and "leslie only our own family site
"Admiral Richard Taylor" and Bristol
"Admiral Richard Taylor" and Barbados
"Richard Taylor" and Barbados start page 1
"Richard Taylor" and Barbados and 1800 start page 3
"Richard Taylor" and Barbados and garrison left off at page 3
"Richard Taylor and Eliza" and Barbados and garrison
"barbadian mercury Newspaper"


"Aug 5, 1851" and "William Taylor"
"Isabella Slemins" and Kingston ö No hits
"william Slemins" and Kingston -fleming
"william Slimmons" and Kingston -fleming no hits
"John Slimmons" and Kingston -fleming No hits
marriages and Kingston, Canada and 1851 Resource for Certs - keep-on page 1

Susanna Taylor 

List of Books on Duke of Norfolk
Debrett's Peerage of England, Scotland, and Ireland. revised, corrected and ... By John Debrett
&quot;Dukes of Norfolk&quot;
3 of 4 Petre, pg 572

Story about Ytranes, the Icelandic Presidents visit there and the family
From lceland, to Grund, to British Columbia TXT, PDF version available

BOOK Genealogies of Barbados Families: From Caribbeana and the Journal of the ... By James C. Brandow
searchÆ Journal of the Barbados Museum and Historical Society and 1840 and taylor
Jones and Leslie

"Henry Leslie" and "June 1753" and barbados
"A genealogical and heraldic history of the landed gentry of Great Britain & Ireland"
Full Leslie Lines listed. OCR has typos. Search on barbados does not associate with the names of Taylor, nor Leslie.
SEARCH Result see Henry Leslie, D.D., Archdeacon of Down, b.

"A genealogical and heraldic history of the colonial gentry .."

Chbistopheb Fobte, m. Thomasine, daughter of Colonel William Leslie, a member oi the Council of the Island of Bar- bados, and by her (who d, 1769) had issue,

I. Samuel, Colonel of Militia, and mem- ber of the House of Assembly, m. first.

1763, Elizabeth, daughter of Henry Leslie, member of the Council of Barbados, and seoondiy, Elizabeth, daughter of Saunders, and dying 1809, left no issue.

II. William, m. 1767, Margaret, daughter of Henry Leslie, member of the Council of Barbados, and left iesue, whose descendants are now lirlng in Demerara.

III. Christopher, of whom prestLtly. I. Anne Estwicke. II. Elizabeth. Mr. Forte, d. 1753. His third son,

Roy notices a PATTERN! Look, Henry Leslie. A search on "Henry Leslie" and barbados leads to a a first link of
Henry Leslie CRONEY b. 26 Apr 1831 d. 20 Mar 1877 Barbados
This leads to

Benjamin Robert CRONEY, d. Yes, date unknown
Mother Sarah Elizabeth LESLIE,

Clicking on Benjamin goes to this page

So you say so what? Well look who we have under the names of the children:
1. Sarah Elizabeth CRONEY, d. Yes, date unknown
2. Robert Collymore CRONEY, d. Yes, date unknown
3. Mary Atwell CRONEY, d. Yes, date unknown
4. Samuel Thomas CRONEY, d. 1856, Barbados >
5. Henry Leslie CRONEY, b. 26 Apr 1831, d. 20 Mar 1877, Barbados >
6. Benjamin William CRONEY, d. Yes, date unknown

GOING NOWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
UPDATE: See Caroline TAYLOR Croney page

Policarpus Taylor - Not Related
Best - http://freepages.history.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~bldr/
Chances are, Richard, nor his father George were first born, for if they were, they would have inherited their fathers estate and not gone into the Navy. source
The HMS Fowey under Captain Taylor, provided support for troops at Louisbourg and protection for merchant convoys to the West Indies.

The following are not related, just posting since possibility one may connect at a later time.
Possibly Jamaica
{Ab) * * MR. GEORGE TAYLOR * * (OB) * 1724 (AET) 52
* * Also (Ab) * HIS WIFE MRS SUSANNA TAYLOR * * (OB) 1732 IN HER 53d YR.

— AGED 28 YEARS — FEW WOMEN HAVE BEEN — MORE BELOVED IN LIFE— OR MORE LA- MENTED IN DEATH Simple design : an urn, &c. ; Mural, G. & W. Marble.

136 ■ JAMAICA.



385- {Ab) JOHN HANBURY TAYLOR, ESQR., OB. 15 FEB., 1781, AET. SI. — ALSO, HIS DAUGHTER, MARIANNE HANBURY TAYLOR, OB. 2'^^^ FEB., 1 778, AET. 20. Vault. Drobably a near relative of
Wm. Taylor, Chief Justice of Jamaica. — See Burke's " Landed Gentry," voce Taylor. WHO DEPARTED THIS LIFE, THE 9tl> (^F— JUNE, 1749, AGED ONE YEAR.


62. {Ab.) ANN TAYLOR, OB. 30tli MARCH, 1830, AGED 33 YEARS.

141. ALFRED TAYLOR, — DIED 29 JANY., 1853, — AGED 2 YRS. 10 MTHS. 9 DAYS.



I90 JAMAICA. 151- JOHN TAYLOR, ESQR., .... DIED 8* FEBY,, 1815, AGED 40 YEARS.

227. MRS. MARY ANN TAYLOR, — DIED — AUGT. 1 6, 1 864, — AGED 3 1 YEARS.

358. MISS SARAH TAYLOR, .... DIED FEB. 1=', 1827, AGED 81 YEARS.


455- SAMUEL TAYLOR. VTo date.





On the South side :

On the North side :
Urgent, a, saltire sable, between two human hearts, in pale gu., and 2 cinque- foils [Q. trefoils] in fesse,
— vert Baronet's badge in DIED APRIL I4'h 1813,-AGED 73. *f\'TuX— r^'cubl^ On the East side : arm holding a cross cross- let. TO THE MEMORY OF — A BELOVED AND HONOURED — 2. The same arms with FATHER AND UNCLE.
supporters-Two leopards chamea and collared.

— 1814.
. rjN the death of the second Baronet, Sir S. R. B. Taylor, who died unm. i8th May, 1815, his extensive estates descended to his eldest sister, Anna Susanna, whose husband, George Watson, Commissioner of Excise,
assumed the name of Taylor, and soon ran through his fortune. (See BURKE's " Dormant and Extinct Baronetage.")

" Simon Taylor," says Dr. Miller, " probably exercised greater influence in Jamaica, and for a longer period than any other individual,
not even excepting the Prices. His father is said to have been a Scotchman, who came to Jamaica to follow his trade as a carpenter, which he did with such effect, as to leave ;^20,ooo to each of his two sons. Simon Taylor died at Port Royal,
leaving behind him the greatest fortune which, per- haps, any West Indian had ever accumulated. He was buried at his pen in Liguanea, where his brother had been previously interred, but from a subsequent sale, it was thought proper to remove
the bodies afterwards to Lysons, in St. Thomas in the East. This was done in not a very decent manner, on a common mule cart." — Memoir of Lt. Gov. Morrison, in Kingston Chronicle newspaper.

There was another, and distinct, family of this name in Jamaica,
descended from one of the Pilgrim Fathers, and which intermarried with many well-known old families in the island.

[Our John was born after 1798, hence, no relation]


"Royal naval biography : or Memoirs of the services of all the flag-officers, superannuated rear-admirals, retired-captains, post-captains and commanders, whose names appeared on the
Admiralty list of sea officers at the commencement of the year, or who have since been promoted...'

"* Captain Bridges Watkinson Taylor, of the Apollo frigate, was drowned in 1814, by the upsetting of his boat off Brindisi, in the Adriatic, where he had previously
caused the destruction of the French frigate Uranie, by threatening to enter the harbour and attack her. His exem- plary conduct and amiable character obtained him
universal respect. He was the youngest brother of Major-General Sir Herbert Taylor, the present Military Secretary to H. R. H. the Duke of York." source

2012 Celebrity Net Worth's list at #15 Richard Fitzalan, 10th Earl of Arundel (English nobleman, 1306-1376) £118.6 billion

Tab 1
A genealogical survey of the peerage of Britain as well as the royal families of Europe [Taylor]

Page 692
Taylor was 23 when he arrived at Jamaica in early i687. He spent close to 5 months on the island, but for about 3 of those months he was ill in Port Royal. He barely traveled in Jamaica although for about a month he
was a bookkeeper on a sugar and indigo plantation in Clarendon Parish, to the west of Port Royal on Jamaica's southern coast; Taylor, "Historie of His Life and Travels in America, Containeing a Full Geographical
Description of the Island of Jamaica," 3 vols. (i688), 2:542 (Ms., National Library of Jamaica, Kingston);
source: http://jeromehandler.org/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/Names-96.pdf

All Things Scottish, Norse, Pict Irish & Celt http://www.sconemac.com/gunn.html Not sure why researching here.

Tab 3 Search on clann and norse
Clann Somhairle (English: /ˌklæn ˈsɔrli/) refers to those Scottish and Irish dynasties descending from the famousNorse-Gaelic leader Somerled, 

Roy believes we are related and has an entire tree he has been working to verify relationship of each individial to Somerled and MacGregors
His father was Gillebride. The name, a common one amongst theVikings, means summer traveller and is a kenning for Viking.[1]

Tab 4 Search for Brian´s family branch
From the Almanac Olaf S. Thorgeirsson
From 2nd paragraph
...Guðrún Antoníusdóttir
í Baldur í Argyle 1932, 83 ára. Börn hennar ílentustí...

Tab 5 Trigvi Thorsteinson (Unknown - 1940), Born in Iceland to Wife. Trigvi married Johanna Johnson and had 2 children. He passed away on 1940 in Holar, Saskatchewan, Canada.
Photos which cannot be viewed Gudjon Bjorgvin Isberg Thorsteinnson and Gudjon Bjorgvin Isberg Thorsteinnson
Spouses & Children
Johanna Johnson 1872-1925

John Thorsteinson
Private Thorsteinson

Tab 6 Gravestone for 'Elsa Dorothea Thorsteinson Piper 1903 - 2005 A LONG LIFE LIVED WELL'

Tab 7 "Steinum Thorsteinson'
daughter of Snorri Karlsefnesson was also Steinum, who, married Einar, son of ...... Thorsteinson's death is related at length in Gisle Surson's Saga; the
source Search page 6 of 10. LAST PERIOD - Temple of the Northern Way

Tab 8
"Inga Brynjolfsson" used links 2, 4, and 8

Tab 9 "thordis hallbeck" gone through links 1,2, and 4.

The peerage of the British empire as at present existing. To which is added ... By Lodge Edmund search for arundel
Taylor Search result 0
Leslie - 0
Jones - 0
Duke of Norfolk - 0

Tab 11 "Ari Thorgilsson" and The Learned and branch

Tab 12 Einar Skeggjason and Leopoldína Níelsdóttir - no hits

Tab 13 - Iceland By Andrew Evans, Search within for ö "BALDURSBRA" and flower and iceland
Paste this on Sigurdur´s page
...The Icelandic flower baldursbra' (see page 47) - literally 'Baldur's brow' - represents this god's fairness and beauty. Also, Baldur's son...
...Down in the valleys and by the coast grows sea mayweed (matricaria maritima) or baldursbra', the daisy-like flowers worn on the forhead of the Norse God Baldur PG 47

Tab 14 John Taylor and the Pioneer Icelandic Settlement in Manitoba and his Plea on Behalf of the Persecuted Jewish People

Tab 15 Search on "LESLIE" and "rachel miller" and barbadoes
The start on 9 Leslies.
LESLIE, Captain BOURNAN, married Rachel Miller, in St. John's, Barbados, on 25 January. [PR]
LESLIE, HENRY, married Elizabeth Kidney, in St. John's Barnados on 9 November 1744. [PR]
LESLIE, HENRY, husband of Susanna, parents of Catherine 9bapt. 1800, ChristChurch, Barbados. [PR]
Book ö Barbados And Scotland, Links 1627-1877 By David Dobson

Tab 16
Taylor Family Genealogy Forum Hundreds of Taylors listings. Non related so far. Up to 185 out of 900+ using Find for GEORGE

Following was research and nothing to do with the Taylors.
Tab 17
Icelandic historical figures Interesting collection and images

Tab 18
Sigurbjörn Kristjánsson [Forget why I was searching on this. Think it was the old vintage photos and one inparticular. This was started month or so ago. Cousin cathy works here

Tab 19
Again forget why I was researching on Þórvör Þormóðardóttir (daughter of Þormðúr "skapti" Óleifsson, landnámsmaður and Helga Þrándardóttir) was born 865. She married Eyvindur Þorgrímsson.
Children of Þórvör Þormóðardóttir and Eyvindur Þorgrímsson are: +Þóroddur "spaki" Eyvindarson, goði í Ölfusi, b. 935.

Þorgrímur Grímólfsson

Tab 21
Search Duke of Norfolk and "Leslie family" and "Barbados"
I know believe we are related to the Leslie family, just need proof. http://www.clanlesliesociety.org/

Research SEPT 21, 2012

Search: Leslie of Barbados
Found an Elizabeth Leslie. Our Elizabeth Taylor, m. Richard Taylor, born 31 Mar 1797
'The House of Commons, 1660-1690: Members C-L' By Basil Duke Hennin
Page 106

The Globe encyclopaedia of universal information, ed. by J.M. Ross By Globe encyclopaedia, Published 1879, 620 pages
Page 86
Lineage of the Leslies.
Written succinctly.The goal here is to find the connection between our Elizabeth Taylor, wif eof Richard, whose mother's father was a Jones, and mother was a Leslie on the island of Barbados about 1770

Opera Browser

Search Tab _ A new twist, seems there was an Elizabeth and Richard Taylor of Barbados, catch is it was before ours were born.
"I am seeking information on Richard Taylor, an English merchant who traded between there and Virginia. His wife, Elizabeth Taylor,
lived in Prince George Co., Virginia. Richard Taylor died in about 1724, probably in Barbados. Any information on this family,
particularly the contents of his will, will be appreciated. " ancestry.com meassage board in 2003

And this, EXCEPT our Elizabeth was born in 1791.
The genealogist Phil E. Chappell concluded that Elizabeth Jones Chappell Taylor's husband, Thomas Taylor, had died ca. 1725, when the bond was recorded;
he noted Elizabeth Taylor granted a power of attorney 2 Nov 1725 to Charles Fisher, master of the ship Mary Gallye, to sell her tobacco and to transact other
business for her in England. But Prince George records show that that Elizabeth Taylor lived in Barbados and was the wife of Richard Taylor:

Barbados I. Elizabeth Taylor of the Parish of Michael in the Island aforesaid, Barbados, wife to Richard Taylor
, late of this island, Merchant, but now of the
Kingdom of Great Britain, Greeting. Whereas the said Richard Taylor in and by his certain letter of attorney dated 11th May 1724 did appoint me ,
the said Elizabeth by name of Eliz. Taylor, his loving wife, his attorney, I now appoint my friend Charles Fisher, Master of the ship Mary Galley, to be my attorney,
to receive from Richard Moeley of Virginia, money due my husband, by bond dated April 24, 1724 for £40.
Eliza. Taylor
Witnesses 2 Nov 1725
Enoch Jenkins, Edward Horman
Recorded after proof of oath by Edward Jenkin 9 May 172714
(Prince George Co., VA Wills and Deeds, 986, 136)

"richard taylor" leads to 1-25 of 4,027 matches from 8,949,440 documents
"Richard Taylor" and "Elizabeth Mehetabel Jones" leads nowhere
"Elizabeth Mehetabel Jones" leads nowhere
"richard taylor" +elizabeth leads to 1-25 of 3,259 matches from 8,949,440 documents
"Elizabeth M Jones"
Leads to this [link 21]
Taylor, Alfred - Could this be our Alfred?
Mount Pleasant Cemetery
Section H
303 Riverside Dr, London, ON
Lots of Taylors burial locations here

search 3 mehetabel and barbados

"Genealogies of Barbados Families" and Taylor
Who were the 8 presidents who were descendants of the Mayflower?
Zachary Taylor, FDR, George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, John Quincy Adams, John Adams, Ulysses S. Grant, James A. Garfield
"Mayflower Descendant" and Taylor and Barbados

"elizabeth Mehitable Jones" and Barbados
Newanc -> Other -> Born-1821 -> Ta -> Taylor family -> Mary Taylor - Index
Taylor name in Other for the year Born-1821
Father: Richard Taylor
Birth/Chris: ... 1787 at ...
Death/Burial: at ...
Mother: Elizabeth Mehitabel Jones
Birth/Chris: at ...
Death/Burial: at ...
Married: ... 1807 at ...
1. Taylor, Richard - Birth/Chris: ... 1808 at ...
2. Taylor, George - Birth/Chris: ... 1810 at ...
3. Taylor, Elizabeth - Birth/Chris: ... 1811 at ...
4. Taylor, Abel - Birth/Chris: ... 1815 at ...
5. Taylor, Alfred - Birth/Chris: ... 1818 at ...
6. Taylor, Mary - Birth/Chris: ... 1821 at ...
7. Taylor, Frances - Birth/Chris: ... 1823 at ...
8. Taylor, Henrietta - Birth/Chris: ... 1825 at ...
9. Taylor, Caroline - Birth/Chris: ... 1828 at ...
10. Taylor, William Stewart - Birth/Chris: ... 1830 at ...
11. Taylor, Jane - Birth/Chris: ... 1830 at ...
12. Taylor, John - at ...
source this was already posted above before.
http://www.mytrees.com/newanc/Other/Born-1821/Ta/Taylor-family Richard taylor link will not open

National Archives of UK
Richard Taylor and 1786
Richard Taylor 1786 to 1788

"Thomas Banks" and "Rose Taylor" no results

76 Southill Drive, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M3C 2H7

F J Hearn

Last tab in Opera
Search: Carousel musical and Eileen Christy

OCT 19, 2012
From a report on June 20th, 1993 at the home of Dottie Christopherson Cartwright, by Sigurdur 'Sig' Christopherson, son of Kjartan, grandson of Sigurdur. He was the family historian.

"Great grandfather of children of K & Runa
William Stewart Taylor
Born 1830-Bristol England -died about 1904-buried Grund
Son of richard Taylor & ?? Born May 2, 1787-Bistol, Eng.
Mother may have been Jane-maiden name
possibly was Jones (his mother was a
member of the Duke of Norfolk family (the Howard family) head of the Catholic Church of England-his mother excomunicated for having married to a Protestant,
but now that religious freedom had returned to England she had rturned home to give birth to this child in the family home (Arundel Castle.)
The Norfolk dukedom is the highest Dukedom in England next to the Royal Family. Two members of the Howard family have been beatified for Sainthood in 1929 (one was named Philip).
Anne Bolyne & Katherine Howard (two wives of Henry VIII) were of this family

Photo fo William

William Stewart Taylor-Married Isabelle Slimmons a daughter of John Slimmons-she was a redheaded Irish woman- These were the parents of Grandma Caroline Taylor Christopherson-wife of Sigurdur Christopherson."
Reading this over, and keep in mind, Sig could be mistaken or given wrong info, Sig says Richard married ??, we know it was Elizabeth. We know his father was suppose to be George.
Sig says his mother's name was Jane JONES Taylor.

Bar News Paper. Considered contacting them. http://www.nationnews.com/

Anthony John, who came to Barbados in 1679

Posting the following, see no familiar sur-names. Glad of that, so we are NOT related to Vlad, which Dracula was based on.
The link, it appears, is his great-grandmother, Mary of Teck, who was grandmother to Britain's current ruler, Queen Elizabeth II, and was queen during the reign of King George V. A Wurttemberg princess, Mary - the woman for whom the liner Queen Mary was named - was believed descended from two of Vlad's sons.

Vlad the Impaler. Died 1507
  • Was the half-brother of Vlad IV, known as Vlad the Monk (1431 - 1495) 
  • Who was the father of Radu IV Prince of Wallachia (1495 – 1508) 
    The father of Mircea the Shepherd, Prince of Wallachia (1479 - 1560)
    The father of Princess Stanca Basarab of Wallachia (1518 - 1601) 
    The mother of Zamphira Logofat de Szazsebes (died 1602) 
    The mother of Adam Racz de Galgo (living in 1609)
    The father of Peter Racz de Galgo (1583-1672)
    The father of Christina Racz de Galgo
    The mother of Catherine (Katalin) Kuun de Osdola
    The mother of Ágnes Kendeffy de Malmoviz (born 1727)
    The mother of Baron Gregor, Inczédy de Nagy-Várad (died 1816)
    The father of Baroness Ágnes Inczédy de Nagy-Várad (1788-1856)
    The mother of Countess Claudine Rhédey von Kis-Rhéde (1812-1841), m. Duke Alexander of Württemberg
    She is current British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II is Claudine's great-great-granddaughter
    Nicknames: "Claudia"
    Birthdate: September 21, 1812
    Birthplace: Erdöszenthyörgy (Siebenburgen), Transylvania, Hungary / now Romania
    Death: Died October 1, 1841 in Ptuj (Pettau), Untersteiermark, Österreich/Ungarn
    Cause of death: Horse accident
    Occupation: Morganatic wife and mother of three, Countess of Hohenstein

    The mother of Francis, Duke of Teck (1837–1900), Child 2: von Teck, Francis Paul Charles Louis, Duke of Teck 1st, b. 27 AUG 1837
    The father of Princess Mary of Teck, later the Queen consort of King George V (1867-1953)
    The mother of George VI (1895 –1952)
  • The father of Queen Elizabeth II (1926), who was the mother of:
Prince Charles (1948)

Summerset House in London might have had a birth record on William Taylor of 1830 or 1831. Records were transferred here. Jeez, look how many William Taylors were born in the UK!

JAN 09, 2013
Searching for Richard Taylors mother
From: Howard Vermont<hvermont@sympatico.ca > Subject: Barbados Names # 3 Date: Mon, 2 Sep 1996 11:10:00 EST
Henry JONES 1722 496
John JONES Dr. 1722 496
Joseph JONES 1722 496
William JONES 1722 496

William LESLIE Lieut Colonel 1722 496
source: http://archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com/th/read/caribbean/1996-09/0841680600

JONES-L Archives

"Some info. about Jones name in Barbados:
The earliest date is 1628. A group of London Merchants obtained from the Earl of Carlisel a grant of 10,000 acres in Barbados.
This group sent out a ship called the Marygold. The master was John Jones, with Capt. Charles Wolferstone, and Capt. John Swan.
They arrived Carlisle Bay, 5 July, 1628. Jerry. jonesgenealogist@aol.com. see web site; thegoldenlionbb.com."
source: http://archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com/th/read/jones/2003-09/1063750525

1742, extracted from Ancient Records, Papers and Accounts taken from Mr. William Arnold, Mr. Samuel Bulkly, and Mr. John Summers,
some of the First Settlers, the last of whom was alive in 1688, aged 82

Jones James...
Jones John
Jones Philip
Jones Thomas...
Jones Roger
Jones William

File Format: Microsoft Word - Quick View [6]
This is strong confirmation of the association of the Barbados family with the ..... Jones. Thomas Cole also appears in the Virginia Colonial Records Project ...
Funny, Roy had this downloaded 12 times. It is now 'DOC_0096_JonesFamilyInBarbados'

Leslie = None

This might show property owned in England. It is based upon The Return of Owners of Land, 1873
Full text of Batemans' Great Landowners 1883 at archive.org
Does it show George Taylor's family?
Excerpt 1:
60 - Great Landowners of Great Britain.

BROUGHAM AND VAUX, LORD, Brougham, Penrith, &c.

acres. g. an. val.

Coll. Edin., Jesus, Cam. Cumberland . 1,369 . 905

Club. Wanderers'. Westmorland . 985 . 1,646

b. 1795, s. 1868, m. 1834. Somerset . . 2,716 . 4,580

Hants ... 6 . 7

Sat for Southwark. 5, 076 . 7,138

The two last properties belong to his eldest son, and appear in
the return in SIR C. TAYLOR'S name.

Even better is the book scanned by Google here which shows what sentence bolngs to the next. They list 11 TAYLORS. The one before with different spelling
goes to another family. One line shows TAYLOR, G. Wonder if that could be George?
Taylors in England


Research: JAN 13, 2013
Births at Arundel Castle according to one website
Edmund Lyons;
Alice FitzAlan;
Alice Holland,
Countess of Kent;
Joan de Beauchamp,
Baroness Bergavenny;
Joan de Bohun,
Countess of Hereford

Source: http://www.evi.com/q/facts_about__arundel_castle

Online Parish Clerks, Arundel, (West Sussex), ie. Gazette covering events such as the possible birth at Arundel Castle.
No Taylor, Leslie listed. A Thomas Jones is mentioned, not withing the text of the entry. The site lists many references regarding Arundel.
Source: http://www.sussex-opc.org/index.php?t=Parish&k=154

halfdan Helhason sent Roy an initial report of his 14 GGF´s. At the end is this portion forgotten about
'...John Taylors father served as a quartermaster in the British fleet.John married Elizabeth, 13 years his junior, from Birmingham, England.'

Research: MAR 07, 2013
It shows Elizabeth 13 years younger, and most importantly, from Birmingham. Will have to use this on search.
This could be important regarding the search for Elizabeth´s mother.

According to Mary Hearn, Richard Taylor, father of John and William Stewart taylor, married Elizabeth Mehetabel JONES (1792-1860) .
Mary shows JONES as her maiden name


1901 Census showing William Stewart Taylor and 3rd wife, Sigridur showing William's birthdate as Aug 8, 1830.


Jine 27, 1870 Lansing, Michigan Census
Possibly our GGGF William Stewart Taylor except his birthdate is off. Shows his his 2nd wife Eliza [Haines], Anna, our GGM Caroline just before teaching at 16,
and possibly William Herbert from the marriage of the two.

house of commons

Text from old book Roy put together regarding a George.
Roy believes now that this George lived longer than our George who was killed by the great hurricane in Barbados.

Taylor list

List of owners land returned
The Return of owners land (not related)
Here is more research and George N. Taylor's estate named on Barbados

Research: MAR 24, 2013
• Anne Boleyn, daughter of Thomas Boleyn
• Sir Thomas Boleyn, son of Lady Margaret Butler
• Lady Margaret Butler, daughter of Thomas Butler, 7th Earl of Ormonde
• Thomas Butler, 7th Earl of Ormonde, son of James Butler, 4th Earl of Ormonde
• James Butler, 4th Earl of Ormonde, son of James Butler, 3rd Earl of Ormonde
• James Butler, 3rd Earl of Ormonde, son of James Butler, 2nd Earl of Ormonde
• James Butler, 2nd Earl of Ormonde, son of Eleanor de Bohun
• Eleanor de Bohun, daughter of Elizabeth Plantagenet
• Elizabeth Plantagenet, daughter of Edward I and Eleanor of Castile
• Eleanor of Castile, daughter of Berengaria of Castile
• Berengaria of Castile, daughter of Eleanor of England
• Eleanor of England, daughter of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine.

The Anne Boleyn Files

first queen consort of Edward I of England.

Anne Boleyn’s Royal Blood
The Howard Family’s Ancestry
Search Bolyne
From 7 pages on Taylor:
Bowman Leslie
I really don't know
maybe they said Bolyne - which was cousin nom?
to the Howards (D?

Ulf Oxna-Thorir - Hirarki Lengkap


Taylor, Richard and Barbados

The history of Barbados: comprising a geographical and statistical ... By Sir Robert Hermann Schomburgk

"isabella taylor" and 1874


Family Tree

Taylor Index




Elizabeth Mary HAINES
1861 England Census
abt 184//
city, Hampshire, England
city, Hampshire

Ploughman and Haines





"Richard Taylor" and 1787 and "jane"

Our ancestors have been traced back to England in the 1600s. The original spelling was Heron, Hearne, and then Hearn.

"ida pearl badger"
which led me to next link
1911 Badger Census

1904 Christopherson Census

All Census-Christopherson
Installed Mr.Sid browser viewer

NOTE: There is a whole page of research in this document
DOC_0097_Richard Taylor Research
DOC_0098_Taylor research

Research: March 30, 2013
Research based on email from a very learned man,
Subject: Richard Taylor's wife and In-laws
Research on fafily connected to James Everard Arundell, 9th Baron of Arundell of Wardour, specifically a female cousin related.

Mary Jones


no Mehetabell
Elizabeth Susannah Jones

Family of Robert Burnett Jones of England and Barbados
10 children
Target is Mary Jones b: 1781 in Barbados
Mary, the third child marries James Everard Arundell. We are looking for surname of Jones with a maiden name of Leslie.

Barbados Light And Power Building, Garrison, Barbados

Article on The Western Icelander and settling in Canada

Research: June 27, 2013
Located the place in England William was baptized based on the Parish record from Ryan Eyford.
Lambeth St Mary, Surrey source
This lead Roy to find supposedly free online Parish Records in Barbados here.
Researching 'Barbados Records Baptisms 1637-1800 Genealogy', by Joanne M. Sanders Number Of Pages 808 pages Format Hardcover
Publication Date 1984-01-01 Language English Publisher Genealogical Publishing Company, Incorporated

William Stewart Taylor, "England Births and Christenings, 1538-1975"

This may mean nothing, but William Stewart Taylor was baptized where some of the Duke of Norfolk family are buried. Coincidence?
1. Howard, Anne Plantagenet 19090391 b. Nov. 2, 1475 d. Nov. 23, 1511
2. Howard, Elizabeth Stafford 12945545 b. 1494 d. 1558
3. Howard, Lady Katherine Broughton 37109368 b. unknown d. Apr. 13, 1535
4. Howard, Katherine 88109050 b. 1499 d. May, 1554
source : http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gsr&GSsr=41&GScid=638910&

The following gives credible evidence that William was "probably" born in England. Until a birth record is found, just a stalemate.
William Stewart Taylor
Christening Date: 10 Sep 1830
Christening Place: St. Mary's, Lambeth, Surrey, England
Father's Name: Richard Taylor
Mother's Name: Elizabeth Mehetabell Taylor
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: I01658-2
System Origin: England-EASy
GS Film number: 1041528
Reference ID: Item 2 p195

Research: July 5th, 2013

Genealogies of Barbados Families: From Caribbeana and the Journal of the Barbados Museum and Historical Society

'...Slavery legally ended in the British Empire on August 1, 1834, but at this date the institution still existe 1 in France s sugar colonies....'

"...Report made to the Rear Admiral commanding the French Naval Station of the Antilles, by M. Layrle, Sloop Captain commanding the Brig Le Hussard
June 1,1841
The beautiful and interesting colony of Barbados is the outpost of the English settlements in the West Indian archipelago. This island is remarkable in the size of its population, which exceeds 100,000 souls, in the extent and richness of its agriculture, and in the shipping and commercial activities which are centered there. ..."

"...In the northeast, there is a section called Scotland, whose terrain differs from other parts of the island but whose highest point is no more than 1,100 feet above sea level. ..."

"...This is a class which is intermediate between the English planters and the colored people, it is a popu- lation peculiar to the island. Those who comprise this class are known by the denomination of Barbadians. They are descendants of Europeans who settled the island in earliest times, but they only have an imperfect knowledge of the period when their ancestors settled the colony. ..."

source: http://jeromehandler.org/wp-content/uploads/Layrle1-78.pdf

In search of Richard Taylors Parish birth record
Bristol Record Office https://familysearch.org/learn/wiki/en/Bristol_Record_Office

Research July 09, 2013
Elizabeth Taylor, wife of Richard died in Ernestown. Goal is to find her death record, and possibly her maiden family names.

Sent email to HALIBURTON HIGHLANDS GENEALOGY GROUP regarding John Taylor after emailing Stephen Hill, Curator,
and Kate Butler, Director at Haliburton Highlands Museum.
I would like to phone Mr. Scott of the area but cannot afford the call. Dysart is in the middle of Haliburton County.

Researching Genealogy Tips. at 123.

New resource for Vintage Post Cards with LARGE images.

Research JULY 16, 2013
I This research has been moved to the Taylors and Barbados RnD page here.

Research OCTOBER 19, 2013
A lot of Jones listed here. Save in case of finding a first name as thinks goes deep into the book online
Google Book Source

This would prove that what GF Kay told Sig was incorrect. Richard DID NOT HAVE 600 SLAVES. Now having one is one too many.
This has been discussed under Taylor RnD.
Proof: Bayleys plantation is important in the history of Barbados. It was created by Joseph Bayley between 1719 and 1738 and by
1812 covered 444 acres.
Together with Wiltshires, another plantation managed by the same family, they represented two of the largest plantations in the
St. Philip parish,
with a total slave population of 350 slaves.

Received response from Barbados
8/6/2013 9:28 AM
Dear Mr. Christopherson,
A basic search was facilitated on your behalf but unfortunately, Elizabeth/ Eliza Mehetabel
Jones was not found.
Sources checked: 1. Baptisms solemnized within the Anglican Church, RL1/58 2. Baptisms in
Churches other than Anglican Churches, RL1/84
The Archives has a policy whereby records are checked for a given year, plus 2 years prior and
2 years subsequent.
This approach was undertaken and the baptism was checked between 1795-1799, in both indexes,
but she was still not found
Moreover, this Department conducts basic searches only. In order to pursue a more in-depth
search, you may have to consider
employing a researcher from the list attached to this letter.

On the other hand, the name Richard Taylor appeared in eleven {11} volumes of the Journal of the
Barbados Museum & Historical Society.
This Department does not offer photocopying services so you may have to contact the following
institution for assistance in obtaining
copies of the information:
The Librarian
The Barbados Museum & Historical Society
The Garrison
St. Michael BARBADOS Tel # {246} 427-0201
OR {246} 436-1956 Fax # {246} 429-5946
Email: info@barbmuse.org.bb Website: www.barbadosmuseum.org

With regards to your third query, you may have to contact any of the following 2 institutions to
ascertain whether or not the watermill still exist:
The Ministry of Health
Frank Walcott Building Culloden Road St. Michael Barbados Tel # {246} 426-5080 OR
{246} 467-9300
Email: Ps-secretary@health.gov.bb

The President Barbados National Trust Wildey House Wildey St. Michael redacted
The National Trust would advise whether or not this is listed amongst the icons to be preserved
according to UNESCO's stipulations since Bridgetown
and its environs achieved World Heritage Status in 2011.

We do hope your future research will be a successful one!
Yours Truly,
Miss Proverbs
For Chief Archivist
Archives Department
Black Rock St. James Barbados redacted

The Librarian of Barbados replied with a long document with all the Taylor's indexed in their own genealogy .... old volumes done
50-100 years ago.
The names all match and a Richard has about 15 mentions. They said his wife's name, Elizabeth Mehetabel JONES Taylor does not
show in any birth records.
THFS's book has all the children of Richard and Elizabeth Taylor birth info. It is my belief that her name was Jane Jones and mothers
surname was Leslie
belonging to the Rector in Barbados with his lineage to the well known Leslie family in Scotland.

Purchasing ONE scan

Email sent to BC Cousins

OCT 25, 2013
Doing a search on George Taylor in Bristol England brings up 200+ records in 1800's. We know so little about him other than living in
Bristol, drowning at sea and having a son named Richard. Source

We know about when Richard left as a boy and his birthdate.
Just found Williams document. Wicked and Awesome! This is a "Publc" document!
William Stewart Taylor

England Births and Christenings, 1538-1975
christening: 10 September 1830 St. Mary's, Lambeth, Surrey, England residence: Lambeth, Surrey, England Source

  • father: Richard Taylor
  • mother: Elizabeth Mehetabell Taylor
  • Name William Stewart Taylor
  • Gender Male
  • Christening Date 10 Sep 1830
  • Christening Place St. Mary's, Lambeth, Surrey, England
  • Birth Date
  • Birthplace
  • Death Date
  • Name Note
  • Race
  • Father's Name Richard Taylor
  • Father's Birthplace
  • Father's Age
  • Mother's Name Elizabeth Mehetabell Taylor
  • Mother's Birthplace
  • Mother's Age
  • Indexing Project (Batch) Number I01658-2
  • System Origin England-EASy
  • GS Film number 1041528
  • Reference ID Item 2 p195

NO IMAGE. Well we do have a copy of the image in the protected area (See Main Photo Page)

To date there are NO TIES to Zachary Taylor and entering the actress out of curiosity, as
Elizabeth Rosamond Taylor, Dame (1932 - 2011) I see no connection based on this tree for those that might have been curious.
Until we have the whole family tree of George, there is no way to know.

Dr Watson – England and Barbados
This blog page gives free resource on how to digitize records

About to order 6 scans of pages from the Barbados Library; Taylor, Abel VIII:17, Taylor, Eliza VIII:142, Taylor, Eliza XVIII:46, Taylor,
Eliza XXIV:194, Taylor, John (Capt.) XLVII:275, Taylor, Richard III:117;176. Let's hope out of the eight pages of names these match

NOV 26 2013
Purchased 8 scans of the B.M.H.S (The Barbados Museum and Historical Society), from 1830-1838 from Barbados Library, of the above list.
1.Taylor, Abel VIII:17 , [69]
Volume 8, Page 17 from
1838, Extracts from Barbados Newpapers.
Page 117, paragraph 3, line 8. October 22. Died...Talks about Thomas harrison Walke Wharton.
"Yesterday of fever at Enmore Cottage, Mr. Abel Taylor, son of Richard Taylor, Esq., of the
  An unrelated? William Taylor lived on Bermuda for 40 years.

A HIT!!! hit

2. Taylor, Eliza VIII:142 , [69] 1716 Census at Barbados. Index of names. It is belived before 1780 was a
Jane Jones. Three names are of interest here, yet will not follow up.
1. Page 141, Eliz. Taylor age 26
2. Mrs. Mary Jones, age 31 - Due to age, ruled out as Jane Jones mother?
3. Eliza. Jones 6m (6 months old) page 142 She might be a candidate for Jane Jones mother. Many were named in honor of the Queen.

Taylor, Eliza XVIII:46, NOT RELATED, this is not Taylor, Eliz, this is Taylor SMITH Eliz. who married a John Taylor junr.. Our history states that our John was married in Canada only once at a later time.

3. Taylor, Eliza XXIV:194, , [69] Not related. The family of Elizabeth JONES Taylor was "wealthy".

4. Taylor, John (Capt.)XLVII:275, , [69] Obtained scan from a Paper done in 2001 about the slave revolt. It is only two pages and lists a Captain John Taylor of the Royal Regiment sitting in on the proceedings of prisoner Kitt, part of the slave revolt of 1816 in Barbados. Our John was born 1812, so not him. This would prove there was a Capt John Taylor in Barbados prior to 1840, who was not our John.
Research: Regiments of the British West Indies and Bermuda
...malaria and yellow fever, known as "Yellow Jack"...
"...From 1793 to 1802, an estimated 1,500 officers and 43,500 other ranks died mainly from fevers while being stationed in the Caribbean...."
"..1st West India Regiment...Barbados (1816)"

By W. T. Block Reprinted from Beaumont ENTERPRISE, April 4, 1974; February 5, 1984.
It would have to be for men to risk their necks to the noose. Both the United States Slave Trading Act of 1820 and the first Texas Constitution defined participation in the African trade as piracy, with a mandatory death sentence if committed within territorial boundaries. Source

Taylor, Richard Vol. III:117, , [69] Either William was Married and we do not know about it, or he was simply In Town with his father
1830_Vol 3, 117_TaylorRichardAndWilliam

A HIT!!! hit

Taylor, Richard Vol. III:176, , [69] We are NOT related to the George N. Taylor (that Roy knows of). George, son of Richard Taylor dies June 9, 1831
1831_Vol 3, 176_TaylorRichardAndGeorge

A HIT!!! hit
Ironically, Roy already found this entry for free except missing dates.

Might try contacting here next. Found em a long time ago. maybe they will care that we are connected to Richard Taylor.

Cemeteries in Barbados - Search 'Taylor'
Found a John D Taylor gravestite. This might prove there were two Johns in Barnados in 1840 re: 14 yr sentence

Birth: 1862 Death: Apr. 5, 1939 Burial: Westbury Cemetery Bridgetown Saint Michael, Barbados Source

While I cannot reveal the source, there is a story written Feb 1845 about the queen's appearence while at Brighton;

"After the death of George IV in 1830, his successor King William IV also stayed in the Pavilion on his frequent visits to Brighton. Queen Victoria,
however, disliked Brighton and the lack of privacy the Pavilion afforded her on her visits there, especially once Brighton became accessible to
Londoners by rail in 1841, and the cramped quarters it provided her growing family. She purchased the land for Osborne House in the Isle of Wight,
which became the summer home of the royal family. After her last visit to Brighton in 1845, the Government planned to sell the building and

Back to Richard's wife, Elizabeth Mehetabel Jones (Maiden Name) born March 31, 1792
maiden name n. A woman's family name before she is married. Used of a surname that is replaced by a woman when she marries.
Also called birth name.
Send another request to Barbados Library.

5 Key Research Sites

DEC 13 2013
Taylor, Hardwick, Ely and allied families : from Colonial and
Revolutionary Families of Pennsylvania, volume fifteen, new series

John Taylor (d.ca.1679) immigrated from England to Barbados about 1640. Zachariah Howard Taylor (1800-1859), a direct descendant in the sixth
generation, married Elizabeth Ann Rawlins in 1822, and in 1843 they immigrated (via New Berne, North Carolina) to Philadelphia
Ms. Pierce at the Barbados Library forwarded an scanned image from an 1807 book on the Marriage of Richard Taylor and
Eliza Mehitabel Jones.
, [69]

John Taylor to his sister Henrietta in Barbados, St. Helier, Jersey, 1844
"...redacted see my cousins here or rather in London, redacted", [31]., [70]
Have not seen anything written about who any family was in England. We do not know if Richard was an only child, nor what
happened to his mother. It is possible that unlike Boarding Schools, Richard was sent to Barbados to become a man. Possible his
mother passed away, then his father drowned. It looked like only John went to England, and his mother and William being born there.
All we could do is piece the puzzle together, one piece at a time. This would also indicate that family lived on St. Heilier, which is an island south of England. So John was certainly not broke.

Reading letter from John Taylor on an island between Eng and France to his sister Henrietta, who took a trip to ST. Vincent. I looked it up
and it is direct west of Barbados.
This was 1844. What intrigued me is he mentions wanting to see cousins there or in London;
"I should like to see my cousins here or rather in London, but that will depend upon circumstances you know."
Too bad Taylor is such a common name. As of May 2015 any Taylor cousins are unknown! This would prove George had sibling's
children Known to John.

I did find this of interest and decided to see if Taylors were on this island with John.
Right off the top gal's last name is Dora Louisa Taylor. Again, common name.

"I cannot help but wonder how many family I may have crossed paths with, on the internet searches, only to never know if they are
related." Roy DEC 2013


Genealogical Tree, Showing the Descendants of Her Majesty Queen Victoria (1819-1901), from 'The Illustrated London News',
12th March 1887 (engraving)
Image source

Queen Victoria (1819-1901)

This would prove there was a Richard Taylor on Jamaica about same time as our Richard in Barbados, yet the Ann nor James
matches any data found so far.

"Diary of Ann and James Taylor 1797-1800 and c1831. Pedigree of Richard Taylor who was stationed in Jamaica c1783 with the British Army. ."

NOT RELATE. Just posting for future reference
More monumental inscriptions : tombstones of the British West Indies by Vere Langford Oliver
Here lyeth the Body ... . GEORGE TAYLOR late of this Ifland Gent ...
2. Navel and Military - Wife jane of H. Taylor 1859 Page 259 Source

532. Enclosed by iron railing : — H. JONES I Died October 5«' 1866 | Aged 68 Years | MARY JANE JONES I Died November 13*1* 1868 |
Aged 67 Years \ (4 lines.) Source

Start all over again, just as the process of Barbados began hundreds of lines of text above in the RnD of Taylor
History of Trinidad and Tobago (Wiki)
Trinidad remained in Spanish hands until 1797, but it was largely settled by French colonists. In 1889 the two islands were incorporated into a
single crown colony.[1] Trinidad and Tobago obtained its independence from the British Empire in 1962 and became a republic in 1976.
Christopher Columbus re-discovered Trinidad.

[I cannot help but compare these indians to the U.S. population. History does repeat itself and her the peaceful indians (or current
U.S. Citizen who is disarmed against our constitutional right) leads to slavery, or today, a faciast government asking their police and
military if they will shoot civilians.]

"Trinidad and Tobago is reported to have been densely populated at the beginning of the colonial period. Although in 1510 Trinidad and Tobago
was said to have the only "peaceful Indians" along the whole South American coast, demand for slaves to supply the pearl-fisheries in nearby
Isla Margarita led to them being declared "Caribs " (and thus, fair game for slavers) in 1511"
1783 was less than three thousand
1777 there were only 2,763
By the time the island was surrendered to the British in 1797 the population had increased to 17,643: 2,086 whites, 1,082 free people of colour,
1,082 Amerindians, and 10,009 African slaves.

The first announcement from Whitehall in England that slaves would be totally freed by 1840 was made in 1833. In the meantime,
slaves on plantations were expected to remain where they were and work as "apprentices" for the next six years.
Full emancipation for all was finally legally granted ahead of schedule on 1 August 1838.

There is a letter from John Taylor to sister Henrietta. It references Soufriere. I believe the trip just refers to going up a mountain as opposed to
some other geographic location. See la Soufriere. La Soufrière (volcano). A Volcano on the island of Saint Vincent [NW of Barbados]in the
Windward Islands of the Caribbean.

JAN 21, 2014
Based on this Search parameter, kingston, ONT 1859 obit and Taylor, Richard" and eliza, went through 19 Google pages. Found nothing.

Story about the Icelanders in Kinmount. Differing account on carrie's stay there and photo of Tressle they worked on.
Page 9-12

Mentioned Erikur Einasson - Check

"52ND LIGHT INFANTRY SERVICE" and "barbados"
" In early 1842, the 52nd performed garrison duty in Barbados,[82] where British units frequently supplemented the local forces.[83] In 1842, the regiment returned to Canada, and were posted to New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Quebec; they left Canada in 1845." source

MARCH 24, 2015
Been 3 months since I researched on the Taylor family. Indirectly, most of the decendants of William Stewart Taylor's daughters.
Found this. Wondering if Rowland might have been a cousin. The Elizabeth mentioned is not our Elizabeth and would have become Elizabeth Malony
Page 154 CARIBBEANA. 1814 "Dec. 28 (Married) On Sunday evening last, at the " Rising Sun " Plantation in Christ Church, AV. Malloney, Esq., to Miss Elizabeth Taylor, daughter of Rowland Taylor, Esq. 1814.

Jan. ^ 1 (Married) The Rev. Mr. King, Officiating Rector of this parish, to Miss Sarah, daughter of Dr. Renn Hamden. In Christ Church, John Grant Straghan, Esq., St. Joseph's, to Miss Coolc, sister of the Deputy Purveyor of the Forces on this Command. John Poyer, Esq., to Miss Mary E. Bayne. William Maloney, Esq., to Miss Elizabeth L. Taylor (same probably as Dec. 28th, 1S13.—E. G. S.). Source

1815? Feb. 11 (Deaths) On Tuesday last, 3Irs. Frances Straker, wife of John Straker, Esq., CoinptroUer of His Majesty's Customs of thi.s Port. Captain AV. H. Powell of the ship " Xelson " of Bristol. Ilis disease was an ossification of the heart. And in Speightstown, Dr. Joseph Taylor. (Drowned) On "Wednes- day morning last accounts were received here from Deuierary of the loss of the schooner •' Swift " of tliis port, which b.aving left that colony on the 1st inst. for this Island, unt'orlunatoly at night got on the ^Mahaika Bank. Cap- . tain Greenidge, who coininanded this vessel, was ])recipitated into the sea, as ^A soon as she struck, and was drov.iied. Benjamin Thomas, Esq., of the Army ^ Pay Office, and a native of this Island, expired from anxiety and fatigue, and was washed from the wreck. Two others, named Gittens, also natives of this colony, were dro-wned. Here is the Original Print online of 936 pages at Mocavo. Even better is this High Quality (FREE) online version with many formats including E-Pub. Just leave full screen (click or tap the X)..

Having read many books on Barbados and Slavery, this was the first found written about "Branding a slave". The Taylor mentioned in 1st paragraph is not related, that Roy knows of. It is impossible for us in this day and age to comprehend much that went on in the 1600's. Roy has come across the London Printer Rochard Taylors name many times. He is unrelated to our knowledge. Source

1816 Dec. 24 (jMarriod) On Saturday last in this town, John Taylor, Junior, Esq., to Miss Margaret Phillips. (Died) Lately, at St. Ann's, Captain Gordon, Senior, and Lieut. Xorman of the Queen's Eo3'al Eegiment, both tmiversally lamented. In this Town, '^\v. James Cummins, Sworn Guager, and JNlr. John Eobinson. CARIBBEANA. 359 cliildrcn .... Pliipps "Woodrop and Sarah W., son and dau. of .... AV. by my dau. Ann, and to nil of tlioin £200 c. each at 14 years. To my 2 sons Joseph P ine P. land wliich one AVilliain .... lived on and manured, of 8 acres . . . . ihe path to Masticic Gutt Bounding at the .... Mass Mouse stood upon and now th . . . . at the foot .... Henry Herbert, dec'', in trust for Henry, son of Eliz. Taylor, my natural son, commonly called Henry P. Joseph and Constantino P. to buy for Henry P. 10 slaves, to work on said land for his benefit and his children, if any, and to build a house on said land, of 2 rooms, each 16 foot square, posts of good hard timber, boarded and shingled. My natural child called John .... by Eliz. Taylor to be maintained similarly. Natiiral child Frances by tlie same £300 c. Jos. and Con. P., guardians of Henry, John, and Frances, enjoined to be kind and indulgent to them. Eliz. Taylor and said 8 children to dwell in my house till new one built. To Eliz. Taylor £-30 c. and care of 3 children. Lands, etc., in St. C, Tortola, and Xornians Island to G sons as above. My good friends John Willett and Charles Pym, Esquires, sons Joseph and Con. P., Ex'ors. Estate to be kept entire if possible. Ex'ors to use utmost endeavours to keep unmarried members of my family in my Mansion House maintained in a decent manner. A negro to each son except Joseph. Guardians of children not of age to be Ex'ors. Witnessed by Lambert Hookc, Joh . West- http://archive.org/stream/caribbeanabeingmv2oliv/caribbeanabeingmv2oliv_djvu.txt

APR 1, 2015
Roy found a PDF document "buried" in the archives of the University of Iceland. A Briem Descendant donated family letters of Halldor and Susie TAYLOR Briem. One name out of two pages (20% family for sure) was John Richardson Taylor. Not sure if following is related. A letter was written 25.5.1884 from John Richardson Taylor from St. Augustine to Susie Briem in Iceland. Here is bad Icelandic to ENG synopsis "Fits stay well . Says travelogues there and of the people of those he visited and jobs . Also of their potential ."
Keep in mind that Yellow Jack fever his Jacksonville FL and most of the population fled at this moment in time. None of the Taylor cousins of John & William are known. What I am looking for is a tie in from this fellow to Richard Taylor's family. This felow with matching name was born 1884, so obviously he did not write an 1884 letter in question.

Roy discovered the reason William and Jane TAYLOR Hearn left their Orange Grove in FL.

Henry Patterson Taylor 1853-1923 Marion Meickle
John Taylor

Parents: John Taylor m. Isabella Richardson
Henry Taylor
Isabella Taylor
Jane Byers Taylor
Margaret Taylor
Marion Meickle
Taylor Mary Paterson
Taylor William Taylor
John Richardson Taylor 1884-1954, married Rose Kathryn Cotter 1889-Unknown
Born in Wilkie, Saskatchewan, Canada on 20 Aug 1912 to John Richardson Taylor and Rose Kathryn Cotter. John Richardson married Joyce Vivian Lange and had 3 children.
He passed away on 4 Mar 1999 in Vancouver, Canada. Source
Spouse(s) Joyce Vivian Lange 1923-1982
Children James Ian Taylor, John Frederick Taylor, Private

Another set of records:
John Richardson Taylor, Born in Edinburgh, Scotland on 11 Jun 1884 to John Taylor and Isabella Richardson. John Richardson married Rose Kathryn Cotter, Born in Westminster, London on 20 Oct 1889 to Henry Cotter and Sarah Shepherd. They had 3 children. He passed away on 30 May 1954 in Vancouver, Canada. Source
1. Evelyn Rose Taylor, Born to John Richardson Taylor and Rose Kathryn Cotter. Evelyn Rose married Norman Herbert Anderson and had 3 children. She passed away on 19 Nov 1991 in Langley, Canada.
2. John Richardson Taylor, Born in Wilkie, Saskatchewan, Canada on 20 Aug 1912 to John Richardson Taylor and Rose Kathryn Cotter. John Richardson married Joyce Vivian Lange and had 3 children. He passed away on 4 Mar 1999 in Vancouver, Canada.
3. Isabel Pearl Taylor, Born to John Richardson Taylor and Rose Kathryn Cotter. She had two children.
Here is a 3rd set of records with a family tree.

Watching this video, learned of the Maritime library and Lloyd's List of Uk listing details of ship losses
Found a Captain Thomas Taylor 1780-1790 in the UK Mariner list here. 1790 Universal Directory of Great Britain Captains
TAYLOR William Master/Commander 1783
TAYLOR Andrew Braccy Lieutenant 1782 TAYLOR C. The Honable Lieutenant 1790 TAYLOR James Lieutenant.
Termagant Sloop 16 W. TAYLOR North Seas 1781. transcribed and kindly presented for publication by Peter Stuart. Main Menu
No George.
Using this Keyword to search above possible publications, Caribbeana and "Richard Taylor" and Barbados at Google ...Nothing


Nice description of what constitutes each type of sailing vessel
John. ND1:1393, probably British ship, Capt George Taylor, active 31 Jul 1775, James River to Liverpoole with tobacco, oak plank and staves.
There is a reference to George Taylor in THFS yet I cannot publish it.
Search: "Capt. George Taylor" lost at sea Bristol...Nothing found
Nothing at the The Merchant Navy - National Maritime Museum

Looking at Thomas Howard on wikitree and using this as a search
"birth record Arundel Castle, Arundel, West Sussex, England"
BRAVO! I like the mindset of the Online Parish Clerks VERY much! Free and Online Records!
Bummer, no William Taylor 1830
No results

One family letter mentions that John Taylor attended the Coronation 28 June 1838 of Queen Victoria, and that this must mean they had connections (Find quote).
Decided to search, ticket to queen victoria Coronation 28 June 1838 and "john Taylor"
This lead to this ticket by someone else, yet shows what our John Taylor might of received in order to attend.

Could John's actual ticket be in the Catalogue of the Earl Marshal's papers at Arundel Castle?

Searches on the Coronation itself

Found a new resource watching Who Do You Think You are (WDYTYA) show ep. Patsy Kensit .
London Metropolitan Archives - Image section. None on Bernard Howard.
Try the LMA Search - One letter of no use.

Debrett's Peerage, Baronetage, Knightage, and Companionage Leslies pg 319, 587, 749...

Digital Library of the Caribbean

Genealogy research in Barbados can be complex, but it's worth it (article)

Barbados Record Resource

The monumental inscriptions in the churches and churchyards of the island of Barbados, British West Indies by Oliver, Vere Langford 1915
full book here. Robert Burnet (1 "T") Jones is mentioned on pg 128
No Jones married Leslie. No matches

The Present Peerages: With Plates of Arms, and an Introduction to Heraldry ... By Joseph Edmondson
Great details about the various Dukes children, as we seek a "cousin". Hard to read in old English.
Putting together a Family Tree of the Dukes of Norfolk. Ones online are so incomplete.
Trying to go back a few generations from Bernard to determine and that went to Barbados.

The Howard Papers: With a Biographical Pedigree and Criticism By Henry Kent Staple Causton
This book questions the genealogists of the past regarding the Charles Howard lineage.


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4. George Washington stayed in Barbados for 4 months. [4]
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6. THFS by M.T.H. (Roy is unable to post any details and reason for acronyms, sorry), [31]
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