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Grund Homestead
Sigurdur and Caroline Taylor Susie Briem In Iceland
Caroline ´Carrie´Christopherson
New Iceland/Grund, MB
  Susie Briem

33. Eyford, Ryan. PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of History. December 2012. University of Winnipeg, Transcribed, Edited, and Annotated,
"Caroline Christopherson’s letters to her sister in Iceland Susanna Taylor Briem, 1880-1921, page [not specified yet]

The following references are by Ryan Eyford cited here as reference 33.

Sigurdur Christopherson Individual Page
Grund, Mar. 11th 1889
"...Borga and Byring are living in Glenboro. The Icelanders expect to start in a short time (just as soon as the weather permits) to build their new church. I [it] will be in about the center of the settlement about one mile east of here. 102 They intend to have only the one for the settlement and I expect it will be quite a large one. ..." page 26
, [33]

Grund P.O. Mar. 28th 1890
"We are getting quite wellsupplied with Railroads. There is one to the north of us with a station 9 miles distant. Another to the south with a station only five miles distant. The latter runs from Morris on the Red River to Brandon. It is not completed all the way to Brandon yet but the trains are running. We expect a town to be laid out on that line just five miles south of here, which Sigurdur is the founder. He is going to name it Baldur. We expect it will be surveyed in a few days then Sigurdur is going to build a Real Estate office there. We have sold out our store at Grund and now we have only the Post Office. It makes a great deal less work for me. I was getting very tired of the store and with two RRs so near it could not be profitable here. We may in time when the boys are a little older start business at Baldur." page 27, [33]

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2. Ryan Eyford transcribed Caroline Christopherson's letters referencing Halldor, son of Sigurdur went with his father to Iceland., [33]
Ryan Eyford confirms that Halldor Christopherson went to Iceland with his father Sigurdur, to see Susie and her husband, his namesake.

'I did have some thoughts of sending Little Halldor to stay with you while his father was in Iceland.' page 29, [33]
Halldor would have been about 10 in 1892.

May 11 1900 , 'I [Caroline TAYLOR Christopherson] was glad to hear in your letter of Mar. 26th that you and Dori [Susie´s husband] were in good health and I hope you are still well', Page 37, [33]
Grund, Man Aug 29th 1900, 'Sigurdur had a good voyage out except that they were delayed by floating ice near Newfoundland and both he and Dori were quite well. I was glad to see how much Dori had grown. How did Halldor like his little namesake? You know it was his proposal to give Dori his name. I hope that little Dori will never bring dishonor on it. Dori has not been home yet to see his brothers and sisters. He commenced college at once when he got to Winnipeg.
', Page 38, [33]

´Sigurdur arrived in Winnipeg about 16th of July and I went there to meet him.´, Page 38, [33]
´Sigurdur had a good voyage out except that they were delayed by floating ice near Newfoundland and both he and Dori were quite well.´, Page 38, [33]

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In his wife's own handwriting, Roy's Great Grandmother, Caroline TAYLOR Christopherson, transcribed by Ryan Eyford, Caroline writes at Grund P.O. Jan 27th 1884 to Susie Briem;
"I have not heard from Lizzie [Elizabeth Mehetabel TAYLOR Carpenter] for a long time. She seemed quite contented then. She took in sewing and had bought a sewing machine. Katie and Carrie [64] were going to school and learning fast they both wrote me. Stanton [65] left Anna & Everett [Ballard] and they imagine that Carpenter [66] set him up to do so. There does not seem to be the right feeling between them. Janie and Willie are on their land. Still it is pleasant for us to be so near that we can see each other sometimes. Her children are quite intelligent and interesting", [33] Page 15
Lizzie would be Elizabeth. James Carpenter would be Elizabeth Taylor's 2nd husband.

64 Katie Lapham (1871-?) and Carrie Lapham (1872-1949) were the daughters of Carrie and Susie's sister Lizzie (see note 45 above).
65 Stanton Lapham (1869-?) was Lizzie's son. The contents of this letter indicate that he was living with Lizzie's sister Anna and her husband Everett Ballard at the time.
66 James Carpenter (1853-?) was Lizzie Taylor's second husband.

Photo Credits: Top Left: IMG_SCAN_2186a, Grund House/Post Office, Courtesy of the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection
Bottom Left: Image 4008, John, Sigurdur, William & Caroline Christopherson Aft. Mar 1879, Circa 1881 Kindly sent "Reprint from Evie" [Evelyn Christopherson Ruccius in the past ] C/O Sig & Hank Christopherson, Children may be visa-versa,
Top Right: IMG_SCAN_2160_R._IcelandDock, Initials K.C., below "Reykjavik Iceland, Picture taken by Uncle Dorie", Probably sent by Halldor, Susie's husband to Caroline children, Courtesy of the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection
Bottom Right: HFS_ScreenShot191, Courtesy of the Hearn Family.

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Caroline TAYLOR Christopherson to Susie Briem from Grund MAR 28, 1890
"Anna and Everett are in Lansing [Michigan]. Everett follows the occupation of his father on the old farm which is now within the city.
He is a gardener
." Goes on about hens, pp 27
, [33]

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Caroline TAYLOR Christopherson to Susie Briem from Grund MAR 28, 1890
"Belle [Isabelle] is with me. She is almost as tall as I am.", pp 27, [33]

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Caroline TAYLOR Christopherson to Susie Briem from Grund MAR 28, 1890
"I must give you a plan of our log house with all the additions. It will interest you. Then we have a frame building about a rod west of the house just where our first log cabin was when you came here when we use as a granary and store house. There is a good upstairs in it which is used in the summer time as a sleeping apartment for the boys and hired man., pp 27, [33]

Posted on the Grund Farmstead page FLOOR PLAN
"Sigurdur tells you [Susie Briem] he had built a new house. Perhaps you would like to have some idea what it is like.
To begin at the cellar it is 12x14 and 7 feet under the beams walled up with good hewed oak logs. We will have an outside door.
Then the house itself is 16x20 & 12 feet high of large oak logs. We have three large 15 pleasant windows downstairs (those that have four panes 2 in each sash) two on the south side of the door and one on the east and two windows upstairs.

Upstairs is not partitioned into rooms yet. Downstairs is like this: [Carrie's small drawing of the house's floor plan from the original letter; the labels are (living room, Post Office, and pantry] The living room occupies the front half of the floor with the other half split between the pantry and the Post office. The stairs were on the pantry side] it is very convenient. It is very damp now because it was built so late in the fall that it had not time to dry. You may be sure we feel thankful to get into a more airy house than the old one.

We are getting to be like busy farmers not with our large family and so many cattle sheep pigs horses and the like. We are eight of a family. 5 ourselves, 3 of Hernits then as I say there are always guests. We have six cows 4 pigs. We have a nice little pony that I am at liberty to use whenever I will. Sigurdur has a fine team of horses that he bought on credit for $415.00 and mower and rake on credit that is our debts but then he has two yoke of oxen that he will sell in the spring. This will not interest you at all." [33]


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