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Ytri-Neslond, Neslondum, Lake Mývatn

Planning a trip to Iceland?
One stop you should visit is Sigurgeir's Bird Museum.

Sigurgeir's Bird Museum is located on the farm Ytri-Neslönd beside Lake Myvatn. This was once the family farm of Sigurdur Christopherson.
This find is dedicated to Mike Christopherson for bringing a little piece of our GGF, Sigurdur Christopherson to us all. When Mike met Roy fro Brunch, Mike allowed Roy to copy his photos taken during his trip to Iceland. One of these of the farm is on Sigurdur's Individual page. Roy envies Mike as he was able to 'literally' step on the earth Sigurdur lived, played and worked hard at, saving money that would be used for his ticket to the West, by finding lost sheep in the surrounding mountains, and walked upon Ytri-Neslond during 1848 to 1870's.
This review or photos do not do the Taxidermy of the birds justice. I know, Mike and myself were there in 2014.
Read more about Sigurgeir's Bird Museum here.

Bird Museum SAT
Sigurgeir's Bird Museum Ytri-Neslönd beside Lake Myvatn, Iceland
Sigurdur's Homestead
Courtesy of Google SAT maps

Mike and Roy at the entrance in 2014

© 2014 Roy Christopherson


Here is the entrance to the family farm. Notice the cattle grate to the left.
Mike took a long bike ride around this area. Unfortunately, nobody seemed to be there in 2010 when taking this photo
Roy and Mike visited the museum and Roy took a photo in 2014 .

© 2014 Roy Christopherson

© 2014 Roy Christopherson

Here is a striking image of the Alþing
Late August besides guaranteed bad weather: it is off-season and no need to book accommodation in advance, which gives full freedom to stop wherever you feel like it.

Mats Wibe Lund sells Prints of the farm, which he took from a plane. 1, 2, 3.

Old article describing Myvatn and the hardships, also some details Sigurdur left out:
My father, Sigurgeir Peterson, was living on a huge farm in the northern part of Iceland in the county of Mývatn, right on the shores of that beautiful i n l a n d lake... Read more