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Meet our Relatives - Taylor Branch

Henrietta Taylor Noble

HENRIETTA TAYLOR Born in 1825, [31]. No record of death

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3. Frances Elizabeth NOBLE+ (Daughter)
Frances Elizabeth NOBLE was born: May 28, 1859, , , Ontario, Canada
1 1901 Canadian Census (National Archives of Canada, 2000).
Frances Elizabeth NOBLE Marriage: Francis "Frank" WATT (1812-1894) [Scottish'] in 1883 in Tara, Bruce Co, Ontario, Canada
She worked as a School Teacher in 1881 in Chesley, Bruce Co, Ontario, Canada.
Lived at Toronto Junction, York Co, Ontario 1901 (see above)

Tara was 10 blocks long.

No idea where this school is and too early for Frances
Classroom in Emerson School for Girls, ca 1850,...Picture

This might be the school, sent an email to Chesley District School Community Council

Frank died in 1892 in Montana. He was the son of Francis WATT and Anna YOUNG
More details on Frances at Ancestors of Kristine Mae & Robert Vanderplas

Frances Elizabeth Noble and Frank Miller Watt Married on Wednesday, January 17, 1883 in Tara, Ontario.
Married Francis [Frank] Miller Watt (1852-1907) on 17 Jan 1883, Tara, Bruce County, Ontario, Canada. Died 1931
, [31] pg 39 Source

Spouses/Children of Frances Elizabeth Noble and Frank Miller Watt?: No this is not their children
Figure out where this came from and connection! These links are all bad now. Sending email to webmaster.
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  • James WATT+
  • Helen WATT
  • Daniel WATT
  • Alexander WATT
  • Francis WATT+
  • Euphemia WATT
  • Jean WATT
  • Margaret WATT
  • Ontario Marriages [001362 No. 4]
    [County of Bruce, Tara, Canada]
    [Residence when married: Ruhibucto, New Brunswick]
    Name: Frank Miller Watt
    Event Type: Marriage
    Event Date: 17 Jan 1883 Event Place: Tara, Ontario, Canada
    Gender: Male
    Age: 31 Birth Year (Estimated): 1852[Place: Scotland - Frank]
    {Profession: Fish Preserver]
    Father's Name: Frances Watt
    Mother's Name: Ann Watt
    Spouse's Name: Frances Elizabeth Noble
    [Residence: Tara]
    Spouse's Gender: Female
    Spouse's Age: 23 Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated): 1860 [Place of Birth: Canada]
    [Spinster - Not marrried before]
    Spouse's Father's Name: Edward A Noble
    Spouse's Mother's Name: Henrietta Noble
    [Witnesses: Frank R. Noble, Tara and Sabilla or Gabilla ?, Tara
    [Date and Place of Marriage: Residence Brides Parents Tara January 17th ?? 1883
    [Denomination of Bridegroom: Presbyterian]
    [Denomination of Bride: Methodist]
    [Rev. Wm Blain, By License not Bann]
    Reference ID: 001362 , GS Film Number: 1869761 , Digital Folder Number: 004529137 , Image Number: 00615 Citing this Record "Ontario Marriages,
    1869-1927," database with images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 6 July 2015), Henrietta Noble in entry
    for Frank Miller Watt and Frances Elizabeth Noble, 17 Jan 1883; citing registration , Tara, Ontario, Canada, Archives of Ontario, Toronto; FHL microfilm .
    Image on HDD and Online Archives of Ontario 134 Ian MacDonald Blvd Toronto ON M7A 2C5 Canada

    Hold for reference if Nancy comes up
    NancyWattObit Category: Other Description: In Victoria on February 9 1980. Nancy Annie Watt%ehl% aged 84 years a resident in Victoria since 1917....

    Ernest Rae Watt Born on Wednesday, August 11, 1897 in York, Ontario.
    Ernest Halliday Watt Born on Saturday, October 22, 1887 in Lincoln, Ontario.
    Ernest Basil Watt Born on Thursday, July 12, 1900 in Shelburne, Nova Scotia.
    Ernest Robert Watt Born on Wednesday, August 10, 1904 in York, Ontario. Ernest Frederick Watt

    Children of Frances Elizabeth Noble and Frank Watts
    1. Annie M WATT, Born: November 3, 1883, , , Ontario, Canada 1
    002671-98 (Toronto) John H. ROGERS, 22, Laundryman, Canada, Toronto, s/o George & Harriot, married Mary LANKIN, 26, Canada, Toronto,
    d/o Robert & Mary, witn: [Witness] R. H. LANKIN & Annie M. WATT of Toronto, 26 Jan 1898 source
    A ship that might have been named after her in Bruce? ( and that by the Annie Watt and the ill-fated Jane Miller.)
    Article - 3 years before she was born. Not related story

    2. Robert N. WATT, Born: October 11, 1885, , , Ontario, Canada 1
    3. Cora T. WATT, Born: October 18, 1888, , , Ontario, Canada 1
    4. Jessie L. WATT, Born: August 24, 1890, , , Ontario, Canada 1
    5. Frank W. WATT, Born: March 27, 1894, , , Ontario, Canada 1
    6. Ernest R. WATT, Born: September 11, 1897, , , Ontario, Canada 1

    Watt, Ernest Rae
    nancy Date of birth: 11 September 1897 I am entering these under Henrietta TAYLOR Noble
    Ernest is far left and married Dorothy An initial research on Ernest came up with the Corps, so looks like three joined. I have not researched the siblings.
    Just trying to build out the family to reorganize their web page 2/Lieutenant Ernest Rae WATT Royal Flying Corps. Reference: WO 339/114909
    Description: 2/Lieutenant Ernest Rae WATT Royal Flying Corps. Date: [1914-1922] Held by: The National Archives,
    Kew Former reference in its original department: 216453 Legal status: Public Record(s) Closure status: Open Document, Open Description
    Image of Records is scrambled, requiring purchase




    Children of Francis R. Noble and Harriet Buggin
    Ontario Births
    Name: Harold Taylor Noble
    Event Type: Birth Event Date: 13 Mar 1894 Event Place: Tara, Bruce, Ontario, Canada
    Gender: Male
    Father's Name: Francis R. Noble
    Mother's Name: Harriet Buggin
    Reference ID: cn 3824 , GS Film Number: 1846240 , Digital Folder Number: 004656734 , Image Number: 00096 , Indexing Project (Batch) Number: C01794-7 Source

    Canada Census, 1916
    Name: Francis R Noble
    Event Type: Census Event Date: 1916 Event Place: Alberta, Canada
    Gender: Male Age: 58
    Marital Status: Married
    Ethnicity: English
    Relationship to Head of Household: Self
    ...Birth Year (Estimated): 1858
    Province: Alberta District Number: 37 Edmonton West Source
    "Canada Census, 1916," index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 16 March 2015), Francis R Noble,
    Alberta, Canada; citing p. 40, line 21; Library and Archives Canada, Ottawa, Ontario; FHL microfilm 2,434,965.
    We have him here in Alberta in 1916 and English descent (father's side?)

    Francis R Noble and Harold Noble listed in Local History Book Index: Strathcona County, A Brief History - Strathcona Contributed for use in Alberta Digital Archives
    by Peter Goutbeck Source (Taken down by Damn Ancestry)

    3. Henrietta NOBLE Born: 1868, , , Ontario, Canada 60 nothing more on her. [3]
    Henrietta was probably named after her mother. .

    Letter from Richard (Jr.'s son, John Richardson Taylor outlines where the Noble family was in 1884
    "Handwritten eight page letter from John Richardson Taylor to Susie and Halldor Briem. Photographed by Roy's cousin Jóhanna Skúladóttir.
    Do not have envelope image - Addresses. [Note from Roy Einar Christopherson who transcribed this.: Roy believes this is the son of Richard Taylor (Jr.), grandson of Richard Taylor (Sr) of Barbados.
    While it does not appear too important to us, it certainly was for the time. Letters like this built parts of Canada and US by word of mouth on local situations.
    Roy noticed Jane Hearn moved there to FL, then moved back within months due to an outbreak of Yellow fever, which many in the town left abruptly!
    We now know Willie resided in Carberry, along with this John. John Hearn died about 1883-1884 during John's previous visit. Nothing is known about him.
    Note top right of letter: Direct to me here as I have signed because otherwise it will get into other hands. Richard was my fathers name you know

    St. Augustine. Florida. United States 25th May 1884
    My dear Susan
    Since writing to you from Toronto we have come to this place and like it so very much that we would gladly buy a home if the means of doing so were at hand. As some account of our journey will interest you both, I will try to give some account of it. I told you of our trip from Carberry to Toronto? [stopping] by the way at Millwaukee for two-days. And that when we reached Toronto on 15th April we found John Hearn
    2 laying dead. The trip was somewhat delayed of course, and we went to visit Mrs. Noble, your Aunt Henrietta3 at Lucknow [ONT], where she has lately moved from Tara. We were very glad to see her again and her son Frank 4 & the two daughters Frances5 who is a fine well proportioned woman, married to a very nice gentlemanly person, Frank Watt 6, who is keeping a dry good store there in partnership with Frank Noble 7. Fanny 8 has a nice healthy baby girl 9, 4 months old just beginning her teething. The youngest girl Hetta 10 is 16, very girlish & still at school but well advanced, & intended to to be a teacher. Frank is the oldest of the three, tall and healthy and seems a very nice young man, well posted in the [business] of a general store. They are [united], loving Christian family. Mr. Noble 11 has been away from them for a year or so, living West in Montana and the eldest son George 12 is in Washington territory. They are different from the rest of the family. We spent a few days at Lucknow. and returned to Toronto at the end of the month.ll would pay well and provide work for the settlers. September or October would be the best time for immigrants to come. As the winter gardening then begins, they can soon provide themselves with food and have enough to sell besides. The prices are very high for all vegetables in January to ship to New York, and people raise great quantities of them on that account. I cannot write longer, so will say a few words about ourselves now, as I have to write Jane. It takes so long for letter to reach them from here, 9 or 10 days, although only 4 to Winnipeg. We stopped at a hotel in Jacksonville paying 75[cents] a day for a room. Mr. & Mrs. Hearn the same for another. We took our meals at the restaurant paying accordingly to what we ordered. 10[?cents] for a cup of tea or coffee and so on for bread and for [newt line was cut from photograph copy] $1.75 each [?polay] for 2 days until we found a furnished house to let for $25.00 pmonth. Our board costs us 1.75 each p week now. We keep our own house and make out very well so far, although everything is scarce and dear at this old fashioned town, this being the dull time of the year. Some 40,000 people who spent the winter here for health have returned north until next winter.
    ... We have long for a place of our own to live at, but nothing can be done until we sell out at Carberry, and Willy sells his farm. He has been offered $1400.00, but hopes to get 2000.00. [?Mr. Hearn] has $2000.00 -- of a friends to invest here, but he must have some of his boys with him as the old folks cannot manage by themselves. The Lord I trust will guide us in these little things. Your Aunt has not sold the organ, or anything else. We have not heard from Carberry since we arrived here on 7th May. Your Aunt sends best love but cannot write at this time.
    Love to you both [?L J zunai?]
    Your [?very] affectionately John Richardson Taylor

    See below for break down of who is in letter above 1 - 14

    After the big hurricane in Barbados that killed Richard Taylor (Sr) son George, and maimed Frances 'Aunt Fanny' for life in 1831, the Enmore Plantation on Barbados went to Richard (Sr)s eldest son, Richard (Jr.). He put it into trust and died during an operation. Roy has yet to find any of their records, or children on Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies. Obviously this is not an introductory letter, and John knows Susie well. The additional note of John's fathers name is Richard is interesting. Obviously there was more than one John Taylor in FL and he asks his middle name be used in the address. He states his fathers name WAS Richard. Possible this could be a relationship to Richard (Sr) siblings, which none are known at this time. 2 John Hearn - No John Hearn is known of. Check England Immigrant Patriarch-His name is William Hearn. There is an Alfred John Hearn to dies in 1960's. 3 Henrietta TAYLOR Noble, b. 1825, sister to William Stewart and John Taylor. She married Edward A. Noble. She is said to have been very deaf. The family story of Henrietta Taylor's Presbyterian husband, the rev. Edward A, Noble was said to have run off. Obviously he was known to be in Montana on the daughters 15th year. He is referred to as "my dear husband" in another letter. So this might prove story false.]
    4 Francis R. Noble, b. 1858, Ontario, son of Edward A. Noble and Henrietta TAYLOR Noble.He married Harriet Buggin 1892 at Tara, Bruce, Ontario. Harriet's parents were Rev. George Buggin who married them and Harriet Buggin.
    5 Frances E. Noble, b. 1856, Ontario, dau. of Edward A. Noble and Henrietta TAYLOR Noble
    6 Frank Miller Watt married Frances Elizabeth Noble in 1883 Tara, Ontario, Canada. He was born 1852 in Scotland, profession: Fish Preserver. His parents were Frances Watt & Ann Watt. Frank & Frances had 6 children, 1. Annie M WATT, born 1883, 2. Robert N. WATT, 1885, 3. Cora T. WATT, 1888, 4. Jessie L. WATT, 1890, 5. Frank W. WATT, 1894, 6. Ernest R. WATT, 1897. 1900 they moved out to Edmonton.
    7 Not sure which one this is?
    8 TAYLOR Moore, Frances 'Fanny' b. 1826 Barbados d. 1909 Grantwood NJ, married in 1862 in Kingston, ONT to William James Moore.
    9 May Maud Moore married James T Ralph in 1890 at Euphemia, Lambton, Ontario, Canada.
    10 Henrietta 'Etta or Hetta' Noble. Nothing is known about her
    11 Edward A. Noble
    12 Unknown person
    13 This could be Wm S. Taylor's son, or William Hearn, husband of Jane TAYLOR Hearn (1) . William 'Willie' Henry Taylor b. 1868 or 1870, died 1941 was the son of Wm. S. Taylor and his 2nd wife; Eliza Jane McNeil. Carrie Taylor had two step-brothers, and one step-sister. Willie possibly married Margaret C blank living in Maury, King, Washington, United States in 1920? Worked on his father Wm S Taylor's farm, Taylor Hill north of Baldur, then supposedly left west with his brother to operate a Lighthouse.
    14 Jane TAYLOR Hearn (1) b. 1828 on Barbados, Died 1903 in Toronto, ONT. Sister to Wm S. & John Taylor. 15 San Sebastian River, a tidal channel which flows into Matanzas Bay [] in Florida, US 16 Fridjon Fredericksson at Gimli
    Transcribed Draft 1 July 6, 2015 by Roy Einar Christopherson"

    Looks like this was in Huron County, Canada.
    Bridget J. Dalton (Mrs . Wendell ) had been succeeded as organist by Henrietta Noble, who, in turn, was replace d by Elizabeth Martin in 1911 . At the death of Miss Noble, Father McCormack, who with Morgan Dalton was executor of the will, suggested that her property be acquired by the Separate School Board for a convent. The trustees at the time were Michael Dean, Edward Foley, and Morgan Dalton, al l of whom acquiesced to the wish of their pastor. The site was just a few yards north of the school

    Lesla [Leila] A. NOBLE _____

    Born 1901
    Could this be her?
    A young American woman, aged 19 years. Miss Leila A. Noble, of Rome, Ga., has distinguished herself by descending to the lowest depths of the Dolcoath tin mine In Cornwall, England,
    the reached a depth of 2310 feet, and in ascending the had to climb np perpendicular ladders of 1200 rounds, reaching nearly twice as high as the top of St. Paul's.
    The trip up and down occupied four hours and a half, and the fair adventuress brought up a large lump of tin ore, dug with her own bands, as a trophy
    Born 1901, this could not be her!

    Frank T Noble
    Hold for reference

    Proven to be both parents daughter shown above
    Leila Ada Stuart

    British Columbia Death Registrations
    Name Leila Ada Stuart
    Event Type Death Event Date 25 Apr 1974
    Event Place Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
    Gender Female Age 73
    Marital Status Widowed
    Birth Date 01 Oct 1900 Birth Year (Estimated) 1901 Birthplace Tara, Ontario
    Father's Name Francis Richard Noble
    Mother's Name Harriet Buggins [b. ONT]
    Spouse's Name Robert Benjamin Stuart

    Leila & Robert Stuart's Grave

    Robert Benjamin Stuart m. Leila Ada Stuart
    1916 Census Related?

    Robert Benjamin Stuart
    BIRTH 1891
    DEATH 1940 (aged 48-49)
    BURIAL South Hill Cemetery, Saskatchewa
    [Burial: Prince Albert Cemetery, SK, Canada]
    Citing this Record "British Columbia Death Registrations, 1872-1986; 1992-1993", database with images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 25 May 2016), Leila Ada Stuart, 1974.
    This Death Cert shows her dau.-in-laws name as "Jennifer Stuart", and Richmond BC. Could her husband, Leila's son's name be Ralph listed here?
    Wrong, name is BOGAS, Mary Elizabeth
    Name Clark Noble Related?
    Event Type Burial Event Date 1958
    Event Place , Defiance, Ohio, United States of America
    Photograph Included Y
    Death Date 16 Nov 1958
    Affiliate Record Identifier 118333506 Cemetery Brunersburg Cemetery


    Fina a Grave


    LEGGE James G Watt Hospital. Mt Hope Bureau Volunteers Work For County Fair McLEAN (PNS) Members of the Mt. Hope Home Bureau will Eastern Star of Illinois and in-stuctress of Lincoln chapter, will at 1:30 p. m. (standard) Monday at the home of Mrs. Leo Wurth of Hartsburg. Final plans will be be the guest of honor. work at the Home Bureau Food Walter H. Droste, president of DeMQQMB tiamS iliary will meet at the Peine cabin at the lake southwest of Minier Wednesday July 30. Members will start from the Legion Hall at 7:30 p. m. In case of rain the meeting will be 'at the home of Mrs. N. R. Peine in town. The committee in charge includes Mrs. N. R. Peine, Mrs. Robert Peine, Mrs. Morris Peine and Mrs. Harold Stanwood. Plans are to be made at the meeting for the food stand the auxiliary will have charge of at the annual Minier Homecoming to be held Aug. 29 and 30. will be the guest speaker at theOTlD DeeCFOe annual meetinp' to he held Rpntm.l 11017 CANUCK the clogging, TRANSIENT kind! Take all vegetable Olive Tablets, 151, 301 & SO1. DR. EDWARDS'rlSH?. Tent at the McLean County Fair on August 5 from 8 a. m. to 2 p. m. (daylight). Volunteering for this work are Mrs. La Rue Tavenner, Mrs. Glen-na Stubblefield. Mrs. Grant Kinsey, Mrs. Claude Crain, Miss Jennie Naffziger, Mrs. William McCombs, Mrs. Kenneth Lancaster, Mrs. Ida Ward, Miss Mabel Wright, Mrs. Fannie Ummel. Mrs. Lyle Paulsen. Mrs. Ernest Lynch. Mrs. Dan McFarland. Mrs. ber 2 at the Lincoln Christian Church. Reservations for the luncheon at the meeting must be in the office of the Home Bureau by August 28, Mrs. Mabel Albrecht, county home adviser reports. FLANAGAN Bernadine Harris, who attends Flanagan High School, has been selected by Flanagan Chapter of the Future Home-makers of America as delegate to the Illinois State Leadership Training Conference. This conference will be held at East Bay Camp. Lake Bloomington, HI., from July 28 through Aug. L Bernadine is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Otis Harris of Graymont and will be a sophomore in Take Time Out For Fun! mm Saybrook 4-H Club Maps Fair Programs SAYBROOK (PNS) The pro Lola Horn, Mrs. Fernando Lawrence, Mrs. Ray Birck, Mrs. Robert Winstead, Mrs. Dorothy Watt, Mrs. Charles Taylor, Mrs. Ollie Benedict, Mrs. Charles Knobelock, Mrs. Elmer Fawiey, Mrs. J. D. Flanagan I ugh School this year. gram of the Cook n' Stitch 4-H Club concerning the county fair is ...TO SAVE AT rcilQGEEl Roberts. Mrs. O. W. Earl, Mrs.

    Henrietta 'Henny' Taylor, born in 1825 , [31]
    daughter of Richard Taylor [1]
    and Elizabeth/Eliza Mehitabel JONES/LESLIE Taylor

    Married Rev. , [31] Edward A. NOBLE

    1. Taylor Jr., Richard - abt.1808, [31]
     TAYLOR Elizabeth (2) - 1811
    3. Taylor, John -1812-1884, [31]
    4. Taylor, Abel - 1815 - 183
    5. Taylor, Alfred - JUL 9, 1817, [31]
    6. Taylor, George - abt. 1823, [31]
    7. Taylor, Mary - SEP 9 1820
    8. Taylor, Maria - Oct 28 1821
    9. TAYLOR Noble, Henrietta - 1825, [31]
    10. TAYLOR Moore, Frances 'Fanny' 1826-1909, [31
    11. TAYLOR Croney, Caroline - 1827, [31]
    12. TAYLOR Hearn (1), Jane - 1830-1903 , [31]
    13. Taylor, William Stewart - Aug 9, 1830-1903, [31]
    As many as 21 children, many died young-see Taylor RnD

    1. Francis R. Noble M 23y Ontario
    2. Frances E. Noble F 21y Ontario
    3. Heneretta Noble F 13y Ontario

    John Taylor
    John Taylor in Barbados
    Taylor Research RnD page
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    Life & Times of John Taylor