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Meet our Relatives - Taylor Branch

Rose Rannveig BENSON Banks

Rose Rannveig Benjaminsson was born September 25, 1877., [56] Her parents were Kristmundur Benjaminsson and Sigurlaug Bjornsdottir of Litluborg in Vididal. Kristmundur was a pioneer of New Iceland in Manitoba in 1875 having migrated from Iceland most likely in 1874. They homesteaded at The Vidirnes Settlement named Fenhringur in the years 1877, 1879, 1890.
John and Elizabeth adopted an orphaned Icelandic baby whom they named Rosa. She became Rosa Taylor. John died 1884 and Elizabeth went to Toronto to live with Alfred Haines., [31] See Citation 72
Like most emigrants, they changed their name from Benjaminsson to Benson.

"Then shortly during or after the small pox epidemic/quarantine , Ranneveig was born. John could get the baby out of the quarantine. He did and took her to Elizabeth in Winnipeg. Rose, of course, lived with or close by Elizabeth for the rest of her life except for one year when John died.

Caroline, to me, is a very interesting soul. She was, of course, the first non-Icelandic speaking person in Canada to speak Icelandic. (Of course, she fell in love with an Icelander and married him in 1877.) But beyond that, she was the first teacher in the colony established school, I think in early 1876."., [72]

Rose married Thomas Henry Banks 1875 - 1928 source
b. Born in Dundee, Angus, Scotland in 1875
This Thomas was b. 1871

Have been in contact with:
Shelley Respondek, Lennox and Addington County Museum and Archives 97 Thomas St. E. Napanee, ON, K7R 4B9
They are keeping a couple of the website pages on file.

Major news
Roy is in contact with a direct descendant of Kristmundur Benjaminsson!
The research below is faily accurate, considering it is all pieced together.
Correct names and lineages will be corrected soon. Including PHOTOS! all thanks to Carla

Rose Benjaminsson/Benson Taylor and unknown

Rose-Rannevig BENSON Banks adopted by John Taylor. Sister of Joe Benson
Courtesy of The Carla ROWLIN Jacob Collection

Roy has been searching for years for John Taylor's descendants.

****************************** NEW BOOK ******************************
Our cousin published a book!
She graciously approved posting link on the site here
Kristmundur & Sigurlaug's
Saga of Mist and Lore
by Carla Rowlin Jacobs (PDF Book)

Iceland to Quebec on the S.S. St. Patrick
Passenger Log
187 Kristmundur Benjaminsson lodger M 34 213 188 Sigurlaug Bjornsdottir his wife F 26 -
See Allan Line. Not to be confused with the ship with the same name built later on in 1930.
The TheShipsList has more details here.

187 Kristmundur Benjaminsson lodger M 34 213 188
Sigurlaug Bjornsdottir his wife F 26 - 189
Bjorn Kristmundsson their child M 4 - 190
Sigridur Kristmundsdottir their child F 1 -

Here is Kristmunder's homestead in New Iceland. It is south of Gimli and will try and locate the current cross street of this plot of land. Of couse nothing is left in these areas from New Iceland to Roy's knowledge, except Gimli and possible PlaceName signs of the original homesteads.

During the story, they mention a public Thank You notice by Kristmunder to John Taylor . Vern Austman was kind enough to immediately send a copy from Framfari. Here is an image of it. (view it in a New Window) , [62]

"...Shortly after their arrival, Kristmundur claimed the $5 prize that Johh [sic] Taylor had offered to the first settler who caught a fish from the lake."
Image of a Goldeye


Name Anglicized: Kristmundur Benjaminsson & Sigurlaug Björnsdottir
Homestead: Fenhringur 1877, 1879, 1890
Icelandic name: Kristmundur Benjamínsson
Courtesy of The New Iceland Museum, visit when at Gimli, MB
As indicated by the red arrow you will see Kristmundur's homestead
Roy Having taken photos of the New Iceland Settlement at the New Iceland Museum, he located their homestead. #1 Settlement of Vidirnes.

The land-claim of Icelanders in New Iceland is named the Lake Region. It shall be divided into four Districts that are called:
(1) the Settlement of Vidirnes which comprises Townships 18 and 19, Range 3 and 4, East;
(2) the Settlement of Arnes which comprises Townships 20 and 21, Range 3 and 4, East;
(3) the Settlement of the River9, which comprises Townships 22 and 23, Range 3 and 4, East;
and (4) the Settlement of Big Island which comprises all of Big Island. Source

Rannveig 'Rose' Benjaminsson (Benson) Banks daughter of
Kristmundur Benjaminsson and Sigurlaug Bjornsdottir (Natural parents)

adopted by John Taylor and Elizabeth Haines d. 1920, [56]

Rose-Rannevig Banks
Courtesy of The Carla ROWLIN Jacob Collection

Siblings (Biological)
Ingibjörg REF 1
Magnus Benjamínsson
, Gardar, N. Dakota

Last name changed from Benjamínsson to Benson
'16 children born, 8 reached adulthood', [72]

One died young,
2. Helga BENSON Waterer, b. 1867, [72]
3. Björn Benson, b. 1870, [72]
4. Maríon Benson- See Mary Benson Seaborn, b. 1872, [72]
5. Rosa Rannveig Benjamínsson TAYLOR Banks, 1877, [72]
6. Elizabeth Maria BENSON Bell, b. 1881, [72]
6. Jóhannes K. Benson, abt. 1882, [72]
7. Ingunn BENSON Smith, b. 1889, [72]
8. Jónína 'Ninna'  Benson Alexander, 1890, [72]

Jane TAYLOR Hearn (2) 1860 - 1929
Susanna TAYLOR Briem MAR 12 1861, [33]- 1938
(John and Elizabeth cared for all of William's children,
then adopted Jane and Susie until married )

Marriage Thomas [Thos] Banks

1. Elizabeth? 'Bessie' BANKS Robinson
a. Elizabeth Emily Bessie Banks 1905 - Unknown
Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1905
b. Electra Margaret Banks 1907 - 1948
Born in York, Ontario, Canada in 1907
2. Greta BANKS Sier

There are photos of the Taylor Family under the Main Photo page from a Private Collection for family members to view.

John Taylor Page 2 - Barbados
Taylor Research RnD page
Slimmons RnD page
Life & Times of John Taylor
The Miriam & Ken Westereng Collection
at the Main photo Page

John Taylor
John Taylor
Photo: MHS
Resident farmer of the area then left.
He visited the Icelandic colonists at Kinmount, Ontario in 1874 (see John taylor page)

William Taylor Grave
Grund Cemetery AUG 2013
Roy at the gravesite of his family, here William Stewart Taylor, Rosa's uncle. (482kb)
John Taylor above was his elder brother.
Behind is NW in the Argyle District.
Courtesy of The Mike Christopherson Collection

For location of Grund Cemetery see here
Use Google Maps to see all the family hotspots

|The Icelanders of Kinmount by Don Gilason May 7 1999 edition

Private Taylor - info deleted
Children: info deleted [6]
Rose Taylor was adopted by The Taylors. Mary has this above incorrectly.

"Keith Heam" and "Toronto" search yields zero results. THFS mentions his collection of papers from Jane. Sources: Page 23 THFS

Family Chart showing the relationships between the Taylors and the Benjaminssons, [72]

/genealogy/map/49eastwoodRD_RosaTAYLOR Banks
49 Eastwood Rd.
Here was the Home of Rosa TAYLOR Banks in Ontario. Includes a Street View, where she died in 1950. [6]
Folks, we have a WHOLE family branch here of Banks and Sier that is unknown to us. Roy hopes he will find them or they find us. The book has photos of Jane and Susanna (William's children john became forster parent of).

Child 1) Elizabeth Banks
Female Robinson


"The first child of Rose Benson and Thomas BANKS is Elizabeth BANKS. She married a man named ROBINSON and they had one child, a girl. Nothing more is known about the family.", [31]

Try using this for search, Bessie Robinson or Bessie Banks. List of Bessie Robinson's at findagrave. She would have been born before 1842

Update: The 3 page Family Tree document from cousin Miriam, and uncle Hank with "Bessie Bell of PO Box 958 Marin City, Calif" written in the tree IS referring to Elizabeth 'Bessie' BENSON Bell mentioned here. Is Rose Bank's sister. Rose's sister is Elizabeth, and Daughter is Elizabeth. Hence all the confusion.
The only main search left is Elizabeth Banks, Sister of Greta.

There is no proof that this is OUR Elizabeth. It certainly seems to match, and gives two addition facts to research.
A search using variables here and for Greta come up with no matches.
Problem 2, Elizabeth's birthdate should be before 1842, not 1905 - UPDATE: Sometimes Roy cannot see the fForest from the Trees. Look, Rosa was born SEPT 1877, which means her daughters would have been born about 1893 on.

Rosa Taylor in entry for Elizabeth Emily Banks, "Canada, Births and Baptisms, 1661-1959"
Name: Elizabeth Emily Banks
Gender: Female
Birth Date: 15 Aug 1905
Birthplace: Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada
Father's Name: Thomas H. Banks
Mother's Name: Rosa Taylor
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: C02484-3
System Origin: Canada-EASy
GS Film number: 2257199
Reference ID: 10191
Image of Record: No
"Canada, Births and Baptisms, 1661-1959," index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 18 Jan 2014), Rosa Taylor in entry for Elizabeth Emily Banks, 15 Aug 1905.
2nd record with less info

Elizabeth Emily Banks Born on Friday, September 15, 1905 in York, Ontario. Source - Ancestry-Entry Four

Might have a match
Name: Elizabeth Banks
gender: Female
Husband: Underwood Robinson
Son: Thomas Hartley Robinson
Other information in the record of Thomas Hartley Robinson and Florence May Easson from Ontario Marriages
Name: Thomas Hartley Robinson
Event Type: Marriage Event Date: 22 Sep 1922 Event Place: Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada
Gender: Male Age: 30 Birth Year (Estimated): 1892
Father's Name: Underwood Robinson Mother's Name: Elizabeth Banks
Spouse's Name: Florence May Easson Spouse's Gender: Female Spouse's Age: 28 Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated): 1894
Spouse's Father's Name: Alexander Eesson
Spouse's Mother's Name: Annie Cook

Elizabeth Banks mentioned in the record of Thomas Hartley Robinson
Name: Elizabeth Banks
Gender: Female
Husband: Underwood Robinson
Son: Thomas Hartley Robinson
Other information in the record of Thomas Hartley Robinson from Ontario Deaths and Overseas Deaths, 1939-1947
Name: Thomas Hartley Robinson
Event Type: Death
Event Date: 29 May 1928
Event Place: Perth, Ontario, Canada
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Birth Date: 21 Jan 1894 Birthplace: Windermere England
Father's Name: Underwood Robinson
Mother's Name: Elizabeth Banks

Name: Peter Underwood Robinson
Spouse's Name: Elizabeth Banks
Event Date: 12 Nov 1885
Event Place: Windermere, Westmorland, England
Father's Name: William Robinson
Spouse's Father's Name: Thomas Banks
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: M01279-4 , System Origin: England-ODM , GS Film number: 1471760 IT 1-3 Source

Other information in the record of Electa Margaret Banks from Ontario Births
Name: Electa Margaret Banks
Event Type: Birth
Event Date: 24 Mar 1907
Event Place: Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada
Registration Year: 1907
Gender: Female
Father's Name: Thomas H Banks
Mother's Name: Rosa Taylor Source

Whole list of graves matching her name. Need more data first Source


"Second Child is Greta Banks married a man named SIER who was bom in 1842.
Greta died in 1947 [1948 , [56] ]. They had four children:
The first child of Greta BANKS and - SIER is Thelma Ruth SIER, In 1952 at Royal York Hotel, Toronto with husband. Nothing more is known about her.", [31]
Royal York Hotel 1952
Web Image
Royal York Hotel, Toronto, Canada, 1952. Residence of Greta Sier

The second child of Greta BANKS and - SIER is Doreen SIER., [31]
The third child of Greta BANKS and - SIER is Joyce Beverley Sier., [31]
The fourth child of Greta BANKS and - SIER is Margaret Gail SIER. Mrs. Fred Hearn became her Guardian until 18, [31]

/genealogy/map/49eastwoodRD_RosaTAYLOR Banks_CITY
Purple spot is 49 Eastwood Rd., Toronto, ON. Niagra Falls is just south across the Lake, Peterbourough where John once lived is about 70 miles NorthEast. Roy's Aunt Em lives about 2 hours SW of the purple spot, 4 from Haliburton..

This is how I found an avalance of info on the Ballards and Laphams. By scouring the Intenet.

I have been in contact with the Haliburton Museum, they have no record of John Taylor and his family, as they left too soon.
Nor do they know where the Stone house is on Concession 1, Lot 33 by the lake.
Did find and interesting article from the Kinmount Gazette 2012

Just so happens after 5-6 hours of scouring the internet for many a family, this story popped up and after going across many pages got to the following. The whole story is about Rosa Taylor's biological parents. While after seeing this, The Taylors were in every way Rosa'sparents, it is good to know who Rosa actually came from.

Kinmount Gazette 2012
November 2012 Volume 5: Issue 1
Icelandic Connection Uncovered, Part 1 by Guy Scott
Ryan Eyford, a professor of history at the University of Winnipeg takes up the story of the Kristmundur Benjaminsson family
" They decided to give Rannveig up for adoption when she was a few weeks old. They entrusted her to the care of the Icelandic Agent John Taylor and his wife Lizzie. Rannveig was renamed Rosa by the Taylors, who raised her to adulthood. In the May 1879 issue of New Iceland‟s newspaper “Framfari” (Progressive), Kristmundur Benjaminsson publicly thanked the Taylors for adopting his daughter..." , [56]

The story continues here
I am too tired to read it.

OK, rested up and ready to begin again. Let's start entering some names from this article by Guy Scott, who's name was given to Roy a couple months ago to ironically inquire on the Taylor family. With the trip to Manitoba, there was no time to use snail mail.

Let's add a map that shows the distance between Haliburton and Kinmount.
Haliburton to Kinmount
Now the Icelanders were working the rail in Kinmount until that work dried up (see the Kinmount section at Sigurdur's page).

Enter John Taylor (See links top right of this page), they were farming for a short time in Haliburton. He had also worked for the British Bible... going through the lumber camps. No doubt, trying to save souls. Possible the bible pictured on Caroline's page was given to her by John as the cover matches the Society. Caroline gave it to a student with an inscription.

August 16, A tornado crossed from Lancaster Township, Ontario into Saint-Zotique, Quebec, and then onto Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, Quebec. It caused extensive property damage, killing 9 people and injuring 16. It is considered the 5th deadliest tornado to ever hit Canada.[4] source

The tornado has nothing to do with Rosa, just posting being uaware they actually cross all of Canada to B.C. from the east coast.

Residence: 1888 Ontario, [56] Elizabeth Haines went into business with her bachelor brother Alfred Haines and kept house for him in Brighton, ONT. pp 2, [33]

Residence: 1902 Toronto, ONT., Canada, pp 2 , [56]

Elizabeth HAINES Taylor died in 1920, aged 94, [56]
Elizabeth Taylor (nee Haines) (1825-1920), wife of John Taylor. Usually referred to in the letters as simply 'Aunt' or "Aunt Lizzie.' pp 3 , [33]

Rosa married Thomas Banks in 1904. pp 2
They had 2 children: Bessie and Greta.[This is who Bessie a.k.a. Elizabeth was in the Taylor Tree just posted under CSES News].

"Greta married a Clarence Sier and had 4 daughters:
Thelma, [redacted], Joyce & Margaret.

Greta died in 1948 and Rosa in 1950 at the age of 75.

And now to the Kinmount connection: Rosa‟s great-grand-daughter Living Stender moved to Kinmount in the 1970s. Her daughter Living Pickens still lives in the community..."
pp 2 , [56]

Here would be Rosa's tree and Roy's
John Taylor>Rosa Taylor>Greta Sier>Doreen [Sandala]>Living Stender.
William S. Taylor>Caroline TAYLOR C. >Kjartan C.>Theodore C.> RoyC. (see photo right)
1st Cousins! .

Found a second obit for [redacted] Sandala, which includes photos of the Sier Girls.
Not posting out of respect for the family. Email me if you would like the URL.

William had 5 girls that lived to maturity [Richard TAYLOR 1858 - 1863 died an infant].
John Taylor adopted William's daughters; Jane TAYLOR Hearn (2) and Susie Briem. As Guy Scott's article states as Ryan references, I see they would be Rosa's step-sisters. This website has detailed a good amount on the Taylor family - see right column.

Detailed Taylor Family Tree by M. Coney Version 1 on the Taylor RnD page
An updated tree was manually created and placed on Jane Taylor (2)'s page

The Kinmount Gazette articles were compiled into a word document. Because Roy respects copyrights, it will not be posted here.
Reference: HL_WEB_0173_Banks.TAYLOR.Rosa_JohnsDaughter

"...375-strong contingent of Icelanders..."
" 1 Hotel" pp 1
The Village of Kinmount by Guy Scott (Opens new window as a 2 page PDF).
According to Scott, the exact month/year - TBD that Caroline had that encounter with her first Icelander, was at only one possible place. Roy would like to obtain photos of the area and create a visual of that encounter. The waitress's name seems unknown. However, in a notebook possibly written by Caroline's daughter, Veiga, she states she was staying at the hotel and had breakfast. She does not states specifically at the hotel.

Doing a Search (CSES News page > Last link on Nav. Bar) comes up with two pages of hits on Haliburton,
1. "In 1875 a large group of Icelandic immigrants migrated from Ontario to Manitoba, leaving Kinmount, Ontario, on September 25, 1875, for the shores of Lake"
This would show Sigurdur possibly worked the Rails there up until this date. He did go back to Iceland where they hissed and shouted him down one meeting. John taylor was going through the lumberjack camps, except that was by Peterbourough. Keep in mind, William, father of Caroline Taylor lived only a couple miles from her father, yet only saw him a couple times a year. Unlike today where one hops into a 4 x 4 truck and is there in a couple minutes. Snow, children, people staying, were all factors before 1900.

From Gudrun Sigvaldson's page here at
"...They went from there to Toronto and then north to the Village of Kinmount. They stayed there for the winter under very hard conditions. In the spring it was found that the area was not a suitable place for homesteading and it was decided to send a committee to Manitoba to look for land for an Icelandic colony. As a result, five men came from Kinmount settlement and Skafti Arason was one of them. They arrived in Winnipeg on July 16, 1875. They were the first Icelanders to set foot in Manitoba...." Photo of Skafti is on Sigurdur Christopherson's page.
[Roy's Great Grand Uncle; Gudrun Sigvaldson's brother]

Vern Austman, [62] has some of the Banks lineage on Mundia. He was kind enough to create a tree and email it to Roy.
Glad to forward the Relational Chart Vern sent on Rosa's family to certain people.

"Minden Township, surveyed in 1858-59, was named after a Prussian town on the Weser River, Westphalia. By 1859 settlers were travelling up the Bobcaygeon Road to the region. Early settlers included Francis Kent, Miles Henderson, and Frederick Shove. Settlers in 1859 included Malachi Campbell, William and James Murray, Henry Dawkins, James and Henry Burns. Sawmills were built by William Gainor and Richard Smith in the early 1860's."
Minden appears tied in to Haliburton for ny Genealogy research

There is no proof that GGF Einar Einarson was anywhere near this area. He was based in Keewatin, which back then was a VERY large territory, then Winnipeg and probably worked exclusively on the main line which became the Trans-continental railroad. As of yet, there is very little knowledge about Einar.

Some past research on Rosa (Rose) Taylor at the Taylor RnD page

RnD 09/17/2013
Decided to locate [redacted] on my own. Mission might be accomplished. Will know today.
Entered what is known of Greta Banks Lineage in the database.

Located Rosa Taylor's biological family back to Iceland, and family here (Mary). About 3 pages worth of data.


Will email to the relatives if my detective sleuthing was correct yesterday.

Mentioned in an Icelandic book. See 181

Icelanders to Canada in Kinmount Ontario Canada ... Helga Baldvinsdottir. her daughter. F. 7. 187. Kristmundur Benjaminsson. lodger. M. 34. 213 ...

With the help of Guy Scott and Ryan Eyford's article, Roy found the Decendants of Rosa TAYLOR Banks on his own.
Kristmunder's lineage will be po Read more about Rosa's biological family here.sted here after I clean off all the research, as it is not longer speculation, most is accurate, except for the older data on the Sier family. Read more aboyt Rosa's bilological family here.

See Kristmunder's New Page

Sent email to Haliburton Highlands Genealogy Group, as Haliburton Museum said Taylors were there still.
Mind you, Taylor is a common name!

If your family or know the whereabouts of Rosa taylor's children, please email Roy.
We now have two descendants, one of Rose, one of Johannes Benson.

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