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Meet our Relatives - Stoneson Branch

Stone Stoneson (Þorsteinn Þórsteinsson)

Þorsteinn Þórsteinsson, changed his name to Stone Stoneson. Birth: Apr 1860 in Hraunkoy, Borgarfjordur, Iceland. Stone married Ingibjorg Einarsdottir.

This might be the marriage of Stone's parents
Einar Skeggjason Iceland, Marriages, 1770-1920 marriage: 7 June 1849 Mosfell I Mosfellssveit,Kjosarsysla,Iceland spouse: Leopoldina Nielsdr

Possibly a sister
Name: Gudrun Thorsteinsson Gender: Female Event Date: 24 Sep 1858 Event Place: HJARDARHOLT,MYRASYSLA,ICELAND Birth Date: 24 Sep 1858 Source

Thorsteinn Thorsteinsson, "Iceland, Baptisms, 1730-1905"
Name: Thorsteinn Thorsteinsson
Gender: Male
Event Date: 30 Mar 1860
Event Place: HJARDARHOLT [Hjarðarholt], MYRASYSLA [Mýrasýsla], ICELAND
Birth Date: 29 Mar 1860
Death Date:
Father's Name: Thorsteinn Thordarson
Mother's Name: Johanna Einarsdr
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: C49006-2 System Origin: Iceland-ODM GS Film number: 73813
Image of Record: No
"Iceland, Baptisms, 1730-1905," index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 31 Dec 2013), Thorsteinn Thorsteinsson, 29 Mar 1860.

Emigration: 04 Sep 1874 in NO. 109, Lanourer, Age 21, Pg 290, S.S. Saint Patrick,
Akureyri, Iceland

Death: 02 Jan 1935 in British Columbia, Canada

Shared Facts: Ingibjörg Einarsdóttir
Marriage: 1887 in Winnipeg, Canada
Found this...
Thorsteinn Thorsteinsson, "Iceland, Marriages, 1770-1920" Name: Thorsteinn Thorsteinsson
Spouse's Name: Ingibjorg Einarsdottir
Event Date: 14 Jun 1887
Event Place: Stafholt,Myrasysla,Iceland
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: M49003-4 System Origin: Iceland-ODM GS Film number: 73814 Reference ID: Sources Attach to Family Tree Add to My Source Box Go to My Source Box Share No image available Search collection About this collection Citing this Record "Iceland, Marriages, 1770-1920," index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 31 Dec 2013), Thorsteinn Thorsteinsson and Ingibjorg Einarsdottir, 14 Jun 1887.

Children: Joe Stoneson
Gudrun Runa Thorsteinsson
Ellis Leo Stoneson
Henry Stoneson
Stephania Ingibjorg Maria Emma Stoneson
Baldwin Stoneson
Johann Thordur Stoneson

Person Notes: Frá Stafholti í Stafholtstungum í Mýrasýslu. Fór til Vesturheims 1887 með
konu sinni. Þau settust að í Blaine.
Sources: - person: Vesturfaraskrá/148
Frá Stafholti í Stafholtstungum í Mýrasýslu. Fór til Vesturheims 1887 með
konu sinni. Þau settust að í Blaine.
aka - Thurston Stoneson referred from Newsclips of Henry's passing

See Stoneson Clan page here.

Almanac 1925
Translated roughly by Vern Austman in Feb 2011.

Th/Th/Th Almanac 1925.
Thorstein Thorsteinsson, called himself Stoneson, hailed from Stafholt in Stafholtstungum in Myrasysla, was born 11 April 1860. His father was Thorsteinn Thordarson from Reykjum in Thverarhlid, and mother was Johanna Einarsdottir from Taudanesi in the same county. Thorstein Stoneson was second cousin of sera Markus Gislason who was a minister in Audkulu in Thingi. Thorstein’s wife was Ingibjorg Einarsdottir Skeggjasonar from Uppsolum in Nordurardal. Her mother was Leopoldina Nielsdottir, a half sister of Lovisa, mother of sera Steingrims Thorlaksson and siblings. Ingibjorg grew up with her relation sera Stefan Thorvardsson in Stafholt. There she married her man, Thorstein Stoneson (Stone Stoneson), and the same year, 1887, left for Canada (America).
They were 3 years in Winnipeg and then went to Victoria where they lived until 1897 when they went to the “spit of land”, tangann, (Point Roberts). Thorstein obtained 40 acres of land and built a house, but then did not occupy it on account of the sickness of his wife.
(This is doubtful translation, or they did not occupy very long; since I have a photo of Ingibjorg, looking frail, and Gudrun/Rooney in front of a house after 1897, likely at Point Roberts. UPDATE: See The Tale of Runa, Gudrun and The Pipers below.
Married at Stafholt, Iceland
Immigrated 1887
Winnipeg 1887-1889
Victoria, Canada 1890-1897
Point Roberts 1898-? 40 acres
Point Roberts
Blaine, WA ____ - 1951Blaine Incorporated in 1890]
Uncle Bill or Hank told Roy the house was after a huge concrete structure where a Bank Safe once stood. )

He then sold the 40 acres and moved the house to one acre that he kept from the 40. Then he got 20 acres of lowland that was free of trees in the western part of the settlement, bought some cows and set up a milk business for the fisher neighbors. He also setup a lumber operation for income for the care of his frail wife. This enterprise he carried on for 7 years. Then he sold the milk and other enterprise and left for good to reside in Blaine. (Part of this time may have been in Crescent Beach).

Their children were Stefania Ingibjorg Maria, who in 1914 married Andres Fjeldsted Oddstad (and are living in Vancouver in 1925); Ellis Leo who married Kristbjorg Sigurdardottir Thordarsonar; Henry not married in 1925; and Gudrun Sigridur who in 1914 married Kjartan Kristofersson (Kjartan Christopherson) and are living in Argyle Manitoba (in 1925).

See image file of Icelandic.

Roy welcomes any data on the Stonesons.

Runa Thordarson's book, 'Echoes of the Past'
The Tale of Runa, Gudrun and The Pipers By Roy Einar Christopherson Read the Tale here

May 14, 2012, Roy corrected Stone's parents in the top right column. He had pasted in Stone's wifes parents by mistake.

From Bruce Costello, 4/25/2010
'When I was about 10 or 11 Grandma Rooney (Gudrun Christopherson, nee Stoneson) sat me down and told me that Grandpa K's grandfather (was it John or William Taylor - I get confused sometimes) had been born in Arundel Castle, that there was some sort of romance that his mom and dad had fled England to Barbados because Catholics and Protestants were then forbidden to marry. They returned years later with our G-G Grandfather Taylor.

She also said the mother was either a niece or daughter of the Duke of Norfolk and thus part of the Fitzalan-Howard family. The Howards go back to the first Duke who fell at Bosworth Field alongside Richard III in 1485 and the story is recounted in Shakespeare's play. The Fitzalan are also the Stuart monarchs of Scotland and later Scotland and England and Wales.

I believe that first Uncle Lorne and later Uncle Sig researched these claims but were never able to solidly establish the link. Stefani disagrees with me and said her dad did indeed establish the
link and visited Arundel castle in WW-II, though was unable to meet our alleged 'kinsman' the Duke due to his being busy in Churchills war cabinet.

I am curious and wonder if you have definitively settled this matter. How could it have become family lore I wonder - was it the wistful dream of a hard-scrabble plains frontier family,
reality, or some other explanation stranger than the others.


She also said Thorsteinn Thorstensson changed his name to Stony Stoneson because there were about 7 other gentlemen with the identical name in the district and he had trouble getting his mail!

* I would only add that my mother, eldest of the Christopherson 9, did actually know GG Carrie Christopherson and told me her grandmother considered herself a Scotswomen. T'was from GG Carrie that my mother got inspiration for my name, Bruce, after the ancient Scottish King who watched spiders and was inspired.' [Bruce is referencing to this king, Robert the Bruce
Looks like Roy has had the possible answer here on our Great Ancestor page, see

Another email:
* I was being taught to speak Icelandic at ages 3 and 4, but one day my lessons stopped. This happened because Grandma and Grandpa Christopherson used to speak it when they didn't want their kids to know what they were saying; only my mom and Uncle Lorne became fluent. And for awhile, me...

L-R: Possibly Stone's mother, Ingjborg Einarsdottir Stoneson, Stone Stoneson, Unknown
3 Children-Possibly Helen Claire STONESON Schumacher (younger/shorter one),
her sister Eloise 'Lois' A Preston, Unknown

Courtesy of the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

Citations: 1. The Icelandic Canadian

Stone Stoneson
son of Þorsteinn Þórðarson, b. 1807
and Ingibjörg Einarsdóttir, b. 02 Jan 1828

3222 Stone Stoneson
Stone Stoneson
Photo created by Roy from IMG_SCAN_3222
Courtesy of the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

Einar Eysteinsson, d. 12 Sep 1850, Age 6

1. Ingibjorg Leopoldina Thorsteinsson
2. Stephania Ingibjorg Maria Emma Stoneson Oddstad b. 1889
3. Joe Stoneson b. 17 Mar 1892
4. Ellis Stoneson, b. 1893, d. 1952
5. Henry Stoneson b. 17 May 1895
6. Guðrún 'Runa'/'Roonie' STONESON Christopherson b. Feb 1897
7. Baldwin Stoneson b. Jan 1898
Died at age 8 [1]

Great Grandfather of Roy, Karl, Elena, Sandy, and many cousins.

For more photos see Stoneson Clan page

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Stoneson Report by Caroline Cartwright
1960 Icelandic Canadian Article

Stoneson Family
Stone Stoneson Family

Courtesy of the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

Stoneson House
Blaine Washington, Stoneson House

Courtesy of the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

Close Up
Close up of above photo
The girl should be Gudrun Christopherson, doubful,
Yet her own son, Hank says it is her.
Possibly Joe, Ellis and Henry are near her.

Courtesy of the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

TO DO: Insert Blaine House photo

Ingiborg (Ingibjörg Einarsdóttir)
and Stone Stoneson (Þorsteinn Þorsteinsson)
Possibly Joe Stoneson (Child)

Cross-verification with

Nelson Gerrard

Courtesy of the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

The Stonesons had Icelandic friends in Casbasco, B.C., Canada talking to Veiga nee Christopherson Dawe in 1918
Ref.: 100 page Private Letter Collection, Carol Jarvie Collection, page 65