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Meet our Relatives - Stoneson Branch

Ellis Stoneson

Ellis Stoneson, born in 15 Jul 1893 at Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Died 23 Aug 1952 in San Francisco, California.


1893 - 1952
Roy is 85% sure this is Ellis Stoneson

Look at far left back row, now look at the young man in front of him, far left middle row. Compare with Compilation photo of Ellis below
Courtesy - Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

Stoneson Bros
stoneson bros_compilation

1893 - 1952
Compare Image 2134 to ones of Ellis. Roy is sure this is Ellis at school
He also found one possibly of Henry at school

Courtesy - Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

Ellis L Stonesen Or Stoneson
United States World War I Draft Registration Cards
Name: Ellis L Stonesen Or Stoneson
Event Type: Draft Registration Event Date: 1917-1918
Event Place: Whatcom County, Whitman County, Washington, United States
Gender: Male Nationality: United States
Birth Date: 17 Jul 1917
Affiliate Publication Number: M1509 , Affiliate Publication Title: World War I Selective Service System Draft Registration Cards , GS Film Number: 001992178 , Digital Folder Number: 005245839 , Image Number: 03711
Roy has image or go here.

Hank Christopherson told the story to Roy and Mike Christopherson, how each of Gudruns sons were called into his office. he requested each and everyone of them write their mother weekley as they left abroad to serve durung WWII. Pull exact quote from voice transcripts..

Roy's grandmother; Gudrun Stoneson Christopherson. Rooney as she was known to us, her brothers were Henry & Eillis Stoneson, who built Stonestown in San Francisco back in the 50's and helped fund a retirement home, The Stafholt Good Samaritan Center still operating in Blaine, WA. Stafholt, was named after Henry and Ellis's mother Ingibjörg Einarsdóttir's place of birth; Stafholt, Borgarfjörður, Iceland. Article regarding Stafholt here.
Excerpt from it; "The group - then called “Aldan” - quickly raised more than $7,000 in donations from the Blaine, Point Roberts and Bellingham communities, but that amount was far from enough. A few years later, Aldan acquired the financial support of Stoneson Bros. Builders of San Francisco, the owners of which were originally from Blaine. Stoneson Bros. donated $10,000 along with the services of their architect, which helped get the project off the ground. Blaine Journal newspaper"

Posted a report done by Roy's cousin, Caroline Cartwright. written about 1980 after having interviewed Donald Stoneson.

Stafholt Good Samaritan Center
Here is a photo of Stafholt and the daughter of Ingibjorg, and sister of Henry and Ellis stoneson awaiting her husband, Kjartan Christopherson,
who is taking the photo. Posting this so the Stafholt Good Samaritan Center remember the Stonesons.

Stonesone Contribution
Fund raising started with 1,000

Good Samaritan Society - Stafholt

456 'C' St
Blaine, WA 98230-4238
(360) 332-8733

Good Samaritan Society - Stafholt
Blaine, WA

The Good Samaritan Society – Stafholt, in Blaine, Wash., is a nursing center that provides three levels of care for its residents.

Fifty seven beds are available for long-term skilled nursing care, rehab and respite care. The new assisted living wing has fifteen apartments for those able to care for themselves but who need some help. Our caring staff strives to emulate the Good Samaritan Society motto, "In Christ's Love, Everyone Is Someone."

Stafholt saw its beginning in Blaine in 1944 when the Icelandic League of North America raised funds to build its Icelandic Old Folks Home at 360 D Street. It was called Stafholt, an Icelandic word meaning "safe place or shelter" and has been a special part of the heritage of the Blaine community ever since. In July 1986, The Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society took ownership of the Stafholt Icelandic Old Folks Home. The name "Stafholt" remains with it today as a tribute and reminder of its Icelandic heritage.

The beautiful waterfront town of Blaine is on the United States and Canadian border and is only a 45-minute drive from Vancouver, B.C. Blaine is famous for its Peace Arch and surrounding Peace Arch Park.


FOR THE RECORD, the Blaine Old Folks Home name was NAMED AFTER Ingjborg 'Einardottir' Stoneson's homestead in Iceland. Whomever posted the above information does NOT know the history. One reason why Roy has done all these pages up, is to tell the deeds and tales of his family.

Stafholt Map in Iceland

Roy does give the staff credit for knowing there were photos of the Stoneson Brothers who were "instrumental" in starting their establishment BEFORE it became Good Samaritan's! While Roy is eternally grateful for the photos scan the staff sent of Henry, only good one Roy has, their history is a bit biased towards their founder. The Stoneson Brothers photos hung in their lobby decades ago and now their basement, since the Brothers helped start it.
Roy would be curious if the Brothers are mentioned anywhere at Stonestown?

Since there is almost nothing on the Stonesons on the Internet considering their importance to San Francisco, I am adding this page to bring more information and photos online.

Ellis Leo Stoneson, born 15 Jul 1893, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, died 23 Aug 1952, San Francisco, CA. Residence was PT. Roberts, Crescent, Blaine Washington, then Ketchikan, First Judicial District, Alaska, then San Francisco (see photo-right). Married to Kristbjorg Thordarson, b. Iceland, Residence of Selkirk Canada. In the same year, Ellis worked as a Foreman, Salmon Cannery, according to travel documents, and lived in Blaine, Whatcom, Washington. In the WWII document above, he is listed as Carpenter.

"Both served as presidents and directors of various local and national home builder and contractor associations. On the cusp of their greatness, the opening of Stonestown in 1952, Ellis died of a heart attack at only 59 years of age. Younger brother Henry passed away just a few years later...".

SEE page on Henry Stoneson for more info and Stoneson Clan page

Ellis Stoneson and Dogs
Image 3422
Ellis Stoneson and his dogs relaxing at Clear Lake, California, 1940.

Ellis Stoneson
Ellis Stoneson

/IMG_5165 has been deleted as it has been ID's as Stevie Johnson

Ellis Stoneson Son of Stoney Stoneson
and Ingibjorg Einarsdottir

Ellis Stoneson

Ellis Stoneson
Courtesy of Marsha Hawkins and Staff
at the Stafholt Good Samaritan Center. Blaine, WA

Married to
Sigridur Kristbjorg 'Thordarson' Stoneson,
known as Bertha Stoneson
1. Ingibjorg Leopoldina Thorsteinsson
2. Stephania Ingibjorg Maria Emma Stoneson Oddstad b. 1889
3. Joe Stoneson b. 17 Mar 1892
4. Ellis Stoneson, b. 1893, d. 1952
5. Henry Stoneson b. 17 May 1895
6. Guðrún 'Runa'/'Roonie' STONESON Christopherson b. Feb 1897
7. Baldwin Stoneson b. Jan 18988

1. Donald Henry Stoneson
2. Mildred Elaine STONESON Bakhtiari
3. Louise Stoneson Detweiler

Stone Stoneson Page
Henry Stoneson Page
Ellis StonesonPage
Andy Oddstad Page
Andy Oddstad Photos
Vern Austman Photos

Stoneson Report by Caroline Cartwright
1960 Icelandic Canadian Article

View Stoneson Buildings below and here

Partial Google Book: Broadmoor Village By Dave Crimmen

TO DO: Insert Blaine House photo

Stonestown, SF

Henry & Ellis Stoneson's
Stonestown (Map), where Roy worked for
4.5 yrs at Bullocks.
Gudrun Rooney Thorsteinsson's brothers
Courtesy Roy Christopherson Collection

Lakeside Medical Building in 2009
Built by Henry & Ellis Stoneson,
Bldg. in 1956
© 2009 Photo by Roy E. Christopherson

Laseside Close Up
Lakeside Close Up
© 2009 Photo by Roy E. Christopherson

30 Stonecrest, SF
30 Stonecrest Drive
Home of Ellis Stoneson
A handyman was reparing
the stone wall when
this photo was taken.
Courtesy Roy Christopherson Collection

1 . Donald Henry Stoneson, d. Jul 13
Roy welcomes any information on Donald from family or co-workers.
Roy has the story of Donald's passing from Hank Christopherson. Will transcribe from voice recording.
Don Stoneson
Ellis's eldest son

Sig C., Don Stoneson, Bill, Lorne, and Hank Christopherson
Photo courtesy of the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection
Don Stoneson Obit
Clip courtesy of the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection
Done Stoneson Memorial Card
Don Stoneson Memorial Card

Card courtesy of the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

2. Mildred Elaine STONESON Bakhtiari
Midred's son is Karl Baktiari of Stonesfair Financial.
Roy had the pleasure of meeting his cousin Karl at Aunt Dot's Christmas Party
Karl's maternal grandmother :  Sigridur Kristbjorg Thordarson
Karl's maternal grandfather:  Ellis Leo Stoneson

Any info or photos on Mildred would be welcomed addition.

3. Youngest daughter was Louise (Eloise) Stoneson Detweiler
Louise Stoneson
Louise Stoneson Detweiler 1925-1988
Daughter of Ellis Stoneson
Courtesy of the Sue & Bruce Detweiler Collection
Louise Stoneson
Louise Stoneson Roy's 1st Cousin, 1x Removed

Courtesy of the Sue & Bruce Detweiler Collection

Ellis and Bertha in Clearlake
Ellis and Bertha in Clearlake

Courtesy of the Sue & Bruce Detweiler Collection

From Pauline, PT. Roberts Historical Society
Paul Thorsteinson, Dorothea lives beside him, both at Point Roberts. Pending contact.

Joe Stoneson, born

The older Runa, a friend of your grandmother, is Runa Thorsteinson of Point Roberts. Runa is the daughter of Helgi and Dagbjort Thorsteinson. She married Ben Thordarson and they started up Ben's Store. The latest Historical Society newsletter has a feature on Ben's Store. She did a lot of photography and we have her to thank for a lot of historical images of Point Roberts in earlier years.

Organist & Pianist

Sylvia Schonberg is a Point Roberts native whose grandparents, Helgi and Dagbjort Thorsteinson, were among the founding members of Trinity’s congregation. She began playing the organ at Trinity at thirteen years of age and has being playing since then at churches wherever she has been.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science Degree at Washington StateUniversity , she raised a family of six children before beginning her teaching career.  Later she received a Master’s Degree in School Counseling fromWestern Washington .

Sylvia returned to Point Roberts in 1987 and has been since then Trinity’s organist and pianist and member of the Worship and Music Committee.


Here is a whole diary by Dagbjort Dagbjartsdottir (Victoria Dagbjört Dagbjartsdóttir), b. 1862 in Iceland.
Roy is still clueless as to the connection, perhaps Gudrun Christopherson's best friend.

It would appear that Helgi Þorsteinsson is the connection, yet his father was Þorsteinn Jónsson 1836-1903.
Þorsteinn Þorsteinsson, known to us as Stone Stoneson's father was Þorsteinn Þórðarson, b. 1807.
Hence, no match. Helgi did have a sibling that died at childbirth and a brother named Þorsteinn.
Roy has many photos of this family from the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection.

Read more on Dagbjort's family.

Quote from Bruce Costello: Grt Uncle Ellis passed when I was about 3 or 4 so I don't recall him. Grt Uncle Henry, I saw for a bit c. 1957 when he showed up at Westgate one day to visit Grandma Rooney. He seemed a cheerful, outgoing and ebullient man, which people tell me Ellis was not. Uncle Henry died just a few months later and I remember going to family gathering at Grandma's house.

At uncle Sig's funeral I met a friend of he and cousin Stefani, a man named Johannes Newton (Aussie father, Icelandic mother and raised in Iceland).

Mr. Newton said he had done a lot of work on 'our' ancestry. I put parenthesis around 'our' because he sort of rambled on and I wasn't really sure if he meant the Christophersons or Stefani's moms side. He said he was a cousin but Stefani confused things more saying he was related to her mom, Aunt Abela. Of course, Iceland is a small country with a tiny population...

...Anyway, he said we were descended from Snorri son of Thorfinn Karlselfni and of Gurdridur (sp?). Snorri is the first European child recorded as born in the Saga's, and later became a Bishop I understand. Gurdridur was wife to Leif Erickssons overly rambunctious brother Thorvald who started a war with the Indians and got killed. I am curious to know about all this. [Roy researched these and many other Great Ancestors.]

This email continues at the Taylor RnD page.
end email-

Bertha Thordarson married Ellis Stoneson. Also see the Stoneson Clan page.

Here is what may be a donation to Stafholt in Blaine, WA of $100 by Bertha [1]. The Stoneson brothers had contributed to
the start-up of Stafholt and named it after their mothers homested (see above). Roy is gratefull for the staff for the great
E-mailed scan of the photo of Henry, albiet a bit disappointed that they forgot their roots, as the current organization has no mention of them, nor are their photos in the lobby anymore. Roy's Great uncles will forever be remembered for their legacy in San Francisco since they used Stone in most place names of their buildings. Read more.

Found this possible address
Montrose 4030

In 1980, Roy walked from his employment of 5 years, at Bullock's dept. store in the brick building, out into center south part of the Stoneson Mall parking lot, where a small Stoneson Developement comapny office was located. He went into the office asking about Ellis and Henry. Obviously he was given the brush off by the person in the office, as I said they were related. Perhaps they did not think to say "Hey, we'll give your number to Donald Stoneson". Perhaps Donald too was gone then. Regardless, the person in the office could care less. By 1980, I knew very little about the family, beyond what my parents had in a couch side cabinet.

Point Roberts, WA
Email to Pauline at PT. Roberts SOC.
Voice recorded a story about Henry Christopherson having lunch with Bertha Stoneson (4+ Hrs), and how they (Ellis & Henry Stoneson) lived in a small rented room together while building ST Mary's area in SF.
She must have been 86-90 yrs old. He talks about how Gudrun, his mother suggests he ask his uncles (Henry, Ellis) to borrow money for the largest development Henry and his brother, Sig ever did in Pacifica.
Hank said they were probably worse off. Course that was before Stonestown and mansions.

May 2012
Roy found this while doing a search

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Monterey and Plymouth

source: 1

Image ???? [locate image]
Here is Ellis with Joe Stoneson's son, Doug. Roy just made the ID from photo Sue sent in. How wicked is that!

Stoneson Building
Stoneson's Office, which still stands today as a residential home
Image from 'California Homes', October 1936