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Revised: June 23, 2013
Clann Christopherson Clann Isberg Clann Johnson
Relationship 1:
SIGURDUR & CAROLINE 'TAYLOR' CHRISTOPHERSON > SIGURDUR'S SON - Halldor Briem Christopherson > Ranka Ragnheidur Johnson (Wife of Halldor) > JOHNSON BROTHERS (Brothers of Ranka)

Relationship 2:
Einarson Branch - Einar Einarson > Einar's daughter - Lilja nee Éinarson Johnson > Einar John Johnson (Son of Lilja) > Val Comba Johnson (Son of Einar) > A.J. Johnson
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While the rest of the family is not familiar with The Johnson family, Roy has had them on his radar since the earliest days of scanning the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection.
He recently connected Ranka Christopherson to her brothers. The Tale of Two Photos shows the Union of the Christophersons and Johnsons
Roy was updated on incorrect info regarding Lily Einarson.

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Rick Johnson, My Mother was Marguerite Christopherson, Daughter of Herbert and Emily (nee Isberg) She married Tryggvi Johnson Junior, son of Tryggvi and Sigrun (nee Skardal). ...

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      ---- From Living Johnson

 Lilja Einarson married Sigurjon "Jon" Johnson

Daughter: Lilja, she married Sigurjon "Jon" Jonsson (from Dvergasteinn in east Seydisfjordur) in Ballard, Washington; they lived in Vancouver. From 1946-1948 Lil spent many months on the farm in Manitoba with her brother, Goodie, and her mother, Soffia, who was in declining health. After her mother died in the fall of 1948, she went back to Vancouver, BC. She was dearly loved by Goodie's family.

[This is where the genealogy becomes inaccurate according to the papers from Emily Enns. At some point between Iceland and the birth of my grandfather, Einar Johnson, the last name of Lilja and Sigurjon changes from 'Jonsson' to 'Johnson'. My grandfather's birth certificate ... states he was born as Einar John Johnson]

Lilja Einarson died on Oct 15, 1965 (79 years old) in North Vancouver (BC reg #1965-09-012949) under the name of "Lillie Johnson". Sigurjon Jonsson also died in North Vancouver on May 4, 1945, age 66, (BC Reg 1945-09-662934) under the name "John Johnson"....

Einar John Johnson ... first married Margret Mary Comba... Their only child is Val Comba Johnson .... Einar's second marriage was to Phyllis Fleming They did not have any children.

Val Comba Johnson married Jeanette Currie.
Their children are:
1.Living Johnson
2. Living Johnson
3. Living Johnson
4. Living Johnson

Wayne Johnson, Son of Harold Johnson
Looks like Burnaby [B.C.] Baseball team
Image 5110
Middle Row Far right: Siggi Johnson
Front left (Drums)
Bjossi Johnson
Courtesy of "Come into Our Heritage" book
    15 page letter from Harold Johnson to Miss Pauline Einarson is in Roy's possesion

IMG_SCAN_1335_Granny MurrayAtAuntLils Vancouver.1939_Einarsons

nice one on file, already emailed
Image 3215 SCAN
Courtesy of
The Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection
Image 3215 SCAN
Right might be a Johnson?
Courtesy of The Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection
Image 2130 SCAN

William Christopherson
Son of Halldor & Ranka
Courtesy of the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

Einar. Lily, John, Harold at Julius's under Plum tree
P.C. Green Album Collection

Einar John Johnson
P.C. Green Album Collection


Johnson (Jonsson) Family
Courtesy of the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

Also see the Tale of Two Photos
showing the Union of the Johnsons and the Christophersons

Note: Miriam has photo of some Johnson brothers,Hilla, Bjossi, in their older age.


Ranka Ragnheidur Johnson
Sister to 5 bothers Left

Courtesy of the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

Halldor Briem Christopherson

Courtesy of the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

CTR - Lilja nee Éinarson Johnson
Lilya Einarson, married Sigurjon Jonsson.
Moved to Vancouver, BC

P.C. Green Album Collection
Click to enlarge and read about the Johnson brothers and Ranka's parents, Sigmundur Jonsson now Johnson and Soffia Bjonsdottir, from New Iceland and N. Dakota.
Courtesy of "Come into Our Heritage" book
Lilja's Father - Einar Einarson