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Have a group photo of the Isberg branch
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While the rest of the family is not familiar with The Isberg family, Roy has had them on his radar since the earliest days with the Taylors.
Emily Isberg married into the Christopherson family, Herbert to exact. We are lucky to have the family share photos and information with us, on the Isberg family.

From Laara
"Regarding the Isberg-Christopherson family connection, yes my dad's youngest sister Emily Isberg, daughter of Beggi and Borga Isberg, married Herb Christopherson, brother of John, Siggi, Veiga (Helgason), Joe, etc. Emily and Herb's daughters are Marguerite married Tryggvi Johnson (both deceased), Dorothy Christopherson-Tytgat, Pat Dearsley, and Korenna Thorunson. I don't personally know of any other connection between the Isberg-Christopherson family, but Pat might know. Emily's second marriage, after Herb's death, was to Donald Craik. Emily was only in her mid-sixties when she died of cancer, predeceased by Don.

Yes, the name "Isberg" was one the entire family chose when they came to Canada. They could have used Thorsteinsson, going by the Icelandic system of using the father's first name with "son" added for the next generation's surname, but they originally chose the Canadian system of using the father's surname. This was "Johnson", but as Jim Isberg mentions, there were several large "Johnson" families in the district, leading to confusion with mail and so on. "Isberg" is a Scandinavian name, infrequently used in Iceland but more common in Norway and Denmark. Pat told me how much she and Emily".... "I have never heard of any other connection between these two families, but if there should be one, the likely person to know about it is my cousin Pat."

Laara is the granddaughter of Jon Sveinson. (Jon is the son of pioneers Arni and Grudrun Sveinson). Laara's mother was Jon's daughter Sigrun and her father was Herman Isberg.

Photo of Herb Christopherson

Emily has been moved to the new Herbert Christopherson page here.

From cousin Pat;
The couple in the middle are Kjartan and Borga Isfeld, parents of Gudrun Isfeld who lived with my Dad's family on the farm near Grund.
She was like a 2nd mother to my sisters and I. The other man is Thori Goodman (Far Left), brother of Borga, I'm not sure who the other woman is.
''old Jon Goodman Grund area North of Glenboro his two daughters Gudbjorg - and Borga Mrs Kjartan Isfelf - Their 2 little girls Gudrun and Helga''
Roy will have to research the connection. Should be the Taylors. Look where the back says "Borga-Mrs. Kjartan Isfeld

Photo Courtesy of the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

Ah! see a connection; Mr. Goodman (seen on the Argyle Maps) was the father of Borga GOODMAN Isfeld. Hmm, follow up on this later.
2207 backside

Children of Gudjon Bjorgvin (Beggi) Thorstein and Kristbjorg BORGA Christianson

"Anthony was born in July, 1904. Handicapped since birth, he worked as a caretaker at the office and home of Ivan Schultz and also for Raymond Cleghorn. He died in 1931, at the age of 27. Citation 1, 2-all, 3,

Laura was born on Aug. 8, 1907. She married Jon Laxdal in July, 1934. Jon was a teacher, and for many years was vice—principal of the normal school (teachers’ college) in Winnipeg. Jon and Laura had three children: John, Joanne and Shirley. Jon died in 1971. Laura resides in Winnipeg.

Clara was born on March 16, 1909. She worked for many years as assistant manager of Woodwards at Vancouver and Port Alberni. Her first husband was Eddie Sigurdson who died in 1943. [She remarried in 1954 and had one son, Brian".]

Image 6101
Beggi and Borga´s Children
Martin was born on Dec. 23, 1911. He served overseas in WWII, in the Signal Corps. In 1937, he married Unnur Sveinson of Baldur. They had three children: Myrna (Mrs. Ross Lalonde), Brian (deceased), and Garry. Martin and Unnur were divorced. Martin spent most of his years at logging and mining. He died accidently at Uranium City, Sask., in 1959. Citation 1, 2, List,

Herman was born on Nov. 3, 1913. He was in the R.C.A.F. during WWII, and was stationed in Canada. He married Sigrun Sveinson of Baldur in 1934. They had three children: [Laara], [25], Clifford and John. Herman worked for many years as head mechanic at a pulp and paper mill in Powell River, B.C., also in other mills in British Columbia. He died in 1978. Citation 1,
[Sigrun and Herman Isberg lived at Powel River near Victoria. ]

Jonina (Joan) was born on Jan. 18, 1915. In Sep- tember, 1936, she married Walter Swainson of Baldur. They lived in Kississing, Man. for a number of years, where Walter worked in the Sheridan Mines. Then they moved to Winnipeg, where Walter worked at Eaton’s, until his retirement. They had two children: Ralph and Carol. Walter and Joan reside in Winnipeg.

Emily was born on Feb. 1, 1917. In 1935, she married Herb Christopherson. They had four daughters; Marguerite, Dorothy, Patricia, and [Korrena Thorunson]. (See Herb Christopherson History). Herb died in 1960. In 1965, Emily married Donald j. Craik, who farmed at Greenway. Don and Emily are now retired and living in Baldur." Citation 1, 2, [they have both passed on]
[ ] cites changes by Roy
Source: 'Come into our Heritage' Page 478 Yr: 1982

Anna Sigridur Steingrimsdottir
Oct. 10, 2012 From Sheila Spence
My blood line connection to you is many generations back. The closet to our time is that my grandmother's half sister was the mother of Emily Isberg who was the wife of your 1st cousin 2x removed Herbert Christopherson (1900-1960). Father back we share several ggrandparents.

1917 - 1985 Manitoba who married Herbert Thorinn Christopherson
She was the daughter of
Gudjon Bjorgvin [Beggi Thorsteinsson Isberg (1871 - 1938)
& Kristbjorg Steimgrimsdottir (1875-1967) (born Iceland, died Manitoba)

Kristbjorg was the half sister of Sheila Spence's grandmother Anna Sigridur Steingrimsdottir (1888 Iceland - 1925 Calgary Alberta) wife of Wellington Leslie (1871-1948) so our blood link is a long way back. His Leslie family is descended from a North Ireland immigrant who came to Ontario in the early 1800s. I have not looked far thoroughly enough to determine where it occurs. But we are both of Icelandic descent so, as Halfdan say "your ancestor and mine" , . . . we are all related.

Sheila Spence's great grandparents were Steingrimur Kristjansson (1853-1926) (born Borgarfjordur & died Seattle, Washington) emigrated to Canada in 1894 with his wife Snjofridur Hjalmarsdottir (1866-1911), born in Vopnafjordur & died Baldur, Manitoba.  They arrived with 4 children; Anna Sigridur, Lilja, Eina Oddur, Kristinn Zophonias.   these four chidlren and one bon in manitoba - Steinunn, all married and produced children in Canada and the USA. The family used the surname Christianson in North America.

Children of Steingrimur & Snjofridur
1, Anna Sigridur  born 1888 Vopnafjordur, Iceland, died 1925 Calgary, Alberta ,  married Thomas Wellington Leslie (1871-1948).
2, Lilja   born 1890 Hofssokn, Nordur-Mulasysla, died 1963 Idaho, USA,  married Ira Mattice (1891 - 1958)
3, Eina Oddur born 1891 Iceland, died 1936, San Franciso; married Jessie Schrieber (1906 - ? deceased)
4, Kristinn Zophonias  born 1893, Iceland; died 1965, Seattle, Washington , USA; married Martha Mobius (190-1973)
5, Agusta Steinunn 'Stena' born 1900 Selkirk, Manitoba; died 1992 Seattle, Washington; married Douglas Vansickle (1896 - 1944)


IMG_6100 Beggi and Borga
Courtesy of "CIOH" book

Gudjon Bjorgvin (Beggi) Thorsteinsson/Þorsteinsson. Born July 15, 1871 D. 1939
Citations: 1, 2 , 3, 4
Son of Thorstein Jonsson.

Name was changed from Thorsteinsson to Isberg, [25]

Grandmother:: Kristbjorg BORGA Christianson, a.k.a.
KRISTIANSDOTTiR, B-September 17, 1875 D. 1967,
Daughter of Steingrimmer Christianson.
Kristbjorg's GM Research pending
Marriage: 12 OCT 1902 Baldur, Manitoba, Canada

Gudjon Bjorgvin (Beggi) Thorsteinsson was born on July 15, 1871, in Jokuldal, Breidal, Iceland. he was the son of Thorstein Jonsson and Gudrun Antonius. Thorstein had been a fisherman in Iceland. He drowned in 1893.

This appears to be the connection Brian needs to go back in time!
Þorsteinn Jónsson and Guðrún Antoníusdóttir
Citation 1 Four Jonssons here-need Birthdate,

Learned from our cousins in Baldur and Winnipeg that Jonsson is pronounced as


In 1894, Beggi came to Canada with his mother, Gudrun, his brother Sigurdur (Sam) and his four sisters; Sigridur (Sara), Kristbjorg (Bertha), Antonia (Annie), Beggi and Borga. and Helga. His older brother, Anthony had come to Canada earlier and lived in Baldur. Anthony made it possible for the rest of the family to come to Canada - by sending them the fare. On coming to Canada, the family took their father’s name, Jonsson, but there were so many with the same name, there were mixups in the mail, so they decided to change their name, and they chose Isberg. The family remained in Baldur for several years, later moving to Alberta and British Columbia, except for Beggi, who stayed in Baldur. His mother, Gudrun, spent her latter years with Beggi. She died in 1931.

Kristbjorg BORGA Christianson was born on Sept. 17, 1875 in Borgarhreppi, in Myrasyslu, Iceland. She came to Canada in 1900, to Baldur, where her father Steingrimur Christianson was living. It was in Baldur where Borga met Beggi Isberg and on Oct. 12, 1902, they were married in the Grund Lutheran Church.

Beggi worked for the C.N.R. He and Borga lived a few years in Elgin, Dunrea and Belmont, coming back to Baldur in 1913. They bought a house from Beggi’s brother, Anthony, who was leaving for Alberta. Anthony had built this house in 1909, and it remained in the family until 1966, when it was sold to Roy and Ruby Wylie.

Beggi was a member of the Lutheran Church, where he taught Sunday school for many years. He enjoyed music, skating and spent many an hour cutting his own hay with a scythe. The family always kept pigs, chickens, ducks and a cow.

Borga was an active worker in the Lutheran Ladies’ Aid and she gave much of her time in helping the sick and elderly. Many hours were spent knitting for family and friends, from yarn which she carded, spun and dyed herself, having obtained the wool from farmers in the district. A highlight of Borga’s week was a trip to the Icelandic Library, for more books and discussions with other friends, who gathered there. She was an avid reader and especially loved poetry.

Beggi and Borga’s home was always open for social gatherings, such as serving coffee and lunch after the yearly "May" concert (Sumardeginn fyrsta), which was held in the Lutheran Church, with other denominations taking part. It was also a gathering place for the Young People’s Society, Ladies’ Aid meetings, card games and public debates, which were often very exciting!

Beggi and Borga had seven children: Anthony, Laura, Clara, Martin, Herman, Jonina and Emily. They all attended Baldur School and belonged to the Lutheran Church. Beggi died in 1939, and Borga died in 1967, at the age of 92.
Source: 'CIOH' Page 478


GEN 1 "Þorsteinn Jónsson" or "Guðrún Antoníusdóttir"
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Guðjón Björgvin Þorsteinsson (B. T. I s b e r g) að Baldur, Man. Fæddur að Höskulds s töðum í Breiðdal 15.
júli 1871. Foreld rar hans voru Þorsteinn Jónsson og
Guðrún Antoníusdóttir. Kom að he iman 1894.
Gudjon Bergen Porsteinsson (BT Isberg) to Baldur, Man. Fever be born to Hauskuld's hay in Cheiðdal 15th
July 1871. Foreldr ar hans were Torstenn JONSSon and
Gudrun Antonusadottir. Was that he Iman 1894.

Search 2 Source Mentions

Search 3 Almanak Ólafs S. Thorgeirssonar
5. Guðjón Björgvin Þorsteinsson (B. T. Isberg) að Baldur, Man. Fæddur að Höskuldsstöðum í Breiðdal 15. júli 1871. Foreldrar hans voru Þorsteinn Jónsson og Guðrún Antoníusdóttir. Kom að heiman 1894.

Search 4
5, Father: Antonius ARNASON
6. Father: Arni JONSSON, Birth: 1662 in Of Melrakkanes, Hof I Alptafirdi, Sudur-Mula, Marriage 1 Una GUDBRANDSDOTTIR b: 1661 in Of Melrakkanes, Hof I Alptafirdi, Sudur-Mula, Iceland. Married: ABT 1699 in Hof I Alptafirdi, Sudur-Mula, Iceland. Una has no parents listed.

see individual pages below for each person
ID: I10114
Name: Gudrun ANTONIUSDOTTIR 1 Does not show a husband. Work more on this GEN
Sex: F
Birth: ABT 1749 in Hamarsel, Halsharmarsfirdi, Sudurmula, Iceland 1
Father: Antonius ARNASON b: 1700 in Hamarsel, Halsharmarsfirdi, Sudurmula, Iceland
Mother: Thorey BJORNSDOTTIR b: ABT 1707 in Hamarsel, Halsharmarsfirdi, Sudurmula, Iceland
Sources: Title: LDS Ancestral Files Author: Church of Latter Day Saints Repository: Note: Media: Electronic

Antonius ARNASON
Father: Arni JONSSON b: 1662 in Of Melrakkanes, Hof I Alptafirdi, Sudur-Mula, Iceland Mother: Una GUDBRANDSDOTTIR b: 1661 in Of Melrakkanes, Hof I Alptafirdi, Sudur-Mula, Iceland
CHILD 9. Has No Children Gudrun ANTONIUSDOTTIR b: ABT 1749 in Hamarsel, Halsharmarsfirdi, Sudurmula, Iceland

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"Þorsteinn Jónsson" and "Guðrún Antoníusdóttir [Source url was bad]
3 hits
1. Name. Age Parish. Home. Place of birth. Status, occupation. Þorsteinn Jónsson. 17. Hallormsstaða. Gunnlaugsstaðir. Útnyrðingsstaðir á Völlum hans barn source PDF

2. Sólheimar. Þorsteinsstaðir í Laufássókn vinnukona. Þorsteinn Jónsson. 42. Glaumbæjar. Sólheimar. Reykjarhóll í Víðimýrarsókn vinnumaður. Kristján Eyjólfsson source PDF

3. Foreldrar hans voru Þorsteinn Jónsson og Guðrún Antoníusdóttir. Kom að heiman 1894. 10. Eiríkur Stefánsson, að heimili Bergs Hornfjörð, Víðir, Man. Fæddur source

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Gudjon Bjorgvin Thorsteinsson