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Revised: September 11, 2012
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About our Clan Lineage

Roy does a great deal of research trying to find our families history. Recent involvements with Brian, Bruce and other cousins, he found the following and just posting ideas towards a new logo for the redesigned Clan pages in the hopper. A new project is the Clan lineage project. Roy will be posting ideas and factual historical data regarding our family Clans. Update: As of June 2013 - No input.

First, when reading the word on this website 'CLAN", the meaning is Family. Initially the concept of 'Clan' web pages, was to have many group photos by each branch. Roy would be more than happy to create Individual web pages for each related family member, providing family supplies their Bio and photos.

"...The word clan is derived from 'clann' meaning 'family' in the Irish and Scottish Gaelic languages. The word was taken into English about 1425 as a label for the tribal nature of Irish and Scottish Gaelic society.[1] The Gaelic term for clan is fine [finɨ]. Clans preceded more centralized forms of community organization and government; they are located in every country. Members may identify with a coat of arms or other symbol to show they are an independent clan...."

It has been scientifically proven that we are 50% Celtic. This was mentioned in the CSES News a year or so ago. See Celtic Connection here. Also 26th Great Grandmother Princess Rafarta Kjarvalsdóttir McCerbhall on the Great Ancestor page near the bottom. For the Christophersons, our Great Grandmother Isabella Taylor's father was born in Ireland. Flags covering our nationalities (some before countries formed) are on the Intro page graphic.

Norse Clans - Example: clann Dòmhnaill - the MacDonalds

As a trained graphic designer, Roy would like to create a crest that would represet either each branch or all of us. With marriages and different countries, we could do something like...
Adding CLANN (or Clan) before each last name.
CLAN ...

If you jump over to our Great Ancestor page, you will find a wide range of relatives. One on-going project has been to enhance the Great Ancestor page. Roy has added flags, and trying to do lineage reports to cousins or great grandparents back to the Great Ancestor. Sometimes not possibly only because Roy does not have all of "your" great ancestors in the family database. Does not mean you are not related.

Many relate Clan to Irish or Scottish. Did you know we have Clanns in our Icelandic blood? You will see Roy has cited many relations to hard working farmers who are the salt of this earth, for without, we would have to grow and survive from our own back-yard gardens.
It is true, we have Kings, Queens, Petty Kings, Princesses, Chieftains, LawSpeakers at the Alþing, Sheriffs, Bishops, Reverends, Historians, World Explorers, Vikings, Russian Tsars, Soldiers, Earls, Viking Dukes, a Norwegian Hersir (Local Military Commander), a Berserker, Nurses, Teachers, Artists, Poets, Politicians, Pioneers, Scholars, Sailors, Sea Captain, Soldiers, Professors, a Captain of Iceland, Generals, Chief Justice, a Chief Governor of Iceland in 1295, Lawyers, and every facet of Real Estate covered.

We have a family crest bestowed to one in our family, yet it was revoked. This was given to Gissur Hallsson.
Crest is to the right.

Two Icelandic knights, Haukur Erlendsson (14th GGF to some) from around the year 1300, and Loftur the rich Guttormsson (both related) from around 1400, each bore noble arms featuring a falcon.

Maybe crest with a Falcon, and parts of Gissur´s...?

Some think, the Hatfields and the McCoys. No! The Clan here means family, lineage, the spirit and blood of our ancestors, which had bestowed a great deal of intelligence, compassion, kindness towards others, patience and down right hospitality, the way of the Icelanders.

For the purpose of this project, the Patriarchs will probably be our great grandparents parents. If you would like, we could go back to this Clann...
The Sturlungar family clan (Wiki)
The Sturlungs were extremely wealthy and influential. They controlled Western Iceland, the Westfjords and North Eastern Iceland. The patriarch of the Sturlungs was Sturla Þórðarson, whom scholars believe was born around 1115. He inherited his Goðorð (domain, realm or area of influence) from his father Þórður Gilsson. Sturla quarrelled extensively with Einar Þorgilsson of Staðarhóll and many other chieftains. Jón Loftsson, a well-respected man, mediated in one of these disputes. Following this, he was entrusted with the upbringing of Sturla's son Snorri Sturluson, who later became the most influential of the Sturlungs, and the most famous due to his literary endeavours. Snorri had two brothers, Þórður Sturluson and Sighvatur Sturluson.
Roy will have to add Sturla Þórðarson to the Great Ancestor page, why you ask ?
Sturla is Roy, Keith, Bruce and the other cousins 18th GGF through Sigurdur Christopherson. Lilja Kernested (Sigvaldsons) 22nd GGM's father, and probably all other Icelanders GGF.
We have family on both sides of that war in Iceland.

Roy welcomes input from all the cousins and family on this idea. Many seem open to using the logo on Tee-Shirts and stuff (cafepress) may be an option in the future).

Shirts in the family:
Cool past designed Tee-Shirts
Traditional boat overloaded with Vikings swords in the air. The caption is; "Icelanders really have their ship together"

A warrior coming out of the surf and holding his sword aloft.
Caption was "Strondin" (umlaut above the 'o')

Roy was taught to do Brain-Storming in 1980. Here is some visions for a possible logo. The concept is not to limit ones ideas.
Iceland, Women (as in women in favor of), Raven, Falcon, Chieftains, Viking, Scandinavian, Celtic, Ireland, Snow, Ice, Seafarers, Drakkur (Viking longboat), Sword, Wooden Shield, Plow, Scythe, Axe, Helm (no horned hemets!)...well maybe., Farmers, Sheriffs, Alping, Volcanic Rock, Crests, Serpents, Dragons, Celtic Knot Border, Rune Text Carvings, Intertwinning, Rock, Strength, Family, Unity, Sigurdur (GGF), Dragon holding shield biting tail (unbroken circle), Norfolk Influence (Taylors), Dragon biting sword/bending, Quotes, Fire Eagle Viking Crest?, Weave elements together, Raven Flag, Round Viking Shield, Fur symbol for Kings, Ancestors, Heraldry...
Ideas please....

AJ is woking on a Crest for his family
Applying For Your Own Coat of Arms > > > Paragraph 2
'...I’ve started designing some ideas for a coat of arms with some elements from Iceland, New Zealand, Canada, and Ireland. It will take about 1-2 years after I apply to have a grant of arms...' A.J.

Hearne Coat of Arms. Many are sold by a scam outfit and not real.

Reference to the Duke of Norfolk Arms.
These guys did not mess around. Here is a portion on Surrey and mis-use of his shield. The Seymours finally had their day, when Surrey ill-advisedly displayed royal quarterings on his shield.5 Arrested along with his father on charges of treason, he was imprisoned in the Tower. Several additional claims were made against him, including that he was secretly a papist. Surrey was indicted of high treason in January 1547, despite the lack of any real evidence, condemned, and executed on January 19, 1547 on Tower Hill.

The Somerset Coat of Arms and the Somerset Dragons
Since we seem to have references to Summerset, posting this here. Has a cool crest.

Roy believes we are part of the Leslie Clan (See Slimmon RnD) . They were contacted, but no 2nd response. They might actually be sorry not to be part of "our Clan", as it is VAST with many, many historical figures.

Earl of Iceland
The first national coat of arms of Iceland.
This design of twelve alternating silver and blue stripes may have
been the emblem bestowed upon Gissur Þorvaldsson by
King Hákon IV of Norway in Bergen in 1258,
when he made him Earl of Iceland
Have related immediate family then
Created in
Dreamweaver 8
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