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Have a group photo of one of the branches
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Aunt Dot´s Birthday Celebration at the Kingfish in San Mateo, California, FEB 2013
A good time had by all!
L-R: Carl VanLowe(sp)-Dot's partner, Rob's wife - Lois, Stan Cartwright (Robert Cartwright I's brother), Rob-Rob's son, Dot, Dot's son- Rob Cartwright II, Hank Christopherson,
Stephanie (Gary), Hank's son - Gary, and Roy
Photo courtesy of Rob's son's phone Camera taken by the Waiter. Sent to Roy by his father, Robert, it is on his Facebook page




L to R:" Bob" Robert Oliver Christopherson, Beverley nee Christopherson Bolick, Carol nee Christopherson Jarvie, Miriam nee Ruccius Westereng,  Robert 'Bob' John? Christopherson from Edmonton, Alberta [son of John and Laura of Baldur], visiting at Carol Jarive's home in Langley, British Columbia, Canada

Beverley CHRISTOPHERSON Bolick, dau. of Haldor Christopherson, son of John Christopherson, son of Sigurdur

Carol CHRISTOPHERSON Jarvie, dau. of Donald, son of John, son of Sigurdur

Miriam CHRISTOPHERSON Westereng , dau. of Evelyn Christopherson Ruccius, dau. of John, son of Sigurdur.

Bob Christopherson, son of John, son of William, son of Sigurdur
Photo Courtesy of Miriam Westereng

BACK ROW: Bob Christopherson, British Columbia, Bob Christopherson from Edmonton, Bob Jarvie, Ken Westereng
In front of Bob - MIDDLE ROW: is Adrienne Christopherson, BC Bob's wife (Orange blouse) .
FRONT ROW: Jeannine Christopherson - Bob's wife from Edmonton, Beverley nee Christopherson Bolick, Carol nee Christopherson Jarvie, Miriam nee Ruccius Westereng
Photo Courtesy of Miriam Westereng
rthern Cousins
Photo Courtesy of Miriam Westereng

House of Robert & Carol nee Christopherson Jarvie,
Langley, British Columbia

Christopherson cousins visit B.C.,, October 16, 2010
Back Row:
Jim Christopherson [California] ,
Miriam nee Ruccius Westereng,
Bob [Robert Oliver]. -Carol's older brother,
Beverley nee Christopherson Bolick,
Don Christopherson, [Carol's younger brother}

Front Row:
Roy's five cousins, Carol nee Christopherson Jarvie [holding the picture taken at Ytranes circa 1948]
Michael Christopherson [California]

Jim and Michael are Alvin Christopherson )john:Sigurdur) and Edith [Edie] Ireland's children, grandsons of John, great grandsons of Sigurdur. Michael and his wife Diane live in the Bay Area.

Michael was a teacher and now an avid bird-watcher, amoung other things like cycling.
Jim lives south near the border, and cares for their mother, Edith. They were able to visit the cousins for one night.
Roy used the sunlight from that window to capture most of the 4000 - 6000 series of photos.

Roy's ghost writer is sometimes Miriam Westereng. God knows, Roy needs all the help in the Engish Dept as possible.

Northern Cousins

2215 Christopherson RD., Surrey, British Columbia
4th Home of Sigurdur & Caroline nee Taylor Christopherson
Year: 2006

Our Northern cousins from British Columbia, Canada area

The faces of the children have been blurred on purpose.
I respect the rights of parents to protect their children and this way,
able to show the Southern cousins their Northern cousins.

This photo was taken shortly before Ytranes (It-tre-ness) was sold off.

Nov 2012: Corrections to the left photo according to Miriam Westereng:
6 is Lynn Truong Westereng, Jeremy's wife

Last three lines shows the relationship to parents, and grandparents.

Image: /IMG_2255_REV2_Miriam.Carol.Bev
Photo Courtesy of Miriam Westereng

Courtesy of the Carol and Robert Jarvie Collection


Location: Bob and Carols home on Seacrest Drive at Cresent, B.C., Canada
01. James Bolick (Bev's son)
02. Rob Bolick
03. Jeremy Westereng
04. Joel Westereng
05. Andrea Davis
06. Mike Davis
07. Leah Westereng
08. Karen Jarvie (Robert & Carol's daughter)
09. Doug Jarvie
10. Carol Jarvie (Don Christopherson's daughter)
11. Dianne Jarvie (Robert & Carol's daughter)
12. Valerie Davis
13. Edna Lake (Halldor's 'Dorie' wife), Bev's mother
14. Edith IRELAND Christopherson (Al's wife)
15. Evelyn 'Evie' CHRISTOPHERSON Ruccius (Miriam's mother)
16. Grace Christopherson (Johnnie's wife)
17. Kathleen 'Kassie' CHRISTOPHERSON Carver
18. Murial White ( friend of Kassie)
19. Miriam RUCCIUS Westereng (Bert & Evelyn's daughter)
20. Caroline 'Carrie' CHRISTOPHERSON Humber
21. Bertha Christopherson
22. Beverley Bolick
23. Ken Davis (Valerie christopherson davis' husband)
24. Bert Ruccius
25. Donald 'Don' Christopherson Sr.
26. Johnnie 'John S. Christopherson Jr.
27. Alvin 'Al' Christopherson
28. Harry Smith (Grace's brother)
29. Edith Lynch (Edith Ireland chrisotophersons mother)
Year photo taken: Late 70's?

Photo courtesy of the Carol and Robert Jarvie Collection

I.D. kindly done by cousins Beverly Bolick & Miriam Westereng

Christopherson Cousins
Click photo to enlarge

Courtesy of the Ted & Pauline Christopherson Collection

San Mateo, California,
Christopherson Cousins Christmas gathering
Circa 1963-1967

Sigurdur 'Sig' Christopherson, son of Kjartan, son of Sigurdur far back right.

The 5th young man from the left is 100% identified as
Mike Christopherson, brother of Jim and son of Alvin Christopherson,
whose father was John S. Christopherson, son of Sigurdur.

The baby is Sig's arms is probably Edward McLaughlin, son of Caroline.,
Sig's sister.

I believe 2840 shows the back of Edward's head
(birthdate unknown) and older than Rob/Robert.
Kimberly McLaughlin Pellissier, Caroline's daughter,
not born yet? She is the "youngest cousin".

Photo taken during Christmas, possibly at Dot's house in Hillsborough or Eilleen's.
For sure, the Bay Area, California.

From cousin Lorie McDonald

Back Row: Bruce, Jimmy and Baby Edward (Aunt Carolines baby) in Sig's arms.

See the Christmas Album here.

Color Photo of the Christopherson and friends
Version with no numbers

Christopherson Clan
Image: IMG_SCAN_2850
Courtesy of the Ted & Pauline Christopherson Collection

Grund, Argyle District, Manitoba, Canada
Wedding Anniversary at the home of Chris and Veiga Helgason. Kitchen of Erla's
home on the farm 1 mile north of Grund church. Argyle District, Manitoba, Canada
1.  Jennie CHRISTOPHERSON Peterson (daughter of Hernit and first wife Thora)
2.  Baldur Peterson
3.  Eric Gudnason (son of Dori and Kristine)
4.  Benny Gudnason (I think Benny is #4) (sons of John & Betty)
5.  Donald Gudnason (sons of John & Betty)
6.  Carol Gudnason (daughter of Dori and Kristine)
7.  ??
8.  ?? 7 & 8 possibly belong to #24 - he looks familiar but I just can't place him.
9.  Connie Christopherson (youngest daughter of Herb & Emily; Dorothy Tytgat's parents, Dorthy's youngest sister)
10. Kristine Gudnason (wife of Dori)
11.  Laura Christopherson (wife of John)
12.  Veiga CHRISTOPHERSON Helgason (daughter of Hernit Christopherson and
second wife Bjorg); wife of Chris Helgason i.e. Erla's parents)
13. Gudjon Hallson (hired man for Chris Helgason, who lived and worked with Chris)
14. Jim Wankling
15. Erla HELGASON Wankling (See NO. 12 above)
16. Lauga Helgason Johannesson (Erla's dad's sister) She moved to Vancouver in the 60's and saw Carrie quite often. She later lived at Hofn and died around 1979, I think. I am afraid I can not name the fellow Dorothy left 'unnamed', but he looks like a Gudnason,[ I think ]!!
17. Kristbjorg (Borga) Isberg (mother of Emily Christopherson, and Dorothy Tytgat's Amma)
18. Gudrun Isfeld (she came to the Christopherson farm (formerly Hernit's, and then taken
over by Joe, Siggi and Pete) as a housekeeper in 1940, and soon moved beyond that to become a beloved family member)
19. Sigga Johnson (a neighbour)
20. Betty Gudnason (wife of John-See #33)
21. Marguerite CHRISTOPHERSON Johnson (eldest daughter of Herb & Emily; Dorothy's older sister)
22. Pete Christopherson (eldest son of Hernit and first wife Thora; born in Iceland)
23. Herb Christopherson (Dorothy's Dad; eldest son of Hernit and second wife Bjorg)
24. Alli Sigvaldason?, husband of Emily Johnson Sigvaldason
25. Borga Isfeld (mother of Gudrun)
26. Indlaug Helgason (wife of Ingi)
27. I think this would be Siggi Johnson (neighbour)
28. Joe Christopherson (second son of Hernit and second wife Bjorg)
29. Chris Helgason (married to Veiga Christopherson, Erla's father)
30. Emily ISBERG Christopherson (wife of Herbert; and my mother)
31. Tryggvi Johnson (married to Marguerite, Dorothy Tytgat's older sister, Emily's brother-in law,)
32. Dori Gudnason
33. John Gudnason (their mother)  was a sister of Hernit
34. Ingi Helgason (brother of Chris)
35. John Christopherson (son of Bill; grandson of Sigurdur and Caroline)


Special thanks to my northern cousins,
Dorothy nee Christopherson Tytgat and Erla Wankling, for identifying these family members.
Erla sent update May 8th. Thanks!

Miriam, Carol, Lilja and the others
have all helped me a great deal to put more than a name to the relatives.

Carol's Christening, Roy's sister
Location: Probably San Francisco
Image: IMG_5992_NEG

L-R BACK ROW: Possibly Aunt Lil,
A woman, then a hunched over man,
a woman,
then Kjartan,
then Kay's daughter Caroline,
man & woman (Possibly related to the Thompsons),
Rev. Thorlaks(s)on, maybe his wife

front left center is Gudrun (Grandma - don't think we called he Amma),
Ted, Pauline, Carol,
and far right are her God Parents, Shirley & Greg Thompson.

FRONT ROW: Possibly Bruce's sister sitting left back row, with Roy's brother, Bob in front
and then Stephanie,
then Bruce and Ron with mischief-make grins,
and Carol my sister center of attention at 1 yr old at her Christening.

This is a set of 12. This one was so dark, hard to even get to this point. The others are very nice color ones
Courtesy of the Ted & Pauline Christopherson Collection
Circa 1956

Version with no numbers Update AUG 2011/MAY 2012: Found the negative See closeup here

Image: IMG_SCAN_4333
Courtesy of the Ted & Pauline Christopherson Collection
IMG_SCAN_5909_NEG_Compilation_Waterfall InForest
Ted & son Robert on a trip to Glenboro to stay on Paulines family farm with Gudbrander Einarson in 1950
Click to enlarge photo
Courtesy of the Ted & Pauline Christopherson Collection

Grund, Argyle District, Manitoba, Canada
1. Christine Helgason Stuart Smith (Erla's sister) [1, 2 ]
2. our mother Veiga  between Christine and Dorothy [1], Veiga (Christopherson) Helgason (Erla's mother and sister to my dad) [2]
3.Dori Gudnason holding Eric [1] Alli Sigvaldason, holding I assume one of his sons [2]
5. Harry or Donald Christopherson?, ?? [2]
Unknown [1]
6. Theodore Christopherson (son of Kjartan)
7. Gudrun Isfeld between you mom and dad [1, 2]
Dorothy's mother is next to your dad, then your mom (?correct?) [1]
8. Unknown. Emily does NOT think so.
9. Joe Christopherson (son of Hernit), Joe Christopherson (brother to my dad and Veiga) [2]
10. John Christopherson, married to #25 Laura [1, 2 ]
11. Erla's dad Chris Helgason [1,2 ]
12. Norman Skardal [1, 2 ]
13. Pete Christopherson (my uncle) [1], Peter was first-born son of Hernit and Thora; half-brother to my dad [ 2 ]
14.Dorothy CHRISTOPHERSON Tytgat [ 2 ]
15. Can't see well; might be my mother Emily (Isberg) Christopherson ?? [ 2 ]
16. Mrs Isberg, Dorothy's grandmother [1], Borga Isberg (my mother's mother) [2]
17. Emily Christopherson (Dorothy Tytgat's mom) [1]
18. child 1 Connie Christopherson (my youngest sister) [ 2 ]
19. Carol ANDERSON Gudnason [1] (her mother was a sister to Laura ANDERSON Christopherson) [2]
20. child 3
21. Pat CHRISTOPHERSON Dearsley [1] my sister, Pat [ 2 ]
22. Bob Christopherson [1, 2 ]
23. Stanley Skardal, Donna's baby according to Erla (born March 1954) [1, 2 ]
24. Donna nee CHRISTOPHERSON Skardal [1, 2 ]
25. Laura nee ANDERSON Christopherson [1, 2 ]
26. Dog

[1] Identification by Erla Wankling Updated May 8, 2012 Thanks!
[2] Identification by Dorothy Tytgat Updated May 13, 2012 Thanks!
I am familiar with this picture and remember this event when your father came to visit.
I am in the picture along with two of my sisters. However, other family members are not there, at least not in this picture.

New page on Grund Homestead here



Probably Colma, Calif.
Taken in 1952
Corrections: None to date
NOTES: Roy found a wooden album belonging to his parents with a litho by COPR. C. MOSS 1944
which dates this photo. Only other caption is 'The Family'.

From cousin Bruce Costello
1.  IF 1952 (and I think you're right... my mother had me as last child and that looks about right...) then number 19 must be Keith. Kenny is a year or two younger than I am so probably not born yet.

2. 14. - Check with Hank or Lorie whether Caroline was divorced from Larry at that time. I don't think so as I remember him around until mid-50's. If so, then 14 probably Larry.

3. 11 and 12... last MAY be Dotty, but I don't recall ever seeing her in bobby socks. My SISTER, Lorie, was, and the gal just next to her reminds me of her friend Linda.

4. 10 might alternately be Bud Costello instead of Bill. Face and age look about right for Bud. Pic not clear enough to be sure.

From cousin Lorie McDonald

Photo was taken on Easter Sunday, 1952 / possibly patio of Lorne and Abellas Redwood City home (Stefanni can confirm)
9) Enid,
10) Sig,
11) ? no clue,
12) Me (Lorie),
13) Caroline Christopherson Clarke,
14) Larry Clarke,
17) Bobby,
18) Stefanni,
19) Keith
When I look at these three little ones, it reminds me of the happy homecoming of my Uncles from World War II. I just can't imagine how strong Grandma and Grandpa were having four of their five sons across the world in harms way. By the grace of God, they returned safe and sound.

Christopherson Clan

Image: M.W.C._038
Possibly Crescent Beach, British Columbia, Canada

Circa: 1947
John S. Christopherson's family, son of Sigurdur christopherson (Kristófersson)
Emil is related through marriage.

Corrections from Miriam Westereng:
Location of photo 3904 west 38th Avenue, Vancouver B.C

Line 3
(John S. Christopherson's wife)

Line 6
Emil and Aubrey were related on Vala's Thordarson side

Line 2
Bertha Thordarson Campbell is my grandmother's (Miriam's) sister
Photo Courtesy of Miriam Westereng

Line 8 Now in contact with Jamie whose father is Aubrey Lawrence Travis.
His mother is Gudney Erlindson.

Kjartans Family
Click to enlarge photo


Wedding of Hank and Thelma Dale Christopherson, son of Kjartan, son of Sigurdur.
probably San Francisco, California

Kay & Gudrun surrounded by
their sons and daughters and their husbands and wives.

The man in this photo is Kjartan Christopherson, son of Sigurdur Christopherson.
Also known as Kay or K.
He is pictured above sitting down, 5th from the left with his grandchild,
Stephanie, now known as Indira.

Probably Hank & Thelma Dale Christopherson's Wedding
Special thanks to Bruce Costello and Lorie nee Costello McDonald for
observations on dates/event.


Image: IMG_SCAN_2236_Clan-ID.jpg
Hank has a pristine be scanned.
Photo courtesy of Hank Christopherson Collection

Click to enlarge
E.I.C. Collection_Image1
Christopherson Family, circa 1934, Crescent, B.C. (Ytranes)
Courtesy of The Edith Ireland Collection

1. Tommy Dawe m. Veiga, daughter of Sigurdur, (Back Row - left)
Jim mentioned Kjartan 'Kay' was in S.F. Roy recorded the story by Hank, of Lorne being sponsored by Ellis Stoneson and leaving the family behind.

2. Leslie is Leslie Cole, married Halldor, son of Sigurdur & Caroline.

3. From Miriam Westereng:
Think that is auntie Edie (Edith Ireland, married to Al Christopherson - Back row) after Frank Smith with Edna LAKE christopherson behind shoulder then Dorie, aunt veiga (see middle row)

4. Billie (Doris' Son) should state "Billie Christopherson, son of Halldor 'Dorie' Christopherson (and Ranka JOHNSON).
Scanned copy was kindly e-mailed from Jim Christopherson C/O Edith Ireland Christopherson, Al's wife.

5. Eileen C. Keller is on the right, not left with dark hair, 'Dottie' Dorothy C. Cartwright is left side (Caption corrected).

From Jim Christopherson on 11/14/2011
Mike's and my mother, [Edith]... said the story behind the picture is that your grandma [Gudrun] was taking all the kids by herself, on the train, to San Francisco with a stop on the way in Vancouver. The picture is dark. It was taken at a moment in time when the Christopherson's switch from Canadians to becoming U.S . citizens. How hard was it for your grandma to take all the kids on the train?

Roy imaginesGudrun had good control of the children going on the trip. Being a grandchild, knowing Gudrn only 5 years, I doubt I ever saw the discipline his father & siblings may have received.

Where Ted is at is a mystery? Maybe he took the photo?

Sigurdur's daughter Susie was probably in Chicago, IL.

Probably July 1936, Crescent Beach, B.C., Canada [1]
Courtesy of The Edith Ireland Collection

John Christopherson Family

Crescent Beach, British Columbia, Canada
John Christopherson Family, son of Sigurdur
use cursor to identify individual figures.

1. Jón Sigurdur Christopherson Sr. (Miriam, Carol and bev's Grandfather)
2. Valgerður 'Vala' Jónsdóttir/Thordarson, wife of John
3. Evelyn Sigurveig Christopherson Ruccius
4. Caroline Christopherson Humber
5. Herman 'Alvin' Christopherson
6. Aunt Veiga Christopherson Dawe (John's sister)
7. Kathleen 'Kassie' Bertha Christopherson Carver
8. Haldor 'Dorie' Briem Christopherson (John's brother)
9. William 'Billie' James Christopherson,
(son of Ranka Johnson/Jonsson and Dorie)

Image: IMG_SCAN_3583_John.Halldor
Photo Courtesy of Miriam Westereng


Click to Enlarge
Possibly Argyle District

Courtesy of The Erla Wankling Collection

Use cursor to identify individual figures.
Recognize some - email Roy the # and Name
4 Might be Stina, Will's wife [B]
6. Maybe Gudrun Christopherson, Kjartan's wife, Roy's GM? [B]
7. Then perhaps her daughter Lilja? [B]

44. Second from the right in this row is my mother Veiga
Helga Johnson, (husband Stebbi) [A]
Hilla Johnson (husband- Bjossi not related)
Second from the right in this row is my mother Veiga

I do not recognise the lady with her arm over mother's shoulder but,

peaking over mother's shoulder I believe is my grandmother Borga Christopherson.

The lady in the back row about third to the right of Laura (grey hair, white collar) is Sigridur Helgason, my dad's mother

ID by
A. Erla
B. Roy
Kartan 30s



Image: IMG_SCAN_2235
Manitoba, Canada
, possibly outskirts of Belmont, near Glenboro and Baldur.
Circa 1929-1930

The man in this photo is Kjartan Christopherson, son of Sigurdur Christopherson.

Also known as Kay or K. Very hard to pronounce in Icelandic.
Henry Christopherson saying it...In Progress.

pronounced [Kyerf-ten]

Ted is Roy, Carol, Ronald, and Robert's father.

From a missed email from Erla...
November 26, 2011
The names listed are Lilja, Ida? Badger, Eileen (child), Roony, Kjartan, Sigurdur, Lorne, Ted.
I do not think it is Ida Badger,
but I believe it is my mother Veiga nee Christopherson Helgason. Mother was close friends with Lilja, so I think it quite possible she was with them when the photo was taken, and it looks just like her from other pictures I have of her at that age.

From cousin Lorie McDonald
Back row: Kjartan, Lorne, Ted // front row: Sigurdur is bandaged from surgery. He had a mastoid infection and went through life with a scarred area behind his left ear. 

Photo courtesy of Hank Christopherson Collection

The Sigurdur Christopherson Family Ytranes, Crescent Beach, British Columbia, Canada
Disclaimer: Roy found two photos taken at the same time by possibly Ranka Johnson Christopherson, then her husband, Haldor. Roy decided to make a composite of both of these photos with them in their best pose and place all of the persons on the right. Someone had cut it out.
Roy retouched the scans, about 2-3000 pin holes or black spots.
Roy believes the couple in the back left were Susie's new In-Laws.
Lorne (youngest boy), son of Kjartan was born 29 Dec 1916.
Susie’s In-Laws - Sveinn Brynjólfsson, John S. Christopherson, Thórdís Brynjólfsson - wife of Sveinn, Veiga Dawe, CORX: Vala THORDARSON Christopherson, wife of John, S. Christopherson, Sigurdur Christopherson, CarolineTAYLOR Christopherson, Haldor Christopherson, CORX: Not Runa, it is Gudbjorg "Bertha" THORDARSON [Vala's sister] Campbell, Ranka Ragnheidur JOHNSON {Jonsson} Christopherson.

According to Miriam Westereng, names as follows
"yes that is Svein and Thordis B. Think you have identified Aunt Susie again next to Veiga when I'd swear that it is again my grandmother Vala wife of John S., Sigurdur,Caroline, Haldor, Gudbjorg "Bertha" THORDARSON [Vala's sister] Campbell then Ranka."

Roy apologizes to Miriam for incorrect labeling of the names.
As said many times throught this website, Roy hopes more family members will contribute to the site with stories and family photos, like Miriam has on many occasions. Please add a line to any photos that you approved of posting them or mark as private.
FRONT ROW: Donald Christopherson, Lorne Christopherson, Alvin Christopherson, Lilja nee Christopherson Costello, Caroline nee Christopherson Humber, Haldor Christopherson?, Johnnie (John S. Jr) Christopherson.

Image: IMG_SCAN_3209

Circa about 1920 - 1921 Sigurdur passed away 27 Mar 1921
Courtesy of the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

UNKNOWN FAMILY - Image of the Month x 2014
Left to Right
Far left Unknown woman - Might be No. 26 (right) in image below
Man might be No. 27
Man 4th from left might be No. 16 below
11th from left might be Sigridur Helgason

Click to enlarge photo
or View the original photo

Image: IMG_SCAN_2364
Circa about ?
Courtesy of the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

Image: IMG_SCAN_3252_WholeFamily
(355k) Tried to darken the shadows

View Enlargement, 2nd Numbered Photographic copy Image 3252
size 205k
Possibly Grund, Argyle District, Manitoba, Canada

The Whole Christopherson Family
Circa about 1907-1908

This photo was very faded. Gelatin silver, I believe.
The girl sitting on the bottom left (White Blouse) will be identified. She shows up over the years
here and there in a couple thousand photos here.
Sig christopherson wrote "The Whole Damn family" right on the front. Ouch! Verify.
Special thanks to Hank Christopherson who identified Hernit. Sat on his lap once. Hernit was Sigurdur's brother from Iceland,
who farmed near him, along with two others.
Halldor, Will and Stina's son died at 12.

Story from Bruce Costello:
As best I recall, Carrie Humber gave it to me to take south, The line "The Whole Damn Family"
was already written on it and the ink was faded; ancient. As Roy understands, it was kept by one
of Grandpa K's brothers (John or William Christopherson), while he worked in a lumber camp
in British Colombia, to remind him of home. Probably John as Will stayed in Grund, MB.

Possible Roy has two photos of him staying in the tent from the...

"Lady in row 3 or 4 on the far right side of the photo, wearing a long black skirt and black and white striped blouse looks like my amma/grandmother Sigridur Helgason. I do not recognize anyone else, but this woman resembles my amma from other pictures
I have of her of 'that time'." Erla Wankling
Roy: This should be NO. 28.
Courtesy of the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

Roy now recogniges No. 11, 17, 27

The Whole Christopherson Family
Possibly near Grund, Argyle District, canada
5. Sigurdur Christopherson
7. William Christopherson, son of Sigurdur
11. Sigurjon Christopherson?
12. Maybe Hernit or #1 or 18
17. Peter Christopherson
19. Maybe William S. Taylor?
23. Possibly Kristin 'Stina' Christopherson
27.Borga Hallgrimsson
28. Lady in row 3 or 4 on the far right side of the photo, wearing a long black skirt and black and white striped blouse looks like my amma/grandmother Sigridur Helgason. I do not recognize anyone else, but this woman resembles my amma from other pictures I have of her of 'that time'.
29. Maybe Caroline TAYLOR Christopherson - is too unclear to confirm
30. Maybe Kjartan Christopherson, son of Sigurdur
33. Haldor Christopherson, son of Haldor and Ranka Christopherson or might be John Christopherson. Halldor (Dori) (Sept. 23, 1900-1912) John his brother b. Sept. 29, 1902.
From Miriam Westereng: 33.think this is haldor brother to John christopherson baldur think my grandfather worked in lumber camps from that I read in the letters
39. Maybe Veiga 'Christopherson' Dawe?, daughter of Sigurdur
40. ...ressembles Vala, wife of John S. but don't recognize child
From Miriam Westereng: I believe is Vala [THORDARSON] christopherson, child looks too old to be donald christopherson her first son.

circa 1900-1912, probably 1907

Another photo which is same yet less quality is Image: IMG_SCAN_3225_WholeFamily

Left: IMG_7372_PHOTO
Grund with family out front. Calendar
Courtesy of Mike Christopherson

Center: IMG_5126b_PHOTO
Back: Caroline, Possible Veiga, Sigurdur, unknown girl, John or Will.
Front Possibly Susie, Lilja, Kjartan, Halldor, Will oe John w/Bike
Courtesy of the Miriam Westereng Collection

Top Right: IMG_2723_PHOTO
Roy at Grund where his GF stood

Bottom Right: IMG_2722_PHOTO
Mike near where his GF stood.
Click to enlarge photo(s)

Cousin Miriam let Roy scan the middle photo. Will post soon.


Image 0112
Sigurdur christopherson (Kristófersson), Caroline Taylor and family
Grund (meaning Grassy Plains), Argyle District, Manitoba, Canada
Circa 1901

Children: Everyday Roy learns more about the family, thanks to his cousins.
Sigurveig Veiga Christopherson Dawe known as Veiga took care of Caroline
and stayed at Ytraness. A very deep and intelligent person.
William Christopher bought Sigurdurs farm in Grund, Argyle District.
Jón/John Sigurdur moved to Crescent in B.C. and went in to business with his
brother Kjartan known as Kay or 'K'. Later he and his wife Vala worked the
Mayda Pie Shop.
Halldor Briem married Ranka nee Johnson/Jonsson and moved just north of Sigurdur.
Kjartan lived at Grund, Shawnessy Lake (where Ted was born), Baldur (Shanti),
Belmont, Crescent, and Vancouver, not in that order.
Lylia S. Christopherson died of appendicitis about the age of nine. Her portrait hung
in Sigurdur and Caroline's bedroom, according to Miriam.
Súsanna Sigurðardóttir Christopherson Brynjólfsson married Ingi Gunnar Sveinsson
Brynjólfsson, then moved to Chicago, IL. Many photos of Ranka and Susie's children.

Very well publshed photo of the entire family together.

Still seek original/copy and portraits of Sig and Caroline. Roy's three cousins have
supplied a large copy of about 800 family photos. There is also one used to celebrate,
which the cousins have of Sigurdur and family. In that he has Mutton Chops.

From cousin Lorie McDonald
The little girl in the front row named Lily was Grandpa's beloved little sister. To my recollection, Grandpa said that her name was Lilja (Lil-ya) and my mom was named in her honor. He carried the sorrow of her loss throughout his life.

Source: 'Come into our Heritage' 1882-1982 book
Orig. photo is still with the family

[1] Sig 'Sigurdur Christopherson 1993 report to Carrie Humber

Clann Christopherson Clann Isberg Clann Johnson

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