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Andres Fjeldsted Oddstad Sr. m. Emma Stoneson, sister to Roy's Grandmother, Gudrun.
His children are Andres Fjeldsted Oddstad Jr. (Andy) m. Clara Ella Byler, shown in this chart.
Family Tree showing Stoneson to Oddstad connections Click to Enlarge
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Sandy Nathan

Sandy Nathan
Daughter of Andy Oddstad
of many books
See NO. 4 below two rows
Aisha Farkas, her grandmother was Pearl Farkas (Oddstad), Aunt was Elma Mendola (Oddstad)
Allison Tuell
Mother of Aydan and Tristan.
Grandaughter of Pearl (Oddstad) Farkas
Great Niece of Elma (Oddstad) Mendola
Daughter of Joel David Farkas,
Son of Pearl Farkas

ElenaHaskinsCollection_My Family Harry and Sylvia
Elena Marie Haskins Harry & Sylvia ODDSTAD Haskins Photo Link Harry Haskins & Sylvia Oddstad
Daughter of Harrry & Sylvia
From the Elena Haskins Collection
IMG_SCAN_3549_Harry.SilviaHaskins From The Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection
      Clark gable harrys Doppleganger

No Clark Gable IS NOT RELATED to us, however if you compare this photo
to Harry above, looks like Harry has a twin. First thing Roy noticed when he
saw this Christmas Card long ago.

The Austman Collection
The photographer of some photos below were taken by Vern's great uncle, Charlie Oddstad, brother of Andres and Jon J., Vern's grandfather, for the period 1905 to 1908.  He used TJO, Thorkjell Jonsson Oddstad, from arrival in BC in 1904 to before 1913,
then was CTO, Charles T. Oddstad by legal registration in 1913.

TJO, Thorkjell Jonsson Oddstad, the photographer of the houses and people in a set in 1908, was Vern Austman's great uncle, brother of his grandfather, Jon Jonsson Sveinbjornson. TJO was the monogram until after 1913 legal name change to Charles T. Oddstad.
His brother Andres Oddstad married Stefania Stoneson, whose sister Gudrun married Kjartan Christopherson.

Vern has been tracking the history for years and one of the vehicles is the set of 35 known photos that Charles/Charlie took. Hence the interest in the Ytranes photograph which Vern first saw when Roy sent it. At that time it was the formal portrait of the house without the TJO ID. Later Vern saw copy 2275 and lo and behold TJO No32 in the bottom right corner. Vern has the negatives for a few of the set, plus the copies from Roy of 3 houses: TJO 5, 10, and 32.

One in the set is of a "tea party" clearly on the verandah of No 5; only identified person is Andres Oddstad (Left). A lot of the photos have Charlie's son Jon Herman in the background. No 35 is the last and is of Chris and Freda Anderson, their daughter Emma (Oscar Sigurdson), and Charlie's daughter Gwennie in their living room in Crescent area. The Andersons and Gwennie are in Kjartan's wedding photo. Vern has surveys of 1910 and 1924, both show Charlie's and his father Jon's quarter, SE of section 20.


Map 1

Photo Courtesy of the Jon Sveinbjornsson (Oddstad) Collection

Map 2
Courtesy of the Austman Collection

Map 3
Courtesy of the Austman Collection
V.A.C_011_No 2 TJO Scout Bridge-Crescent-1910 zoom

No 2 TJO
Scout Bridge, Crescent Beach, 1910

Photo Courtesy of the Jon Sveinbjornsson (Oddstad) Collection

V.A.C_014_No 21 TJO Crescent Beach Stump and Ladies
No 21 TJO Crescent Beach Stump and Ladies

Abt 1908
Photo Courtesy of the Jon Sveinbjornsson (Oddstad) Collection

V.A.C_015_Oddstad-Crescent Beach
JSO (Jon Sveinbjornsson Oddstad)
house in Crescent beach,
east of the park

Courtesy of the Austman Collection
1914 - Some of same people
in a military style camp

Courtesy of the Austman Collection
Andres, Charlie and his sons in San Francisco in late 1940’s. John Heman, Chris, Andres, Thorkjell Oddstad

Courtesy of the Austman Collection

J.J.Collection_B0000580 in Saskatchwan

Courtesy of the John 'Martin' Johnson Collection
This should be a larger copy of the Sveinbjornson family from Saskatchwan.  Gudjon's family on the left.  Svenni's family in the middle and Jon's family on the right.

You can probably see that Martin's mother, Sigga has labeled some of it.  On the far left is Gudjon's family (my grandfather holding Sigga) with her brothers John, Thor and sister Tobba.  Next is her uncle Svenni's (spelling) family, and on the right is her uncle Jon's family

Kristjan Anderson

Kristjan Anderson, his wife Freda, daughter Emma, and daughter of Charlie after her mother died there of TB. Circa 1910. Cyndi has been in contact Roy about her family here. Pending...
Courtesy of the Austman Collection

Andres and a group which certainly includes Stonesons and maybe Sig Christopherson
While it looks a bit like Sigurdur, Roy believes it is not. However, 5th from left might be from the Badger family. Yet all were in Manitoba.

Photo by Charlie Oddstad
V.A.C_012_No 14 TJO CrescentBeach Forest
Zoom into photo
No 12 TJO
Forest group on a Crescent Beach slope
Abt 1908
Photo Courtesy of the Jon Sveinbjornsson (Oddstad) Collection

Forest group - Enlarged
Abt 1908
Photo by Charlie Oddstad
V.A.C_013_thumb_No 18 TJO CrescentBeach Forest landscape

No 18 TJO
Crescent Beach Forest landscape

Abt 1908
Photo Courtesy of the Jon Sveinbjornsson (Oddstad) Collection

I do have a photo of Jón Sveinbjörnsson Oddstead and wife, taken in Brandon, Manitoba, and another of Thorkell 'Charlie' Oddstad, who was a very handsome young man at the time, just off to the Yukon in search of gold.
Nelson Gerrard

View Image Ytranes TJO 32 aka Image 2275 .

From a forum online and Andres and Sylvia