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Meet our Relatives - Oddstad Branch

Andres Fjeldsted Oddstad Sr.

Andres Fjeldsted Oddstad Sr. , b. 17 Aug 1886 [1]. Died unknown
Andres married in 23 Aug 1914 to Stephania Ingibjorg Maria 'Emma' Stoneson Oddstad

Brother to Jón Jónsson Sveinbjörnsson

Roy would welcome and photos of Andres and Emma

From Vern Austman
"Old Jon [Father of the Jon to the left] legally took the name Oddstad in 1913,
as well as his wife Gudny, and sons Andres
and Thorkjell/Charles. Those documents were registered, as well as a common property agreement for Jon and Gudny.
So they were known as:
Jon S. Oddstad;
Gudny A. F. Oddstad;
Andres F. S. Oddstad; and
Charles T. Oddstad.

The other 3 brothers did not adopt Oddstad, Jon, Gudjon and Sveinbjorn.

Andres was born in Iceland on the farm Kalastadakot on north side of Hvalfjordur in August 1886; was too weak for the journey in 1887 so was left with Andres Andresson Fjeldsted of Hvitarvellir farm where the Hvit river broadens out to the bay of Borgarnes, his maternal uncle, to travel later. He travelled in the late 1890's as a teenager, carrying a volume of Heimskringla as a gift from Arni Sveinbjornsson of Oddstadir farm up Lundarreykjadal, his paternal uncle. I have the book; it is inscribed as a gift from Arni, and Andres signed himself as Andres Fjeldsted Jonsson in copperplate, so was advanced in education before he left Iceland.

The following Family Tree Chart was created
to give a visual inter-connection between the families.

Family Tree showing Stoneson to Oddstad connections Click to Enlarge

Vern Austman's relation to Jon is as follows: (Jon Sveinbjornson Oddstad < Jon Jonsson Sveinbjornson < Lovisa Louise Sveinbjornson married Sigurjon Austmann), Jon Jonsson Sveinbjornson was brother of Andres Fjeldsted Oddstad Senior.

We are lucky to have not one genealogist in this branch, Vern Austman, but two, Neil Austman!

Andres Fjeldsted Oddstad Sr.
Son of Jon Sveinbjornson and Guðný Andrésdóttir Fjeldsted

Visiting Card of Andres Fjeldsted Oddstad Sr.
Courtesy of the Austman Collection

Married Stephania Ingibjorg Maria 'Emma' Stoneson Oddstad, daughter of Stone Stoneson and Ingjbord Einarsdottir

1. Þorkell Charlie Oddstad, b. 01 May 1877
2. Jón Jónsson Sveinbjörnsson, b. 21 Jun 1878
3. Guðjón Sveinbjörnson, b. 30 Jun 1882, Iceland
4.Andres Fjeldsted Oddstad Sr., b. 17 Aug 1886
5. Jonina Oddstad, b. Abt. 1890
6. Sveinbjörn Swaini Sveinbjörnson, b. 1882

1. Andres Fjeldsted Oddstad Jr., b. 24 Jun 1918
2. Elma Oddstad Mendola
3. Leona Oddstad Gordon
4. Sylvia Oddstad Haskins

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Jon Sveinbjornson-Oddstad Page

Oddstad Clan Page
Stoneson Clan Page - Group Photos

Hi Roy,
Íslendingabók has:
Andrés Fjeldsted Jónsson       17 Aug 1886 – 6 Dec 1955

according to Íslendingabók his direct ancestors are:
 Páll Grímsson    (1691 - 1755) and his wife: Guðrún Jónsdóttir (1700 - 1762)             
Grímur Pálsson     1734 - 1788
Þorlákur Grímsson     1773 - 1822
Þorbjörg Þorláksdóttir     1804 - 1845
Guðný Andrésdóttir Fjeldsted     1843 - 1935 and her husband Jón Sveinbjarnarson       30 Nov 1852 – 11 may 1938      (Living Helgason writes his name Jón Sveinbjörnsson Oddstead)
Andrés Fjeldsted Jónsson     1886 – 1955
continued here.

Lögberg ran an obituary on Dr. Andrés Fjeldsted Oddstad on its frontpage 25 Apr 1957 with a picture of Andrés.
Morgunblaðið ran an obituary on Dr. Andrés Fjeldsted Oddstad in its issue of Wednesday 5 Jun 1957page 14.
Halfdán Helgason Database:
Guðný Andrésdóttir Fjeldsted Oddstead b. 28 Jul 1843 at Narfeyri on Skógarströnd d. 21 Oct 1935 - in Blaine, Washington
husband: Jón Guðmundsson 4 Mar 1832 - 30 Sep 1869 age at death 37
Þorbjörg Jónsdóttir 1868-1910  &  Eiríkur Sumarliðason 1861-1933
husband:Jón Sveinbjörnsson Oddstead (parents: Sveinbjörn Árnason
1811-1860  &  Guðlaug Kristjánsdóttir 1813-1887 ) ,  Fædd(ur)    30. nóvember, 1852, Lést   11. maí, 1938 dánaraldur 85 ára ,
          Þorkell Jónsson 1877
          Jón Jónsson Sveinbjörnsson 1878  &  Helga Þorbergsdóttir
Fjeldsted 1877
                Helgi Jónsson 1902
                Harold Jónsson 1904
                John Konrad Jónsson 1906
                Guðný Lovísa Jónsdóttir 1909 died in 1999 (see email from Vern 5-26-2009)
          Guðjón Jónsson 1882-1967  &  Guðrún Katrín Jónsdóttir 1884-1935

          Andrés Fjeldsted Jónsson 1886

Andrés Fjeldsted Jónsson       17 Aug 1886 – 6 Dec 1955

Andrés emigrated to Canada at age 7 i.e. around 1893

Sandy refers to Andy in her email,  according to the Social Security Death Index: ANDRES ODDSTAD born 24 Jun 1918 – died Jan 1964

From: Roy Christopherson
To: Living Nathan Cc: Living Hognason; Living Jonsson
Sent: Mon, August 10, 2009 1:30:03 AM
Subject: Re: The Stonesons and Oddstad report

Redacted...My Great Grand Father Jon Sveinbjornsson Oddstad's son Andres moved to San Francisco in 1928, and his son Andy Oddstad was a builder, Pacifica area.  Andy died in 1964 on a freeway there, a drunk driver hit him going wrong way on a ramp.  Others in the family are and were in Sacramento.
My mother Lovisa, Louise, (nee Sveinbjornson, Jon, son of above Jon), redacted

Nonni steered me onto your file and I noticed a discrepancy, and make an addition.
1.  The Andres Oddstad you list as married to Stefania was actually her son and the girls are his sisters.  Andres, younger, or Andy, married Clara Ella Byler.  He took over the Stoneson firm when the brothers both died.  I attached a name list confirming this.
2. redacted
Living Austman

FROM A THREAD FROM 2003, redacted Austman. the internet is so great!

Posted by: Living austman Date: August 11, 2003 at 08:19:22

Fríðrik, I have a copy of King Olaf Saga parts 4 and 5 and it is signed by Andres "gift of Arna frá Oddstuðum". Is Andres son of Karitas?

Posted by: Living Helgason Date: August 11, 2003 at 14:15:29
In Reply to: Andres Fjeldsted Jonsson "Walnineri". by Living austman

redacted...the answer is no, as I presume that Andrés Fjeldsted Jónsson, is the one who was a medical doctor in California, b. 17 Aug 1886.

"Arna frá Oddstuðum" is most likely Árni Sveinbjarnarson (1842-1912), farmer at Oddsstöðum, brother to Andrés' father, Jón Sveinbjarnarson (1852-1938). Jón´s wife and Andrés' mother was Guðný Andrésdóttir Fjeldsted (1843-1935), daughter to Andrés Vigfússon Fjeldsted (1800-1862) and Þorbjörg Þorláksdóttir (1804-1846)

PS: what is "Walnineri"? The name of Andres' home in California? haha!

Re: Andres Fjeldsted Jonsson "Walnineri".
Posted by: Living austman     Date: August 11, 2003 at 16:08:50
In Reply to: Re: Andres Fjeldsted Jonsson "Walnineri". by Living Helgason

Dear redacted , that was an interesting response, but I do know the Chiropractor who called himself Andres Fjelsted Sveinbjornson Oddstad, he was my great uncle, born in w887 not 1886. The book I have predatpredates his birth and Arni is grandfather of the one you mention who was also my great uncle. Karitas ias sister of Gudny Andresdottir.
Living Austman

Posted by: Living austman   Date: August 11, 2003 at 16:33:18
In Reply to: Re: Andres Fjeldsted Jonsson "Walnineri". by living austman

Dear Halfdan, thinking more about the book, it may be the doodling of young Andres in his father's book, so I defer to your opinion. Living Austman.

[1];i=446948 (password req.)

[2] Nevada Marriage Index, 1956-2005,, Nevada Marriage Index,
1956-2005 (Provo, UT, USA, Operations, Inc., 2007),, Database online. Record for Sveinbjorn Ragnar Arnason.

[3];i=168677 (password req.)

[4] Vern Austman


[6} Canadian Passenger Lists, 1865-1935


On 7/15/2012
Martin's mother says there were 5 boys and she believes on daughter. Doesn't remember much about the daughter other than ...redacted

All the children were born in Iceland and three of them settled in Saskatchwan. Gudjon Jonsson Sveinbjornson known as "Guy" had four children. Thorburg (Tobba) born: 10/22/1910 died in Oregon on 5/12/1993. John: 2/11/1912-died Sacramento 3/1994. Thor: 9/1914-died Vancouver, BC in the 1990's. and finally Sigridur (Sigga) born 5/24/1918. Tobba had one son: Douglas Burns 1947-died in Hawaii in the '90s, John had no children. Thor had 4 Girls, ...redacted....

Two stayed in the Blaine/Cresent/White Rock area. Andres (Andy) and Charlie.

My mother also has a copy of a "Family Tree" made for Leona Henrietta Oddstad for her birthday. Redacted...

This "family tree" shows her father Andres Fjeldsted Oddstad as being born on 8/17/1887 in Kalastadarkoti, Iceland and her mother Stephanie Ingebjorg Maria (Stoneson) Oddstad as being born
in Winnipeg on 8/23/1889. Hope this helps. This tree takes the Oddstad side back to mid 1700's and the Stoneson side back to 1832

Have related immediate family then
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