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Bar 49 Title Bar 49 Ranch Patch

Quite amazing that Roy found this photo of himself (On the left, in the right side of the photo, looking at the camera, is myself.) at a PDF page about the Bar 49 Summer cap for Boys & Girls.

Mom had separated from dad and to get me out of her hair, Ed Keith was kind enough to have me stay up there a couple springs, once before it opened for summers activity, as there was few there. I stayed in an A-Frame with another boy. Think it slept 6.
One or two times during height of summer. While my memories are vague, it was a highlight of my childhood. I did not cope well with other children. Or should I say it was the other way around. In Elementary school I was made fun of. If I recall right, the kids here all treated me as just another kid at summer camp.

I remember once when a horse tied near the side of the barn, it kicked in a few panels with it's hind leg.

Walking along a path in front of some building during the hot summer dusk, bats would be flying about our heads.

I stayed in the A-Frame cabin. Minimal, yet better than sleeping on the ground.

Took up my Captain Satellite autographed photo and probably stupidly traded it away. I did trade my Jolly Rancher bars for a Blue bellied lizard. My dad made me leave or release it, and I threw a temper tantrum. He put in the back seat of his Lincoln Continental, and off we went.

Another time, I was taken over to the horse trough for swearing, and my mouth washed out with soap. Maybe not politically correct now, but it did me no harm. I never swore in public, even if mad. Once, had to eat all my potatoe pancakes in order to have some chocolate pudding in the Messa Hall at the top of the hill above the pool..

I do not seem to remember much else, Might have been about 1965 to 1967

Never got to thank Ed
for being such
a good neighbor,
and friend to my parents

Photo was very over-exposed and dark
Open 12" Retouched Enlargement
Circa 1967

When I found this undeveloped negative, it brought back a lot of memories
Here I am running up the hill towards the Mess Hall (Lodge) to greet my dad.
He had probably left me a couple weeks to go sell property at Lake Comanche.

Behind left is the pool and center is the flag pole. Do not recall who I was hanging with there in right side of photo, probably watching for gophers. In the far distance is where I slept. I believe this was before camp opened to all the other kids.

I do have a very vivid recollection of the Sadie Hawkins? day race.
All the boys were lined up where I am running to (along the Lodge, facing the pool).

Behind us were all the girls.

Think they fired a starter pistol and we boys all ran to the far trees here. Well, I bee-lined for the buildings to the left here. I ran into the first counselors room and hid under the cot. Ed Keith happen to be sitting on the cot above me, and talking with another fellow. I remember getting caught and getting married. U know, the last thing a boy wants is anything to do with a girl, let alone marry her. Or perhaps it was some Promise notice. I always wondered if it was her (Ed's daughter) that caught me?

We have dozens of photos of Ed´s daughter, myself, and my sister, and friends at my sister's birthday parties. Some of her brother.

About 6 - 9 years ago, we were on my first trip up to the wine country. Instead of calling when I found the Keith's winery on a wine tour map, I thought it would be a quick trip over the hill. Boy was I wrong. I took some side road along a ravine and it took forever. I drove my mother, aunt and uncle right past the Catacula Lake Winery, which Ed owned, and never got to thank Ed for beng such a good neighbor and friend to my parents. And my time at the Bar 49. I kept the patch all those years. The Bar 49 became the Catacula Lake Winery. I recognized the pond and raft in the middle across from the winery, but the driveway turned steeply up and to the right, and I should have stopped. I felt bad for my relatives, did not backtrack, as I would have easily seen driveway going south. Continued north on the right side of the valley and back downtown Napa, and on home. While my relatives were kind about the whole time driving, I learned a valuable lesson. Call ahead...people are busy!

4275 IMG_4275_SCAN
I believe this is Ed and his wife at their new home
possibly on Ridgewood way.
My dad being part of Christopherson & Sons Realty
possibly sold them the house.
4275 IMG_4275_SCAN
Blow up of couple in above photo. Sure looks like Ed and his wife to me, and now I realize they were neighbors just a few blocks or less from each other.
L-R: Pauline Christopherson (mom), Irene and Jack Rainey (next door neighbors),
opposite (right back) is Ed Keith, his wife and Ted (dad)

Other personal photos of my family with some of the Keith family,
2658 Ed cooking

Ed Keith passes away

Winery for sale


PDF from above which has one persons great meories of the Bar 49 along with great photos.

Thank You Ed Keith

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