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The purpose of this page to to hold "research" regarding the Slimmons family.
It is the process of Roy doing a genealogy search trying to go beyond current family members.
It gets boring so feel free to pass onto more exotic finds within Previous research will not be posted.

Isabella Slimmons. Born 1835, in Ireland (Her gravestone shows New York; Source: 1880 United States Federal Census, Church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints, Isabella died 1865.
Update: There is No gravestone for Isabella.
Isabella was married to William Stewart TAYLOR. Their daughter Susie TAYLOR Briem wrote the tree out for her nephew Percival and wrote this"9 William Stewart your grandfather Isabella Slimmons his wife ". Now Susie was the youngest and probably did not even know her mother, yet, would one not think she knew who to spell her own mother's name?
Father was "John Slimmons of C.W." was Irish along with his daughter Isabella or Belle.
Citation: Carol Dawn Christopherson Jarvie, From multiple letters from Lila and Kjartan.
UPDATE: MAR 2012: Reference to C.W. equals Kingston C. W. [Canada West]
Roy now believes Isabella and John's last name was SLEMAN due to Percival's birth certificate

Also buried in this lot but not memorialized is:
Isabella Taylor, born in N.Y. State, died in Kingston on 12 Jun 1865 at age 30 of Consumption.
She was married.

see July 26, 2012 Taylor RnD
This would mean Isabella was born in N.Y. in 1835, not Ireland, if the cemetery records are correct..

Married William Stewart Taylor on 15 Aug 1851 or 02 Apr 1867 (no citation).
If 1851, they would be in Peterbourough, ONT, Canada at the time.

A.K.A.: Isabella Slimmons Taylor, Isabella Sleaman, Isabella Slemins, Belle.

Williams brother was John Taylor. Sons of Richard Taylor.

WHILE THE MAJORITY of Roy's family is Icelandic, Isabella makes us IRISH too!
Any of the family under Caroline Taylor and Sigurdur have Irish bloodline.
Irish Icon

Vern Austman added this on 12 Aug 2008
His wife died of tuberculosis in 1865 when the children were young.

WIKI: Tuberculosis or TB (short for tubercles bacillus) is a common and often deadly infectious disease caused by various strains of mycobacteria, usually Mycobacterium tuberculosis in humans.[1]
Tuberculosis usually attacks the lungs but can also affect other parts of the body. It is spread through the air when people who have the disease cough, sneeze, or spit.[2] Most infections in humans
result in an asymptomatic, latent infection, and about one in ten latent infections eventually progresses to active disease, which, if left untreated, kills more than 50% of its victims.

The classic symptoms are a chronic cough with blood-tinged sputum, fever, night sweats, and weight loss (the last giving rise to the formerly prevalent colloquial term "consumption"). Infection of other organs causes a wide range of symptoms.
One third of the world's population is thought to be infected with M. tuberculosis,[3][4] and new infections occur at a rate of about one per second.[5]

Isabella died leaving 5 young daughters, who eventually went to live with their uncle John Taylor.


RnD done on 6th of JULY 2011

Another confirmation on the name of Slimmons, as in Isabella Slimmons Taylor. In a letter from Donna Skardal to Carrie & Luke Humber,
she says "It is the Irish Santa...stands on my desk in honor of my great great grandmother Isabella Slimmons Taylor (Caroline's mother).
I want to find out more about her..."
C.B.M. Collection 2011 Letters to Ytranes Pg. 61, paragraph 3.

Roy now believes the last name seemed to vary due to it being changed in the past.

Links Roy is working with

Page 2 Peel Twp. Sub-dist. #31

See previous page
Watson, Winnifred
Edmonds, Harry
Watson, John
Watson, Elizabeth
Slimmon, John
Slimmon, Susan
Slimmon, Jean
Slimmon, John W.
Slimmon, James W.
Slimmon, Maggie
Slimmon, Pearl F.?
Slimmon, Gladys
Slimmon, Mary
Slimmon, Agnes
Slimmon, Kenneth

04/27/2010 Bruce Costello to Roy

"I recall a website for John Taylor that stated he was a 'Scottish  Minister'. 
Taylor is a common name in Scotland as in England. Nonethess, there may well be some Irish connection there.

One of the things either cousin Carrie or her husband Luke Humber told me was that ggm Caroline had an
Irish Grandfather and that he got in trouble in Canada for being an agent for the Irish during the Fenian
incident c. 1866/67
. Thus the family had to leave Ontario and go to Michigan, and the Grandfather lost
his small steel mill. No way to verify this though. * I did get one thing hand-made by William Taylor;
a little wooden shelf, which I subsequently passed on to my niece Colleen as a family heirloom." -BC
Amazing how an overlooked email may yield a tip. There are [10] pages on Google about this incident. Look for John.
I think "Foundry" was mentioned about John Slimmon, Roy

The Fenian Raid and Battle of Ridgeway June 1-3, 1866
The above URL gives some background on Fenian. Following up on Bruce's tip, Roy is searching Fenian and John ... Slemins or Slimmons "...Although James Stephens proclaimed that Irish independence was more important than the forced restoration of the American Union
and should take precedence among Irish-born Americans, the Fenians were enthusiastic
about Irish participation in the war. They suppressed their desire to come to grips with Britain because they believed that
participation in the Civil War would season them for the great test to come with England...."

11/13/2011 8:56 PM
Bruce Costello to Roy
Good detective work. Did your source say where Isabella was born, or her father?
This links to the Arundel archivist. A phone and email address are provided;

JAN 18, 2012, Roy finds this of great interest based on Bruce's memory. Here we have William Taylor, 'a grandson of an English
Gentleman' marrying a daughter of John, who many have been expelled from Canada for involvement in "The Fenian Brotherhood",
Irish, born in Ireland.

Excerpt of E-Mail to relatives from Roy
"William [Stewart] Taylor's branch goes to England, which stops with his grandfather; George Taylor [of Bristol ENG].
William's wife goes to Ireland (Isabella) and I found Michael Coney's tree which had many family listed.
I never did find him or his connection. I believe Richard Taylor, father of John and William,
that his mother-in-law was possibly a Jane LESLIE Jones of Scottish Nobility [Possibly connected to the family in Leslie Castle].
It is said that William Taylor was born at the Arundel castle, while his mother was visiting family
after having been ex-communicated, and a relative of the then Duke of Norfolk, which were based near Bristol.
Caroline Taylor considered herself a Scotswoman, according to Bruce and Lorie's mother, Lil,
all posted online, and perhaps your relative, Jane TAYLOR Hearn did also.
I contacted the castle and they wanted more information. According to Mary Hearn,
William was born there before 1831, "William and his mother returned to Barbados in 1830 or 1831."

...redacted... MRS. TAYLOR -- her name may have been Jane --- is said to have been a big hthe youngest was Wm. Taylor, my Grandfather. He is said to have been born in Arundel Castle, the home of the Duke of Norfolk, where Mrs. Taylor [Jane] had gone on account of her health and not climate. .. . End excerpt
Just found info on Richard L. Hearn and an Alfred Hearn which matched a son.
December 04, 2011, Hot on the trail of the Slimmons family again having come across Bruce's comments.
The site below mentions a few and coorborates the mix up in the name.
This would explain why Sig and Hank were writing variations.
Forum talking about the name variations and people Roy will research [1]

12/07/2011: spoke to Hank Christopherson this morning. Notes on Barbados;
Taylors, Bridgetown, raised Surgar cane. Had many slaves and released them before to emancipation. He visited Bridgetown,
Barbados with a New York couple. Looked through the Phone Book, many descended worked for the Taylors. Visited Bridgetown for three days.
Twice in the Museum, where the bindings on the books were so old they were rotting away. In the book, many sent to Barbados had committed crimes,
Englishmen and Scots and their punishment was to serve as a White slave.

On Williams page is mention that he was born in Arundel Castle. Roy has yet to find proof, however, there are many indications that he
may have. He was born in England and the other siblings in Barbados. Visit the new Census page.

Here is a page on Arundel castle. At the bottom is mention of Sue who would undertake research for a donation (2nd link)
Would be cool to have her look up Jane Jones, or whomever was William Stuart taylor's mother to verify birth in the castle.
Alas, Roy has no funds for such a thing.

Gimli Community Cemetery
While Roy has no kin there "to his knowledge", since this is where Sigurdur 1st settler, posting the link for future reference.
Hold on, possibly Jonina Arason...

Roy to Matthew Christopherson...
Happy Saint Patrick's Day family and cousins,

    You now have more reason to celebrate this day, since not only are
    we about 50% Celtic (pronounced Keltic) from our Icelandic side via
    Viking Age and before, but also only as far back as our 2nd Great
    Grandmother Isabella Slimmons [a.k.a. Isabella Sleaman, Elizabeth,
    Isabella Slemins], wife of William Taylor, and mother of Caroline

    A document by a Hearn (related by marriage) confirms all this,
    "WILLIAM TAYLOR - married a young Irish woman named Slemins,
    [Isabelle Slimmons] she had probably come out from Ireland during
    the time of the famines; [C.W.= 'Canada West', Daughter? of John Slimmons]
    she was young and bright and red headed.
    Isabella said such things as "men are either cross or crazy".
    End Page 4 of 6"

From what little information passed down within the family, it seems that Isabella was born in New York in 1835, this would mean her father had left Ireland before the 1840s.

Cousin Greg Keller posted this link to the Potatoe Famine in Ireland, or as this website points out, the deliberate starvation of the Irish by the English. This webmaster has yet read over the link's content.

Looking over IMG_3677 Taylor Family Tree, Roy spots Wm. Taylor married ? Slemins. SLEMINS
Chief Constable Charles SLEMIN of the Brantford Police Force . Relation?

Fenian Brotherhood Commemoration

Press Release

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usYou are invited to attend a commemoration in honour of the founder of the Fenian Brotherhood, John O’Mahony, which will take place on the 28th May 2006 at 2pm by his grave in Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin. 

Click photo to view - image from >>here

The commemoration is organised to coincide with the 130th anniversary of the first Fenian Raids on Canada in which several Irish patriots died for the cause of Irish freedom. It will also recall all the members of the Fenian Brotherhood, Irish Republican Brotherhood and Clan na nGael who died in the many actions in Ireland and England in their fight against English Crown Forces. The main speaker of the day will be Tommy McKearney, a former IRA Hunger-striker who will give an oration on the brutal prison conditions that Fenians had to endure under English rule. Several noted Fenian leaders died from the severity of the conditions imposed, while others were murdered in their cells after long incarcerations. Amongst those killed were the famous Edward Duffy, the young Fenian martyr James Cody, William Meagher, Richard J. Stowell along with Fenian commanders John Lynch and Brian Dillion from Cork, to mention a few. The commemoration will also remembers Fenians such as Captain Mackey as well as his brother and also John Fleming who died trying to blow up London Bridge, along with Stephen O’Donoghue and Thomas Farrell who died fighting near Tallagh during the Fenian Rising. John O’Mahony who had taken part in the 1848 Rising along with John Mitchel and James Stephens, was exiled first to France and then to the US. He founded the Fenian Brotherhood in 1860 with the object of freeing Ireland; naming it after the army of the great heroic cycle of Finn mac Cumhaill and the Fianna. He became a Colonel in the 69th Regiment during the American Civil War and during that period expanded the Fenian Brotherhood in the US to over a 100,000 men. With the failure of the Irish Republican Brotherhood to rise in 1865, O’Mahony helped organise the first Fenian invasion into Canada in an attempt to provoke the English into war with the US. He eventually died the following year in 1897 and his body was returned home to Ireland to be buried in Glasnevin. While the most famous Fenians of the period were the Manchester martyrs, whose song ‘God Save Ireland’ was the Irish national anthem till the writing of Amhran na bhFíann, there were hundreds of other Fenians such as Thomas Clarke, Charles J. Kickham, O’Donavan Rossa etc, who were the inspirational force that kept the Fenian spirit alive for another generation, eventually helping to inspire the 1916 rising. A booklet of 33 rare Fenian poems/ballads, written by martyrs such as Brian Dillion, Charles J. Kickham and O’Donavan Rossa is available to purchase as part of the fundraising for the commemoration and can be attained for €5. Look forward to seeing you there on the day.

Organised by Craobh Gál Gréine
Irish Cultural Society 


The Irish Republican Brotherhood, 1882-1907

Young Irelander Rebellion of 1848.

Roy has not found any connection to the Fenians. Also Bruce said Agent, so possible he left before being murdered by the British, clad in irons then killed off, or high enough in the Fenians to become publicized.

Roy has found another Captain.
Capt. William Taylor was born (date unknown).
Spouse: Elizabeth Hamilton. Elizabeth Hamilton and Capt. William Taylor were married . Children were: Hannah Taylor, Catharine Taylor, Dorcas Taylor, Mary Ellen Taylor, Margaret Jane Taylor, George W. Taylor, William H. Taylor.

Cell for Miss Erin A cartoon from 1887 by John Fergus O'Hea - Weekly Freeman, July 1887 to mark the occasion of Queen Victoria's golden jubilee. After eighty seven years since the Act of Union, Ireland was said to be "distracted, disloyal and impoverished." ."

JUNE 22, 2012
Roy had the following under Caroline Taylor's data file which he rediscovered while looking at her sisters connection to the Hearn family.
Roy is now unable to locate this record.

this might be a lead
Canadian Genealogy Index, 1600s-1900s Canadian Genealogy Index, 1600s-1900s
Name: Susan Slimmons
Event: Married
Province: Ontario
County: Frontenac
Place: Kingston
Source: William D. Reid, Marriage Notices of Ontario, Hunterdon House, Lambertville, NJ, 1980.
Volume_Page: 210
Note: The province and county are associated with the location of the record source and in some cases may not be the same as the place where the event occured.
Source Information:
Genealogical Research Library, Ontario, Canada. Canadian Genealogy Index, 1600s-1900s [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2005.
Original data: Compiled from various family history sources. See source information provided with each entry.

From Bruce Costello 06/24/2011
I know from my own surname "Costello" that Irish names often have unusual origins and many variations in spelling.
For example, in Ireland one finds "Costello2, MacCostello, O'Costello, Castillo" and so on.

Here's what I found after a brief search on the name Slimmons:
(Surname database: URL -

This most interesting and unusual surname has two possible derivations. Firstly, it may be of Old Scandinavian origin, from the Old Norse "slaegr", Middle English "sligh", skilful, clever,
cunning, expert, and was most probably a nickname denoting someone who was cunning or crafty, with the Olde English suffix "mann", man, hence "slighman", a crafty man. Secondly,
the surname may be of early medieval English origin, from the Middle English "sleze, sleye, slay(e)", an instrument used in weaving to beat up the weft, a weaver's reed or shuttle, and
the suffix "mann", and may have been an occupational name for a maker or user of the instrument. Hence, the surname is a variant of a name deriving from either of these two sources.
Other surnames from this source include Sleemmonds, Sliman, Slimming, Slimmon, Sleeman, Slyman, and Slemming. The surname first appears in the late 13th Century (see below),
while Auicia Scleyman is recorded in 1327 in the Subsidy Rolls of Cornwall. One Thomas Sleman, of St. Hillary, aged 18 yrs., was one of the early settlers in St. Christopher's, the Barbadoes,
having embarked from Plymouth in March 1633. John Slyman married Elnor Stenlake on January 20th 1553 at Modbury in Devonshire, while Anna Slimon, daughter of John and Ann Slimon
was christened on April 24th 1703 at St. George's, Shillingford in Devonshire. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Thomas Sleman, which was dated 1277,
in the "Court Rolls of the Manor of Wakefield", Yorkshire, during the reign of King Edward 1, known as "The Hammer of the Scots", 1272 - 1307. Surnames became necessary when
governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

Read more:

Another name which for some reason sticks out at Roy during searches is Ms. Hanna Hoiles. Not sure why.

Aug 1, 2012
Researching Isabella's Father, John Slimmons or Sleaman

both the Fenian Brotherhood and Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB), were fraternal organisations dedicated to the establishment of an independent Irish Republic in the 19th and early 20th century.
named the American wing of the movement after the Fianna

Fianna (singular fian) in English Finn McCool, were small, semi-independent warrior bands in Irish mythology and Scottish mythology, most notably in the stories of the Fenian Cycle, where they are led by Fionn mac Cumhaill.
War cry and mottos The Diord Fionn was the war-cry of the Fianna

Search: "William Slimmons" and fenian and ireland -simmons
"John Slimmons" and fenian and ireland -simmons
John Slimmon and fenian -salmon
No Hits

William SLEMAN and fenian -salmon: lots of hits now are any a match? NO MATCH

John SLEMAN and Isabella and fenian -salmon
M a y,1 2 19 3 6
A banquet win be held tomorrow
night la Drummond Hill Presbyterian church ball given by the Young
Women's sectional of the Niagara district Presbyterlal church. The speakers will be Miss Armstrong, president
of the Hamilton Presbyterlal. Mrs.
John Taylor, Young Women's secretary for the Hamilton Presbyteral and
Mrs. Daniel Strachan, of Toronto,
treasurer of the Women's Missionary
Seems one in the family was named Armstrong. Believe it was a married name, not maiden. Delete upon confirmation.

Interesting, in ...thfs redacted...has William, not John as the father of Isabella
Yesterday, in Cork, at the funeral of Mr.
James Mountain, who is supposed to have been
prominent in the Fenian organization, » procession ot over 8,000 men and women followed the
remains to the cemetery. Mr. Mountain formerly resided in the United States, and was a delegate to the Fenian Convention in Chicago in November, 1868.
source: New York NY Evening Express 1868-1869 - Old Fulton History

Age: 39 Date of Arrival (YYYY/MM/DD) : 1898/05/06
Port of Arrival: Quebec, Quebec; Montreal, Quebec
Reference: RG 76 Microfilm: C-4541 .
View Image
View Section of Image at

Search: John SLEMAN and Isabelle and fenian -salmon
Just downloaded
To the Fenian Brotherhood of America of icial Report of the Investigating Committee of the Department of Manhattan, Fenian Brotherhood

First term searched on
Title: Troublous Times in Canada A History of the Fenian Raids of 1866 and 1870
EXCERPT: "...For some time previous to the year 1865 the leader of the revolutionary movement in Ireland was James Stephens. He was a man of considerable
influence among his compatriots, possessed of good executive ability, and had great capacity for organization along revolutionary lines. Being an energetic worker
and a forcible speaker, he quickly enlisted the cooperation of other "patriots" in promoting the establishment of the Fenian Brotherhood, of which he was chosen
the "Head Centre" for Ireland...."

Where was Isabella's father during the period of the Fenian Raids?

"Between 1866 and 1870, the Fenians launched attacks in New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario. Most of these were successfully repulsed by combinations of
British regular troops and Canadian militia, except for the Battle of Ridgeway in 1866 on the Niagara frontier where General John O’Neill, civil war veteran,
staged a successful two-day operation. He then withdrew to Buffalo, having served his goal of undermining Canadian military defences and self-confidence.
This same O’Neill turned up in 1871 in Pembina as a supporter of W. B. O’Donoghue...."
"...After the war [American Civil War] finished in 1864, many of these experienced veterans [Irish immigrant men] were unemployed...."
"...In the United States, the Irish Fenians were perceived as heroes pursuing a republican dream for their homeland...."
"...The British Government (when dealing with Fenian activities in Ireland and England), and consequently the Canadian Government, considered them traitors, even though they were naturalized Americans and no longer British, and many were charged with treason...."

We have 1866 to 1871 above for Raids that might have lead to Isabella's father having his Foundry taken for involvment with the Fenians, and leaving for USA. She was born in NY,
that would have given him a wider knowledge and connections. He was Irish, which supports the family stories of Fenian connection.
In 1866, Isabella would have been 31, she died at 30 and married with 5 young girls.

For idea of what products this Foundry might have made, visit this page of another foundry in Kingston.

Excerpts from the Book "The Fenian Brotherhood Of America OFFICAL REPORT Of The INVESTIGATING COMMITTEE

published by Forgotten
Debacle of Campo Bello Island
(Page56 - 57*)
I was employed by B. D. Killian to be ready at all times to transport, men, arms, "c., and for which I was to receive $10per day. This pay for the use of my
schooner, one. man and myself. I was paid up to the 18th of April. Then 1^. Killian left and I received orders at headquarters from Mr. P. A. Sinnott and others to
continue and be prepared to transport some men and provisions to Lubeck. I got ready, and on the night of April 22d, fifty to sixty men came down the wharf with
several cases of muskets. When I saw this I Jumpedon the wharf and refused to go.
At this time it was a dead calm. A pistol was put to my head, and I was forced on board.

The men put the muskets, provisions,"c., on board, then ordered me to steer for the island of Campo Bello. I endeavored to comply, but there being no wind we
drifted towards the British fleet, at anchor a few miles below. The men kept below and remained very quiet. We drifted past the British fleet, but so close to them
that the watch on deck could look down on us and see everything on the deck of my schooner. This was a trying moment for the brave men below, and, although my
schooner was forced into this service, I made up my mind to sink with them before I would be captured by the English fleet. After we had drifted past, I observed more
English vessels a distance below. Not wishing to run any unnecessary risk, I went below and consulted with the men. They concluded that it was best to get over into
American waters. I got one of the men on deck, and we used three sweeps and pulled
until we got out of British waters.
We then ran to Allan's Island. The men sulted conamong each other and they determined to capture Campo Bellofif every man
should lose his life in the attempt. We then sailed from Allan's Island with a fair wind, but was soon apprised that the English war boats were in pursuit of us.
We then strained every nerve to keep ahead, but they gained on us rapidly. After we had rounded a point of land we saw a large schooner under full sail coming up the
bay. The men ordered me to lay along side of her. I did so. They sprang on board.

revolvers in hand,,and captured the schooner. I then asked them to let me depart, but I was told to get on board the large schooner, I refused. A
pistol was put to my breast. I had to obey.
Some men went on board of my schooner and sunk her, I could not tell why they sunk her but afterwards I saw it was to deceive the British
boats in pursuit of U3, for they passed us and hailed the man at the wheel and asked if he saw a small schooner going towards Campo Bello. He
said yes; she had Just rounded a point of land two miles below. They passed on; we put on all canvas and made for the American side, where we
arrived safe, saving arms, provisions, "c. My statement will be vouched for by all the men, I worked 13 days at $10 per day, forwhich I received but
$20 leaving $110 due me at present. I lost my schooner, which cost me $500,which was every dollar I was worth in the world.
I am now without a dollar to pay my way home, nor have I anything to support my family. I now come to you, asking you to consider my embarrassment
and remunerate me for the loss of my vessel.
Owner of the Schooner,"Two Friends,"

New York Irish Republic (Fenian Brotherhood) as found in the April 1866...Fenian headquarters (Moffatt Mansion) Union Square, New York PG 22

At the Convention of the Fenian Brotherhood of the Department of Kanhatten represented by the officers of 132 circles of the said Department, held at their Hall,
8U Broadway, April 29, 1866."
(Ten men were chosen as a committee to investigate the Jenian Government at Moffat Mansion on Union Square. The ten men
gave the following report.)
"Brothers your Committe appointed to examine into the affairs of the F. B,, as conducted at Headqiiarters, 32 East 17th street, would most respectfullyreport, that
after a diligent inquiry and searching investigation, they find that the general
(page 48)
administration of affairs has been conducted in a most reckless and criminal manner."

"I never heard of the Campo Bello movement until it took place. The Campo Bello or any other Canadian movements
were not discussed or alluded to at the Military Convention of which I was the chairman, % plan was to dispatch one vessel
to the north, commanded by myself, to the north of Ireland, and the H. C. was to go to another point in Ireland
in a second vessel both to be supplied with plenty of arms.
" (GeneralMullen new talks about the Central Council)"
"I sent a requisition for $39,000? to carry out this plan, but I never heard from it again. 'Mr. Killian tried to be Secretary
of War as well as Secretary of the Treasury. '
The Central Council also tried their hands at military matters. I then sent in my resignation as Secretary of War
of the F. B.." --General Mullen then presented to the Committee a copy of his letter of resignation."
PG 6 The book appears to be a collection of documents

1st Nat.
2nd Nat.
3rd Nat.
4th Nat.

Military Convention

5th Nat.
6th Hat.
7th Nat.
8th Nat.
9th Nat.
10th Nat.
11th Nat.

Nov. 3, 1863
Jan. 17, 1865
Oct. 18, 1865
Jan, 2, 1866

Feb. 22, 1866
Feb. 27, 1867
Aug. 21, 1867
Aug, 24, 1868
Aug, 25, 1869
Aug. 30, 1870
Ifer.21, 1871
Aug. 20, 1872

Chicago, ILL.
Cincinnati, Ohlo
Hilladelphia, Pa,
New York, N.Y.
New York, N.Y.

TO DATE there is absolutely no connection to the Fenians other than a remark in a written personal paper.

A search for Slimmon(s), Sleaman or Sliman does not show any hits.
Could John or William Simmons/Sleaman gone to the US not due to being pushed out by Canada, but to support the Manhattan branch?

This might be where multiple names happen. We do not know exactly what the Slimmons family names was.
On this page, possilbly Veiga, wrote out the following that it was Isabella's brother that had the foundry and wealthy. Also reference to a John that Caroline played with.

SEPT 1 2013
Found this

Name: John Slimmon
Birth Year: abt 1814
Arrival Year: 1871
Arrival Place: Ontario, Canada
Age: 57
Source Publication Code: 1823.33
Primary Immigrant: Slimmon, John
Annotation: Date and place of census. Census records extracted from microfilms at the National Archives of Canada. Sex of the immigrant, place of birth, religion, ethnicity, occupation, and district, subdistrict, division, and page number of record in census are also
Source Bibliography: ELLIOTT, BRUCE S. Index to the 1871 Census of Ontario: Wellington. Toronto: Ontario Genealogical Society, 1989, 284p.
Page: 240

Email sent to Nelson Gerrard;
Reading Ryan's PDF on Caroline's letters has been very interesting. I am researching the Fenian sabotage of the Welland Canal.  A new angle I am taking from reading the letters is...possible Caroline knew nothing of her mother, Isabella. That due to possible connection with this group, William and John both hid the truth. Yet, the bigger question is why did William, one who admired his older brother John, marry an Irish gal with a father involved in that group? Perhaps once again, love triumphs over all?

To date I have found nothing but Isabella's grave. I plan to dig [pun not intended] into her death cert and go from there. Percival Hearn's birth cert lists "Slemins", not Slimmons. Perhaps means nothing.
UPDATE: See 1851-1861 Census - Cousins Tour 2014

I now believe Caroline's GGM, Richard Taylor's mother-in-law was 'first name' LESLIE Jones. No proof yet.

Jan 12, 2013
Researching Florence meryman Ballard, came across Tim Dowlings site with 500K of names, including the Howard family.
Go back and see if Jane Jones is found in his db.;pz=timothy+michael;nz=dowling;ocz=0;p=margaret;n=howard;oc=5
a Jane Jones found

Good listing of publications on Ontario. One of these books in the libraries might have Isabella's father mentioned with his Steel Mill. Covers the Irish families in Canada,
which outnumbered the English and Scots.

Fenian Raid on Canada, June 1866 Links to Free Primary Material Downloads by Webmaster, Author Peter Vronsky

These are transcriptions from book. Not exact due to OCR. I believe Taylors married into the Leslie family.
1313. Chancel, north wall. White marble on black : —
IN MEMOEiAM | Eev. WILLIAM LESLIE | fiest eectoe 1G53— 1676 |
Ceest below. — A griffin's head., the wings addorsed.

[IN MEMORIAM? | Rev. WILLIAM LESLIE | first Rector...
Crest below...

FEB 2014
Feb. 16 (Died) Suddenly in the night of Sunday or early on Monday morning last, James Bascom, Esq., of the of St. Thomas, aged 72. He retired to rest without complaining uf indisposition, and was discovered in the do CARIBBEANA. morning to have paid the debt of nature, without a feature having the appearance of distortion. In St. Michael'-s, Thomas B. Jones, Esq.

Mar. 9 (Married) At Surinam, on the 18th ult.. by the Kev. R. Austin, Brigade Chaplain, Major Brabazou Dean Yernor of the 16th Regiment, to Helen, eldest daughter of Hannond Bond, Es()., County of Cork, and relict of John Brown, Esq., son of the late hon. John Brown of Elm. Hall, County of Mayo. (Died) .At the Garrison of St. Ann's, I/ieut. Smith of the 2nd Battalion GUth rej;iment, and his remain.s were interred yesterday moi-ning at St. Michael's Church with military etiquette, numerously attended by the officers and Companies of this regiment; this morning, Mrs. Taylor, v,-ife of John Tavlor, .lunr , Esq., of this town.

1809. Feb. 18 Killed (attack on Martinicjiie by His Excellency Lieut. -General Beck- with and Rear-Admiral Sir Alex. Coeln-ane) : Capt. Taylor, 7th Rci^iment, Ag.-Dep. Quarter-Master-General ; Major Maxwell, Sth Regiment ; and Capt. Sinclair, 25th Rei^imeut (Light Battalion).


Nov 16, 2014 - Cousins Tour 2014
After 4 months, ans 9,000 miles traveling across Oregon, Canada, Iceland, and upper states to visit cousins and graves, finally posting findings.The Taylor/Slimmons branch was of particular importance. Have made it my goal in life to finding as many family members as possible.
The discoveries made could fill a book. For now will post most important ones here on our family website.
Yet to find anything on Isabella's family. An 1851 census did show Williams family, location of farrm in Portland, Ontario, and three babies who died young.
Found possibly her father, yet no conclusive connections yet. Scouring many books covering last 150 years, found NO connection of the Slimmons to Fenians. Still, family lore paints a picture that Isabella's father was involved.
Reading over the indexes to "Historic Kingston, Vols. 26 to 33 1978 to 1985, saw no reason to go further. Did have reference of page 31 Riel Rebellions, 28 : 70 (Finians). And Riel Louise 29 : 102. No Slimmons or matching Taylors.

According to Cararaqui cemetery history, many immigrants (Irish) were buried in mass graves at Kingston waterfront. Possible Isabella has no gravestone for this reason. Not posting an Irish name, as many ignorantly thought gasses could escape. UPDATE: Isabelle has no gravestone, nor does the cemetery know 'exactly' where she is buried. She is near her In-laws, and babys. No reason was given why no headstone. Only her immediate family would have known.

Tangible evidence

Found Isabelle had more children. Upon visiting Caroline's grandparents graves in Kingston, found Martha, Richard, and Fanny.
1. Elizabeth Mehetabel TAYLOR Carpenter (3) 1851 - 1913
Anna TAYLOR Ballard JAN 12, 1854-FEB 27, 1894, age 40
3. Caroline ''Carrie" TAYLOR Christopherson 1856 - 1923
4. baby Martha Taylor 1858 Kingston, d.Mar 6, 1863 age5
4. baby Richard TAYLOR 1858 Kingston, d.Jul 6 1863 a5, S.Fever
5. baby Fanny Taylor b.about 1859 - d. bef 1861
6. Jane TAYLOR Hearn (2) 1860 - 1929
7. Susanna TAYLOR Briem MAR 12 1861 [33] - 1938

Burial record on GGGM. Note, she is listed as Isabelle as opposed to Isabella! Still nothing on

APR 2015 Search at this Irish Search engine for John, Isabelle/Isabella Slimmons/Sleaman found nothing.


We know so little about her. I met with the people at their cemetery.
One of Roy's goal (when I could afford it) is to place a Headstone on Isabella, baby Martha, and Baby Richard's graves.
There are none there now, and nobody knows why. One hypothesis is, they were Irish, yet there are many Irish buried in Canada.
Have not found her birth, or death record. The info on this Index Card could be incorrrect.

Reading over copy of the Life & Times of William S. Taylor, Roy spots that Isabella's father is John Slimmons, and Isabella's brother might have been
This newspaper account is on a John Slimmons in Oregon in 1903. Keep in case of comparision needed. Source. TXT.

s175 Wellington
Sleeman W H, mason, 158 Fron- tenac
Sleeth James, 304 Johnston
Sleeth Samuel, bds 70 Princess
Slimmons John, fireman, 17 Source.

Interesting take on the Duke of Norfolk linage

"Then duke or cousin" would be 12th Duke, yet he had no daughters. Check his siblings.
Back at the 12th Duke of Norfolk (Peerage).

only son was 13th duke Henry Charles Howard, 13th Duke of Norfolk1 M, #9973, b. 12 August 1791, d. 18 February 1856
Children of Henry Charles Howard, 13th Duke of Norfolk and Lady Charlotte Sophia Leveson-Gower
Henry Granville Fitzalan-Howard, 14th Duke of Norfolk+1 b. 7 Nov 1815, d. 25 Nov 1860
Edward George Fitzalan-Howard, 1st Baron Howard of Glossop+1 b. 20 Jan 1818, d. 1 Dec 1883
Lady Mary Charlotte Howard+2 b. 13 Dec 1822, d. 8 Apr 1897
Lord Bernard Thomas Fitzalan-Howard1 b. 30 Dec 1825, d. 21 Dec 1846
Lady Adeliza Matilda Howard+1 b. 14 Aug 1829, d. 7 Feb 1904

British Forum. See what they have on Bristol.
Hmm, not any hits.

Let's try Newspapers.

I do keep coming back to this one
General Directory for the City of Kingston and Gazetteer of the Counties of Frontenac, Lennox and Addington for 1865.
Slimmons, William, foreman, Eagle Foundry, h Second, nr Stuart [we really are not 100% sure what his name was]
Which I found at the Kingston Library in an Index of a book.

Let us look for Eagle Foundry and see if any Irish involvement in 1866
John McKay's leather store -- Hither E. and A. Chown removed in 1847, and added hardware to their business. The "Eagle" foundry was then the property of John Owens. He sold to Hamilton & Duncan,
and the firm changed to Hamilton & Chown and then to E. Chown, he becoming a stove maker exclusively and A. Chown a hardware merchant. A. Chown's store on Bagot street, was the business office of Christie Miller's foundry, and E. Chown's store was that of John Horsey, one of the earliest and best tinsmiths in the city. Source
See not connection

8th. — Strike ended at shoe factory of C. M. Lee's Sons, Athol, the firm granting the demands of the pullers-on. Twenty-three employes of O. S. Currier, paper box manu- facturer, Haverhill, struck on refusal of firm to accept new price list; increase 20 per cent. About 75 molders of Lowell are on strike for a minimum wage rate of $2.50 per day, the abolition of piecework, and the recognition of the union card; affects Pevey Bros., Albert F. Nichols, Union Iron Foundry, and the Eagle Foundry Co.; Doherty Bros., em- ploying about 30 men, granted the demands of their employes. George M. Burnham, contractor, Springfield, granted carpenters a minimum wage of $2.50 per day, to take effect July 1. Wages advanced 11 per cent at the works of the Tremont Nail Co., Wareham.

According to this book which has details on this foundry, see no connection.

"Sleman William, mason, Princess
Slimmons John, stove mounter, Victoria Foundry" Source City of Kingston Page 85
Excellent history and boundries of Fontenac
"On the 27th of August, 1758, Colonel Bradstreet took possession, and from that date commenced the British rule" [This might explain why the Taylors settled here.]

June 2015: Irish parish lists in pdf. of no good, because 1861 census sais Isabella Taylor {slimmons?] was born in Ireland

Cousins Tour 2014
I vowed not to leave Canada without Isabella's death cert which might of had Elizabeth's maiden name. After 7 days in Kingston, I failed! Did find where they lived. Early history of when the Taylors arried in Kingston is needed. We also have relatives on Trinidad at one time. Island the eldest, Richard Taylor died on.
Came across a 'Slimmon, Tannis'. Since all spellings of our surname is Slimmons or Sleman, not contacting her to see if related. Plus she is not native to ontario.
During my trip in 2014 to Kingston Ontario Public library, found Slimmons family in old Directory books I took pictures of. one was "Slimmons, William, moulder, Jenkins' Lane" and Slimmons Mrs. 4 Earl St(1855 and 1857), Kingston. BOOK: "Kingston and District City Directory 1857", 917.?, pp 160
Mary (redacted) lists him as GF of Caroline Taylor. We know almost NOTHING about her family. Family lore states he owned a foundery, and forced out of Canada regarsing his relations to the Finian Brotherhood. He was born in Ireland, as possibly his daughter, Isabella SLIMMONS? Taylor was born there or New York in 1835.

Found this
Slimmons, William, foreman, Eagle Foundry, h Second, nr Stuart
Have no evidence his name was William. In fact, there are two different names in family trees.
Looking up Eagle, this would state William was not the owner, least not latee [?]
"The single largest engine foundry in British North America before 1838 was the Eagle Foundry of Montreal, founded by John Dod Ward in the fall of 1819 which manufactured 33 of the steam engines.". (Ref.)
[Eagle Foundry in Griffintown (now part of Montreal]

Target research dates: 1859-1865.

1865? Directory "Taylor, Wliiam S., carpenter, h Division nr Jenkins lane". If our william, he lived near Slimmons house. We have no history on William upon arrival toKingston, other than many sisters needing marrying off. Kingston (Kingstown) was formerly known as Cataraqui, where their parents were one of the first buried at same named cemetery. "Royal Fort Frontenac was captured in 1758". "Loyalists came 1860-1870". Citation: "Kingston Before the War of 1812", by Richard A. Preston. Pp:ix
1846 Kingston incorporates. 1846-48 wave of immigrants fleeing from Irish famine to Kingston. 1,400 die Typus, buried in common grave. Ref. Kingston Historical Society C4. William is said to have been born in Ireland. This means half of Carolines family makes us Irish.

1867 Directory, "Slimmons, Mrs. Rachael, h Earl cor Gordon (corner of?)
"Slimmon name on Earl named after Anne Earl...Cataraqui (meaning Rocks rising out of water), Iroquois name of settlement pre Fort Frontenac 1673.

Could this be the same Racheal in Frontenac County Census Index 1844-1861 Vol. 2, Kingston Public Library, BIN 929.371 copied by Roy 2014
Last name SLEMMONS, not Slimmons and her name differs. This william in an 1861 census was born 1832. Our Isabella was born 1830, so obviously not him. A brother perhaps, if census taker wrote name wrong?

From my notes: One goal is to place a gravemarker for GGGM Isabella. Perhaps doing fundraiser of 20-50$ donations. Would need $800-$1,100. Cataraqui Cemetery would need back care to 1850s for the 5 graves. Least would be $500-600. Simple marker for Isabella $500-600. Roy obtained corrected data on their Index Cards by Alison. Orig fron old ledgers. Ledger info from family, as they were pre-parlor days. 5 generations in Haliburton, Kingston. 1813 map shows Cataraqui now 'Villa de Kingston'. Could Richad Taylor's wifes last name have been Mehetable instead of it being a middle name?
By their graves "LUKE: LORD VANCOUVER PLANTED THIS TREE". Located top right of their graves. All this is being posted for future generations to visit their GGGM and GGGGparents graves at Cataraqui Cemetery. All this is thanks to Mary. Her children know who she is. They used chains to measure. 6 chains = 1 inch.

Ernestown where John Taylor and Eliza HAINES Taylor farmed was named after Ernest Augustus, King of Hanover. Portrait in 971.371, genealogy section.

I list a Victory Foundry, possibly seeking Slimmons. ref 920.014 by Edwin Horsey.

Elizabeth Mehetable Taylor death cert should be in Ernestown. Finding the holy grail, Barbados Hist soc phamplets over 100 years were incomplete at the libraries. Pay Barbados Archives for each scan of $5. Found lots owned by John and William. See Taylor RnD.

census on a william. keep, maybe son of william as too close 4o Isabella's dob

A Survey of Some Notable Sites in Cataraqui Cemetery By Paul R. King (PDF). No Taylors.

Possibly where Isabelle's father came from (Surname Map) . Has Slimmons and Sleaman. Humbug, requires big BUCKs. Does give the cities though. Too tire to go further