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Sigurdurs page

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Birth Date: abt 1849
Birth Place:
Death Date: 27 March 1921
Death Place: Crescent
Web address:http://search.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/sse.dll?db=brit

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Example: 1. Firstname Lastname, Title of Book (Place of publication: Publisher, Year of publication), page number.

12.Rural Municipality of Argyle, 'Come Into Our Heritage. R.M. Of Argyle 1882-1982 Centennial History of the Argyle' [Hardcover], 1982, page number 116, Also see Reports
As of Aug 2013, you may purchase the book here,
ARGYLE, R.M. 132 - 2nd Street North Box 40 Baldur, MB R0K 0B0
Phone: 204-535-2176 Fax: 204-535-2505
E-Mail: rmofargyle at inetbiz.ca (Just add in the @ between argyle and inetbiz) View office

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18. In-Person conversation with Hank Christopherson, son of Kjartan & Gudrun Christopherson

19. Roy Einar Christopherson, site webmaster, Great Grandson of Sigurdur & Caroline Christopherson.
If no Citation within text exists, it came from Roy or no Reference was cited, which he is trying to correct in 2013.

20. Living Westereng, Cousin

21. Living Bolick, Cousin

22. Living Jarvie, Cousin

23. Caroline's Diary; Carol Jarvie's daughter, Karen Jarvie, spent a great deal of time re-typing 100's of 'private' family letters retreived during Ytranes's clearing out.
NOTES: This was the first test page utilizing the Behavior 'openwindow'. Selected the photo, cut the previous Open in whole new window link, under TAG in Dreamweaver 8
clicked + under Behaviors then Open Browser Window, simply copied the link to enlarged version, typed in size from jpeg found on hard drive linking to and image #.. Much simpler than
images 3553 done in CSS which was way to complicated and Okay to use if only one photo.

24. Nonni Jonsson, Swan River Valley

25. Ed Fader, Ocean Park Newsletter, Surrey, B.C. Resident. Informed Roy of Ytranes and it's history.

26. Kormakur Hognason, Email dated 5/16/2012

27. by skitang6 on 11 Nov 2007 (wife of Sigurdur's Great Grandson, Roy's 1st cousin)

28. Originally found the 'Come into our Heritage" book excerpts on Ancestry.com posted by skitang6 on 11 Nov 2007.Roy finally connected with this person being family related. The text/story was instrumental in Roy putting this website together and further research on Sigurdur and family!
Roy converted some of the pages using O.C.R. and created a section here on the Christophersons.

[1] -[29]-The Baldur High School Centennial Committee, 1967? in the Pauline Christopherson Collection.
Blue cover possibly compiled and photocopied by the Baldur High School students.
50 - 100 pages, in good to mint condition. , 2 staples and a masking tape type of binding.
Page 2 gives credits, but no dates. One. One drawing/comment leds me to believe it was done in 1967.
many crude drawings and 10 pages
28 pages of photos with captions.
Maps of the old/current settlements and descriptions of them, like Rock lake.

[2] -[30]-45 Thorleifur Jóakimsson Jackson, "Brot af Landnámssögu Nýja Íslands", Winnipeg: Columbia Press, 1919, 32

[3] -[31]-Private - THFS. Due to request from the family, the references will be redacted (erased) unless from other sources.


[5] -[33]-Eyford, Ryan. PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of History. December 2012. University of Winnipeg, Transcribed, Edited, and Annotated,
"Caroline Christopherson’s letters to her sister in Iceland Susanna Taylor Briem, 1880-1921. All future Citations will be placed here.

[6]-[34]- Rural Municipality of Gimli Map Manitoba Intergovernmental Affairs and Trade Community Planning Services. 2004

[7] -[35]-Gimli, the Town of, has no affiliation with this website, nor endorsed by them. Roy simple added the text and link due to our families ties to their beautiful town and the economic times.

[8] -[36]-PIONEERS AND PLACE NAMES OF NEW ICELAND Nelson Gerrard (published in The Icelandic Canadian Magazine - Winter 1978-Spring 1979), websiet: http://www.sagapublications.com/articlescont.html#j

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43. Tad D. Campbell, "Immigrated to the United States from Norway in 1873 aboard the S.S. Harold Haarfager, arriving at New York City."
Hustad Ancestry - Norse Highlanders Genealogy, Modified: 24 Apr 2012

44. The S/S Harald Haarfager
In the story lists "SS Harold", sounds like this was the full name of the ship.
Could this be the same ship? "UB-21 sank the fishing vessel EXCEL 18/02/1917 and the Swedish steamer HAROLD on 06/05/1917, both NE of the Tyne". NO, this was built in 1878. Problem is, they list an arrival at NY in August. Possible their date is incorrect. Find Passenger List!
Roy believes this is the ship at Norway Heritage website Local file = HL_WEB_0168

45. Living Bolick, C/O Living Westereng

46. Internal document, DOC_0008_Ytranes-1, [19]

47. C.B.M. Collection, Photos or documents, BCM stands for Roy's three cousins, who graciously hosted his stay in British Columbia. Due to so many photos photographed over the course of a couple days, Roy was unable to identify which blonged to whom, hence, C.B.M. Collection was used., [20], [21], [22]

48. Living CHRISTOPHERSON Wright

49. Thorgeir Gudlaugsson, Icelandic writer

50. Living Cates, Email, March 2013

51. 1901 Canadian Census for William Stuart Taylor

52. Source Citation: London Metropolitan Archives, Lambeth St Mary, Register of Baptism

53. Subect: Hrafnhildur Snorradóttir http://timarit.is/view_page_init.jsp?issId=164122&pageId=2234518&lang=en&q=Christopherson

54. Roy's cousin, Mike Christopherson, son of Herman 'Al'

55. Kristveig Kristófersdóttir Árnason This would appear to be her. She had a HUGE family.

56. Kinnmount Gazette 2012,
November 2012 Volume 5: Issue 1, Icelandic Connection Uncovered, Part 1 by Guy Scott
December 2012 Volume 5: Issue 2

57. Taylor
Family Tree Chart from cousin Miriam Westereng, has Sig Christopherson's notes on the original copy (Will post copy online if computer co-operates)
who in turn probably received it from the Hearn family, Keith, son of Alfred. See Reports for other Taylor charts.

58.NÝJA ÍSLAND' Saga of the Journey to New Iceland' by Guðjón Arngrímsson, pp 120

59. The Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection; About 2009, Roy had dinner with his father's brother, Hank whom he continued at Christopherson & Sons, created by their father, Kjartan, where all Hank's brothers worked at one time. Sig, Hank's older brother left for him a plastic bin full of old photos and two vintage photo albums. Roy spent a couple months dusting off each photo, scanning at high resolution, then placing into two albums. The albums being very fragile was quite a challenge, and many photos were not removed from their mounting, becoming this collection throught this family website.

60. 'Icelanders in North America: The First Settlers' edited by Jonas Thor

61. Book on Riverton

62. Vern Austman (See Oddstads)

63. Komakur Högnason, Kristmundur Benjamínsson Research

64. Nelson Gerrard, Lögberg-Heimskringla, November 19, 1993 Photo of Sigurlaug
Note by Roy : Rose or Rosa only spoke English probably because John Taylor never learned Icelandic. His brother William spoke fluent Icelandic and read and wrote it and lived with the Icelanders his whole life in the Argyle Dist. of MB.

65. Friðrik Skúlason

66. 'Gleenings of the Past' Published by Glenora Community Boosters History Book Committee, Printed by Derksen Printers, Steinbach, Manitoba , Online PDF Book on Glenora, Manitoba

67. Postings by bfb at findagrave.com on the Hallgrimsson Family

68.Forum posting by A.D. on Byring Hallgrimssons family

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70.Cousin Gary Christopherson and his wife Stephanie. Son of Hank and Thelma.

71.Grand Ledge Historical Society (http://gdledgehistsoc.org/museum/), Courtesy of Ms. Suzanne Schramski.

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79. Cousin Johanna Skuladottir obtained family letters on behalf of the family from U. of Iceland, aka DarkForces47

79. Probate for Richard Taylor died 1859
Special thanks to the family that posted this web page which helped ID the statue and Rock for me http://www.art-iceland.com/marias-legacy-gimli-2005.html
Suggested reading: Gerrard, Icelandic River Saga

I have often wondered why and how William Taylor remarried three times. You will see