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Revised: August 20, 2013
Unidentified Photos of Family and Friends
What does one do with photos from family members and cousins that are UNIDENTIFIED? Why post them here of course.
I wish I could post every photo in the world that is unidentified, however, must limit to branches of this family.
If you recognize a photo, please email Roy the Image Number under image, Names and relationship.
None will be associated with a branch. Some may just be cards sent to our relatives. Roy now has many scanned images thanks to ones sent in or his uncle Hank. They may show up in multiple photos, yet only one good one will be shown here, then moved to approriate family branch photos when possible.
Roy has 209 photos with unknown people, so let's get rolling!

Nellie - IMG_SCAN_3461_Nellie and also in 3866
She shows up with the Stonesons,
and sent a postcard to Kjartan Christopherson
Reads as following: Back: " Kay I hope so much you will like this.
Don't you think Gerald and Margaret-have grown
& don't-I look motherly?
As Ever Nellie
Courtesy of the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

Look at woman standing on the right-looks like Nellie

This photo was Image of the Month and now posted at Stoneson Clan page
Roy now believes the two standing on the left are Emma STONESON Oddstad,
and Stone Stoneson, her father. Upon close look, the whole bottom of the rock is covered in barbacles. Possible a lake, bay or ocean behind them. This rock is too large to be either Whire Rocj, Crescent BC, nor White Rock, Williow Point, Gimli. Possibly Blaine or PT. Roberts.

Roy has physically seen or touched both the North and South White Rocks in Gimli.
This is not them, they are too large.
Courtesy of the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

While Roy has great info on the back-still clueless as to relationship

Courtesy of the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

From Kormakur Hognason,
I saw IMG_SCAN_3327_Sussie.Veiga on the back [Kommi meant 3328]
it says Halldóra Ólafsdóttir and Ólöf Elíasdóttir
Melkoti [name of farm] í Stafholtstungum [county]

Awesome, based on Kommi's lead of 'Melkoti', found her here;
Sent email to, never hear back from them. Write them off!

She is no longer Unknown, just the relationship to our family.

One possibility is to compare the Icelandic Handwritting to pin down
who in our family wrote this.
Possibly just a friend of the family, or perhaps the son knew someone.

From Kormakur Hognason,
Ancestors of Halldóra Ólafsdóttir:
Katrín Eiríksdóttir (1682-1766) wife of Hafliði Bergsveinsson (1683-1774) parents of:
Guðrún Hafliðadóttir 1718 mother of:
Margrét Þorkelsdóttir 1749 - 1784 mother of:
Þórdís Einarsdóttir 1778 - 1856 mother of:
Ingibjörg Halldórsdóttir 1816 - 1880 mother of:
Ólafur Ólafsson Jan 25, 1849 - August 31, 1926 father of:
Halldóra Ólafsdóttir 19. ágúst 1872 - 16. ágúst 1965

Húsfreyja í Melkoti, Stafholtssókn, Mýr. 1930. Ljósmóðir og húsfreyja í Melkoti í Stafholtstungum. Í Borgfirzkum segir: „Ljósmóðir í fjölda mörg ár, og fórst henni það starf mjög vel, þótt aðstæður væru ekki of góðar í lélegum og oft köldum húsakynnum.“

housewife in Melkoti [name of farm], stafholtssókn [parish], in Mýrdalshreppur [county] 1930. Midwife and house matron at Melkoti [farm] Stafholtstungum [country]. In Borgfirzkum [book of genealogy] it says, "a midwife for many years, and did her job very well, although the conditions were not too good in poor and often cold premises."
Source: Íslendingabó

Halldóra is buried along with her husband and their 10 children in the cemetery in Stafholtstungum
Source: list of people buried in Icelandic cemeteries

According to an obituary in Tíminn for Halldóra she had 8 children with her husband Elías, and 5 of them survived her.
At the time of her death at age 93 she had one brother who was living in America.
Source: obituary for Halldóra Ólafsdóttir in Tíminn August 26, 1965 page 7 (All in Icelandic)

The brother who went to America was:
þorgrímur Ólafsson [Thorgrim? Olafsson?] born October 3, 1877. In 1880 he was at Kvíakot, in Norðtungusókn, Mýrdalshreppur. He emigrated to America in 1900 from Einifell, Stafholtstunguhreppur
Source: Íslendingabó

Real bad translation from Google of above Obit.
FMMTUDÁGUR 26 August 1965 Timna Memories Halldóra Úlafsdottir from Melko It was a bright preparations include Borgarfjörður on, Saturday 21 August is kvödd Hinz was greeting, honor woman Halldóra Olafsdottir, light mother of Melko. She died of home 16 August 93-year age. With Halldora is gone one of these great old represented generation, the meek and quiet housewife and mother, works spirit and sensitivity Ijósmóðir. , Hau Dora was born in those years, total soluble dominated by majority men, since she grew up with Kropp election in large systkinahópi, but contentment and perseverance was in the bones, along with confidence the good in life, and they were siblings all good citizens years. And now they are all gone across the great divide unless one brother, in America. Halldóra went from young parents houses and remarried surviving own husband Elías Johannesson from the upper peninsula, for 66 years Shadow has never fallen on their coexistence and can say that these 66 years has been continuous bride- ACQUISITION such mutual was Love and respect, as they arrived each other. And now sits on aldurhnigni husband after which vængbrotinn and mourns love-gone his friend. He was short and had / network woman, but Mn had a big heart and • a large heart. There are many children who have stayed in Melkoum in summer in which recall her grateful panic. She was so safe and warm and proved the venerable parent infrared. Forektrarnir which then loans Samir bring their children until the host had not worry about them, because there they knew the way well. And there are many women who nearly 50 years of her career midwife tion enjoyed its sensitivity for the big moment. And its quiet Lund did the puzzle lighter. It can be truly said of Hall Dóra it was. Jconan with the lamp. "It was difficult to pursue midwifery jobs in the first year of the century, bad roads un- bridged year, and everything was going horses, often long distances. But Hall m Dora did not get him down, though call came in the middle of night in MIS steady erosion. Then it was quickly expected to travel and settle in söðulinn reíðskjóta of their obligation to cried as she sat öUu. Halldor and Elias acquired 8 children and 5 of them are alive, well their children they were rearing up 2 boys One of them, a daughter- their son drowned 2 years, in the prime of life, from the wife and young children and it was old couple heavy mourning. After the application of the Double Anna thrust to care búsýslu they have stayed in the shelter children their two who always protects TY for them, and caring göimu What a couple of caring for exemplary. The couple was never rich veraldarauð but Melko was any good to come, the hospitable warm heart and warm all though would often narrow inside. It was a perpetual Steering lfkast I got as a child going to Melkoum with mother memory and visit "Dóra Aunt "and see the grandparents, the enjoyed refuge with her in her old age until the end, for them-and I never forget the beautiful white Thus the canal below town, is chanted repeatedly voiced in for calm vorkvöldum. Now, "Aunt Dora" OU and Lively with her life, good- hjörtuð woman since age words a high and then is a good thing to close weary eyes surrounded by affection of her family. I know that yearning is me ill with the surviving husband, but his two children, who were with him are embracing the love and warmth and EFTs bezt can add him loss. Finally, contact T & KK for all your work on a long lifetime, all your kindness and hearted, that sharing your so many of. Go in peace my aunt. Ragnheiðnr Guftinundsdóttir. Oats Wholesale Inventories Christian Oh. Skagf jörS Phone 2-41-20 J

Image 3455
Courtesy of the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection
This girl is sitting in the EXACT same chair as a young Runa Thordarson
is photographed in Image 3217 (see Tale of Gudrun and Runa).
Meaning she is somehow tied to her or her location at the time or just same photographer.
Notice the lower left arm, the wall pattern in the back matches Runa's!
See Runa in same chair at Tale of...

Could this be one of Runa's sisters?

Now look at this photo. Younger than the woman on
right. Could this also be Sigurdurs mother earlier?

The photographer, clothing would be clues too.

The key: locate descendants of
Sigurdur's sister. Find photo of sister at this age
of this girl.
This is ONLY A GUESS that this might be
Sigurveig Sigurðardóttir, b. Abt. 1813, Myvatan, Iceland. d. 1893


If correct, it would be

Zoom in on image
Courtesy of the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

Roy believes this "might" be
Sigurdur Christophersons mother.
Possibly his sister.
It is stated she was blind upon coming
to America. Look at her eyes.
3219 size
3219 close up
Zoom in on image


Courtesy of the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

"...We now know Sigurdur's mother passed away 1893, Lilly passed away 1901. This proves that this is not Lilly, as she would only have been 3 years old.
The woman above right is NOT 89 years old, as Sigurdur's mother was when she came to Canada.
Wow, put that to rest."

Now what IF this is Lillie and not Sigurdur's mother? What IF this was taken before she passed away? Yet why would this photo not be hanging in the
Families house(s). The bottom right photo had the rest of the family masked out of the family portrait on the Introduction page to this website.
Inquiring minds want to know.

There is only one other known photo of the whole family with one of the BC cousins. Very old and cracked one. The other is bottom of the Christopherson Clan page taken just before Halldor passed away about age 11.
Comparison of Unknown girl (Left) and Lylia S Christopherson, b. 19 Oct 1890 (Right). Notice size of ears, shape of mouth, soft Brown eyes.
The question is, what is the date of this photo? Is the left one Lilja just before she passed away?

Possibly Sigvaldson & Sigurdson & Family
I believe 3rd from left is same as gal in kitchen.

NO. 3 (2nd man from Left) should be Johannes Sigurdson (1852-1919). On page 636 in the Come into our Heritage book, shows them. States he was at Gimli in 1876. You will notice their eyes blanked out like a camera mishap, also the high ceiling. Joe (far right) cared for the Grund Cemetery and they owned the property there. On the next page I believe the woman behind one sitting is there along with far left fellow. They would all be a bit older than the photos in the book. NO 4 has always been a dead ringer for Joe.
Courtesy of the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection
He is a dead ringer for Johanne Sigurdson.
Image has been flipped!
The photo for some reason is not detailed in certain areas.

Compare to Image 3436b below

Courtesy of the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

Compare Johannes Sigurdson above to the 3rd person above this image in Image 3436

Courtesy of the book 'Come into our Heritage' page 636
Johannes K. Sigurdson a.k.a. Joe
Compare to man above.

Courtesy of the book 'Come into our Heritage'
Possibly Struna Sigvaldason and for sure Ranka

Courtesy of the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

I believe I have finally figured out who this family is. You will see Ranka Johnson Christopherson, wife of Halldor, son of Sigurdur, 7th from left.

Roy knows for a fact that the 2nd to the last woman on Right is Ranka 'Johnson' Christopherson

Courtesy of the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection
IMG_SCAN_3436 cropped
Possibly Strauna Sigvaldason
Compare Tryggvi Sigvaldason in hammock above to 1st man in Image 3436

Compare Strauna Sigvaldason standing above to woman to 5th person in Image 3436 and
3rd person in Image 2335
Another question arises...are they related to Arni Sigvaldson?

Courtesy of the book 'Come into our Heritage'

IMG_SCAN_2335 cropped
Possibly Strauna Sigvaldason

Image 3266
Possibly John and Laura Christopherson
Update: Family does not believe this is them. Awaiting Lauren's view of the photo
Photos courtesy of the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

UPDATE APR 2013: Family confirmed that this is NOT them. The couple are tied to grund homestead,
either through family or perhaps neighbors.
The mystery continues...

Right Unknown friend

The answer two who two of Susie's three friends might have been in
the Come Into Our Heritage book;

" One summer in the late l930’s, she [Susie] camped out again in a small cabin deep in an oak bluff north of Baldur with two lifelong friends, Veiga Sveinson and Emma Eggertson, recalling girlhood memories."
L-R: 2nd: Unknown, Right: Unknown
Image 2306
Based on a photo in 'Come Into Our Heritage' page 432, Roy believes this is Gudrun, Gudbjorg, and Thora Goodman

Have related family then
All Icelanders are related
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Dreamweaver 8
Roy Einar Christopherson
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