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Revised: January 19, 2014

Historical Time Capsule-A Saved Photo
Ytanquille, B.C. , Canada

Meet our Grandparents - Christopherson Branch
This page refers to Kjartan (Kay) Christopherson's time at Tranquille, Kamloops, B.C., Canada
Also Charlie's wife Jonina was there from 1908 to close to her death

These photos were handed down from Kay to Sigurdur 'Sig' Christopherson, his son, then Hank Christopherson, his brother and scanned by Roy Christopherson
Photographs are history, please do not discard them, this is proof that saving them reveals the past that was lost!
There are people far more qualified than Roy to talk about the History of the Tranquille Sanatorium, also known as King Edwards Sanatorium, purchased by the Anti-Tuberculosis Society.
1. Best article found so far from the 80's PDF
2. Tranquille Development: Past Influences,Current Realities by ASHLYNN HARRIS , Thompson Rivers University HTML
If someone has photos of the Mystery Building, please let Roy know. Scouring the Net, see none, not even good ones of the 'whole' Main building.

Update: July 27, 2011, From Elisabeth Duckworth, Museum Supervisor, KAMLOOPS MUSEUM & ARCHIVES, Photo 1 of the group gathered on the front steps [photo 7] with the
Welcome sign does indeed show Dr. Irving in the white coat. He arrived in November 1907 and that could be his welcoming party. He was only at Tranquille until
March 2010 [I believe she meant 1910-Roy]. The white rolled banners in photo 3 were used to provide "tent cottages" for patients are sat outside on the wide verandas year round to get a
good dose of healing fresh air. The banners were unfurled to cut the wind or the glaring sun.

As for Richard Fortune, the Fortunes did not have children of their own, however I believe they had a nephew who stayed with them for a while who later drowned in Kamloops Lake.
Grandfather Kjartan (Kay) Christopherson was in Kamloops in 1909 helping to brand cattle in Tranquille-Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. Kay also had a few more photos of the Tranquille Sanatorium, named the King Edwards Satatorium. Roy believes Kay may have been working one of two ranches. Since one of the branders in the photo was Dick Fortune, most likely the William Fortune Ranch as opposed to the Charles T. Cooney.


Looking down Kamloops Lake, ?, Battle Bluff to right.
The writing on all the cards is NOT from Roy! Possibly the photographer.


A Dr. A.R.C. Selwyn's survey party passed this bluff in 1871, the photographer recorded;
"Here at the foot of this rock, a navel battle was fought about 100 years ago (1771) between
two indian tribes - at least so the indians say. The victorious tribe stained or painted a large
projecting rock, which is about 15 FT above water, with some kind of red material to
commemorte the place. Many of the present Indians has superstitious notions in relation to
this place. The Bluff had no name, although it is the most preominent point on the lake,
so we named it battle Bluff." [1] .

Looking at Tranquille Sanatorium from the River
You will notice a charcoal colored building to the left, possible this is the future Main Building
which has no windows
or roofing or cobel work done yet. There are some smaller buildings and the Unidentified
Building aka Roy's Mystery Building, to the far right is below with the Welcome banner.
Roy belives this building was torn down when the 1960 bldgs went up.
Possible it was an 18 room mansion sold off to the TB Society.

Looking Tranquille Sanatorium from SAT
Note: Click on the Upper Green area (or here) to enlarge it from original TIFF.
Tranquille Sanatorium
In this photo of the Mystery Building, there are no signs of the Union Jack flag,
no Welcome banner. Clearly there is snow on the ground and there is a sheet that
is rolled up in Photo 4, Roy believes this is a Sun Shade, as Photo 4 has a rope
running from it. Unrolled, there is NO pattern, in otherwords 'Welcome'.
Tranquille Sanatorium
Notice the Welcome banner on the 2nd story, now compare to below. Great discovery, yes?
One in the same building on possibly the same day! There is a woman leaning on the
2nd story porch, she is also is Photo 7.
The original Tiff scans are much higher in resolution. Some photos have cracking.
There are no Crosses only a vertical board. The ground cover in this photo seems dry,
hence during a time there was no snow..

Front of photo
While the gent holding down the calf looks like Kjartan Christopherson, the next photo confirms it is not him?

Back of photo
B.C. 1909
1. Arthur Tyrill -
2. Dick Fortune
3. Bill Morrison
Outside picture on Cowhorse - k-"

Kjartan was always refererred to as "K" when people wrote to him.
Withoutout a doubt, Roy's grandfather. Kay always wore a tie.

With Dick Fortune there, could Kay have been working on the Fortune Ranch
when this Dignitary made a visit?
Could Dick Fortune gone to work for Charles Thomas Cooney?
Was Dick fortune the son of William Fortune? Well, the few family trees found show no Dick,
Williams father's name was Richard Fortune 1805 – 1881

Same players along with two on the fence. This may be the farm right next to Sanatorium.
No way of knowing.
Just some hills behind and Google has yet to do Street Views.

Compilation of KjartanChristopherson
Notice the resemblance in the third photo above and one to left. Still,
Photo 5 says it is not him.


Grund Church Banner
Mystery Building which is no longer on the maps.

Back of photo
' Mr K Christopherson'
Postcards were mailed sometimes with little or no info compared to now.
Comparing the layout of this card might show the date it was printed.
PHOTO 7 Close Up
Roy believes this is the original Sanatorium or possibly the converted 18 room Troup Mansion
the Fortunes repossesed in 1892 and TB Society purchased. There are MANY Union
Jack (English) flags hung here along with a time consuming WELCOME banner for possibly
some dignitary. Roy feels everyone here is present and are not even patients.
At that time, very little was known and many towns people did not even want people with
Consumption in their area. You will notice the Man in the White Jacket, who is almost the
most relaxed and informal, may have been one of the earliest doctors, possibly,
C.F. Fagan of Victoria or could it be Dr. Robert W. Irving, Superintendent?
The girl to his right does show in Photo 4 sitting on the rail where the two gents are now
on the right side.
Who were they welcoming? and Why? Was this a grand opening or visit by Sir Ernest Cassel who gave to King Edward VII $1,000,000 for a charitable cause, the Sanatorium?
We may never know.

Then again, someone might and HAS informed Roy, it was DR. IRVING!
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The Union Jack was the flag of Canada until 1965 when we adopted the red maple leaf flag, so it's not surprising to see the Union Jack in the photos.
I checked my limited records and newspaper references to see if there was any other celebration between November 1907 and March 1910 that
would explain the Welcome sign.

There was a cornerstone laid for a new building in November 1908. The official opening was not celebrated until September 1910, some months /after /Dr. Irving had left the institution.... I can only think the Welcome sign was for Dr. Irving. Some of the women in the photo are bundled up pretty warmly against the cool November temperatures when Dr. Irving arrived.

The institution was very grateful to have Dr. Irving accept the position and come to Tranquille, so they may have gone to the extra effort to make him an elaborate Welcome sign.

Elisabeth Duckworth, Museum Supervisor
image 2215
APR 2012: Roy looks over 6,000 family photos often, then will spot one thing or person.
Here Roy spotted the 3rd lady in front row, compared to one above, then realized it was the same building with no decorations.
Hopefully some relatives may spot a family member here.

JAN 2012: Eleanore was searching for photos regarding her father-in-law father worked worked in the dairy at Tranquille at some time between 1910 and 1920.
She was kind enough to supply a link to the BC Archives (Visual) to point out some photos that match the buildings here.
As Vern points out, the right building was original and the left below added later.
B.C. Archives has photos showing the buildings origins. The right half of the building is the original William Fortune Ranch.
The above photos was probably at the 'official opening of Tranquille Sanatorium in 1907'. Perhaps before or after the event. Least the sign seems to match.
Main Search Engine:
Type in Tranquille and Click on Visual in the left hand column for photos.

Charlie's wife Jonina
From the Vern & Neil Austman Collection. Photograph by ___
Tranquille Sanatorium ties in with the Oddstads
From Vern: Charlie's wife Jonina was there from 1908 to close to her death; her death certificate lists Crescent Beach.
Charlie, Jonina, Jon Herman and Kristjan are all in post cards from Tranquille in December 2008.
(Above photo and following two from Vern Austman) attach photographs of the cards and notes on them, one in
Icelandic by Charlie which is only standard greetings, the others in English. They are all addressed to his brother
Jon's family in Saskatchewan, my [Vern] grandparents. 
Jonina mentions the opening in November could be 1907 or 1908, not clear; one note was added by Neil.  One card is of the building she was
in and an "X" on her window (see above) , she mentions the people on the veranda as Matron and Mr. Shaw manager, "Doctor was in town". 
The building is the converted Fortune ranch house, which was the original San [latin sanus, "healthy"; sanatorium is a rest cure place]
you call it the mystery building.

If you look closely at my card, you see the building is in two parts; in yours the neighboring one has been jacked up and joined. 
This may help in dating.  You can see on mine the profile of the mountain on the north, and the mountains profile on one of yours,
so they are taken from the lakeside.
Vern visited the site in 2000, the main road is on the north side along the railway which had a stop for the San.
Travel was quite convenient in those days; now you have to have a car to get there.

From the Vern & Neil Austman Collection. Photograph by ___
Tranquille Sanatorium ties in with the Oddstads
Click photo to enlarge

From the Vern & Neil Austman Collection. Photograph by ___
Tranquille Sanatorium ties in with the Oddstads
Click photo to enlarge
Enlarge Main Bldg