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12/21/11 1. News from Elena Haskins: "There was indeed a Viking ruler in both Scandinavia and England with the name Harthacnut. But the finds at Silverdale are dated earlier than this well-known ruler –- around AD 900-910 -– and therefore it’s thought that the Harthacnut recorded on this coin is possibly a previously unknown ruler of the Viking kingdom of Northumbria," Richardson said.[1]
This reminded Roy of his previous research on Cnut. Family Report, Relation to Roy, Relation to Elena.
Second News from Elena: The first Native American to arrive in Europe may have been a woman brought to Iceland by the Vikings more than 1,000 years ago [2]
12/12/11 Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year to all my family, cousins, and visitors!
Here is a present I made just for you
Christmas Package
12/16/11 1. Added the William Stuart Taylor Bible to the Main Photo Page.
2. Added Haldor Christopherson's School Book inscribed 1897.
3. Added to the Taylor research page under RnD.
12/11/11 1. New Navigation Bar goes live! See it at the top of this page. That is the news. Have been testing this for a couple months. Bruce and Vern report that it seems to work Ok and on varied computers. At a later time, it will migrate to other pages. Hope it brings all of you quick access to all the content here.
2. Updated the John Taylor Page 2 on Barbados and Slimmons RnD page.
3. Added comments to the Hank Christopherson page.
12/08/11 1. Completing cousin Bruce's new book. Revamped cover title. See Promo 1 here. Bruce Costello wrote the book, cousin Elena Haskins did a lot of work on proof-reading and editing the book, and yours truly reworked Bruce's book cover. Three Icelanders putting out a book collaboratively, imagine that.
2. New Navigation Drop-down Menu bar should be online soon at the tops of all the pages. This will include many currently hard to get to pages. Completed and testing it out.
12/08/11 1. The Lost Archives - Not really lost. Roy just realized Images 3885 to 3948 were not converted to Jpeg format, hence, for about a year, he was unaware of them. These are from the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection from abt. 1910-1915 and WWII. There is such a variation and far to early in the morning to do more than convert as Roy looks the 6,000 images often. One is of Mr. Shaw standing on what Roy believes is Kjartan's horse. The same horse he believes was just identified in numerous others via the breast harness. Another is of John and Haldor in a tent, yet this photo retained it's details. Another...sorry for the tease, all are GREAT! Here is one Roy believes is from a set from Germany around 1945 Photo of a Cross.
2. Added new photo to Tranquille page.
3. Tent Photo 1900-1915. 99% sure this is John and Haldor Briem Christopherson 1, Detail
4. Spent the day on an Individual Page for Sig Christopherson

Pearl Harbor Day
1. Banner 1, 2 hangs to this day inside Grund Church, MB, Canada listing our family and relatives who served. Photo by Hank. Roy was called by uncle Hank in S.S.F., he has a cough, yet doing well.
2. Dad's WWII Page, Ted Christopherson, based out of Bergstrom in TX, AUS, lastly Luzon.
3. Lorne & Sig Christopherson WWII Photos. Lorne was 1st in Berkeley to enlist. Sig, European Theater of Operations The 100th conducted campaigns in the Vosges Mountains, the Ardennes, Alsace-Lorraine, and the Rhineland. First to land in North Africa in 1942 with their assault on Morocco. This was the beginning of a series of victories during WWII that added ten more battle streamers to their colors. The 7th Infantry pushed onward from North Africa through Italy and France to Germany, where the Cottonbalers capped their efforts by capturing Berchtesgaden, Adolph Hitler’s mountain fortress.
4. Married into Einarson branch, Uncle Hank Enns in London Ontario, Canada who married Emily Einarson Enns Photo 1, 2, 3. Em was a nurse.
5. Andy Oddstad, related through Gudrun nee Stoneson, who was one of the first Frogmen.
6. Posted Aug 1st, SlideShow dedicated to our Family and Friends in the Armed Forces, includes uncle Henry Einarson in Holland.
7. Nesse Hicks, married to Remedios family (Roy's Brother's wifes family), who flew The Hump, and told Roy many a story Photo 1, 2.
8. New! The Unknown Soldier page. Possibly just friends of the family or unknown relatives.
9. William James Christopherson, Photo 1. Bill was the only child of Halldor Briem Christopherson and Ranka [Ragheidur Sigmundsdottir] Johnson. Leslie Cole was his step mother.

12/06/11 1. A BIG WELCOME to Vern's Siblings and Family! Karin and Dennis, and Myrna McPhail (Oddstad Lin.).
2. Updated Reports Page with new PDFs under the Oddstad heading.
3. Added research to the RnD pages on Rurik and Slimmons (Taylors).
4. Surrey Museum & Archives online in British Columbia. 7,500 photos. Crescent Beach. Crescent Beach Oyster Farm (3rd set down). Surrey Heritage Storyboards & Virtual Tours.
12/04/11 1. Updated the Image of the Month here for December. Read the caption carefully as there is a special link there. Note the Star and silver caps on strap on front of the horse. Two horses look identical except its eyes, which may be due to angle photo was taken. Note White spots. One on cheek?
2. View three new photos of Tranquille here from the Vern & Neil Austman Collection.
12/02/11 1. Roy requested a transfer and applied at Tesla Motors and a few other companies, doing what he loves best...Graphics. Last night Roy was still researching John Taylor. Guess The BAD or The UGLY will never get him down. (-; Let the research begin again!
2. Cousin Bruce Costello is dealing with renaming his book (see 11/16/2011).
12/01/11 The Good The GOOD - Roy is nearing completion of the 1st segment of his Online Commercial Artwork Portfolio titled - 'Digifolio' after 8 hours overnight of webbing (just thought that up) and now fixing links and small issues.
Within a minute of Roy explaining store policy, this ranting 86 yr old Returns Customer backslapped Roy in the arm. Witnessed many customers throwing a tantrum at managers. In short, until Roy is employed elsewhere, all further updates, research or interactions regarding this family website will be on hold.
The Bad
The Ugly
11/28/11 1. Bruce & Lorie Costello Collection was accidentally left off the new Photo Page. Ironically, out of all the cousins, Roy communicates with Bruce the most who has given great insight into information here on the family along with vast knowledge of history.
2. Updated the Taylor Research page.
3. Added Census List page here.

1. Updated Ron Christopherson's Photo page with a 1st row of new baby pictures found in unprinted negatives.
2. Added tree and map to Russian Rurik RnD page here.
3. Still have hundreds of photosgraphs, albeit, mostly 1930's to now in boxes awaiting scanning. Those will be a long on-going project after upload of what is already here.

1. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! To my northern cousins and visitors, Happy belated Harvest Day as the Canadian French say Jour de l'Action de grâce.
As for Roy, he had to cancel Thanksgiving plans to obtain enough sleep, thanks to his retail employers creating a "Black Thursday". Last five years, had Thanksgiving Day off, then worked a 12 hr shift.
2. Created a Main Photo Page under construction.
3. Found negatives of my brother Ron and myself as babies, which were not in albums.
4. Proud to announce the Lilja Kernestead Collection now online! Click link in NO. 2 above.
5. Meet our cousin Jóhanna Skúladóttir and her family here. Related through Ingjiborg Stoneson.
5. a. Posted Sue Graham to Johanna Skuladottir Relation Chart on Reports Page under Stoneson.
5. b. Fixed link under 2010 Archive-08/31/10 and 03/08/2011 for PDF to Johanna Skuladottir
11/23/11 1. Added high resolution image of Joe Stoneson.
2. Updated Andy Oddstad Photo page.
11/18/11 1. Added Argyle SAT maps page for Christopherson & Taylor Lakes and Grund Church in Argyle District of Manitoba, Canada.
11/16/11 1. Cousin Jim and his mother, Edith Ireland Christopherson sent a photo of the Christophersons here.
Edith was married to Alvin. Added 1st image which is an Animated Gif.
2. Were your ancestors pioneers in the Gimli area? If so, your input is needed for Gimlunga Saga - a new three-volume history of the southern part of New Iceland on the west shore of Lake Winnipeg. Visit Nelson Gerrard's website here.
3. Cousin Bruce's new book will be available soon at Amazon and other outlets - Promo 1. Written by Bruce, Proofreading and formatting by Elena Haskins and cover by Roy.
4. Fixed third link below under 06/16.
11/12/11 We lost another Veteran and Family member. SKAPTI (SKIP) ARASON 'Skapti Skip Arason formerly of Glenboro, MB, passed away peacefully with his family by his side on Wednesday, November 9, 2011, at the Victoria General Hospital in Winnipeg, MB at the age of 92 years.' Thank you for notice Lilja!
11/11/11 1. Eleven-Eleven-Eleven. The world is still here, so much for predictions.
2. Regarding possible birth at Arundel Castle. Reposted an 1880 Census on William, and Isabella Taylor posted here. If accurate, proves William was born in England, not Barbados and Isabella's surname was Slimmons and father was Irish.
3. Working on Sue Graham's 11th Great Grandfathers trail along with old research on Charlemagne (Charles The Great) possible connection. Emperor of the first Holy Roman Empire according to Bruce.

1. Updated Image of the Month...9 days late.
2. Added three reports under Stonesons for Sue, under the Reports page.


1. Updated the Stoneson Clan page (1st three rows) thanks to Sue Graham along with some minor editing.
Joe Stoneson's son, Douglas was kind enough to identify all in the 3rd row. Thanks!
Corrected Leanna's Lineage (row 2) on same page..
2. GGGF Richard Taylor was from Bristol. Somerset in South West England borders Bristol and Gloucestershire to the north. Roy's sympathies go out to those in the M5 accident. Also lost was a gentleman involved with 1066 The Movie still in production.

10/30/11 1. Happy Halloween Cousins and Visitors!
2. Roy is taking a virtual tour of the streets of Belmont, MB, Canada. Why? Well Google has extended to Canada, which is a welcome ability to search for family old homes. It is said that Bill Christopherson and Dorothy 'Dot' Cartwright were born in Belmont here. Traversed 1st - 5th ST so far, no matches.
3. CN Train (wiki info) across from The Belmont Museum at 5th ST and Joseph ST in Belmont, MB here.
10/28/11 1. Updated Site map.
2. Reverse-engineering a friends website to host here. Bring on the U.F.O.'s. Just kidding!
3. Laying out new Photo page with index to new Slideshows including the elusive Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection.
4. Lilja Kernested Collection now...pending
5. Renamed this page CSESNews Page, which stands for ChristophersonStonesonEinarsonSigvaldson.
I would include all the families surname initials except it would take up the whole page.
10/27/11 1. Fixed broken like to photo from cousin Mike on Sigurdur's page here.
2. Google now has Full Zoom in on their Google Maps. Trying to spot Grund Church & Sigurdur's Grund.
10/24/11 Finishing up cousin Bruce's up-coming book, see here. The Prequel is available here.
10/21/11 Added new Individual page for Henry 'Hank' Christopherson. Son of Kjartan, Grandson of Sigurdur.
10/19/11 Intended to drop off photo of item under 10/18 at Apple H.Q., but missed my deadline and need sleep.
Task completed afternoon of the 19th.
10/18/11 Tribute to Steve Jobs 3-D artwork now online at this Temporary Directory.
10/12/11 1. Since Ancestry access halts soon, found a new branch, Holmfridur Aradottir, Roy's 6th GGM on Sigvaldson branch.
2. Roy is working on 3-D artwork Tribute to Steve Jobs and will post here when done. Roy owned 6 Macs and was a MacAddict in the 80's. Friday, Sept. 9th is Dress up like Steve Jobs Day.
10/10/11 1. Added Kjartan Christopherson Chronology Photos of Kay from child to elderlyman.
2. Added photo of Henry Christopherson in WWII (on the left)
10/09/11 1. Blue Tuesday Band Next saturday October 15th they are back at their favorite watering hole in Woodside the Pioneer Saloon (map). They have added new songs and Kerry will be rocking the harmonica... We will also bust out a couple of original tunes ..We start at 9ish and hope some of you can join us.
2. Roy has just added space to this website to add the 6,000 photos. 1st to upload (modified) will be Sigvaldsons, then the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection.
3. Added photo taken same day marked CA Relatives here. 1st Group photo.
10/08/11 1. Roy had dinner with Uncle Hank Christopherson and viewed this website. Recorded private hour long converstaion of the story of the Stonesons sponsoring Kjartan Lorne. Stephiana's (a.k.a. Indira) father.
2. Scanning some small christopherson family photos and one of Hank's buddies in WWII from Neg.
3. Updated Oddstad, Stoneson & Christopherson Picnic photos. Hank identified more people.
10/07/11 1. Updated the Andy Oddstad Individual Page and Oddstad Photo page.
2. The B.C. Trip Photos will be deleted and broken into two lower resolution Albums called
B.C. Trip Travel and B.C. Trip Family Photos.
10/06/11 1. For the Christophersons, the Miriam Westereng Collection II Photo Album Opens in a New Window.
2. Scanned and retouched Henry Christopherson's WWII Unit Group photo for Hank.
3. For Sigvaldsons,...Under Construction)
4. Roy had a very pleasurable brunch with Al Christopherson's son, Mike. Jim lives down in AZ.
5. Altered Family Tree page layout.
10/03/11 1. Fixed two broken links to Images 2255 and 2256.
2. Updated the New Image of the Month Photo for OCT on the Intro page see here.
09/30/11 1. Updated Family Tree page and Stoneson Clan page.
2. Added Image 2255 , the Stoneson, Oddstad and Christopherson Picnic. See Stoneson Clan page.
3. Added Image 2256 of kids playing in the surf. probably the same day as the picnic above.
09/29/11 1. Updated web page for Joe Stoneson here with photos from Sue Pashley Graham.
2. Added web page for
Leona Gordon. Who is she? Cick her name to find out.
"Hi Ho, Hi Ho", back to work on the Portfolio I go, "Hi Ho..."
09/28/11 1. Updated the Stoneson & Oddstad Clan page with Sue and Leanna's intel.

1. Asked Sue (Stonesons-See 8/27) questions on Joe Stoneson. Sue sent many photos Roy is in the process of placing online.
2. Created a webpage for Joe Stoneson here. New Photos of Joe and family. A Must see!
3. Posted a short, very short story titled Saga of THYRA. As the webmaster, Roy could not even find it to show his sister leaving the hospital tomorrow. Rated PG. Roy's friend, Karen of 30 years, reminded him of a book he did at 22. Actually a very small school project.
4. Miriam Westereng has been graciously sending quite a few photos of John Christopherson's family. Will be creating a 2nd Collection and post online.
5. Roy created a book cover for his cousin, Bruce Costello.
6. Uploaded identified photo of Kay and Gudrun's Anniversary here. Annotated by Sue Graham.

09/19/11 1. A Big Welcome to Maddy Einarson! She is the daughter of Brad. Roy has been passing a long a little of what he knows of one of his favorite uncles, being Henry Einarson. Both the Einarsons and Christophersons are related with the same GGF, Arngrimur Johnson, which he discovered. Also emailing Belinda, who, like her grandfather, is running for office. Roy added a great family portrait of Henry Einarson and family to the Einarson Clan page (top right), and a very special Tribute to Roberta Lee.
Roberta Lee was tragically killed by a drunk driver at the very young age of 19. Us cousins during a visit to the Henry Einarson's farm, along with her father called her Bobbie Lee.
09/17/11 1. Added 2nd map of Taylor Plantations in Barbadoes. Page is here.
2. Miriam and Ken Westereng were kind enough to email a few more photos of Caroline. Veiga and the Johnsons.

1. Added a 2nd page for John Taylor, William's brother here. Map of Barbados.
2. Been working on a book cover for cousin Bruce Costello. More when possible.
3. Still off the Genealogy unless Roy gets some info from family. Roy's Art Portfolio being worked on.

09/08/11 Blue Tuesday Band took a month off and are now looking forward to playing some music !! We have Shows this month. Played Thursday Sept. 8th at the Coastside Gallery in Half Moon Bay on Main St. This is a cool art gallery with a wine bar.
Don't miss Saturday Sept. 17th, Blue Tuesday Band will be back at the Iron Gate in Belmont... They have a great dance floor so bring your dancing shoes. Starts at 9:00 PM.
09/04/11 1. Roy is using the quiet time to update his art Portfolio.
2. Updated Image of the Month at the main page from the Ted & Pauline Christopherson Collection. The photo was probably a wallet one sent fron Hank to Roy's father, Ted around 1943-1945.
08/27/11 1. A big welcome to Sue nee Pashley Graham. Her mother was Stephanie (Stoneson) Pashley, the daughter of Joe, aka Johann Stoneson, son of Stone Stoneson, who was born Þorsteinn Þórsteinsson.
2. Had another stay in hospital and hope to get something done on this website.
08/19/11 1. Correction, there are 30 negatives, not 100. This print of Grund is in this set of negatives. They comprise of a visit of Ted & Pauline Christopherson to Grund in the Argyle District in Manitoba, Canada in the 50's. The woman with baby next to Laura is in one by herself. The majority of others appear to be the road trip includes Beartooth Mountains, Montana, maybe Gibson Falls and a plane visit with Greg & Shirley Thompson, Carol's God Parents.
2. Fired up the Ole Media Hub. More on this later.
3. A mystery solved! Vern Austman informed Roy today that the number on the photo of Ytranes sent in by Ed Fader a few years ago, was taken by Vern's uncle Charlie Oddstad, brother of Andres, for the period 1905 to 1908.  He used TJO, Thorkjell Jonsson Oddstad, from arrival in BC in 1904 to before 1913, then was CTO, Charles T. Oddstad by legal registration in 1913.
4. Added close up of IMG_SCAN_4333 of visit with the family at Grund here and updated the Christopherson Clan page.
5. Added a great portrait of the John S. Christopherson's family to the Christopherson Clan page.

1. Found 100 B&W negatives from the 50's. The 2nd negative is in my opinion...phenominal! John Christopherson, his wife, Laura, who I hear was a great person, and their son, Bob are standing in front of Grund. View the image here. There is so much info in this negative, compressed it is still about 150k in size.
2. Life & Times of William Stuart Taylor now online here.
3. Researching again Ted Christopherson's service from JAN 1942 to the Pacific and ending DEC 7 1945.

08/17/11 1. Pulled out the Ted & Pauline Christopherson Collection of photos to try and scan some of the oldest.
The tests with Jalbum worked great and now in use. The Hank Christopherson and Lilja Kernested (Sigvaldson) Collections will be next to upload to out family website.
Sample of latest found [1] Christophersons [2] Einarsons.
2. Halted research on Rurik, Dale family to complete older projects.
3. Testing a program called 'My Photo Index' to organize, tag and sort the 5,000+ family photos better.
4. Completed a photo whereby Arni Sigvaldson and Children are in one photo. There is only one headshot of Arni in Roy's scanned photos.

1. Roy had spent some time with Hank Christopherson and just getting back to the computer.
Loaded a new slideshow. Hank had never seen this web site! Showed few pages on TV via smartphone.
Roys Trip to BC and Family Photos which includes the C.B.M. Collection.
Apologies to cousin Bruce Costello and Bill that lived in BC for leaving them out of the slideshow posted on Aug 1st. Their photos were "out of sight, out of mind". Will be posting updated slide show, as Hank lent Roy his whole Unit's group shot to scan, while he was stationed at Fort Monmouth, possibly in the 15th Signal Training Regimen. These are older pages of more photos of Ted, Sig and Lorne.
2. Roy received a nice letter from Beverly Bolick in WA, along with her family tree. She is the daughter of Haldor Christopherson, not to be confused with Sigurdur's son, Haldor. Bev's father Haldor, also known as Dorie, married Edna Lake. Hundreds of their photos (CBM Collection) will soon be added here.
3. Roy has been unable to connect with Deanna Powell, perhaps her email changed. She graciously re-typed up the Stoneson Report.

08/01/11 1. Just completed a SlideShow dedicated to our Family and Friends in the Armed Forces.
Click to play this Smilebox slideshow
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Slideshow customized with Smilebox

2. Placed photos from Bruce & Sue Detweiler on Stoneson Clan page.
3. Updated Image of the Month at the main page sent in from cousin Lilja Kernested (Sigvaldsons).
4. Roy must be slipping. A month ago Leanna nee Stoneson Crawford connected and confirmed she is the great granddaughter of Joe Stoneson. Here's a REALLY BIG WELCOME to Leanna and her family!
Doug is Joe's son, Doug's sons are Stephen, Douglas and Jonathan and daughter Leslee Stoneson Crawford. Leanna is Leslee's daughter (Correction).
07/27/11 1. Will be continuing research on Thelma's 'Ladner branch' after completing the Photo Upload project.
2. A BIG WELCOME to Jim Julius and his sister Carol Viner who live at PT. Roberts. Pauli DeHaan bumped into them at the store. They are related to the Stonesons and John Einarson.

Tracing the Dale family. This is Hank's wife, Thelma nee Dale Christopherson and their son, my cousin, Gary. I am now at 1808 in Switzerland. Will probably just do a page. I now, get back to previous work!
Marie Solitelle Cuevas, Birth 20 Feb 1808 in Deer Island, Harrison, Mississippi, United States Death 18 July 1861 in Biloxi, Harrison, Mississippi, United States .
The branch is still going back and splitting off, like to Thelma Christopherson, Hank's wife, Thelma's 3th Great Grandmother was Marie Helene Ladner, born 11 Nov 1767 at Cat Island, Harrison, Mississippi, USA. Died 10 Oct 1853. She married Juan Jose de Cuevas, born 16 Mar 1762 in Algamite, Seville District, Andalusia, Spain. Died 24 Sep 1849 in Cat Island, Mississippi, United States.

Starting an RnD page on Juan de Cuevas, since there is far too much and goes beyond just names.


1. Received Newsletter from Pauli DeHaan covering the life of Runa and Ben Thordarson from PT. Roberts. Possible some photos in the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection were photographed by herself. She bought a bellows camera.
2. Gas Leak in backyard delayed all testing today. Luckily no smokers here.
3. Roy has identified another photo of possibly the King Edward VII tuberculosis Sanatorium Employees,
Image 2215
. E-Mailed the Kamloops Family History Society.

07/20/11 Roy is testing JAlbum to upload the Collections of photos to

1. Roy believes he has located an Icelandic photographer, Arnor Egilsson, who took a couple pictures cousin Lilja Kernested supplied quite awhile ago (original book source and author; by Inga Lara Baldvinsdóttur).Still researching best solution to place the 2,000 old photos online by family. Arnor's genealogical info here. Cousin Lilja Kernested's photo Front, Back.
Roy wants to congratulate the National Museum of Iceland for having images available online (Their Search Engine).
2. Roy is testing Picasa 3.8 to upload the Collections of photos to
3. Reviewing the Battle Abbey Roll and The Herald and Genealogist for Duke of Norfolk leads.
4. Completed scanning photos Mike Christopherson lent to Roy regarding his trip to Iceland. Mike visited Sigurdur's old farmland at Myvatn, Iceland. Mike showed Roy where Ytri Neslond is located. Farm.


1. Blue Tuesday Band played Sunday July 10th at 1 to 3 in Washington Park, Burlingame, Calif.. They were on the patio next to the recreation center. Burlingame Chamber will be selling Burgers, Hotdogs and drinks. Cousins Sheryl Thirlwall and Kerry Keller-Carranza band .
Blue Tuesday plays Sat Sep 17, 9:00 pm – 12:00 am, Back at the Iron Gate, Belmont, Calif., (Map)
2. Placed the older News (this page) into Archives by year.
3. Updated Einar Einarson page.
4. Updated Ellis Stoneson page
5. Verified Postcard Image 2388 which is of the Capital of Minnesota, from the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection. After 1906 and the third Capital built in ST. Paul, MN.

07/09/11 1. Back on the trail of Russian Viking Rurik or Ruiruk and Anna of Russia, what Roy started five years ago. New RnD page on Rurik created covering the search for lineages.
2. Care to support Iceland, here is a link to locate Icelandic Bottled water. No further adverts.
3. Here is a great source on Vikings at The Viking Answer Lady.

1. Gudrun Stoneson Christopherson was a Piano Teacher and also taught Eileen Keller, her daughter. Gudrun quit teaching her and wjanted her to take further training. Eileen's stage name was 'Eileen Christy'. Quoted from an article done on Eileen.
2. Processing 478 photos taken during my visit with the Northern cousins. That does not even include sightseeing photos or my crazy attempts to take ones of the landscapes, like MT. Shasta, while driving.
3. Had a great time meeting our cousin, Mike Christopherson, son of Al Christopherson and Edith Ireland.
4. Added a Site Map page with quick links to every nook of this website.
5. Added Quick Links to top of Great Ancestors page after meeting with Mike.

07/06/11 1. A big welcome to Leanne and her family, the Stonesons from this cousin! Still getting details and will share them soon. The relation is Stone Stoneson's son, Joe.
2. Added new RnD page on the Slimmons family related to us through William Stuart Taylor.
3. Updated Intro page with new Image of the Month and tweaked the page. The image file name was too long and fixed it.

1. Happy Fouth of July Cousins!
2. Sue Detweiler contacted me last month. She is married to Bruce who is the grandson of Ellis Stoneson.
It is great to meet more relatives and welcome all to contact Roy.
3. Adding Life & Times of William Stuart Taylor...pending. Miriam is sharing this intriquing little Black Book written about William.
4. Adding to Report page done by Sig Christopherson about the family & William. Document 0083
5. Created a new section called Research RnD. Only one page outlining realtime research on the Taylor family. Wish I could hop over to the Arundel Castle Museum, however, not gonna happen.

07/01/11 1. Hot on the Trail of Wiliiam Stuart Taylors family.
2. BIG NEWS-Google Maps now has semi-detailed SAT images of the Argyle district. Will post revised map of Grund. They still have the last two zoom ins slightly fuzzy.
3. What is the C.B.M. Collection? It stands for the Carol Jarvie, Beverly Bolick and Miriam Westereng Collection of photos copies brought back from B.C. Photos from 1874 to 1950. Upload pending.
06/30/11 1. Contacted by Michael Christopherson, Al's son, looking fwd to having coffee with him.
2. Picked up two circular frames to place a very young couple into to give to Hank Christopherson, from 1874/1875.
3. Creating a large Family Tree collage of the four branches to hang in the townhouse.
4. Creating an Advert for Mayda Pie Shop run by Vala, her sister, and John S. in the '30's.
5. On the hunt for Susie Christopherson's children, since I believe I have MANY of their photos. Found Wilfred Brynjolfson who passed away in 1989 in Redding, Shasta, Calif. There is Gladys, Thordis and 3 more. Children of Súsanna Christopherson Brynjólfsson and Ingi Gunnar Sveinsson Brynjólfsson.
6. Identified a photo which I believe to be Mother/Daughter, Haldora Olafsdottir, 1872-1965 and Olof Elíasdottir 1895-1972.
7. Marsha Hawkins was kind enough to send a portrait photo of Henry and Ellis Stoneson which was at Stafholt in Blaine, WA.
06/26/11 I believe I may have a photo of the Sigmundsons. More pending.

Have been in contact with Pt. Roberts, specifically cousin Pauline DeHaan and through her - Paul Thorsteinson and Dorothea (next door), who live at PT. Roberts. Thanks to Joy Werlink for connecting us up. She confirmed Runa who was friend of Grandmother Gudrun Stoneson Christopherson is one in the same as theirs. Runa was an avid photographer, which might explain all the photos in the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection.

Vern and myself are bantering back n forth over the recent treasure trove of old photos.

In photo 3256, there is a woman holding a broom. I believe that to be Susie Christopherson, daughter of Sigurdur, who married Ingi Gunnar Sveinsson Brynjólfsson. If this is true, then Ranka Johnson had a ton of photos of her children, specifically Inga born 1907, Caroline, born 1909 and Wilfred born 1912. That photo may have been taken about 1915 in the ST. James Parish, Manitoba, Canada. This is Caroline Taylor Christopherson's grand daughters, probably Inga and Caroline.

I believe this is actually Ytranes under construction. Note the ladder to roof and no shingles. Maybe just a new roof. Note the left building. Looks like it existed and Sigurdur connected the two. The right was the hay barn.


Roy has caught up on his sleep after driving couple thousand miles last week. Our cousins Beverly Bolick, Carol Jarvie, and Miriam Westereng, showed me all the areas travelled by the Christophersons back in the early 1900's, in the Surrey area. We visited the Surrey Archives and met Ryan. Fiona had pulled many items out for us to look at and Roy left a photo DVD with them [Updated 6/26]

We walked along the beach and they showed me Haldor Christopherson's house which had changed little from their days visiting there. Halldor Christopherson was William James Christopherson's father, Kjartan's brother and Sigurdur's son.

Took a great photo of us all under the Christopherson sign, which by the way, there is the original yellow street sign I am now searching for to hold for a museum. Beverly, Miriam and Carol drove me a ways to this spot at Crescent Beach. One goal of theirs is to place a bench at the top of the trail to the beach in rememberance of Sigurdur. That would cost about 60K...pending funds. Roy walked down the wooden staircase that is over the original foot path leading across the train tracks on the beach to the bay. Somehow a beach rock and shell got in the pocket. They showed me the path that lead from Christopherson Rd. to Sigurdur's house where it resided before it was torn down. It is now gated off.

They drove through the neighborhood that was mostly Christopherson land at one time down to 2215 Christopherson Road which requires going around some streets. All the streets in Surrey were re-numbered and our road was not because it was on an angle. Caroline Taylor Christopherson wanted it named Argyle. At one time the road stretched north along all of Sigurdur's childrens properties that were sold off.
It was very difficult for them to take me there. In 2006 Sigurdurs house was demolished with only some of it's contents kept. Carrie had altered the house to the extent it could not be made a Historical Site. All of the property from the beach to road was sold for development into 4 lots. While a goal was to stand on the very porch my great grandparents stood at Ytranes (it-tre-ness, not Ya-tranes), the cousins helped me stand near the entrance gate of Ytranes and the beach where all the Chritophersons walked. I could not ask for more! They were great hostesses.

Unfortunately the entire acerage was sold and gated off. Only a view of a single iconic tree at the bluff over the beach was visible, which show up in all the photos of Sigurdur & Caroline's house, passed on to Veiga Dawe, Carrie Christopherson Humber, then inherited by John Carver.

While visiting, took snapshots of 200 old photos of the Christopherson family. Mostly later than 1900 ones. Even of the Mayda Pie Shop and a postcard from John Taylor to William, his brother, who helped the New Iceland pioneers. Proof that in 1875, William Stuart [sic Stewart] Taylor was involved with the Icelanders, not just John and Caroline got John involved to begin with. "this changes history". Carol's daughter Karen typed up about 100 personal letters between the family and they have a letter with Kjartan and Johns Vancouver Real Estate office and Susie's husband in Illinois.

We had lunch at Moby Dick restaurant with a distant view of the infamous 'White Rock'.
Again my thanks to our cousins for bringing so much of the family of their parents generation into my life!

They even had old vinyl records of the various family members singing. No player though. And a VHS tape of Sig's birthday in 1992 (Hank & Ted's brother), which I quasi-recorded using my smartphone.

Next years goal is to visit 3rd house Sigurdur built in Grund, Manitoba. Sigurdur lived at Ytri-Neslöndum í Mývatnssveit, Iceland 1848-1873, Sigurdur and Caroline Christopherson, married 1877 built cabin at Huskavic, Ytranes í Víðinesbyggð known as New Iceland which is just south of Gimli, after landing at Willow Point, then built Grund (Grassy Plains), Argyle District, Manitoba, Canada, then moved to Crescent Beach, B.C. for health reasons. Then visit my Eastern cousins and track down the Taylor family.
Revised 06/25/11.


Whoo Hoo! Back online.
Our three cousins, Carol, Miriam, and Beverly showed me a great time around Surrey, B.C.!
I had the best time and took copies of many family photos with my phone. More later.

05/01/11 Made a new discovery, one I think is of importance. Grandfather Kjartan (Kay) Christopherson was in Kamloops in 1909 helping to brand cattle in Tranquille-Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. Kay also had a few more photos of the Tranquille Sanatorium, named the King Edwards Sanatorium. Roy believes Kay may have been working one of two ranches. Since one of the branders in the photo was Dick Fortune, most likely the William Fortune Ranch as opposed to the Charles T. Cooney.
Here is the best history I have found to date:
According to ASHLYNN HARRIS, Thompson Rivers University, Fortune ranch was sold to the TB Soc. in 1907. Perhaps Dick Fortune went to work for the Conney family? [2]
View the Tranquille page here.
04/27/11 Added image I created of Grandma Melkorka (just fixed links) and Happy Easter Monday!
Be in British Columbia May 17th. [Update: June 7th]
04/21/11 Back online again.

1. Found a lead which may identify a mystery photo (relative?); The Canadian Cluster collar badge on IMG_SCAN_3448 of a WWI Canadian Soldier, who was possibly from Winnipeg and possibly Crossed to France in August 1916 under the 4th Canadian Division, In the Sub-division; 44th Battalion (Manitoba), Mobilized at Moose Jaw, SK [south-central Saskatchewan]. 44th BAT. was redesignated "44th (New Brunswick) Battalion", August 1918.

2. Realized this website has Unlimited Bandwidth and 10GB of storage, which I am only using 2.25%.
Despite my stupidity, will now place the oldest photos online (abt. 2,000). Will be creating Photo CDs for family and back up onto a Hard drive if anyone wants copy of the high resolution ones during my trip North.

04/04/11 1. Vern Austman translated an Icelandic inscription on a family photo of the 'Dorkas' family. Vern's (Great) grandfather, Jón Sveinbjörnsson Oddstad is related to my grandmother, Gudrun.

2. Added photo of myself and Hank Christopherson, taken last Friday after dinner. Next one is on me Hank!

3. Congratulations to cousin Bruce Costello, In August 2012 a new magazine called "Modern Warfare" is going in to print with issue 1. Bi-monthly publication, will have many subscribers in the miltary etc. First game - "Red Dragon - Green Crescent". Designer is Bruce!

1. Caroline Cartwright's son, Robert was interested in the family genealogy and I thought that was great. So he does not spend time on research rather than homework, decided to give him some intel to work on.
This revealing look at the Cartwright to the Dorris branch is now here. Enjoy. Robert Cartwright was my uncle who married my aunt, the lovely Dorothy Christopherson. Now back to my artwork and vacation planning.

2. Dedicated a page to the allusive Stoneson Brothers awhile ago; Henry & Ellis, Roy's Grand Uncles. Almost nothing on the internet about them. Hopefully some will come fwd with stories and more photos.
3. Added photos of my dear brother, Ron Christopherson. It has been awhile since his passing and felt it time. I probably have 200 on the media hub (still down). I review the 5,000 family photos...almost daily and always tough seeing his.

4. Added the Bruce & Lorie Costello Collection just for the Northern cousins to get to know their southern cousins.

5. Had dinner with Uncle Hank, who identified the Oddstad/Stoneson Picnic photo, about 10 names.
View the photo here by going to 7th photo down, now numbered.

03/28/11 1. Hope someone is visiting this site, seems awefully quiet around here.

2. Usually do not do this. Only one time before have I mentioned a movie here to watch for. If you love Vikings and 3D movies, "How to train your Dragon" is a must add to your Blu-Ray or DVD collection.
"It was FIVE times better than "Finding Nemo".
03/25/11 1. Just about complete sending Nelson Gerrard names of the great grand children of Kjartan Christopherson, with the help of Bruce Costello and cousins.

2. Attended my brother's mother-in-law's funeral yesterday. Juanita's mother was Elfrida Isabel Remedios,(maiden name is da Costa) b.27 Oct 1921, Place Shanghai, China - 16 siblings, d. abt. 03/19/2011. It was a very nice service.

3. Located the two main branches of Robert Cartwright for Caroline's son. Will take him years going off side branches of the wives. Father's side should be English, Mothers side, Danish, then Norwegian.

4. Need to plan and take vacation to Surrey and B.C. before June 15.
03/17/11 1. Completion of redesign of the Intro page at this site is almost complete. Added new menu too!

2. Happy Saint Patrick's day to my 60% Irish cousins (Celtic/Isabelle S.) and Irish brothers and sisters.

3. Thanks to cousins Kristjan & Gigja in Iceland, they have given me a continuing branch of Lilja Olafsdottir along the Einarson Branch, which I am just now entering.
03/09/11 1. Found interview by our cousin Keith Christopherson in "Beyond the Boardroom", September, 2006 Issue

2. Had set up a family forum and now lost it. it will turn up, they always do.

3. Some little Russian Jerk Hi-Jacked the family genealogy Forum for their own dubious use. It is now 100% locked out.
03/08/11 I owe Jóhanna and her family an apology. Bruce pointed out that I stupidly missed following up on my contact with Jóhanna and linking her chart connecting them to Stone Stonesons wife.
Belated welcome to our new cousin, Jóhanna Skúladóttir ! Relationship Chart.

Ég skulda Jóhanna og fjölskylda hennar afsökunar. Bruce bent á að ég misstiheimskulega eftirfarandi upp á samband mitt við Jóhanna og tengja töfluna hennartengja þá til að Stone Stonesons konu.
Belated velkomin á nýju frænku okkar, Jóhanna Skúladóttir!
03/07/11 Creating a composition map of Richard Taylors birthplace and home town in England. Caroline Taylor's grandfather. Still finishing redesign of the Intro page.
Please let Roy know if the new Drop Down menu on the Intro page gives you problems.



Added Christopherson Cousin photo to the Christopherson Clan page. Getting lots of photos from Bruce Costello for our Northern cousins, will post soon!
2. Created a new web page for William Stuart Taylor and his infamous brother, John Taylor.
3. Redid Einar Einarsons web page and family photos.
4. Not sure why I missed adding this news. A page dedicated to Andy Oddstad has been on the site quite awhile now. Added a second page to it of lots of photos on Andy's buildings.
5. Added an excerpt out of the book "Come into our Heritage - R.M. of Argyle 1882 - 1982". Covers Sigurdur and following generations. One of the best sources to date.

Found Anna's family. She was the daughter of William Stuart Taylor.
Anna TAYLOR Ballard/Anna Ballard, married George Ballard (children: Oscar, Jacob Ballard and Emma). Their last census was taken at Troy, Walworth, Wisconsin in 1905. Annie might have died 05 Sep 1905.

02/27/11 Reorganized the Intro page to this site and added some eye candy.

1. Nelson Gerrard is working on a book and has requested family data of Kjartan Christopherson's descendants. He specializes in New Iceland. Have incomplete info from 2009 and would like to submit a final draft March 1st. He has the older generations, it would be nice to get the children listed. No Promises! May or may not be in the book at some point.

2. Copied out 1930 United States Federal Census Record for Bertha Stoneson 1930, which lists Henry and Ellis Stoneson's info. What did surprise me is they list their parents as born in ENGLAND. Obviously a mistake. Will need to follow up on this.

3. Going up from Stone Stoneson, Henry's father, Stone's wife Ingibjörg Einarsdóttir, her mother's father (GGF), Níels Jónsson Níelsen was born 14 APR 1795 in Norway. He would be our GGGGF. The branch had stopped. Found exact match to his three part name and dates at Ancestry. This name, birth and death date exactly match an entry Halfdan Helgason has, yet he does not go beyond his parents.
JONESYofUC list Henríetta Lovísa Níelsdóttir, it would appear Niels and Gudrun's other daughter is Leopoldína Níelsdóttir, b. 28 Nov 1822, d. 21 Jul 1894. m. Einar Skeggjason
Their daughter was Ingibjörg Einarsdóttir, Her daughter was Gudrun Runa Thorsteinsson Christopherson, my GM. Gudrun's brothers built Stonestown.

4. Hazel Chrisson Stoneson's father, Harry Chrisson was born in Norway, according to a 1910 US Census.
She had 6 siblings. They were born in Wisconsin and Washington.

5. Back to Jon Thorvardsson, Birth 1090 AD in of, Modruvellir, Eyjafjardar, Iceland, Death 1150, who is Great Grandparent of Gudrun Aradottir (Sigvaldson branch). It goes to Norway, then back to Iceland.

02/23/11 Found three branches, two of them new and one existing leading to Björn Skeggjason, born 854 AD all three from Norway. Björn is a 28th GGF of Roy's generation, related to Sigurdur and Einar Einarson. Since I do not add siblings, possible there are connections to the other branches through them. So we could all say we are Sons & Daughters of Norway cause there many more leading to Norway.
02/20/11 Please welcome cousin Aaron Johnson to the website! His Great Great GF was Einar Einarson (Eirikssonar), also mine. I am just starting to go through his information and corrections and look forward to communication with more of the family. I only have three others in Einarson branch who are quite busy.
02/17/11 With the help of my Northern cousins, I am starting to put names to MANY faces. I am now convinced that Ranka and Dori's Photo Album got down to Sig then Hank. I can't wait to send a digital copy of them to all the family. Found one pristine photo of Ytrane original Cabin, however, it was probably taken long after 1900. Correction, updated original cabin.
Corrected some typos in the News page below.
Cousin Bruce has me on a few searches. Sometimes it gets very boring doing the searches and I need a little bolstering. I am now looking into Boleyn regarding the Taylors. An interesting tidbit about the name Hearn, as in Jane Taylor who married a Hearn.
"The Roll of Battle Abbey, in the Church of Dives, Normandy of the Companions of William, the Seventh Duke of Normandy...contains the names of Heiron and Herne."...For about one thousand years, the name of the Hearn family has been associated with the heron. The English word "heron"--according to the 1986 version of Webster's New World Dictionary [1]. One English family from KY [unrelated] dropped the "E" in Hearne. Cheers!
Surpassed 5,100 relatives. Probably last time I will list this. Up to 4,676 family photos. Recent ones to do.
02/13/11 Having 4,500 photos scanned, went through couple more boxes requiring scanning. All 1930 to recent.
One of the Chanute Airfield during training in WWII (Overhead), where Ted/dad trained. Another is Ted Christopherson's birthplace with his parent's and sister outside, at B.C., Canada.

In the process of correcting Poppa, wife of Hrolf aka Rollo. Poppa was NOT the daughter of Berengar II of Neustria, she was daughter of Gui, Count of Senlis.

"Hence, the best evidence to date seems to indicate that Poppa, wife of Rolf the Ganger, 1st Duke of Normandy, was a daughter of Gui, Count of Senlis and a great X3 granddaughter of Charlemagne."
Robert Sewell [1]

Charlemagne, aka Charles the Great, b. possibly 742 – 28 January 814 was
King of the Franks from 768 and Emperor of the Romans (Imperator Romanorum)

EINARSSON: Katelin Parsons from Manitoba just sent a page out of a manuscript written by Einar Einarson. View the page here and a close up. Awesome, in his own hand.

Verified NO relationship to Gretta Garbo.
Found Daniel Rantzau's Castle. Still researching.


Continuing with the Rantzau family from JAN 13, still verifying. The branch leads further back from the Sigvaldsons to the 1200's, thanks to info from cousin Kristjan and Kormakur Hognason, who led me to Daniel Rantzau, now Heinrich Von Ahlefeldt. View Relational Chart here. Some from Denmark, some from Germany. Goes back to 1090 to Werner von Ahlefeldt. View the possible family crest here. Pending research.

Following up on the claim we are related to Gretta Garbo. I re-read what I typed and it made no sense. Revisiting that claim makes using "find famous people".

01/13/11 to 01/14/11 My condolences to the cousins for their recent loss of Elma Oddstad Mendola. Attended her funeral yesterday.

On the trail of William Stuart Taylor's family again, Caroline Christopherson's father. This is Will's parents.
The Christophersons have English and Irish blood in them (Ref 11-22-09 below).
FATHER: Richard Taylor, b. 02 May 1787 Bristol, Somerset, England.
Residence in 1861-West Bromwich, Staffordshire, England, age 74

MOTHER: Elizabeth Mehetabel Jones
b. abt 1794 at Shropshire, England
Residence 1861 West Bromwich, Staffordshire, England, age 67
no parents listed
Source: 1861 England Census about Richard Taylor in Sarah Eadie Tree.

2nd Great Grandmother Isabella Slimmons, wife of William, died in 1865 by TB, according to Vern Austman (Oddstads). Her last name may be incorrect. Her father was John. She may have come out of Ireland during the Famine.

Einarsons and Stonesons have same Great Grandfather
Their father was Gísli Hákonarson, b. 1480 - 1560, was a Lögréttumaður (A man entitled to sit in "Lögrétta" at Alping/Parliment) og bóndi (Farmer) á Hafgrímsstöðum í Tungusveit (Iceland).
Árni Gíslason, b. Abt. 1520 (11th GGF) is related to Gudbrandur Einarson, b. 1890 (Roy's GF). There are three marriages here.
Björn Gíslason, b. 1521 (10th GGF) is related to Ingibjörg Einarsdóttir (Roy's GGM). There is one marriage in there.

Added New Branch to the Einarsons ending with Eiríkur Sumarliðason, b. 1370 in Iceland in database.

Egill Skallagrímsson is no longer an Uncle, but a Great Grandfather. Following another branch wound up with him as Sigurdur Christopherson's 23 GGF and my 26th GGF through Helga Þorsteinsdóttir, b. Abt. 975 AD. See PDF report here. Here is an old report as an Uncle.

Now using for one month, followed up the Sigvadason to Rantzau family (see past entry) which leads to Esbern Assersen Snarre, b. 30 Oct 1128 in Fjenneslev, Denmark. Before him it was going back and forth between Denmark and Sweden for birthplaces. So just like Rantzau, Esbern is well known, see here. I still need to verify the lineage is accurate.