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Christopherson/Taylor, Einarson/Gudbrandsdottir, Sigvaldson/Aradottir, Stoneson/Einarsdottir

08/31/10 Back online. Sorry, Media Hub is down until further notice.
My E-mail is working again.
Welcome to our new cousin, Jóhanna Skúladóttir ! Just got her email. Expect Relationship Chart
08/09/10 Posted map of Christopherson and Taylor (John) Lakes. Christopherson lake should be located on some of Sigurdur's original land and there is a Taylor Hill and Taylor Lake named after Caroline's fathers brother, John Taylor. Grund Church is just East of there.
Bristol, England is where Sigurdur's wife Caroline Taylors father and grandfather came from.
08/06/10 1. Added Read me links to the Saga list here.
2. Eyrbyggja saga [1], is the saga about our 23rd GGF, Snorri Þorgrímsson, b. 964, an Icelandic Chieftain, The name means the saga of the inhabitants of Eyrr, which is a farm on Snæfellsnes [map] on Iceland. Snorri was from a line of Chieftains [2].
08/05/10 1. Cousin Miriam Westereng is visiting Bev Bolick's son in Washington for a bbq, along with cousin Carol Jarvie.
2. Hank Christopherson is over his pneumonia, which is very good news.
3. Meet our 23rd GGF, Guðlaugur "auðgi" Þormóðsson, whose father was Þormóður x, born about 920 AD, a settler (landnámsmaður) bjó á Rauðkollustöðum (Iceland) related to Sigurdur and probably all Icelanders. Now Guðlaugur's wife; Þórdís Svarthöfðadóttir leds back to Þormóður Bresason, Settler at Akranesi, Iceland, born 840 AD.
4. This branch also leads to Þorsteinn Ólafsson, whose son, our GGF, kidnapped our GGM Melkorka Mýrkjartansdóttir. We are related to his step-brother Hrútur Herjólfsson, he is our 24th GGF.
08/01/10 Meet our 15th GGF (Soffia Gubrandsdottir branch) Guðmundur Arason, considered a Saint in Iceland.
07/30/10 1. Saga of Fernwood is over in 2 weeks.
2. Still tracing grandparents. Up to 4,816 relatives. Our 26th GGF, Þorgeir Vestarsson was born about 830 AD, possibly in Norway ("göfugur maður in Noregi (Norway)").
3. Our 29th GGF was Þorsteinn "hvíti" Ölvisson, b. 876, he was a first Chieftain of EAST Iceland out of 9 for Krakalækjarþing:, Hofverjar í Vopnafirði.
07/29/10 1. Our 26th GGF was Öndóttur X, born about 889, a Settler í Viðvík (possibly at Vidvik parish, Hofstadir, Skagafjördur, Iceland?)
Father unknown and his country of origin is unknown. His son was Spak-Böðvar Öndóttsson.
2. Located reference to 2nd cousins, Jim, David, Tom and Carrie Haskins, children of Caroline Dianne Pálsdóttir Haskins and Jim. They are related to Súsanna Sigurðardóttir Christopherson Brynjólfsson, daughter of Sigurdur. Possibly in the Chicago area. Researching...
3. Another branch ends with Eiríkur Sumarliðason, b. about 1370, he is our 18th GGF.
07/26/10 Leifsson's branch leads back to Þorgils "örrabeinsstjúpur" Þórðarson, born abt. 930, probably in Iceland. All three of his children are related.
His GGG Grandfather, HUNDÓLFUR born Abt. 786 AD. His son, Atli 'the mjói' HUNDÓLFSSON, our 30th GGF, was born at Gaul, Norway and had the title of Jarl or Earl. So another lineage to NORWAY for you.
Gaul Norway does not exist. Before 58AD, the Roman name for the region of Western Europe comprising present day northern Italy, France, Belgium, western Switzerland and the parts of the Netherlands and Germany, was Gaul., Not Norway [1]
Another branch of this same one is Þormóður "skapti" Óleifsson, born about 870 AD and was a Settler in Iceland from Norway. Þormóður "skapti" Óleifsson is our 29th Great Grandfather.
07/26/10 Very interesting. I continued a lineage as I have many unfinished branches. This leads to Hallvarður Leifsson, born about 1035.
The strange thing is, where most branches stop about here, Halfdan has a full branch starting up again. Both his parents and on.
Will be interesting to see how far back this leads. Also found my brother, Ron's marching band photos. Least a few of them.
07/21/10 Back amoung the living after stint in hospital again.
JAN 25th a photo of the Christopherson Clan was added. Replaced it's photo with the original negative and redid the web page.
Scanning family negatives from the late 50's to early 60's. Planning a visit with Keith sometime in the future to see what more Sig had.
Added Einarson Clan page taken about the same time. Along with Stoneson and Sigvaldson*
07/05/10 * There is quite an extensive write up on John Taylor, Uncle to Caroline Taylor at the Manitoba Soc. here. Still looking for his grandfather.
So on the Christopherson side, we are actually Icelandic, English and Irish based on Caroline's parents and many Great Grandparents.
07/04/10 Happy 4th of July Cousins!
Still working on our Great Grandparents page. Added lineage to the Scots through Pora Magnusdottir.
Posting this document of Mary Taylor (unrelated?) which I forgot I sent to Bruce. It is a PDF file.
07/03/10 Still working on our Great Grandparents page. Just noticed Halfdan Helgason mentioned a "possible" connection to Hernit Kristófersson, Sigurdur's brother. I'll have to double check dates and see if it rings any bells. See "Ltr from Iceland".
Gissur, not Gizur is related, he was an Earl of Iceland, however he is our great grandmothers brother and they revoked all Earl grants.
06/29/10 Just added Björn Þorleifsson our 14th GGF related to the Gudrun Stoneson branch.
Researching Gizur (Google Books), Earl over Iceland.

1. Started scanning photos from the 50's of the family.
2. Working on unfinished branches in the Family Tree.
3. On a personal note, Chloe' the Cockatoo(Photo 1, Photo 2) is integrated with the colony at the Sanctuary and being preened by a couple other females that she has made friends with. She is brought in at night until she gets used to WA chilly nights.
She is in a new 10 x 10 x 8 flight shown at the left end of this Elenora flight/cage. She no longer screems for attention.
Lori considers her "so sweet". The boy cockatoos stood up and raised their wings and crest trying to get Chloe's attention, they are now all back to their regular routines, which is playing all day and napping. In the long run, best for both of us. She will have a great life.
4. Adding to the Great Grandparents pages. Resolved the Greta Garbo mystery.

06/26/10 Uploaded new photo album of Sig and Lorne Christopherson during WWII behind enemy lines, for cousin Bruce Costello, Lil's son.
Very hard creating a page for a person. The miniscule amount of information does not reflect such full lives.
Updated the Great Grandparents page. Still updating it.
Restarted the MyStora media hub, thanks PG&E!
06/22/10 No more Cockatoo, so just killing time.
Found an Irish Princess; Melkorka Mýrkjartansdóttir, she is Roy's 26th GGM on Christopherson side, probably all 4 branches. Researching her.
Scroll down to the 12th Great Grandparent to see her possible likeness in an Icelandic Museum.
06/21/10 Ari "stóri" Magnússon was my 10th Great Grand Uncle. Today, connected him as my 11th Great Grandfather through my mothers side (Einarson). Ari (b. 13 November 1663 – d. 7 January 1730) was an Icelandic scholar and collector of manuscripts. He assembled the Arnamagnæan Manuscript Collection.
06/13/10 No News regarding the Genealogy.
Fernwood house had it's last Open House and we hope for it's sale soon. Chloe', my Cockatoo has been very stressed and after 16 years, in the last year, decided to donate her to a Cockatoo Sanctuary. She will be outdoors with her own sub-species able to fly and play all day. Here she just sits alone all day, with only a few hours of playtime with me. I'll add some photos of her to the Media Hub.
05/12/10 Updated the Family Tree web page, by adding Great Great Grand parents and linking to the Surname pages.
Found a great negative of Eileen Christopherson around age 16 with a trophy.
Still converting last batch of photos to upload to MyStora.
Researching The Taylors again, thanks to tips in a document sent by Carol Christopherson Jarvie.
04/22/10 Just completed scanning Sig and Hank's 500+ photos IMG_SCAN_3205 to 3732. Scanning their documents now.
Hank's personal photos of family circa 1980, Trip to Grund with Keith 3733 to 3835.
One handwritten poem by Caroline Taylor, Stephanie's acting, Sig's awards/diploma's, Dot, Caroline and Rob Icelandic Consul clipping IMG_SCAN_3836 to 3859.
Just found two more baggies with 200+ photos and photo postcards. 1900 -1960 of Christophersons? 38602 to xxxx...
There is a note that Sig had the family bible and Kay's Signature ring. There is book from 1889, SALMABOK.
Even a book titled "Icelandic Settlers in America", illustrated by Nelson Gerrard.
04/20/10 Had a nice chat with Hank tonight which he confirmed dad flew as mechanic in the Douglas C-47 Skytrain and he and dad worked at ARC Electric. Connected with Keith, Kenny and Bruce Christopherson.

Almost packed up and ready to move. E.T.D. 6 weeks.
Just got back from Eileen Christopherson's funeral service and gathering afterwards and wanted to pass along that it was a very nice service. The funeral location was very nice and we were able to gets seats. I sat with my sister, Carol and Bruce Costello, Lilja's son, dad's sister. Dot's son, Rob Cartwright spoke first after a very lively prayer and sermon from their person, sorry, did not catch his name. Eileen's children spoke/sang and grandchildren spoke. Then they played a recording of her singing "Over the Rainbow".

After the service, Dot, Eileen's sister, my aunt, had everyone over for a catered gathering at her house up in the hills. I was fortunate to meet many cousins I had not seen for 30 years. Kenny, Sig's son was there and Keith, but I still haven't got his email. Kenny gave me his phone number. Met our youngest cousin, Kimberly, Caroline's daughter. Her brother, Ed McLaughlin was there but missed him.

I met John Carver. We talked about Ytrane and I updated him on my email and genealogy found. Keith has a ton of stuff Sig worked on and might turn over to me. He has the Taylors traced back to England which has been a stubling block for me and one of the last branches. Too common of names. I was able to give Eileen's granddaughter, Hayley, whom I met at the Hospice, 6 documents and a photo of her GGGF, Sigurdur and the family.

They played a DVD of Eileen acting/singing in "I Dream of Jeanie". Caroline, Dot's daughter emails me the most and I send her stuff.
UPDATE: Eileen's Memorial Card here

Eileen's Photo Album

04/05/10 Happy Easter Cousins! Completed scanning 80 of uncle Sig's military photos during WWII. putting together a map of his route through Germany. He was in 100th Infantry Division, Intelligence & Recon Platoon of 397th Infantry. Lorne was one of the 1st to sign up. Ted, Sig and Henry also proudly served the U.S. Armed Forces.
03/27/10 Still scanning photos. Just surpassed 3,600 family photos, most pre-1930.
Packing up the house and painting which is reducing my genealogy time to minimal.
Introduced a new Media Hub called MyStora manufactured by Netgear. Email me for access to family photos.
03/02/10 Still scanning photos from the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection. 1897 to 1963. I am nearing the end of 1915 photos.
Also House Hunting which is taking time away from this project.
Sent Nelson Gerrard photo disc. The Media Hub is still down due to Cisco.

Posted Ron's Memorial Card (link at bottom) for all those that could not make it to the service. I pray it is the last I make for a long time.
Scanning new photos from the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection. 1897 to 1963. Batch 2.
Photo of Sigurdur headed to Iceland about 1897, see 1, 2, 3 and Broken ice field which may have been ahead of him.
My thoughts and prayers go out to my aunt Eileen Christopherson, aka Eileen Christy, living with Parkinsons.

02/05/10 For those of you unable to attend Ron's funeral service FEB. 6 at Chapel of the Highlands, I have uploaded his Memorial Card.
About 50 new photos of Ron growing up, and from his wife Juanita, are now on the Hub, in the New Photo Album and more than enough in his Album.
I hope to add the collected stories about Ron at a latter time, as we mourn his passing, yet celebrate his life.
01/25/10 Adding photos of Ron to the Media Hub. I wish it was under different circumstances.
Cousin Dorothy Tytgat identified as Christophersons. Have a look at it here. Still updating it.
Carol Jarvie's son is in Haiti. Here is their website. Doing quite a job.

My brother, Ronald Ted Christopherson, passed away today.
As for me, I have another two weeks of healing, then back to work.

01/03/10 While recuperating at home, managed to finish organizing the scans from Hank. Just added my fathers album from the 1930's. Lots of great shots of him at probably 17 - 18 yrs old, local school, shanty, horses, barns, and some family, posted on Media Hub.
Added Stoneson family portrait given to me by uncle Hank, to Intro page along with the Sigvaldsons multiple portraits.

Asterik (*) = Updated after date posted.