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Been in the Hospital. Did get a great old photo of the Stonesons from Hank Christopherson. Will post it when I feel better.
Photo CD shipped to Nelson.

12/11/09 On the last couple pages of the old album. Found a great shot overlooking a large bldg. and Grund homestead peaking out from the treetops. Spectacular view, file = IMG_SCAN_2380_PC, which is on the Hub.
100 years ago, this album had to belong to Miss Ranka Johnson who married Haldor, Sigurdur's son..
12/11/09 2,300 photos now on the Media Hub.
Halfway through Hank's old album. Considering these photos are 100 years old and some glued down, having a great time scanning!
I hope the Rocky Mountain prototype scanner makes it to market real soon. I need it!
12/08/09 Uploaded 68 1900-1930 photos of Grund, Crescent Beach and Kjartans family, Roy's GGF.
See new family group photos here and here. Now starting scanning on the "old" album.
Sending Nelson Gerrard a couple DVDs of photos.
12/06/09 Updates should be quicker now the work is done on my PC which I use daily.
Hank Christopherson was kind enough to lend me hundreds of his old family photos of Grund and Crescent Beach.
We're having a great time getting to know one another after 29 years apart.
11/26/09 Lilja has been sending some more great old photos of the Arason branch! Now on the Media Hub.
Updating Sigurdur Christopherson's GFs, found both my parents have the same GF, 7th and 8th generation. See top of Reports page
11/22/09 Happy Thanksgiving to all my cousins far and wide. Enjoy your warmer climates during your visits or winter relocation.
Cousin Gary and his wife, Stephanie, son and his father, my Uncle Hank, had me over for dinner. Thanks.
Media Hub: added New Photos Album was created so repeat visitors could see new additions. I will move them to related Albums beginning of each month. On the Hub now are items on Andy Oddstad, Ytranes and maps.
Reading over some great documents Miriam mailed down. Like Caroline Taylor's mother, Isabella, was an Irish Red-head!
11/07/09 Fixed a link to a photo on Teds page showing x641 plane. Allowed enlarging of photos at the Fighting 37th School Squadron.
Reworking the Lilja Kernested Collection Header. Inviting all the Calif. Cousins to web site.
11/03/09 Decided to place these photos from the Miriam & Ken Westereng Collection of Sigurdur Christopherson family onto the web, so more people could easily access them. Don't forget to check this page often, since I will be emailing less over the next couple of months.

Miriam Westereng has sent me some phenominal old photos of Sigurdur and Caroline Christopherson, going back to Caroline as a young girl and her father William Taylor, brother of the infamous, John Taylor of Barbados. Added to the Media Hub.
Located entire Badger family history in "Beneath the Long Grass" pp 200-201, retyped-see William Taylor.
Deleted duplicate John Christopherson from Sigurdurs page (Family tree > great grandparents).
Fixed link to Gudrun Christophersons page.
Miriam solved the mystery picture. John S. Christopherson is at a picnic (Media Hub - see CHRISTOPHERSON Picnic)


Completed the 3rd batch of negatives. A dozen unseen photos and many to replace the print versions.
New addition to the media Hub, the Lilja Kernested Collection and the Miriam Westereng Collection containing the Sigvaldsons late 1800's, Unknown individuals and John Sigurdur Christophersons family, cousins. And Luke & Carrie Humber.
Ed Fader confirmed a photo of Arni Sveinsson. Sveinsson's lived near Sigurdur Christopherson.
Baldur High School has added some great photos of Grund Church, Manitoba, Canada.


Busy scanning the 2nd 100 negatives. Done! Very tedious work, yet worthwhile when seeing what was snapped.
Cousin Lilja sent great old photos of Skapti, Jona, Sigun, Gudny Arasons and Frieda c. 1900. They are now on the Media Hub.
Found Dot & Bob Cartwright, Hank & Thelma, and a photo of Ted Christopherson in flight (1940's) and more from the 50's.
Located another 100 negatives (batch 3) from the 50's just now. Traffic to this site was in the thousands. Think the report was wrong.


Lilja Kernested just emailed a photo of the elusive Arni (Earnest) Sigvaldson. Hopefully an entire family photo is floating around out there, Thank you VERY much Lilja! Visit Arni's web page here.
Added dozens of new photos and finding the original negatives and replacing scans from the printed copy, some were washed out.

09/26/09 Added the Chanute Field photos to Teds Air Force page under Family Tree.
May have found an Arason in Manitoba. Welcome to Lilja Kernested, her great grandfather was Benedikt Arason, brother of Roy's great grandmother, Gudrun Aradottir Sigvaldson.
OMG, just found another 100 negatives (batch 2). Should be interesting.
09/24/09 Completed scanning 100 negatives of Theodore Christopherson at Chanute Field, Rantoul ILL. Fighting 37th School Squadron, Robert Christopherson, Pauline and unknown relatives.
09/21/09 Uploaded 1,700+ family photos to the Pauline/Arnie & Diane Media Hub. See 9/12 entry.
Located about 100 unprinted negatives from Ted's 1st days at Bergram Air Force Base in Texas, I think (correction see 9/24)
1,400 prints still left to scan.
09/18/09 Updated Paulines Memorial Card with date on the front. Now it is pefect. Working on photos fo Media Hub.
Added to Grand parent pages for Mary Jacobina Sigvaldson Einarson

Connected with cousins on the Christophersons side. Welcome Miriam Evelyn Ruccius Westereng & her husband, Ken Westerng
Miriam is the daughter of Evelyn Christopherson and Cousin Carol Dawn Christopherson Jarvie, daughter of Donald, eldest son of Jon Sigurdur Christopherson, son of Sigurdur.
Organizing the 1,700 photos to place onto the media server. Should be on there soon!
Connected the Roy link on the Family Tree page.

09/12/09 In-Augurated a Media Hub. Everyone is on vacation anyways or getting ready for school.
09/08/09 While researching one of the last branches of my immediate great grandparents, came across a document done by Ryan Eyford on John Taylor. John was the elder brother of William, brother of my great grandmother, Caroline (Carrie) Nee Taylor. For many years I was told we had a "wee bit o Scotch" in us though Carrie. Wrong, she was English on her GF's side. I am still exploring this detailed report on John Taylor and trying to locate their family, The Badgers, Hearns and Haines, which unfortunately are very common names, like Smith here in the US.
09/05/09 Entered Erik the Reds family and about 100 others related to the Oddstads. Fixed a couple links to the Oddstad Reports.
Surpassed 4,160 relatives
08/27-28/09 Fixed link to Mary Einarson under Family Tree and Einarson Parents page links.
Researching Earl of Clare. Maybe a relation there.
Following the making of the movie "1066" by Robin Jacob, about a year that was a turning point for England and will involve many Northmen and Battle of Hastings.
Updated Intro page and Great Grandparents page with images of them.
Updated Stoneson/Oddstad Report
08/22/09 Added Oddstad 180 Fan Report along with family photos from 1913 from Vern Austman .
Added two Blog Articles [1] [2] from Sandy Nathan about Andres Fjeldsted Oddstad. See Reports page.

08/15/09 Cleaned up Sigurdur Christopherson Individual Report.
Added New Family Tree 08 2009 1 Page of Ten Generations. The 30 was too large.

Fixed every link on the Reports page. Sorry if they did not open. Need to Clean up Sigurdur's page.
Added new branch from Sigvaldason to Rantzau in Denmark. Report pending.
Working on new connections to Scotland, Angus MacRory. Report pending.
Shipped Special Vol. 1 Sigvaldasons binder/CD to cousin Arni Sigvaldson in Walnut Creek.

Working on the Oddstad family tree. Sandy, go to the Reports page under Oddstad. Received more info on Arni Sigvaldason (Roy's moms side) from Nonni Jonnson and Cathy Josephson. Thanks!

Uploaded current Timeline. Click the Timeline Button, top of the page. Majority of it is regarding the New Icelanders.
Added more books and whole list of all the Icelandic Sagas.
Installed a whole new front end when entering the site. Figure most people will just check the news. Not for the faint of heart, check it out here.

Entered more grandparents. Uploaded The Stoneson/Oddstad Report done by my Cousin Caroline Cartwright and retyped by my new found cousin Deanne. Finalizing branches extending into the Scottish Clans, English royalty and Russian relatives.
Up to 1,734 scanned photos archived.
Up to 3,850 people in the family database.

During the end of May, I spent most of my time at the Peninsula Hospital trading cots with my sister as we watched over our mother. She went in with a simple task to elevate her fluid intake by was of an I.V.. Then she had a brain hemorrage. All we could do is give her comfort, reassurance that we were by her side. I was fortunate to be over her when she passed away. The memorial is at 3 P.M. today and I am posting her Mermorial card online for any family members or friends passing by here that could not make it to her service or unaware of all this.
Up to 1,607 scanned photos archived.
Up to 3,148 people in the family database. Have yet to add many cousins.
My cousin Deanna retyped up the Stoneson report. Thank you Deanna!

05/01/09 Completed the new banner and started all new pages for people that might want just to view this page for changes. Banner represents my newly discovered heritages and a timeline from Farmers, Vikings, Ingolfur Arnason, Arngrimur Jonsson, emigration to Canada and relatives across Canada, Einar Einarson, Sigudur Christopherson, with the Seal of Iceland, G. G. Bridge representing my family, Hollywood representing my cousin Indira Danks and Capitol Records for all the albums they missed out having me do the packaging for. And a Celtic (pron. Keltic) knot work banner.

Starting to add the Williamsdottir lineage thanks to Kristjan Helgi and Gigja. Up to 3,300 relatives.

04/19/09 Fixed link to Sigurdurs report in left column.
Nonni Jonsson connected me to Cousins Kristjan Helgi and Gigja from Aukeryi, Iceland. Having a great time communicating with them.

03/9/09 Possibly found another cousin. Added pages for my father 1, 2 & mother.

03/24/09 Updating entire website. Please forgive me while I refine the look and layout. Thank you, 86 Pg (384kb) Kinship Report - Roy Christopherson. Pending - photo of John & Laura Christopherson ('40's).

Found Third Cousin, Nancy S. and family.

03/22/09 Revised or added Grand parent pages and photos. Took a trip to San Francisco photographing buildings my relatives lived in or built. Grand Parents Pages 1, 2, 3
Einarson Pages 1, 2, 3.
Christopherson Pages 1,

03/17/09 Working my way up from Guðný Böðvarsdóttir
back to Egil Skallagrimsson. One of the hardest to keep straight.

03/16/09 Thanks to Kormakur Hognason, who translated two newpaper articles about Sigurdur, and to Nonni who posted them, Kommi gave me the Sigvaldason branch enabling me to link to an entire branch in Halfdan's database. This line went back to Grimur who was from Norway. Adding many grandparents (now at 3,000) and new branches.
Report on Ólafur and Ingolfur's extended lineage.
Found Sigvaldason connection to Grimur G. Icelandic Settler from Norway.
Found cousin Nancy S. in Canada, awaiting reply.
Researching continued branch to a petty king in Ireland and the History of Ireland, through Rafarta Kjarvalsdottir PDF , perhaps my 29th Great Grandmother, it appears were related to her father; Cerball mac Dngaile 790 AD, spelled many ways. Correction, Cerball was King of Osraige (English = Ossory}, not all of Ireland.

Posted 6 PDF reports on Emily Enns (Einarson) lineage to
Cerball, Ingolfur, Rollo, Snorri, Grimur of Norway and King FairHair.
Again, special thanks to Halfdan Helgason !

Posted a Kinship Report and Family Tree with a few generations.
Report 1 Hourglass Family Tree Report
Report 2 Kinship Report for Roy Christopherson

Where to begin! We had a couple family members in the hospital and all are getting better now. That with the Apple computer going out and XP corrupting for the 4th time, took me off the website for months. Thanks to Helgi Vern, they have a few corrections on the Stoneson side of the family which made me try and fire up the Apple after it stopped working 5 months ago. Low and behold it started up and I will now be able to fix many errors I have found in spellings and relations along with duplicate entries in my Family Tree 2009.
My latest research has been on 12 family members. Still searching on the elusive Arni Sigvaldason branch. Thanks to Nelson Gerrard for an older spelling; Sigvald"a"son. Discovered a Norweigian GGF, Sveinn. A few more historic GGF's, one I suspect to have been a Bishop and one an emmisary? to King Fair Hair. Fixed a link below to the Stoneson Report.
Also found about 100 GGF/GGMothers since September.

Asterik (*) = Updated after date posted.


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