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Christopherson/Taylor, Einarson/Gudbrandsdottir, Sigvaldson/Aradottir, Stoneson/Einarsdottir
2008 - 2006

09/16/08 Apple Mac Mini video cable failed. Back online. Added links and pages to the two family photos above for the Christophersons and Einarsons. Added Individual Report for Sigurdur Christopherson on the left column.

09/09/08 Delays, hard drive on the PC used to research went out last week.
Contacted Nonni Jonsson, he located Sigurður Christopherson in an old newspaper and considers him, "the Father of Swan River Valley, MB, Canada". If it was not for the translation done by Kormákur Högnason, this event would still remain unknown, since Nonni was the first on the Internet to publish the two translated newspapers,of May 27, 1897. Jakob Ágúst Vopni was the 1st Icelandic Settler at Swan River Valley. Sigurður made arrangements for Mr. Vopni's quarters on a 2nd trip.

08/05/08 Surpassed 2500 direct relatives. Found Ernst Sigvaldson's Father and Grandfather, three brothers, one wife and 12 siblings and a whole other line to Norway, however related by marriage. Researching the Connection from my GGF, Ingolfur's son; Porsteinn's wife, who was the daughter of Rollo of Normandy. Rollo's son, William "Longsword" is connected to Emma of Normandy and a whole line of Kings. Have also entered 100 cousins around our 3rd and 5th GGF lines. Contacted the Colorado and MN Historical Soc. on Sigvaldsons. Plus have a cold.
Update: The Societies NEVER responded.

Surpassed 2100 direct relatives entered. Found three more lineages up kings lines, including a few kings in Finland. Robert the Bruce appears not to be related. The guy who betrayed Mel Gibson as requested by his father, in that movie portrayal. Felicia of Normandy is a GGGM.
Completed 1st draft of the Christophersons Saga cover art.
Entered dozens of cousins, some still living in Reykjavik, Iceland. Working my way up from 4th GGF to Arngrimur Jonnson. No response from Indira, she must be busy. Need Remedios info too.
Next challenge will be to obtain Ernest Sigvaldsons father's name.

Have completed most of my research on my mothers side (Einarson/Sigvaldson), with the exception of a couple people, have most of the branches ready to data entry. Verifyied connections to the King and Queens. Now researching Astrid, Queen of Sweden.
Through Ingolfir Arnason's son Porsteinn's? wife, we are related to Hrolf, Viking King of Normandy, France and William 1 on the Christopherson side. Next will be to contune with names, read the Sagas, continue education on learning Icelandic and Scandinavian history.

07/09/08 Renamed the future PDF book, Christophersons Saga, after Sigurdur and since I'll be telling the story from my gathered information, made sense to do exactly what they did in the Sagas. Write about the family tree and a hero, which Sigurdur sure was. Our family, our story.

Just found a whole other branch of Kings and Queens. In Olafs Saga, H_____ is mentioned. Very hard to tell how many are real people as many in the Sagas were made up. Redesigned this web page to reflect that many were of High or low nobility, Kings, Queens, Chieftains and or Priests. Many leading quiet, hearty lives as farmers. Added image of Great Grandmother Sigvaldson (Right) and I think, Pauline.

07/07/08 Just surpassed about 1,500 direct decendant in the family tree.

07/04/08 Through a few marriages in the Sigvaldsson side, found Ketill "Flatnose" is my 30th Great Grandfather. He was a Norwegian Hersir (Local Military Commander) of the mid 800s, son of Bjorn (or Bjarni) Buna. In the 850s Ketil was a prominent viking chieftain. He left his son at his estate in Norway, did not pay King FairHair tribute and lost his Estate. See the Saga page for his listing.

07/01/08 According to current info, I am a direct descedant of Ingolfur Arnarson, 1st Settler of Iceland, directly up through the male Christopherson lineage. See Reports page. Most Icelanders are in one way or another.

06/26/08 Traveling back to 1200 AD on the Stoneson lineage with many great grandparents to go, found connection to Snorri Sturlson.

Have completed entering most of the Sigvaldsson [Sigvaldason/Sigvaldson] side. Not the children. Family Tree has just surpassed 1,128 direct decendants.

Uploaded 15 PG 1980 REPORT on Stoneson done by my cousin Caroline Cartwright. Henry and Ellis Stoneson built Stonestown shopping center and apartment complex in San Francosco in the 50's. The complex, their house and original sales office building still stand.
See Reports page. Replaced scanned copy with a PDF version.

Traced lineage from Erik the Red to his wife. Update: Found the releationship to Erik's wife. We are related. A 28 year old question finally answered.

Uploaded Family Tree with Kings added = 76 pages in Book form.
Do NOT print, just for viewing! Poster PDF with 20 Generations.

06/08/08 Located Stoneson Family, Henry & Ellis Stoneson built Stonetown in San Francisco back in the 50's and helped fund a retirement home in British Columbia, which is still in use. 9 generations + going up grandmother's side (Gudrun Christopherson) to Jon far.
Contacted family in Denmark. Internet is a fantastic tool. The Toban Family in Demark are related to Roy's 5th Great Grandmother Mararet Tofardottir.

06/02/08 After 3 weeks of research, posted connections to Harald the Fair Hair King of Norway PDF. Both sides are connected. Still confirming. We have infamous relatives at the end of many of the branches, like Ingolfur Arnarson, first Icelandic settler, Egil S., Snorri S., Grimur Kambal, Hrolf of Normandy and William 1. One-third were Speakers of the Law and many Farmers, like Uncle Henry, God rest his soul. Not to mention 35 Kings, Thortsein "Raudi", Scottish King, Olafur Ingjaldsson, Army King at Dublin, Ireland.

Located Sigvaldson Family Tree (my mother's mother's side) thanks to Halfdan Helgason in Iceland.

05/24/08 Added spreadsheet 90% translating Uncle Kris Document from 1954. The connection fron Ingjborg to the Kings is wrong. Still investigating this. Regardless, I am 100% positive (in genealogy, nothing is beyong the year 1700 in Iceland) that the Einarsson side is connected to the Kings, albiet a different branch.

05/10/08 Added 3 Page Document citing three sources we are related to 9+ generations of Kings of Sweden. UPDATE: Took down, reorganizing into two pages with two lineages corrected. Excel format.

04/12/08 Traced Christopherson line 34 generations back 14 from Halfdan Helgason.

04/13/08 Over 1000 scans have been done of family photos

04/14/08 DVD slideshow of Henry Einarson completed.
Official start of the family PDF personal book titled Vestur Islendingar Saga started.

04/14/08 Located Bob Christopherson in Alberta thanks to my Aunt Em.

04/14/08 Requested Father's Army Air Force records. [update 2015 they wamted more info and Roy dropped search. Some records were burned in a great fire]

2006 Started genealogy research night and day.

Asterik (*) = Updated after date posted.


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