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Ytranes / Ytri Neslönd, B.C.

Ytranes became Sigurdur and Caroline's third homestead.
"Ytri Neslönd" literally "Outer Headlands" or "Outer Ness" [2 ].  The Icelandic places did not have fancy names.  The Icelandic for new is "nýja" with a long "i" for ý and short "a".
Vern Austman, APR 2012
2. According to Komakur Hognason

For Roy, Ytranes (Pronounced: It-Tre-Ness) was a living breathing building. It was one of his first physical genealogical finds on the Christophersons. That and the newsclipping of the Oxe Yoke from Grund, that he saw as a boy. Ytranes directly represented a great Icelander named Sigurdur Christopherson, and his intellegent Scottish/Irish/English wife, Caroline 'Taylor' Christopherson. Initially Roy crowded Sigurdur's Individual page with photos of Ytranes. It deserves its own page.

Roy recently had the pleasure of meeting a small portion of the relatives in British Columbia, Carol nee Christopherson and Robert Jarvie in Langley, Miriam Westereng from Kelowna, and Beverly Bolick up from Washington. Ted & Pauline Christopherson had taken Roy, as a boy, and his brothers and sister to visit Vancouver and Manitoba.


Owners Sigurdur and Caroline 'Taylor' Christopherson
Caroline TAYLOR Christopherson
Sigurdur Christopherson
Caroline 'Taylor' Christopherson
In 1871 British Columbia enters Confederation on July 19, 1871. Canada promises to take on the colony’s debt and to link British Columbia to the rest of Canada through the creation of a transcontinental railroad within ten years. Source:
Prehistory of the grounds - under construction
add early map

In 1903, Sigurdur was finally struck down by ill health and was confined to bed for months at Grund in the Argyle District in Manitoba, Canada. The following winter he suffered a relapse, so on his doctor's advice, he and Carrie traveled to the west coast. She never thought that she was leaving her home for good and would be called a 'pioneer' once more, but that's exactly what happened. On a previous trip, Sigurdur had bought a piece of land on the seaside. See image 6074 below. One day when the west coast climate had made him stronger, they walked up to this property, a beautiful spot with overgrown orchard, they fell in love with it. Sigurdur began clearing the brush and soon had a site cleared for a small house. They named it 'Itriness', the name of his parents' farm in Iceland (from story posted by family online). Specifically; Ytri-Neslond, Neslondum, Lake Mývatn. Also spelled Ytranes.
They camped out under the stars while building the small log cabin, which later on became a pantry for Carrie Humber.
Sons of Sigurdur, John stayed in a tent, and Kjartan had a honeymoon tent on the property.

Thanks to Roy's relatives, he now has many photos of Ytranes.

Roy does have a photo (IMG_6681_Christophersonleanto_ytranes) of this cabin from a 1995 Calendar coustesy of cousin Mike Christopherson. Due to copyright, not posting it. This tiny portion of it shows Sigurdur & Caroline

Ytranes Shanty
Courtesy of The Mike Christopherson Collection
From the 1995 Icelandic Heritage Calendar
Cabin at Crescent, British Columbia, Canada

High Resolution uncropped version
Below in image 5178 is front of left 1st Ytranes Homestead
Courtesy of The Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

There are many photos of Ytranes. Many are not online here. See Roy
"Start of "Barn + guesthouse behind Grandpa Sigurdur Christopherson's at Ocean park BC" Crescent, British Columbia, Canada"
Notice roof being constructed or redone.
In a letter written Sept 19, 1905, Caroline states "Papa is getting his stable built now...14x24, a story and a half high with pitched roof shingled." A Chris built the stable.
It is a mystery why the closer building does not match the original cabin in the above photo 2368.
Courtesy of The Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

Click to enlarge
Ytranes, Crescent, B.C.
Hay stored in the far building seen in image 3227 (Left)
Identity unknown. Perhaps a neighbor, his son John, or someone
working for them, although no records here show work done other than by Sigurdur and family. In 1910, Sigurdur himself was leveling the field East of the stables with a plow
Courtesy of The Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

Pending: Place intro on trek across Canada via Google earth
British ColumbiaSurrey

With Vancouver to the NW
, Crescent lies on the West point in what is now
Surrey, B.C., Canada
Christopherson Road

2215 Christopherson Road, Surrey, B.C.

Yellow icon is house location.
The MAP to the right was during the time Sigurdur Christopherson purchased two parcels of land early in 1900.
The "Outer Ness" as Ytranes translates to, is located center along the bay. The section in Yellow is enlarged.
During our tour of the Stewart Farm House, we spotted 'Christopherson' sideways on the map on the 2nd floor.
Roy has received this map from many sources.
The property was divided amoung Sigurdur's children and sold off one by one. The property Ytranes stood on and Halldor's House (see below) should be the only ones in 2006. They sold off all the north lots or exchanged for Argyle District farm land.

Johnnie (John's son) and his wife Grace lived North across Boundary Bay. Due to taxes, it is hard to hold on to any property, now or then.

Christophersons are mentioned here , and here, and Johnnie is metioned here, BC Packers, at Surrey Hist Soc.
Map courtesy of Roy's B.C. Cousin

Courtesy of Ed Fader, Ocean Parker 2000 Edition
"Ytra-Nes, meaning Outer Ness was a 90-acre waterfront estate bought in 1904 by Sigurdur Kristofersson from Iceland. Located near Crescent, the land had been previously owned by a Scotsman and was the site of an ancient Indian fort (mound). The property also had fruit and walnut trees. Over the years, Icelandic neighbours established themselves nearby, including the Sveinn, Brynjolfsson, Kristjan, Runolfur, Anderson, Bjornson and Stoneson families. In 1912, Ytra-Nes became the home of son and daughter-in-law John and Vala Christopherson and the new home, built prior to 1907, has remained in the Christopherson family ever since...Jon (John) S Christopherson" (Italics indicate altered original text)

"Jon, known as John, was born in 1877 at Husavik, Keewatin. He moved with his parents to Argyle three years later. John attended Hola School and later went to Winnipeg Business College. John farmed at the family home in Grund. In 1907, he married Valgerdur, born in 1884 to Jón Þórðarson and Guðrún Jónasdóttir of Glenboro. Following their wedding day they took a trip west to visit his parents at Crescent Beach, British Columbia. The mild costal climate of British Columbia attracted them to move to the Crescent area in 1912"[1]. "Sigurdur and Caroline's eldest son, John S. Christopherson, with his wife Vala and children moved to the Crescent area or the family homstead in 1912 [2]."For a time he sold realty with his brother Kjartan 'Kay', Roy's grandfather. By this time three sons had been born to them at the Grund home: Donald, Alvin, and John Sigurdur Jr. Other children followed: a son, Haldor, and three daughters, Caroline, Evelyn, and Kathleen. John's work included farming and construction. Latterly, he helped Vala in the management of a successful pie industry. Sharing interests in political, community and social affairs, John and Vala were a devoted couple to their church and family. They made their home in Vancouver until John passed away in 1949. More on John is at his Individual page here.

Many folks used the train to come to the beach from Vancouver [3]

The Great Northern Railway
From Ed Fader
The first horse and cart would have come by ship as Highway 16 wasn't started until 1942. Prince Rupert is many miles up the coast north of Christopherson' in Crescent property. To drive there it would take about 20 hours. 1, 500 Kilometres from Vancouver plus another 50 K from Crescent. I don't know where your Aunt Veiga taught before I had her as a substitute teacher at the Crescent School just up the road from where she lived in Crescent Beach. Her house was located just south of the Crescent Beach/Ocean Park border – actually the house was in Ocean Park. People of Ocean Park collected their mail at Crescent until the post office at Ocean Park was built in 1921.

Here is a picture of my classmates. Grades 3, 4, and 5 taken in 1948. Maybe our teacher might have been an Icelander, his name was G A. Eyjolfson? The Great Northern Railway ran below the bluff at Christopherson's property as it followed the bay around to Vancouver. (the railway changed names to Burlington Northern in 1970, then Burlington Northern Santa Fe in 1996). It is Burlington Northern Santa Fe now.

On 2012-07-09, at 3:06 AM, Roy Christopherson wrote:
Hello Ed, I was listening to a talk show host earlier on Sunday. A caller stated that the Oakland Port here was soon to go into the past (specifically email Nov 14, 2009). The new port of interest would be Prince Rupert [visit the new page]. You mentioned a few years ago the railway below Sigurdur Christopherson´s property. I have a early 1900 postcard of the 1st horse and cart in Prince Rupert. Over the years, understand your area (BC) a wee bit better. The port down here does not accommodate large ships due to bay not being very deep, according to this caller....

1. From - Added by skitang6 on 11 Nov 2007, Information from "Come into our Heritage RM of Argyle 1882-1982"
2. Miriam Westereng
3. Linda L.

On May 1st, 2012 Roy, having looked at all these photos over and over, Notices in photo 2407 (below right) a resemblance to couple on porch in 2275 (Below Left),
once thought to be Sigurður & Caroline Christopherson/Kristófersson, sent from Ed Fader from a calendar
Ranka Ragnheidur Johnson, whom Roy knows is to the right in 2407, was single as of OCT 9, 1910, based on this postcard 2360,
sent from her future husband, Halldor 'Dorie' Briem Christopherson in GRUND, MB!
Same house! Ytranes!

Roy believes 2407 is possibly Sigurdur in a rare non-portrait photo. Many photos of Sigurdur young and old, yet not at this age. The pipe, and beard is throwing him off. By now Sigurdur should have shaved the beard, then the signature mutton chops, leaving only a silver haired wide mustache, passing away march 27, 1921.
Now imagine Roy being ecstatic at this finding all within 30 minutes and quoting a favorite movie,
"That was totally wicked!."
Here is the UNION of the Johnsons (changed from Jonssons) and the Christophersons!
Crescent Beach
4th Homestead known as Ytranes
IMG_SCAN_2275_Ytranes_web, Hi Res 270k Version with TJO intitials
2215 Christopherson Rd., Surrey, B.C., Canada, circa 1907-1910
Photo by Jon Sveinbjornsson (Oddstad)

Cabin at Crescent, British Columbia, Canada
Far right is the Guest House then Barn
Courtesy of the Ed Fader Surrey Collection
View High Resolution Close-up of a man and 100% for sure, Sigurdur's future daughter-in-law, Mrs. Halldor Christopherson (Ranka Johnson/Jonsson)
Now click on image 5165 below and compare that doorway/inside to this in 2407
The same house! The Same Day perhaps, as Ranka's outfit is same! All persons looking at 5165 thought it was Sigurdur & Caroline, WRONG! The hat, pants and shoes are identical to Sigurdur's, except by then, his beard was gone. Could this man be a Johnson?
Courtesy of Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection
2194 Left is a badly damaged 112 year old+ photo of Sigurdur Christopherson from Hank. The photo is dated July 1910. It is not posted because there are many more which someday will be viewable by family. Roy is posting this Oct 18, 2012 as proof beyond a shadow of a doubt that the man above is NOT Sigurdur. This proves that by 1910 he had nothing more than his unmistakable mustache, which has turned Silver by this time. Roy is still mystified by the above clothing on the unknown man.
Possible the man bought exact same clothes as Sigurdur, possible he was borrowing the clothes. Image 3250 below shows he had dress shoes when not at Ytranes.
Image 3250 is dated by Stina, whose appearance changes over time. People wrote to Ranka in Icelandic.

Right: IMG_SCAN_3224_ZoomEnlarged
Shows Sigurdur wearing the hat.

His grandson Sig identified this hat as worn in abt. 1897 as "Moon Mullens" hat.
On Sept 5th, 2013, Roy posted a postcard that was translated. It gives further explanation as to the photo of Ranka and this fellow.
Could be Pjetur [Peter Christopherson]?
Except for what appears to be Blue eyes in the family portrait (right) and the one left having dark eyes, unless caused by photography, even the hands match. Roy is trying to locate in the postcards or letters SEPT/OCT 1910, some more proof that Peter was at Ytranes in Crescent BC.

The Tale ends with All the Historians incorrectly stating on that well known calender (1995, I believe) that the top left image (2275) was Sigurdur & Caroline on the 2nd story balcony, when in fact, it was Ranka and possibly brother Peter.


Susie, Sigurdur, Unknown & Veiga
Roy's favorite photo of Sigurdur. Here you see a hint of his personality mentioned in history books.
Photo Courtesy of Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

Left: Man-in other photos
far right: Stina, William, Sigurdur,
Caroline CTR

Photo Courtesy of Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

Back Left: Sigurdur, Caroline, Unknown
Middle: Ingi's mother, Ingi Brynjólfsson's father, Unknown, Unknown
Possibly Ingi's son and two girls, rest unknown
Courtesy of Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection
Grand daughters of Caroline nee Taylor Christopherson
Caroline - Center

Roy is 99.9% sure this is Caroline S. Johnson (Left)
and Inga L Palmer (right),
daughters of Ingi Brynjolfsson
& Súsanna nee Christopherson Brynjólfsson
Courtesy of Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection
View enlarged OverheadView_Flat

Overhead View of Ytranes Compilation

Courtesy of The Roy Christopherson Collection
SAT Images by Google
Courtesy of many Collections

Vistit the new Logging in BC page here.

Veiga Dawe
Courtesy of Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

Owners Veiga and Tommy Dawe
Born Sigurveig 'Veiga' Christopherson, daughter of Sigurdur, married Tommy Dawe. She was born February 14, 1884 at Grund, Manitoba, Canada. They were married 28 Sep 1921 at Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada.
"Bruce Costello's Great Uncle Tommy Dawes was a veteran of British Army in the Boer and First World Wars and lastly Montgomery's ADC." Carol Jarvie has a small painting done by Veiga (IMG_5218), along with Veiga's eye glasses and engraved case. She taught at New Westminster.

There is a great private family letter, whereby Veiga decribes in vivid detail of when she went away from Ytranes to teach. She taught, just as her mother had done, Veiga went to New Westminster. There is one letter describing a vivid event where the group of men met regarding the new teacher; Veiga.
Veiga was a substitute teacher, according to Ed Fader, "at the Crescent School just up the road from where she lived in Crescent Beach. Her house was located just south of the Crescent Beach/Ocean Park border – actually the house was in Ocean Park. People of Ocean Park collected their mail at Crescent until the post office at Ocean Park was built in 1921." Grund Homestead in Manitoba was also a Post Office.

The Ladies Auxiliary to the Crescent Beach Fire Department. The first meeting of the auxiliary was held on September 2, 1947, in the home of Alice M. Copp. The fifteen founding members present at the meeting were: Alice M. Copp, Veiga Dawe, Sheilagh Barrington-Foote, Susan A. Adams, Elsie M. York, Doris Currie, Gertriude Currie, Joan M. Williams, Margaret Weatherburn, Emmie Rawden, Ada Goodyn, B.M. Sandbrook, L. Lindsay, R. Greggor and M.Currie. At the time there were also fifty-four Associate members. The mandate or purpose of the auxiliary was to help with funding for the purchase of furniture, dishes, and other necessities for the fire hall, with the do-all clause of to help the firemen in any manner possible. During 1948, the auxiliary purchased fire coats and boots for the volunteer firemen. In 1949 to 1950, they helped construct and furnish living quarters at the rear section of the fire hall. At a meeting held June 12, 1950, Veiga Dawe made a motion that the Ladies Auxiliary purchase an E & J Inhalator for the fire brigade. On July 26, 1952 an E & J Inhalator, Resuscitator, Aspirator was purchased at a cost of $647. This unit was held in the Crescent Beach Drug Store, available to firemen during emergencies. Veiga passed away 02 Aug 1963 and Carrie moved into the homestead. Read this story by Lorne Pearson.
Visit Veiga's Individual page
Veiga and Tommy Dawe
Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

Class of 1929 Crescent School
Ed sent photo of John Christopherson's children
View full photo
Courtesy of Ed Fader C/O Bob Broach
Class of 1929
Class of 1929 Crescent School
Ed sent photo of John Christopherson's children
View PDF compiled by Ed Fader
Courtesy of Ed Fader
Class of 1941-42
Class of 1941-42 Crescent School
Courtesy of Ed Fader
"In the photo I think it goes like this: Caroline: 3rd row, 3rd from right; Evelyn: 2nd row, 4th from right; Kassie: 2nd row, 2nd from right; Helen (mom): 2nd row, 5th from right."
Courtesy of the Carol Bratvold Collection

Carrie Humber
Courtesy of Almanak
Owners Carrie 'Christopherson' and Luke Humber 1995
"...Presently (1980's) the home of granddaughter Carrie Humber, Ytra-Nes was among the places visited by President Vigdis Finnbogadottir of Iceland during her trip to British Columbia in 1988.
Source: 1995 Icelandic Heritage Calendar, Icelandic League of North America.
Carrie’s father John moved his family from Elgin to the homestead in 1925 when his mother died. The property was later divided among the seven Kristofferson offspring, and Veiga Dawe and her husband lived in the house. Mrs. Dawe was a substitute teacher at Crescent School. Carrie and her Mother moved back to be with Aunt Veiga when she became frail. Carrie notes that her grandfather first moved from Iceland to Argyle, Manitoba, to escape the famine and the volcanoes in his home country. He encouraged many Icelanders to settle in North America. Carrie’s aunt had wanted the road named Argyle, rather than Christopherson. Source: Carrie Humber to Shirley Stonier"
Courtesy of Ed Fader, Surrey B.C. (PDF) and Kormákur Högnason

"Caroline (Carrie) Guðrún Humber (nee Christopherson)...
Carrie was "born February 2, 1915, to John Christopherson and Valgerður (Vala), the fifth child and first daughter. She passed away May 11, 2002 after a brief illness. Her grandfather (on her father's side) was Sigurður, born July 9, 1848, at Nesland, Mývatn, in Iceland and the oldest of seven children. Her grandmother, Caroline Taylor, better known as Carrie, was the niece of John Taylor, a missionary with the British Bible Society. Carrie, predeceased by her seven brothers and sisters, is survived by her husband Luke, three generations of nieces, nephews and cousins, and many friends. Carrie attended Elgin School, now part of Surrey, when there were eight grades in one room. In' 1925 the family moved to Ocean Park; in 1927 to a home on Crescent Road, White Rock; and in 1928, they moved to Vancouver where the family ran the Mayda Pie Shop. Carrie was one of Vancouver's first policewomen, and after attending university, taught high school in Powell River and Delta for many years. She was proud of her Icelandic heritage and was an active member of the Sólskin Ladies' Auxiliary. She enjoyed people, nature, playing piano and entertaining at Ytranes, her Ocean Park home. Carrie was lots of fun, and will always be remembered for her kindness, thoughtfulness and love of family."
Courtesy of lCC of BC Newsletter
Source: OBIT for Carrie

[Would like to place photo of President Vigdís Finnbogadóttir visit to Ytranes]

Visit Carrie's Individual page
Caroline 'Carrie' Gudrun nee
Christopherson Humber lived in the house
at 2215 Christopherson RD.,
Ytra-Nes (It-tre-ness).
One of the First Police women,
then became a Teacher, like Veiga.
Photo Courtesy of Ed Fader
"About 40 years ago, Guðrún Gísladóttir met Carrie Christopherson when she visited Iceland. Guðrún was only a teenager, her father, Gísli Guðmundsson, organized the trips to Iceland and was the group's travel guide while there. He himself lived in Manitoba from 1927 to 1937 and stayed in contact with his Canadian friends throughout his life. In 1974 Guðrún visited Carrie, who by then was married to Luke Humber.... had taken of them (photos) at their home in October 1974 and now that she is going through some old photographs, Guðrún found a picture Carrie sent to her, from their wedding day. And it so happens that it was on this very day, in 1974 - the 15th of April. For me personally (Guðrún), that is a day to remember, since it is my confirmation day ;).
For Icelanders it is a special day, as Vigdís Finnbogadóttir was born on April 15th 1930. ..."We lost contact in the late 70's when I moved to Sweden to study and now I live in Denmark. I have enclosed the two shots I have, and a screenshot that shows how I am related to Sigurður Kristófersson". ... I think I saw my cousin's name on your site, Kormákur Högnason. He seems to have translated some text for you/the family. Bestu kveðjur - Greetings Guðrún Gísladóttir"
Living room at Ytranes abt. 1990s

Portraits of Sigurdur & Caroline above fireplace
Residents Carrie and Luke Humber

Courtesy of the Bruce Costello Collection
Johnnie, Al, Don, Carrie, Evelyn, and Kassie
Children of John S. christopherson, grandchildren of Sigurdur.
According to Miriam Westereng, this was the last family photo taken before Kassie's passing about 2 weeks later about 1978

Courtesy of the C.B.M. Collection
ytranes map
Map of Ytranes from cousin Bruce Costello

Created by Bruce Costello
Question to Bruce,
If you look at this last Ytranes page photo (above/Left), I believe it is been reversed? The portrait I sent earlier is reversed and I believe correct.

From Bruce (altered by Roy):
No, I do not believe that photo is reversed of Yranes living room (actually Bruce is positive image is not reversed).
The door shown is on the north wall and goes into the downstairs bedroom. The house had 4 bedrooms; three bedrooms upstairs and that one was downstairs.

The left wall (and that cabinet) stop just before the glass door looking outside. OVER THE YEARS Carrie rearranged furniture, so you've probably seen other pics with that chair, maybe that photo of GGP SC too, against the other wall. Again over there, you would see a very similar sized door. THAT one leads into the Dining Room though, which is far more illuminated by daylight than that bedroom. That's how you might tell them apart.
FWIW, at one time or another I've stayed in all four bedrooms.

Roy hopes to obtain a high resolution scan of the portrait seen in the upper left Living room photo, as the horseshoe tie tac was very detailed, and the camera photo he returned with was a bit blurry.

Ytranes had undergone so much remodeling during Carrie & Lukes period, that it was no longer considered the Heritage Site it was once designated. Regardless, they enjoyed the pool and new additions to the house during their lifetimes. They enjoyed hosting more than being away, according to the cousins.
Both Caroline 'Carrie' nee Christopherson Humber, then Luke Humber passed on, leaving Ytranes to John Carver, son of Kassie, Sigurdur's grand daughter. John made attempts to save the building including relocating it, yet that was not possible, according to John. Even the small original cabin had become a Pantry. Carol Jarvie's daughter, Karen Jarvie, spent a great deal of time re-typing 100's of 'private' family letters retreived during Ytranes's clearing out.

For last family gathering there, view the ChristophersonClan page. Ytranes property was sold off, demolished, then sold into three parcels with no beach access.
During Roy's 2011 visit to B.C., his three cousins, Carol, Miriam, and Bev, graciously gave him a tour of the whole area and important sites. You could see from all the photos Roy has gathered of Ytranes, that parts of it did indeed changed. Roy was able to walk the path towards the beach (See Halldor's House below), and stand on the very ground Sigurdur and his entire family walked, actually new sidewalks where Ytranes grounds were, since it is all gated off now. Including seeing the very trees Sigurdur & Caroline gazed through viewing beautiful sunsets over the bay, which still line the west edge of where Ytranes stood.

The beach access is further up Christopherson RD., at the street sign (below), which now has a spectacular wooden staircase over the original path the family used, this descends over the beach railway to the bay. All photos below © 2012 Roy Christopherson (personal use OK), unless otherwise indicated from someone else.
Before, Christopherson Road passed all the way to Ytranes, recently gated off near the Rockcrest Estates sign. We visited front of Sigurdur's church, Elgin Hall, where they all had social gatherings, the Dyke they helped to build the foundation, the Stewart Farm House, Crescent Beach, the famous White Rock-from a distance, lunch at the Whale Restaurant. Then a trip to the Surrey Museum and Archives, and to the Surrey Cemetery.

Looking North in BC
Dyke and River Elgin Hall
Stewart House, B.C.
River, Bridge is to the right
A very beautiful view!
Note the original portion (water channels-bottom)
According to Mike, his father Al and Don C. jumped
off this often into the water.
Elgin Hall
West of the dam
Historic Stewart Farm, includes photos of
B.C. Oyster CO in Boat House

Crescent United Church

Halldor Christophersons House Stair Case at Boundary Bay BC Christopherson RD Sign
Crescent United Church
Sigurdur attended per our cousins knowlege
2756 127 Street Surrey, BC, Canada
Halldor Christopherson's House
Staircase to
the Beach
Christopherson Road This is shown above as 'C' in Overhead View of Ytranes Compilation image

White Rock BC

Moby Dick Restaurant Surrey Museum Blaine Train Station Bellingham Museum
White Rock -
Picture shows a big white rock – Crescent Beach that is how the City of White Rock got its name.
It is located on Semiahmoo Bay. Crescent Beach is West of here, also part of the Semiahmoo Bay.

Photo Courtesy of Ed Fader
Moby Dick Restaurant
Blaine WA Train Station along the Beach
Bellingham Museum, WA
Panorama of Semiahmoo & Boundary Bays photo
NorthWest view using three photos. We were North of Ytranes. Google Earth map of all points of interest will be posted soon.
In this photo behind Roy, is the The Great Northern Railway, according to Ed Fader, "railway changed names to Burlington Northern in 1970, then Burlington Northern Santa Fe
in 1996). It is Burlington Northern Santa Fe now." Yes, will not see many tracks yards away from a beach. There are steps that lead to an overhead bridge (below left) to clear the tracks,
which lead to the large wooden staircase shown above.

SAT map of the Birch Bay below
On Bridge crossing over train tracks
running along the bluff on the beach to the right
SAT map of the Birch Bay below. Roy stopped to take these photos on the way home.
The next stop would be the Bay Area
Panorama of Birch Bay, Whatcom, Washington
Panorama of Birch Bay, Whatcom, Washington
Composite of a three photos, the parking lot Left to Right is almost straight
From Cousin Ken Brynjolfsson, Ed.D on 11/7/2014,
" A comment on the name Itranes or Itrannes. It was on a wooden name plaque on the front of Sigurdur's house at Crescent. When I visited the farm that he lived on before departing Iceland,
the road sign designated the farm as Itri-Neslond. Not sure whether it was his intent to retain the name in B.C. Perhaps the change in spelling was an intentional change of geographical meaning.
For what it is worth."

Have related immediate family then
Created in
Dreamweaver 8
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