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Glenboro, Manitoba, Canada

Roy at Glenboro
Roy visiting his mother's hometown with Sara the Camel in background


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"Pauline Evelyn EINARSON Christopherson, daughter of Gudbrandur Einarson and Mary Sigvaldson, was born 19 Oct 1919 at Glenboro, Manitoba, Canada. It all began on a farm in southern Manitoba about 3 miles from the town of Glenboro. Henry was born in 1918 and Pauline a little over a year later, in 1919. I think our mother had her hands full with those two! Then Lloyd came along in 1923 and a surprise I'm sure, me, in 1930. Pauline walked to school in Glenboro with her brother every day. No school buses in those days. When she was 11 our mother died of post-operative complications in hospital in Winnipeg. No antibiotics had been discovered then. I was less than a year old."
Recollections by Emily Enns

Blanche GARNETT (Glenboro) marries Vern Corothers      

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