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Baldur, Manitoba, Canada

4950 Baldur

Official Village of Baldur Website

Baldur Trading
Baldur Trading Store

Be sure to stop in
at the
Baldur Trading Store
for all your grocery
snack requirements.

Gathering some photos from the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection to post online. Most of these photos are over 100 years old. So many toss out old photos not realizing their importance.

Don't forget to visit Carrie Street in Baldur named after Caroline TAYLOR Christopherson.
Another fine find by Nonni that Roy had forgotten about.

Image 2473
Kristin 'Stina' - William Christopherson's mother, Unknown, and Laura Christopherson, Stina's daughter-In-Law
Possible this is taken at Baldur. They were all at Grund. Note it says Cline's Cafe in the window. A Coca-Cola sign, and suitcase. Possibly awaiting a bus

Courtesy of the Ted Christopherson - age 17 Collection

Image [Pending]

Courtesy of the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection


Throughout the 1880’s the Municipality of Argyle became populated with homesteaders. These pioneers experienced many hardships and difficulties, common to the absence of market and railway facilities. Then one day came the assurance that the Northern Pacific Railway was to put a line through the district. This brought great relief to the farmers as it would release them from the drudgery of long wheat hauls and would open up avenues for commerce and trade.

In 1889, surveyors came, grading was commenced, giving work to farmers and their teams. Ties were put down, rails were laid and town sites chosen. Greenway and Belmont were placed, but the farmers in the Otenaw district and to the north and south of the present town, were not satisfied. They felt a station should be placed between Greenway and Belmont. A.W.Playfair protested by word and pen against the placing of Greenway as he wanted a station placed in the Otenaw district. Finally the railroad town site officials consented to placing another station between Greenway and Belmont. They chose a site three miles west of the present town. Then came a tug-of –war. Jesse Chester, who farmed SE 14-5-14, Reeve Peter Strang and Sigurdur Christopherson led in the protest against this site, as they felt it was unsuitable in every respet. Their choice was the present townsite, An engineer was sent out again, with instructions to survey a piece of land one mile west of the present town site. But Mr. Chrester was determined to have his way, and he induced the engineer to survey the present site, and he hauled the surveyor’s equipment to the ground. Finally, in the spring of 1890, the site was promised and the land was purchased from Mr. M.T.Creamer and Mr. Taggart, for $7.00 an acre. Before the title had even been obtained for this site, lots were being selected and buildings in the course of erection.

Then came the decision of naming the town. One of the railway officials, Mr. Cleghorn, suggested the town be named Chesterville, after Jesse Chester, Sigudur Christoherson, “father” of the Icelandic pioneers, wished to name the town after a pretty flower, but could not find a suitably named flower in the district. So he suggested the name of a beautiful Nordic god, the pure radiant god of innocence and summer sun, namely “Baldur”. Baldur was the son of Odin the supreme god and creator, the son of Grigga, goddess of married love and of the hearth. After many arguments and a decision made by vote, the name “Baldur” was adopted for the town, which was about to become the leading center of a rapidly growing community.

Previous to this, Mr. A.E.Cramer had moved the old creamery, often referred to as the cheese factory(of which Mr. Brown was the cheese maker) from his land, to the present site of Gordon’s Tire Service in Baldur. He then sold it to G.W.Griffiths for a general store, in the spring of 1890, even though the town site was not settled. Later, the street on which the Griffith’s store stood, was named Elizabeth, after Mr. Griffith’s wife.
In the fall of 1889, Mr. G.W. Playfair had undertaken gain buying for the Bawlf Grain Co., first at Greenwaym later building a spur at the track on the land soon to become the town site of Baldur. He had a building moved from his farm, which he used as an office beside the spur. Here he handled business for his winter grain buying,(the grain was brought in by sleigh). After the town site question was fully settled, Mr. Playfair moved the office building to the front street of the town and opened up in the lumber, furniture and coal business.

During the building of the railway the workers frequently went to Chester;s for meals and farm produce; they persuaded Jesse Chester to build a boarding house commonly known thereafter as the Chester House.

Other pioneer businessmen in Baldur in 1890 were: Sugurdur Christopherson, who was the Icelandic Immigration Officer and who built an office; William McKnight, who built a carriage and blacksmith shop; Thomas E. Pool, hardware merchant and tinsmith, who erected a hardware store; A.E.Cramer, who built a two-story building which was used as a saddlery shop by C.W.Watson; G.W. Cramer, who built a blacksmith shop, operated by Harry Goodman.
Each year as more settlers came into the district, the growth of the town was steady. By 1898, Baldur had a population of 400 and had the following business houses and other requirements. Four general stores, one hardware store, three fruit and confectionery store, and one butcher shop, three general blacksmiths, one machinist, one bake shop, one banking institution, two financial and real estate offices, two implement agencies, three bicycle agents, two hotels, two lumber merchants one furniture and undertaking store, one bookbinder, one shoemaker, contractors and builders, one newspaper, two doctors, one veterinary surgeon, two livery and feed stables, two sewing machine agents, one society hall, one private school three elevators, one grist mill, municipal office, one constable, two justices of the peace, one piano and organ agent, two churches, and a skating and curling rink.

In 1898, Frank Schultz, a real estate agent purchased the town site from the Northern pacific Railway.

They have a Historic Walking Tour of Baldur and the Paradise Found Nature and Heritage Tour.
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Carrie Street
Mike and Roy at Carrie Street in Baldur, Manitoba
Named after our Great Grandmother, Caroline 'Carrie' TAYLOR Christopherson

Courtesy of the Roy Christopherson Collection
Baldur, MB
Overhead view of Baldur and the Argyle Museum which we visited
Next to The Gazette and the Baldur Trading Store
Carrie Street runs down the middle
(Google Map of Baldur)
Courtesy of the Rpy Christopherson

Come Into Our Heritage
For a copy of the 'Come Into Our Heritage' Book and/or New Addendum
Order while supplies last from the R.M. of Argyle office

As of Aug 2013, you may purchase the book here,
ARGYLE, R.M. 132 - 2nd Street North Box 40 Baldur, MB R0K 0B0
Phone: 204-535-2176 Fax: 204-535-2505
E-Mail: rmofargyle at (Just add in the @ between argyle and inetbiz)

EM of Argyle office
R.M. of Argyle District Office

TOP IMAGE OF BALDUR - Old postcard of Baldur: IMG_4950_PHOTO__PC_baldur.mb_Back_ Old Post Card from Baldur to Grund dated JAN 12,1914, Ida Badger to Veiga Dawe
Courtesy of the C.B.M. Collection

Disclaimer: 'Send Thirst Flying' is from vintage ad.
Image 2812 of Roy & Mike at Carrie Street, has Roy pasted in, yet we were both physically there.
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