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Kay's Cabin, Crescent Beach, BC Canada
Their Cabin was, built next to his father's house in Crescent Beach, British Columbia, Canada about _date_. Kjartan, or 'Kay' or 'K' as he was known, worked as a realtor with his brother John in Vancouver for awhile. Also see Kjartan's Shanty. He had prancing horses he would show off downtown, according to cousin Keith Christopherson. Roy found a photo of John and his brother in a tent believed to be in BC. Possibly his sister Veiga had a copy of this photo with his brother Halldor and John laying on a cot. Veiga captioned the photos something like "Single Blessedness". The very same photos uncle Sig gave to uncle Hank, Roy believes were hanging in this tent. What most family members do not realize is, back in the early 1900's, about 1910 Brownie Box Cameras were in everyones hands. Proof of this is one shot by Will of Susie in 2nd floor of the Grund farmstead in Manitoba when they were about 20. Another is a recent discovery of a whole album of Great Aunt Veiga, Roys cousin Miriam Westereng was kind enough to let Roy digitize. Veiga is on an outting with herfriends, and she is holding a brownie while her friend is using a camera to take a snapshot of her.

Before this time period, families had to go downtown to get Portraits done. Very stiff ones, until some Photographers started taking more relaxed portraits, like Herbert Taylor and his bike, a couple standing on driftwood log. Kay also worked in Kamloops possibly as a Cattle Brander, or just a farm hand, covered in the Tale of Wrangler Kay.

Recently, Roy made more digital copies of old vintage family photos and discovered in an album that Kjartan had calves and sheep. This would not be uncommon for the time. He had chickens in his backyard at Westgate in San Francisco, where, after living in Manitoba, Lorne was sponsored by Ellis Stoneson, and Kay went with him to SF, where the family followed about a year later around 1936. Roy out two and two together, like the other 30% of old photos of unknown people, which are now identified.

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Family possibly the same week near Ytranes
These photos were saved as part of family memorabilia found at Ytranes, the Surrey, British Columbia home of Sigurdur and Caroline Taylor Christopherson.
From the collection of Miriam Westereng

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Possibly Train to or from manitoba
that may have had William, Stina, and Sigurdur Halldor Christopherson aboard
From the collection of Miriam Westereng

Proof positive. Comparing many previous images of back of Ytranes with a view of Kay's Cabin, This shows on the right (Red) clearly a cows head and a sheep. No way that is a dog.
Hoping to do scans (not cell PH photos) of the whole album someday)

Almost positive some of these are John's children. Sigurdur H, not Halldor, is holding up two in white
From the collection of Miriam Westereng

No idea who these children are, They appear to be visiting Kay & Gudruns farm animals. They are together in Veiga CHRISTOPHERSON Dawe's album, sister of Kay
Note the straight top fence, porch. Ytranes is to the left.
From the collection of Miriam Westereng

Roy believes this is on the far side of Kay's Cabin. The clue to all this was the Boys Overalls! Also note angled cut fence top.
From the collection of Miriam Westereng

No idea who this family is. Relitives, Neighbors, Strangers?
Note boy in overalls. Could this be their father.

From the collection of Miriam Westereng

Baby is on horse above with no cap. Same calf as above

From the collection of Miriam Westereng

Same boy in overalls with sheep, which show in above photo way in the back

From the collection of Miriam Westereng

Same boy and possibly horse above. Have not seen fence like this before.

From the collection of Miriam Westereng

Kays house with side yard clearly visible.
Veiga Dawe and Carrie gardening
From the collection of Carol Jarvie

Will eventually add about 10 more current photos of Kay's Cabin. In touch with current owners.
Kay also had a family cabin called Hid N Hut at Brookdale by Santa Cruz in the 50's. Have a few pics of us all (cousins) there.