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Argyle District, Manitoba

Grund became Sigurdur and Caroline TAYLOR Christopherson's third homestead, after Husavik (New Iceland), and before at at his place of birth; Ytri-Neslond, Neslondum, Lake Mývatn, Iceland . Sigurdur had emigrated with some of his siblings and neighbors from Iceland. The Pioneers are mentioned in many books. Later Sigurdur would bring his mother and brothers. His sister Susie Breim remained in Iceland.
After New Iceland (Gimli and Husavik shelter-see link above) Sigurdur set out hay at this property returning the following year to start building Grund.
Reading text from letters Caroline TAYLOR Christopherson wrote in the 1880s transcribed by Ryan [post exact reference]. I mention it at CSES News page. Ryan thinks Grund may have been referred to as... "Oak Grove 31 June 16th 1882" since this was how Caroline addressed the letter. Roy now having visited there, it is in a "Grove of Oak Trees"
This was one of the local Post Offices and the Argyle District was created. basically of farmers between Glenboro, and Baldur.
As they found out later when youngest daughter, Lilja was brought to Winnipeg, local sufficed for certain things, not major operations.
Sigurdur's own brother, Hernit was a homeopathic doctor. The majority of family was born here, as relatives who were Mid-Wives delivered most.
Hernit Christopherson was requested more than the new doctor.
They cleared the lands with Oxe and plow. According to Bruce Costello, sometimes
their own feet . Try cutting down one tree. Roy did limbs of a small tree. His hats off to Sigurdur for clearing not one but THREE homesteads!

Sigurdur was bed-ridden for a time. He made a trip to a retreat in B.C., where upon the doctors recommendation for a change of climate, they packed up and went west one last time, settling Ytranes (promounced (IT-TRE-NESS) at Crescent, British Columbia.

William, the 2nd eldest, remained at Grund eventually buying it. Often his brothers would sell/trade land there for property in Vancouver. Grund still stands today, and remains in the 5th generation of the family, the Skardals. The above text is what Roy has learned from and will be refined with facts later.
Enjoy our family history.

Update: Roy connected with Donalee, Great Granddaughter of John William Christopherson
My parents are Lauren (Skardal) and Gordon Jones. My mom had two older brothers Alan & Stanley. All three siblings raised families and farmed in Argyle. My uncle Stan passed away in 2000. ...Grund is owned by my uncle Alan Skardal. He farms it with my cousin Christopher (Stan's son). I haven't been to the yard site for a few years, but the house is definitely in very rough condition, probably worse that it appears in your pictures. My uncle and his family were the last to live in the house (1982-84?). Redacted...

Roy now believes Christopherson Lake was named after Hernit Christopherson whose property was adjacent.

Ed Fader Collection Grund Homestead
Grund circa 1912

Courtesy of Ed Fader and Ocean Park Collection
Possible Nelson Gerrard or the Skardals have orig.
Calendar Text and Photo Courtesy of Ed Fader
Back Cover: 'Grund' – the Kristófersson family estate near Baldur, Manitoba – circa 1912.

"– Built in 1896, five miles north and one and one half miles west of Baldur, ‘Grund’ was the home of Sigurdur and Carrie (Taylor) Kristófersson (Christopherson), who were the first Icelandic settlers in ‘Argylebyggd’ (Argyle Municipality) in Southwestern Manitoba. ‘Grund’, erected by carpenter Bæring Hallgrímson, served as the area post office (see sign on photo) until 1932, and the district became known as Grund, as did the nearby church, which is now an historic building. For many years, ‘Grund’ was a focal point for social events, and the ‘Skjaldbreid Hall’ was built nearby.

– Sigurdur Kristófersson, the son of Kristófer Andrésson and Sigurveig Sigurdardóttir of Ytri-Neslönd on Lake M´yvatn in Northern Iceland, emigrated at age 25 in 1873, among the first of his countrymen to come to North America. After two years in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, he joined the exploratory party which selected the ‘New Iceland’ site on Lake Winnipeg in the summer of 1875. Sigurdur first settled south of Gimli and named his homestead ‘Húsavík’ after ‘the last Icelandic soil’ he set foot on, and as a post office was established in his home on July 1, 1878, the district eventually became known as ‘Husavik’. He married in New Iceland, in a ceremony performed over Netley Creek during the smallpox quarantine, to Carrie Taylor, a daughter of William Taylor (brother to John Taylor), whose homestead on Willow Creek was called ‘Forest Home’.
– Sigurdur and Carrie were among the first to seek better land ‘south in Manitoba' in 1881, and Sigurdur is regarded as ‘Father’ of the Argyle Settlement. At one time he served as an emigration agent, guiding other Icelanders to Canada, and his pre-emption became known as ‘Little Baldur’ for the fact that many newcomers stayed in the three houses there while getting established. – In 1904, suffering from ill health, Sigurdur left ‘Grund’ to his elder son, Jón, and moved to Crescent, British Columbia, where he and Carrie started anew and established a home called ‘Ytra-Nes’ (see October). The photo, taken in 1912 while Sigurdur and Carrie (on left) were visiting ‘Grund’, also shows neighhours Árni S. Johnson and George Biles (centre); son and daughter-in-law Will and Stína Christopherson; and their son John (with bicycle), who succeeded to ‘Grund’ (father of Donna Skardal of Baldur). (Photo and poem courtesy of Donna Skardal).
Do not get Argyle District, Manitoba, confused with Argyle, Manitoba (official Website, Wiki). More on Sigurdur's Argyle District

Sigurdur Christopherson

Courtesy of the Lauren & Gordon Skardal Collection
Caroline TAYLOR Christopherson
Sigurdur Christopherson

Courtesy of the Lauren & Gordon Skardal Collection
Here is the original photo the portraits were taken from. Also in the MWC Collection.. Very dark. There is an incorrectly numbered 3226 of another portrait of Sigurdur.

Oxe Yoke used by the Christophersons
"This will be a reminder of days long ago"
Old newsclipping sent by family to Ted Christopherson
One of Roy's first remembrances regarding
the family history.
The handwritting is original


Courtesy of The Ted Christopherson Collection
It was thought that the building to the left of Grund Farmstead might have been a stable or such.
The following transcribed by Ryan seems to idicate it was a guesthouse. This also discusses the original log cabin which Roy was unaware of. It is said that Sigurdur put hay out the year before, and they camped out the first summer of arrival.

Caroline TAYLOR Christopherson to Susie Briem from Grund MAR 28, 1890
"I must give you a plan of our log house with all the additions. It will interest you. Then we have a frame building about a rod west of the house just where our first log cabin was when you came here when we use as a granary and store house. There is a good upstairs in it which is used in the summer time as a sleeping apartment for the boys and hired man., pp 27, [33]
Guest House

Grund Farmstead

NEW For Family Members that would like to view all the photos of Hola School, Hallgrimsson's House, and the Grund Farmstead, go here.
Grund Homestead2
Grund Homestead 1990's
This is almost same view as the calendar Ed Fader lent to Carrie Christopherson Humber, and above in B&W.
Courtesy of The Hank Christopherson Collection

Grund Homestead August 2013


Click to Enlarge
Courtesy of The Roy Christopherson Collection
Roy wishes he could help clear the land and retro the house. Just not possible physically or financially.
Imagine Sigurdur Christopherson coming here, setting up hay in Argyle District, Manitoba (see Pilot Mound story), after leaving their log cabin in Husavik, near Gimli, Canada after emigrating to Canada, then leaving for Iceland only to come back, then break and clear the land, and build the house with the help of his neighbors. Then doing it all again in Crescent, British Columbia, CA.

According to Hank, these photos were taken during a visit, along with his nephew, Keith, son of Sig, about 5-6 years ago (2005-2006)
. Double check with Hank.

Grund Homestead and barn
Grund Homestead
Note the barn on left side

Courtesy of The Hank Christopherson Collection
Grund Homestead
Note the barn on left side
is now gone
Courtesy of The Roy Christopherson Collection

Grund Homestead1
Grund Homestead

Courtesy of The Hank Christopherson Collection
Note tree taking down the roof. Hank and keith made a pilgramage to this area of manitoba in the Argyle District.
Above the
doorway on the porch roof was a sign saying Post Office.
Grund Farmstead
Grund Homestead August 2013


Courtesy of the Mike Christopherson Collection
There are dozens of other photos like the Christopherson Barn, which will be placed in a slideshow on the main photo page.
Now in the Skardal family still. The piano removed and interior stands empty.
Roy's favorite part is the odd roof and corbels (triangles) between the roof and support posts, which was also at Ytranes in B.C..
Read more about Grund here. There is another photo on the Christopherson Clan page.

On June 27, 1953, Norman Skardal and Donna Christopherson were married at the Grund Homestead where her parents,
John and Laura, had been married 20 years before. They have three children, Stanley, Living and Living.
They were living at Grund SE SEC10-6-14, Alan being the fith generation of Christopherson family to live there.

Nonni Johnson's thoughts:
The style of house at Grund is unusual, Sigurdur did travel the world
and probably brought back his own ideas. Maybe a Boston influence
or maybe Milwaukee


Living Christopherson, son of John
and Laura,
grandson of William & Stina Christopherson

Courtesy of Ted Christopherson Collection

IMG_5894_NEG _Grund

John and Laura nee Anderson Christopherson
Living Christopherson, son of John and Laura,
grandson of William & Stina Christopherson at Grund

Courtesy of Ted Christopherson Collection

Laura was the daughter of Hannes and Margaret Anderson p. 340 CIOH book.
Correction by Miriam Westereng

View the thrid of this negative set
on the Christopherson Clan page
after looking over the other
great photos below.

Ted (Roy's father), Donna Christopherson, here page is here

Courtesy of Ted Christopherson Collection

, William, Ted (Roy's father), Laura
Christophersons, Unknown, Unknown
Fortunately Ted left this album behind
They visited the Shanty and dog with pups> Ted probably
departed by bus at Clines Cafe. Photographer was probably Bob Christopherson

Courtesy of Ted Christopherson Collection

William, Ted (Roy's father), Stina Christophersons

Courtesy of Ted Christopherson Collection


Christophersons at Grund, MB, Canada
Post Office sign long gone
Fron R - L, Possibly Bob, Gudrun, Laura,
unknown woman, and two men
Courtesy of The Sig & Hank
Christopherson Collection
Christophersons at Grund, MB, Canada
Close up of left photo

Courtesy of The Sig & Hank
Christopherson Collection
car and Unknown woman
Christophersons at Grund, MB, Canada
Donna Skardal by car and in the left photo, 3rd from left
Courtesy of The Sig & Hank
Christopherson Collection
Unknown woman by Car
Christophersons at Grund, MB, Canada
Donna Skardal in left photo |
Courtesy of The Sig & Hank
Christopherson Collection

Tale of Skalbried
Hall at Grund

Hall at Grund, MB, Canada [1]
Backside: Known as Skalbried? (Broad Shield?)
People unknown. Backside
View Close up of the faces

Courtesy of The Sig & Hank
Christopherson Collection

So live that
only the most beautiful
will spring up where
you have dwelt
One page PDF by Donna CHRISTOPHERSON Skardal about Sigurdur's mother and Grund with drawing.
Donnas Poem


Ethel Skardal, Anna SVEINSON Nordman, Arni Sveinson, and Raymond Skardal. Anna and Arni are children of Jon Sveinson. Jon is son of Arni Sveinson, Pioneer.

Roy's father, Ted was visiting that day about 1936. There are 4-5 taken here the same day that Roy found in Ted's album.

UPDATE: From Ed Fader: Laara said: Aunt Anna told me that the woman with her and Arni is Ethel Skardal and the child is her son, Raymond. Ethel is the sister of Alice Joel, Uncle Svein Sveinson's wife. Ethel married Frank Skardal. They lived in Baldur from the early years of their marriage and through the years that Raymond, their only child, was going to school.

From Ed Fader: Laara said: redacted... My uncle Arni, mother's oldest brother, did not marry. His sister, my Aunt Anna, is in the centre of the photo (as you know).

They will be uploaded soon.
Courtesy of The Ted Christopherson Collection
The Einarsons

Part of the Green album.

Courtesy of Pauline Einarson Collection

Image 6355
For a fact, this is the Einarsons, possibly outside Hallgrimsson Homestead.
Having visited, this is NOT Grund. Vern reminded me of the roof's style, it is a Mansard roof, French.

UPDATE: Roy now belives this is the Halgrimsson farm

How Pauline Einarson (3rd from Left) met Ted,
son of Kjartan, son of Sigurdur

"The Grund church known as Frelsis (Liberty) Lutheran Church, is south of the Arason homestead and north of Christophersons. The families all attended church there, as did your Dad's uncle Bill Christopherson. When Bill died the funeral was at Grund and that is when your mother and father met."
[Quote by Aunt Emily Enns 03/18/06]

Find it amazing now that I have physically seen where the Einarson farm and Grund farms were located, which a just about 4 miles apart, that they never met before. The Christophersons used Hola school and the Einarsons used Frey school to the north. They used to shop and tied to Glenboro, not Baldur.

See comparison here.


Possibly women of Argyle District or Surrey/PT. Roberts

Courtesy of The Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

Possibly women of Argyle District or Surrey/PT. Roberts
Read the news on Echos of the Past.

Courtesy of The Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection


Unknown, Kristin, Haldor on Horse,

Probably taken at Grund
Courtesy of The Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection
Possibly Kristin´s mother, William and KRISTIN JONSDÓTTER Christopherson
unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, possibly Will's youngest son, John C.

Possibly Susie's mother-inlaw and chidlren>
Courtesy of The Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

Unknown, Unknown, KRISTIN 'Stina' JONSDOTTER Christopherson, William, Haldor (Will´s brother),
and possibly John

Courtesy of The Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection



Courtesy of The Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection
5110 thumb


Courtesy of 'Come Into Our Heritage' Argyle 1882-1892

Grund 2380

Notice the stone foundation and angled window

Roy believes the building in the forground was moved from next to Grund Homestead (back) down to this position.
The wall behind the large barn or stable is a Barn being built, seen in the later photos.
Courtesy of The Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection
grund Rooftop
Grund Homestead
This was the tip-off, that special roof

A Flat French design roof in the middle of snowy winters, go figure.
Courtesy of The Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection


Ranka [Ragheidur Sigmundsdottir] Johnson/Jonsson
m. Haldor ' Dorie' Briem Christopherson
Ranka died at young age and Haldor remaried
Leslie Cole

Courtesy of The Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection
Ranka Johnson/Jonsson m. Haldor Christopherson

Grund Homestead

This photo was almost completely washed out!
The child is Haldor. The picture in the
background is of a house. Have not seen in before.
Courtesy of The Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection
Piano at Grund
Grund Homestead
- Piano
Courtesy of The Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection
Guðny & Jón Sveinson
Arni was their neighbor & a Pioneer
From Laara: "This is my grandfather, Jón Sveinson
and the oldest of his sisters, Guðny, who married Gunnar Matthiasson."
Laara is the granddaughter of Jon Sveinson. (Jon is the son of pioneers Arni and Gudrun)
Roy: See Pg 436 'Beneath the Long Grass' I wasn't able to identify that couple in #2412 and neither was my mom. It's definitely not John & Laura.

Courtesy of The Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection


Unknown Couple
Courtesy of The Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection
Grund Homestead

5th from left is Jón Sveinson
Kjartan on the left, and Haldor date these photos

Courtesy of The Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection
View High Resolution Version 219k

Close Up of NO. 5 from the right

Close Up of NO. 2 young man from the right in 3341 below on an Icelandic Pony

Sign On Grund house left of the door says

View Even Higher Resolution Version

Roy's Photoshop version over orig photo

Susan 'Susie' Christopherson, Unknown,
Veiga C., Unknown
Grund Homestead
. Woman on right shows in a few photos. Possibly a friend. Taken same day as 3223 above.
Courtesy of The Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection
Mike Christopherson at Grund
Not visable, there is chicken wire to our right
With the overhang about to fall down, and the porch buckling, we pressed onwards.

Courtesy of The Mike & Roy
Christopherson Collection
Roy Christopherson at Grund Homestead
Mike is puzzled why God Rays are always in my photos?
Having the above photo, standing on the porch after seeing these 100 year old photos was mystical

Courtesy of The Mike & Roy
Christopherson Collection
"It does not seem long
since we all came to Gimli and now
those that were little children then
are grown men and women."

Caroline Christopherson, Grund, 1893, pp 30 , [33]


Grund in Winter

Courtesy of The Miriam Westereng Collection

image 2186a Grund Homestead
image 2186a
Grund Homestead

Courtesy of The Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection
On the lower roof spot the Post Office Sign and the chicken wire around the house.
William Christopherson, Sigurdur's eldest son lived in the house, then Donna 'Christopherson' Skardal and Norman
Courtesy of The Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

"Well, to hear the stories Lorne and sometimes even my mom (Lilja 'Christopherson' Costello) told,
they broke up dirt clods
with their bare feet while plowing the hardscrabble fields in 100+ degree heat in summer."

Bruce Costello

From this website, learned that the type of roof on Grund is referred to as
a Mansard roof
Mansard roof always form a flat roof.
Land Deed
One of Sigurdur's Land Deed at Argyle District
Caroline Christophersons Map
Drawing by Caroline taylor Christopherson and
transcriptions by Ryan Eyford
Grund 1st Floor
First floor plan by Roy based on observations of visit
the footage is probably off
Grund 2nd Floor
2nd Floor plan of Grund by Roy

web image 0034
Did you know about the Red River Colony?

The colony along the Red River of the North was never very successful. Changes during the development of Canada in the 19th century led to the colony's forming the basis of what is today Manitoba, although much of its original territory is now part of the United States.

Today it encompasses parts of southern Manitoba, northern Minnesota and eastern North Dakota, along with bits of northeastern South Dakota, eastern Saskatchewan, northwestern Ontario. (Read more at Wiki)

[1] Come into Our Heritage. R.M. Of Argyle 1882-1982. Centennial History of the Argyle [Hardcover]. Buy your copy today at the R.M. of Agyle office.

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