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Purpose of this page is to try and verify exactly where these farms of the early 1900's exactly are located
since GPS coordinates are not available. Specifically Grund Luteran Church. Update: Google Maps now
have higher resolution photos. Grund (Sigurdur Christopherson, then Will, his son's place) and Grund Church. Still seeking.
Grund Church and Cemetery
CSES News APR 5, 2012: Thanks to Gordon Goldsborough, with special thanks to Nonni Jonsson,
we now have a pinpoint location for five places of historical significance in Canada, that being;

The Frelsis (Liberty) Lutheran Church at Grund which they helped build and attended, and where Roy's parents Ted & Pauline were married.
Location (lat/long): N49.46660, W99.24405, Nw 12-6 14W
Also see CSES News References 1, 2, 3.
The Lighting Globes (orig. Gas) were donated by Gudny Aradottir. A google map tour of Sigurdur's migration is underway.
Taylor Lake was where Roy's Great Grand Uncle William Stuart Taylor lived.

John Sveinsson born at Gimli, in 1877, and came to Argyle with his parents, Pioneers Arni and Gudrun helga Sveinsson...blacksmith, and carpenter on his father's farm, as well as working with him at construction of large buildings, including Grund Church in 1889, Baldur Luteran Church, 1907, and Baldur School in 1905.
'Come into our Heritage' book
Grund Church
Roy at Frelsis (Liberty) Lutheran Church at Grund AUG 2013
Also see the Pauline Christopherson page
Courtesy of T he Hank Christopherson Collection

Grund Church
Frelsis (Liberty) Lutheran Church at Grund during Christmas
Courtesy of T he Hank Christopherson Collection

It looks like the following should read as follows: "...The new community was named Frelsið,
meaning absolute independence..." regards, Komakur Högnason

A story about Argyle
Lögberg-Heimskringla - 5. June 1987 (New Window)
Grund Church banner
Grund Church
Hank and Keith Christopherson took a series of photos at many
family locations on a trip about 1992.
Even met the great New Iceland author; Nelson Gerrard.
On this banner, note the inscribed names of those that served in war.
Arason, Christophersons, incl. Roy's father; Ted, Skaptison, Sveinson,
and probably more family than Roy is aware of.
From The Hank Christopherson Collection
Forgive any typos
Stefan Porvaldur (Thorvaldur) Antonius
Herman Skapti Arason
Andres Anderson
Julius Anderson
Skarphedimer Breidal
Sigurjon Bjornson
Lorne Christopherson
Theodore Christopherson (Roy's Father)
Sigurdur Christopherson
Henry Christopherson
Henry John Einarson
Albert O??? Hallgrimson
Ivan Isfeld?
Sigurdur ????
George Johamisson?
Gudmunder Myrdal
Paul Sigurdson
Baldwin Sigurdson
Freeman Skaptason
Mariluis Skaptason?
Skapti Skaptason
Arnie Sveinson
Sveinn Sigurjon Sveinson
Moris Swainsson

Any corrections or spellings, please E-Mail Roy
Image 3251
Erla Wankling verified, "this IS
Frelsis (Liberty) Lutheran Church at Grund
in the bkgrd.
Foreground house belonged to Sigg and Sigga Johnson. This house stood until sometime in the late 60's
or early 70's when it was replaced by a lovely new home. Siggi Johnson planted all the trees that are still
growing to the east of this house and north of the Grund Church, they included spruce trees and many different fruit trees."

The same church Roy's uncle Henry Einarson helped make into a Heritage site.
Appears they are installing a foundation or moving houses?
Possible it was the Reverends house that no longer exists.
Roy has dozens of photos of Grund Church, yet nobody has contacted him on them.
So a few will be posted here.
From The Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

Here Halfdan Helgason discusses an except about the church in a book.
"...The Icelandic words included here, Grund and Frelsis mean, respectively, "grassy plain" and "freedom." ."
Roy would like to point out one point lacking in this sentence
"...It should be of interest to the readers of this newsletter, that on October 29, 1990, the Province of Manitoba designated the Frelsis Lutheran Church at Grund as a Provincial Heritage site. ..."
The church becoming a Her
itage site is in part, due to Roy's uncle, Henry Einarson. He was instrumental in obtaining this.
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