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Here is
Enmore of Barbados, 99% sure owned by Cavans, then Austin family.
Enmore Barbados
Title : Enmore, Barbados
CARPENTER William Hookham
, 1818-1899 (United Kingdom)
Date : 1859
Technique: watercolor over pencil
Signed 'W. Carpenter',
inscribed 'Barbados' and dated '1859' (lower left)
20.3 x 33 cm. (8 x 13 in.)

Here are maps which might tie this all together.


What if...Richard´s father, George was related to the family at Enmore Castle in England. (to date, no evidence of this),_Somerset

What if...this Enmore [paste reference to Enmore in Bridgetown named after Enmore in England. It talked about how this Irish family had bought it for business yet it was closer to Bridgetown. Should have been on Taylor RnD page. In this old book, it talked about how the family that owned Enmore before this Irish family, may have named it after a family dwelling in their home country]

Reference 1 on Taylor RnD page

Reference 2 on Taylor RnD page

Reference 3 on Taylor RnD page

Reference 4 on Taylor RnD page

Reference 5 on Taylor RnD page

Roy has studied all the placed mentioned on the Taylor RnD page. While emailing with new relative, Philip, Roy flashed back to research on the castle in England and the quote above. Quickly throwing together three maps to see how close Bristol is to Enmore Village, it turns out to be less than 35 miles away. Coincidence, perhaps. Somerset, which is wider area has come up in searches on our families.

There are 36 references to 'enmore' on Taylor RnD page. Here are but a few...

A History of the County of Somerset: Volume 6: Andersfield, Cannington, and North Petherton Hundreds (Bridgwater and neighbouring parishes by R W Dunning, C R Elrington (Editors), A P Baggs, M C Siraut 1992 source  'Enmore: Manors and other estates' Algar held ENMORE in 1066 and Geoffrey was the tenant under Roger de Courcelles in 1086... Owned by The Mallets, not Taylors. Passed to Wilmot, then Baynton. "Algar held ENMORE in 1066 and Geoffrey was the tenant under Roger de Courcelles in 1086."..".In 1833 and 1834 the estate, including the castle and its contents, were put up for sale to pay debts."..."In 1834 the new owner, Nicholas Broadmead, demolished the Castle, described by a neighbour as 'very ugly ill built'..."

274 NOBLE AND GENTLE MEN OF ENGLAND. MALET OF WILBURY, BARONET 1791. A noble Norman family of great antiquity, who were of baronial rank immediately after the Conquest, descended from William Baron Malet, whose grandson, another William Baron Malet, was expelled by Henry I. The elder branch of the family were long seated at Enmore, in the county of Somerset, but the ancestors of the present family, whose baronetcy was conferred for services in the East Indies; at Corypole and Wolleigh, in the county of Devon, and at Pointington and St. Audries, in Somersetshire. Wilbury was purchased in 1803. See Hoare's Modern Wiltshire, vol. i. pt. ii. p. 106; Collinson's History of Somersetshire, vol. i. p. 90 ; and the Gentleman's Maga- zine for 1799, p. 117. ARMS. Azure, three escallops or. Present Representative, Sir Alexander Charles Malet, second Baronet.

Map base - Google

Map base - Google

Map base - Google
Enmore castle

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Have related immediate family then
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