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Purpose of this page is to try and verify exactly where these farms of the early 1900's exactly are located
since GPS coordinates are not available. Specifically Grund Luteran Church.
Update: Google Maps now have higher resolution photos.
Grund (Sigurdur Christopherson, then Will, his son's place) and Grund Church.
Excellent source for Last Address in Iceland of Argyle farmers found in search for Diane's ancestors.

A gathering of Icelanders from the Grund and Bru districts, 1922.
Back Row: Gisli Bjornson, Walter Frederickson, John Goodman, Paul Frederickson, Albert Oliver, Mrs. Landy, Siggi Landy, Gudmundur Nordman.

Fourth Row: Byring Hallgrimson, Jonas Helgason, John Breidat, Mrs. Gudrun Goodman, Mrs. Bjorg Christopherson, Hernit Christopherson, Theodore Johannson, Mrs. Kristjanna Johannson, Mrs. Paul Frederickson, Mrs. Kristbjorg Martinn, Mrs. Imba Eggertson, Mrs. Laura Nordman, Conrad Nordman, Bill Frederickson, Mrs. Gudrun Frederickson. Mrs. Margret Olafson. John Olafson. Mrs. Thora Wagsta[INSERT lc ff]e, Magnus Nordal, Mrs. Bena Nordal

Third Row: Mrs. Sigridur Helgason, Gunlauger Davidson. Mrs. Margaret Davidson, Oli Arason, William Christopherson, Tryggvie Arason, Mrs. Dora Anderson, Oli Anderson, Paul Frederickson. Mrs. Elsabeth Frederickson, Mrs. Lauga Johnson.

Second Row: Mrs. Carrie Helgason, Miss Gudbjorg Goodman, Mrs. Sena Anderson, Jonas Anderson, Pete Goodman, Svein Sveinson, Bjorn Anderson, Mrs. Kristin Anderson, Arni Sveinson, Finnur Johnson.

First Row: Axel Sigmar, August Arason, S.A. Anderson.
argyle icelanders
From the book, ´Come into our Heritage, Page 116
There are so many names of family, and unknown family, and all were friends not just neighbors of Sigurdur and Caroline.
In the future, each persons face will diplay their name.

Christopherson and taylor lakes
SAT Map 5 TO DO: Update 1 - 3 based on this and Nonni's
 image 1
SAT Map 1 -Map is wrong
 image 2
SAT Map 2-Map is wrong
 image 3
SAT MAP 3-Map is wrong

Grund Church"
Map supplied by Nonni Jonsson
Lets try again. The map above shows Grund and Argyle Cemetery should be above Christopherson Lake and to the right.
With Nonni Johnsons help April 2012, Roy is nearing the end of all searches for Sigurdur's homsteads.
Grund Map 3
Map by Google Earth. Titled by Roy Christopherson
Click Map to Zoom in (New Window)
See close up below
A = Frelsis (Liberty) Lutheran Church at Grund
B = Grund Cemetery
Taylor Lake named after John or William (family)
Glenboro; birthplace of Pauline Einarson Christopherson
Grund Church and Cemetery
CSES News APR 5, 2012: Thanks to Gordon Goldsborough, with special thanks to Nonni Jonsson,
we now have a pinpoint location for five places of historical significance in Canada, that being;

The Frelsis (Liberty) Lutheran Church at Grund which they helped build and attended, and where Roy's parents Ted & Pauline were married.
Location (lat/long): N49.46660, W99.24405, Nw 12-6 14W
Also see CSES News References 1, 2, 3.
The Lighting Globes (orig. Gas) were donated by Gudny Aradottir. A google map tour of Sigurdur's migration is underway.
Christopherson Lake was probably named by Hernit Christopherson. Goodman lake, J. Goodman.
6-14 map View the new Argyle map re-created April 8, 2012 368kb
6-14 Map No SAT image View Grid and Text only (No SAT image)

Grund Homestead
The Search for Sigurdur Christopherson Homstead 'Grund'
Location is SE 10-6-14 or SE (Qtr Section-SouthEast), 10 (Section), 6 (Township), 14 (Range)
Grund Church photo 1946 Ted & Pauline Christopherson Collection, Grund Homstead 1950? Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

You will see other familiar names which Roy believes are all family related. Hernit, lived sourth of Sigurdur. Sigurdur had three sections of land, as shown on this map.
Arni Sveinson lived NW. T [Thomas?] Badger lived adjacent. Byring Hallgrimsson lived nearby. He helped or built Grund. He is related by family. Research and post links.
Also we have J. Sigurdsson, which Roy believes is the fellow on the Unknown Family page.
Johannes Sigurdson (1852-1919).

Nonni Johnsson Map
The Search for Sigurdur Christopherson Homstead 'Grund' Comes to an End. Behold the Yellow square - GRUND HOMESTEAD!
Location is SE 10-6-14 or SE (Qtr Section-SouthEast), 10 (Section), 6 (Township), 14 (Range)
The map above was correct.
SAT Map by Google. Mark-up courtesy of Nonni Jonsson. Location verification by Living Jones.
Grund Overhead1
SAT image over Grund Homestead.

The land is still being worked by Alan Skardal and Stanley's son
Grund Overhead2
SAT image closer overhead

NEW: Use the New Map Page to see the exact pin point of the Grund Homestead
and all the other locations of the families history

View the Grund Homestead Page with more photos
View the Frelsis (Liberty) Lutheran Church at Grund

Have related family then
All Icelanders are related
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