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Meet our Relatives - Taylor Branch

Lizzie M. Carpenter
a.k.a. Elizabeth Mehitabel TAYLOR Lapham-Carpenter #3

Elizabeth Mehitabel TAYLOR, born 1851, died about 1913 [Lizzie's grave states she died in 1913, not 1916]. Age 62
Elizabeth, also known as Lizzie, Elizabeth M Lapham, Lizzie M Carpenter as she married twice, first to George G.
Lapham, 2nd marriage to John Carpenter.
Elizabeths Father: William Stewart [Stewart] Taylor, brother of John Taylor . Grand daughter of Richard Taylor of Barbados, Great Grand daughter of George Taylor of Bristol ENG.

Mother: Isabella Slimmons/Isabella Slemins/Isabella Sleaman and possibly Bella, daughter of John [pending research]
Residence: Milwaukee, Michigan
Residence: Portland, Oregon.
Roy believes after finding her GM's marriage Parish record image that her middle name is Mehitabel, not Mehetabel.

Early Life

For some reason, Elizabeth is not in this photo.
According to one family member, Back left is Annie TAYLOR Ballard, William Taylor, Back right Caroline TAYLOR Christopherson, Front left Jane TAYLOR Hearn, and front right, Susie TAYLOR Briem
There is no known photo of Anna, or Elizabeth. Ones of Jane and Susie are in a Private collection.
Courtesy of The Miriam Westereng Collection

Name: George G. Lapham
Birth Date: 1838 Age: 31
Spouse's Name: Lizzie M. Taylor
Spouse's Birth Date: 1852 Spouse's Age: 17
Event Date: 17 May 1869 Event Place: Ingham,Michigan
"Michigan Marriages, 1822-1995," , FamilySearch ( : accessed 14 August 2015), George G. Lapham and Lizzie M. Taylor, 17 May 1869; citing reference ; FHL microfilm 976,572. Source

Dau. Katie was born in Ingham, MI.

See George G. Lapham page for more on George

From The Tale of Bowman Leslie
"A daughter "Lizzie" [Elizabeth Taylor] married a man named Carpenter [struck out-i,es L?????? ????ya]
had a family of several boys and girls -- she visited Toronto in 1897 [Stanton?, Smith, Carrie +Katie-Belle?] Their home was in Milwaukee [struck out] Michigan

12/14 I am 98% sure I have all the right family

12-19-2013: Found this couple with first name same. Might this be a brother of George
Head Jess H Pratt M 44 Washington
Wife Carrie M Pratt F 44 Oregon
Carrie M Pratt in household of Jess H Pratt, "United States Census, 1940" Name: Carrie M Pratt Titles and Terms: Event Type: Census Event Date: 1940 Event Place: Tract 8, Portland, Portland City Election Precinct 117, Multnomah, Oregon, United States Gender: Female Age: 44 Marital Status: Married Race (Original): White Race: White Relationship to Head of Household (Original): Wife Relationship to Head of Household: Wife Birthplace: Oregon Birth Year (Estimated): 1896 Last Place of Residence: Same House District: 37-168 Family Number: 104 Sheet Number and Letter: 61B Line Number: 56 Affiliate Publication Number: T627 Affiliate Film Number: 3388 Digital Folder Number: 005449217 Image Number: 00084 Source
Here is says Carrie M.'s parents were both Swedish, yet head of household Jesse WA.

Letters from Anna Ballard's son, Lizzie's address In 1910 her residence was
1007 E 15th ST, N Portland ORE
All based on being 1920
Stanton C Lapham, Home in Multnomah, Oregon 1920, born abt 1870, age 50

Elizabeth 'Lizzie' TAYLOR Daughter of
William Stewart Taylor b. abt. August 9th, 1830 at England and Isabella S., b. Abt. 1835, Ireland

Courtesy of Roy Christopherson
If you have a photo of Elizabeth, please let Roy know

1. Elizabeth Mehitabel TAYLOR Carpenter #3 1851 - 1913
Anna TAYLOR Ballard JAN 12, 1854-FEB 27, 1894, age 40
3. Caroline ''Carrie" TAYLOR Christopherson 1856 - 1923
4. baby Martha Taylor 1858 Kingston, d.Mar 6, 1863 age5
4. baby Richard TAYLOR 1858 Kingston, d.Jul 6 1863 a5, S.Fever
5. baby Fanny Taylor b.about 1859 - d. bef 1861
6. Jane TAYLOR Hearn (2) 1860 - 1929
7. Susanna TAYLOR Briem MAR 12 1861 [33] - 1938
5 and 6 might be out of order

William 'Willie' Henry Taylor, b13 Oct 1890 or 1871-1945. 1868-1941, [33]

Herbert 'Bert' or 'Bertie' Stewart Taylor, b. 13 Oct 1890 or 1871-1945, [33]
Isabella TAYLOR Badger, b. 17 Jun 1874 at Lansing Michigan

Marriage 1 George G. Lapham, [5] m. 1869
1. Stanton C. Lapham b. 1869

2. Katie S. LAPHAM Gibbons b. 08 Feb 1871, [5]
3. Carrie Lapham 27 Jul 1872, [5] -1949 [33]
4. Isabell Lapham b. 1873
5. Smith G. [Gilbert] Lapham, B. 1876   m. Netta Marklund
6. Smith Lapham, Columbia, Oregon, born abt 1877 (same as 5?)

Marriage 2 James Carpenter

1. Ted Carpenter

2. Edwin H. (Eddie) Carpenter b. February 1886 [Lizzie's son by birth [33]]

Great Grand Aunt of Roy Christopherson

Elizabeth's Timeline
Married to George Lapham 17 May 1869 Event Place: Ingham, Michigan Source
June 24, 1879, Winterfield, Clare Co. Michigan [79]
May 25, 1880, Evart, Michigan [79] Lizzie is known as Lizzie M. Lapham (Census from M.)
Mov 28, 1880 Lizzie takes her children back from Anna & Evertt Ballard, except Stanton. Letter - [IMG_7015.]
Feb 20 1886 Edwin Carpenter, son of John is born in Osceola, MI
March 3 - June 1, 1890, Evart, Michigan [79] Lizzie is known as Lizzie M. Carpenter
April 3, 1894, Lansing, Michigan [79]

Map of Elizabeth's places

Evan Lapham, Columbia, Oregon, born abt 1903, age 17
Lois Lapham, Columbia, Oregon, born abt 1905, age 15
Marybelle P Lapham, Multnomah, Oregon, born abt 1917, age 3
Not sure if this is same woman? marybelle lapham dupuis, Born 1916 from Belvedere Tiburon, California | Belvedere, California
Born 1916 from Marin, California | Oregon - Freyer [sure is! see more here]

"Lapham - 1920 United States Federal Census ... Lois Lapham. name, name. city, Columbia, Oregon. abt 1905. location. race. relation. View Record. Marybelle P Lapham ... [ Lapham - 1920 United States Federal Census "

Marybelle Lapham Dupuis , California, Death Index, 1940-1997

Any relation to Marybelle?
Name: Norma Vida Freyer Birth: date Death: dd mm 2010 - city, Multnomah, Oregon Civil: Nebraska

Full list of relations yet none seem to match above

1951, to the wife (Marybelle Lapham) of Fred Dupuis

Adaline Lapham? or Adaline Latham, Lake, Oregon, born abt 1850

Maybe another family
Lawrence Lapham Born: Jul 26, 1892 Deceased: Jul, 1969 Location: Grants Pass, OR Lawrence was born July 26th, 1892. July, 1969 Lawrence Lapham passed away in Grants Pass, Oregon at the age of 76.

In his wife's [?] own handwriting, Roy's Great Grandmother, Caroline TAYLOR Christopherson, transcribed by Ryan Eyford, caroline writes at Grund P.O. Jan 27th 1884 ;
"I have not heard from Lizzie for a long time. She seemed quite contented then. She took in sewing and had bought a sewing machine. Katie and Carrie [64] were going to school and learning fast they both wrote me. Stanton [65] left Anna [TAYLOR] Ballard] & Everett [Ballard] and they imagine that Carpenter [66] set him up to do so. There does not seem to be the right feeling between them. Janie and Willie are on their land. Still it is pleasant for us to be so near that we can see each other sometimes. Her children are quite intelligent and interesting", [33] Page 15

64 Katie Lapham (1871-?) and Carrie Lapham (1872-1949) were the daughters of Carrie and Susie's sister Lizzie (see note 45 above). , [33]
65 Stanton Lapham (1869-?) was Lizzie's son. The contents of this letter indicate that he was living with Lizzie's sister Anna and her husband Everett Ballard at the time., [33]
66 James Carpenter (1853-?) was Lizzie Taylor's second husband., [33]


Recently our fabulous cousin in Iceland photographed MANY of our family letters in the Icelandic Archives, in the Briem collection. I covered this in detail back when I discovered a PDF file listing the thousand+ letters. Yes, many are from within the Briem family, however, most were sent to Susie TAYLOR Briem or her husband; Halldor.
The letters have been shared with any family members having interest. They have ones from John, Susie's siblings, nephews, John's cousins in Ontario, and GGF Sigurdur.

Some have been transcribed, yet it all remains the "PROPERTY" of the Archives. My initial inquiry into them went unanswered. OK, so they are busy, SO AM I!
Johanna spent a great deal of time and effort sending high resolution images of a portion of these letters. If someone wants to pay my way, I'll go over and photograph each and everyone over course of a week or so. In five years, I vow I will do so. If I had the money, I would sue them for all of our immediate family letters and photos, and let them keep digital copies.. Personally, I think they should be returned to our family. Each sibling of Caroline has living descendants.
But no, they will keep them in some boxes deep in their recesses. That is why I nicknamed them 'Dark Forces'.

Because many are of a highly private nature, they will not be placed here online. However, to me, nothing gets us closer to past family & relatives than Photos of them, or letters.
Anna's letters are without a doubt the most interesting. Great aunt Veiga has the most eloquent wrtting of anyone in the families. Next goal is to get everyone of John Taylor's letters, and find his siblings descendants; Marys?, Carolines, and Elizabeth (1). Thanks to our Barbadian relative, unlocking the mystery of The Jones, Leslies, and Taylors is just a matter of time.

Photos and more information for public display here on Lizzie appreciated.

Vintage Post card #3482 of the Oregon State Capital might be from them. Do not recall anything on the back.
[1] Taylor RnD July 26, 2012 Update

Roy found the Gravesite of Elizabeth M "Lizzie" Carpenter
Created by: FriendsofRiverView at
"Birth: 1851,
Death: Jun. 11, 1913
Portland Multnomah County Oregon, USA

Letter: Evart June 1st 1890 Lizzie Lapham to Susie Briem "Belle was dead she died Nov 26. 1881"
This would have been Lizzie's daughter who she separated from and Belle called someone else mother, perhaps Anna or her mother-in-law. She is buried at Rockford (MAP).
"Willie [Wim. Stewart Taylor's son] is in Tacoma not far from Stanton is he has work on the U. P. railroad firing? on a"...[stops there]
In another letter "Stanton ran away from Rockford twice and went to Everett's" Today, this would be a 1hr & 20 min drive by car) (MAP)

CARPENTER – In this city, June 11, Elizabeth M. Carpenter, at her residence, 1007 East Fifteenth street North, aged 66 years, 6 months and 15 days. The remains are at the new parlors of J. P. Finley & Son, Montgomery and Fifth streets."
[The Oregonian, 12 Jun 1913, p15]

Lizzie's Death Notice

Shown as the 2nd one.

Grave of Lizzie Carpenter SEC. 107, River View Cemetery
Courtesy of The Roy Christopherson Collection

Inscription: In Loving Memory

Burial: River View Cemetery Portland Multnomah County Oregon, USA Plot: Sec 107, Lot 58, Blk E
Courtesy of Roy Christopherson

2bd Source
Odd that no family is mentioned? Elizabeth 'Lizzie' TAYLOR Lapham-Carpenter died age 62 years old

George G. Lapham marrried Elizabeth Mehitabel TAYLOR (3)
There is no Birth certificate on Keep searching
This might be someone else
Name: George G. Lapham Military Rank: Military Company: F Military Regiment: 28 State: Michigan Military Unit: Infantry Event Date: 11 Oct 1911 Military Company/Regiment: Affiliate Name: National Archives and Records Administration Affiliate Publication Number: T289 Affiliate Publication Title: Organization Index to Pension Files of Veterans Who Served Between 1861 and 1900 Affiliate Record Type: Civil War Pensions

Read more about George G. Lapham on his Individual Page here.

United States Census, 1910
Head John Mulick M 35 Iowa
Head Stanton C Lapham M 50 (abt. 1860) Michigan,Stanton is listed as Oscar S. father here.
Ray Loyd Lapham M 26 (abt. 1884) Washington
Son Stanton C Lapham M 23 (abt 1887) Washington
Son Dudley M Lapham M 18 (abt. 1892) Oregon
Son Oscar S Lapham M 28   (abt. 1882) Washington
Daughter-in-law Pansy H Lapham F 26 Oregon
Granddaughter Marybelle P Lapham F 3 Oregon

George either died or divorced and this might be his 2nd marriage? if in Iowa.

Rediscovered story of GGM Caroline taylor staying at the Lapham's house. Life & Times of William Stewart Taylor.

Lizzie's Funeral Notice

With so many descendents found, George and chidlren have been moved under George & Children's pages (links top right page)


Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Mehitabel TAYLOR Lapham
m2. James Carpenter b. 1853
becoming Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Mehitabel TAYLOR Lapham-Carpenter

Find a place for this intel
Ray Luther Miller, "Oregon, Death Index, 1903-1998" Name: Ray Luther Miller Event Type: Death Event Date: 22 Jul 1987 Event Place: Clackamas, Oregon Age: Birth Date: 25 Jul 1908 Spouse's Name: Norabe Miller
source , [5]

"Lizzie's [Elizabeth TAYLOR Carpenter] son from her second marriage, Edwin H. (Eddie) Carpenter was born in February 1886 in Michigan" pp 26 ., [33]
2. Edwin H. 'Eddie' Carpenter by marriage of Ted Carpenter

Visit the James Carpenter page for more on Elizabeth's 2nd Marriage.

[2] Ryan Eyford, PhD Assistant Professor Department of History University of Winnipeg