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Meet our Relatives - Taylor Branch

Richard Taylor

RICHARD TAYLOR Born 8 May 1786 in Bristol [1, 31], Somerset, England. Died 1 May 1859 Kingston C.W. [Canadian West] [1]. MAJOR BREAK-THROUGH! Thanks to The Stranks, Vern Austman, Ms. Cadue, at Cataraqui Cemetery, and especially Mary, we have monuments and marker inscriptions in Cataraqui Cemetery, here at the family website! Great older historical facts on Richard and Elizabeth Taylor.[1] Richard & Elizabeth Taylor were one of the first share holders at Cataraqui Cemetery. Read more.

A Survey of Some Notable Sites in Cataraqui Cemetery (PDF)
By Paul King

Richard Taylor, "Caribbean, Marriages, 1591-1905"
Richard Taylor Birth Date: Birthplace: Age:
Spouse's Name: Eliza Mehitabel Jones
Event Date: 21 May 1807 Event Place: Saint Michael,Barbadoes,Caribbean

Richard was born at Bristol, England

This looks interesting, and matches birtdate we have.
Name: Richard Tayler Gender: Male Christening Date: 29 Jul 1790 Christening Place: MORGANS HILL INDEPENDENT,BRADFORD ON AVON,WILTSHIRE,ENGLAND Birth Date: 08 May 1786 Father's Name: George Tayler Mother's Name: Mary Source [Roy doubts George's son] This place is outside of Bristol East

Name: Taylor Gender: Male Christening Date: 21 May 1786 Christening Place: St. Mary, Radcliffe, Lancashire, England Father's Name: George Taylor Mother's Name: Jane Source

British naval administrative officer, then a plantation manager..." SOURCE:

"George Taylor was a Sea Captain, whether in the Naval or Merchant Sevice I do not know"...lost at sea..., 31

From the Obituary of the daughter of William, son of Richard, the Taylors would had to been Protestant. Another missed word is Admirial, as in "Admiral Richard Taylor".
Many Captains were waiting to get a ship.
From the new grave discover, we know Richard served "Served in the Commissariat Department at Barbados W.I. for nearly 35 years." Roy feels the immediate family
would of had accurate detailed information. Another missed point is the spelling of the two Castles. Throughout the Internet you will spot William "rumored to have been born at..."
Yet, William's own daughter Susie states her father was born at "Arendale Castle".
The question would be was she wrong, or is The Tale of Bowman Leslie wrong, or both wrong? Roy believes Susie was right, as the author of the Tale states he could be wrong.
William Stewart Taylor was born Aug 9, 1830, Arundel Castle Archivists could check this date to confirm if he was born there.

Titled - ' Captain of the Royal Navy Stands on the Taffrail on the Poop Deck of His Vessel´ by W.h. Overend English artist.
W. H. Overend, Esq., was the artist for the sketches in the Illustrated London News, and Herbert Johnson, Esq., was the artist for the sketches in the Graphic.
Martin Leigh's Log; a sea story by John C. Hutcheson, With eight original Illustrations by W. H. Overend, Page 645.
Free E-book here for download.
Roy cannot even find what lead to this painting. Could this represent Richard's father? We now know he was a Captain of a ship.
Was it a dingy or a large massive ship, a merchant vessel perhaps.

Rear Admiral Henry C. Taylor (1845-1904) Too late a time period to be our Richard. No Relationship

"Commodore Thomas Taylor" and yacht. Check time period. Read more.

Richard Taylor maried Elizabeth M. Taylor a.k.a. Elizth [Elizabeth or Eliza] Mehetabel [Jones] who was born Barbados, NOT England, born 31 Mar 1797 was the beloved mother of a large family of sons and daughters. Died near Kingston C.W. on her 63rd birthday.[1]

He lived in the West Indies for many years. Elizabeth was visiting her parents in England when William was born. William grew up in the West Indies, and when, he was 18 years old he came to America with his older brother and settled at Kingston, Ontario, Canada around 1848. Richard and Elizabeth went to Kingston Ontario, Canada with them or visa versa.

Miriam sent Roy some documents written by one of the...Hearns about the Taylors. 6 page typewritten copy.
Pg 7 was a handwritten family tree. I've been meaning to track down who had the original, as it is very hard to read. It goes back to "John Taylor married Elizabeth M. Haines"

This document has been moved to it's own page, titled The Tale of Bowman Leslie.

RnD done on the of NOVEMBER 2011
For succinct details, please visit these pages
John Taylor Page 1, Page 2
William Stewart Taylor
Caroline nee Taylor Christopherson
Isabella Slimmons RnD

Looking over Roy's genealogy database on the details of Richard Taylor, Roy is going to repost his notes on Richard. First, a single word or
phrase often overlooked could give great leads in research. Here are two...

...Miriam sent me some documents written by one of the...Hearns about the Taylors. 6 page typewritten copy. In a box here somewhere.
Ah here it is
Pg 7 was a handwritten family tree. I've been meaning to track down who had the original, as it is very hard to read. It goes back to
"John Taylor married Elizabeth M. Haines"

See how the last name is 'Haines' not Jones [Update: Haines belongs to a later generation and has nothing to do with Jones]
PG 1 of 6 states "RICHARD TAYLOR -- I understand was an English gentleman"

Researching "English gentleman". Hmm, not finding an exact definition. Wikipedia covers 'gentleman'. Would his wife marry a common man?
Maybe, if they were in love.
For a fact, they were of different religions which in the time was blasphemy which supports what the family history states about 'Ex-communication'.

This blog gives good definitions of "Gentleman Vs. Yeoman". According to the __ of Arms, in ENG said it was a nobleman by birth or deeds.
"... In English law, it was a title of dignity (meaning "rank").12 An esquire ranked above a gentleman but below a knight. There and in early America, however, it was also a title of office. The people (men, really; women didn't hold office in the early days) who served in public capacities were also called "esquire." Barristers at law were included… and so were sheriffs, sergeants at arms and — among others — justices of the peace."

Defined in 1830 by Burn, Chitty & Black - Persons who are so styled under the Royal sign manual (officers of the Armed Forces of or above the rank of Captain in the Army or its equivalent)

Perhaps this is what Richard's father might have looked like. Possibly born in 1767,
if Richard was born when he was 20 years old.

.Sir Thomas Sidley
Sir Thomas Sidley who is NO relation to us
Roy just enjoys a good visual graphic

And one of Roy's favorite Gentlemen from 'The Avengers'
Patrick Macnee

march 17 , 2012
Historic Bridgetown & Its Garrison
Take a video tour of Bridgetow, Barbados.[ Added March 17, 2013 ]

More on it's history here
Makes Roy wonder if Richard Taylor and his boys might have competed in the following

"Barbados Garrison Savannah Race Course. The Savannah is the home of the Barbados Turf Club whose Grand Stand and surrounds are packed to capacity on Gold Cup day which occurs the first
Saturday in March every year. Other race meetings, held during the year, are a fun way of mingling with the locals. It was first used as a race track by regimental officers whose horses competed against
those of wealthy plantation owners."

Garrison Historic Area

St. Ann's Garrison, or more commonly known as "The Garrison", is a small district located in the country of Barbados.
This Garrison Historic Area is situated about 2 miles south of Heroes Square in the capital-city Bridgetown

During both the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries the Garrison was the base and headquarters for members of the British West Indies Regiment in Barbados. In 1751, leader of the American Revolution
and first president of the United States, George Washington, stayed at the district's Bush Hill section for six weeks with his sick brother. This restored property remains as a fixture at the Garrison where it
is simply called the 'George Washington House'.[1] By the middle of the eighteenth century wealthy prominent Barbadians and regiment troops started the sporting tradition of horse racing at the Garrison racetrack.
source: wikipedia

This page talks about the three Garrison Commissariat buildings. istoric old Garrison's Commissariat Provision Store, built between 1793 and 1801.

20. Rum Store (Island Inn) Built in 1804 it is shown in 1824 at the Commissariats Rum Store, built in stone and housed 500 cask of rum carrying 120 gallons each. This now forms part of the Island Inn Hotel.

22. Commissariat Provision Stone (Barbados Light and Power) This building was built between 1793 1nd 1801. It was designed to accommodate 3500 42 gallon cask. It was bought by the Barbados Light and Power in 1909 which was responsible for its restoration in 1986 and now houses the headquarters for the company.

22. Commissariat Provision Stone (Barbados Light and Power) This building was built between 1793 1nd 1801. It was designed to accommodate 3500 42 gallon cask. It was bought by the Barbados Light and Power in 1909 which was responsible for its restoration in 1986 and now houses the headquarters for the company. Source Page 1

Another term is 'Commissaries-General'

Interactive tour of Barbados

The imposing Drill Hall, first used as soldiers’ barracks and later as a commissariat, was built on to the walls of St. Ann’s Fort in 1790....

...Moving north, down Garrison Hill, on to Bay Street, you will pass the Barbados Light & Power building on your left.
That was the Commissariat Provision Store at the end of the 18th century but later became the Garrison Theatre. ...

View Richard and Elizabeth's Enmore Cottage here

THFS and Vern Austman
Read the latest Research here. We now have Richard's fathers name which is George, thanks to the Hearn Family. One example of the branch to Richard, then George would be as follows:
Roy > Kjartan > Sigurdur marries Caroline TAYLOR > William Stuart Taylor > Richard Sr. > George Taylor

Letter Dated April 21 from Susie Briem

Enmore on Barbados

Update: JULY 22, 2013
Found more recent map showing Enmore

Enmore on Barnados
Bridgetown, Barbados and Enmore

The map seems to appear unfinished. Many locations are drawn out in detail, yet no name. Richard Taylor and family that lived at Enmore were
probably noted because of his working for the Navy.

Roy believes Taylors, being a common name, were on the Barbados during the earliest settlement. With possibly 4 Taylor familes living there and a couple with plantations. After speed reading about 10-20 old books written on the island and England, there is no connection to our Richard other than the island and owner of a plantation.

Map Source:
Engraved June 1st, 1825 in London
Enmore highlighted in yellow
Enmore on Barbados

Supply Officer? - Purser and Paymaster? (English Army or Royal Navy)
On Richards gravestone below, you will see "Served in the Commissariat Department at Barbados W.I. [West Indies] for nearly 35 years". Obviously Richard probably did not have it made, perhaps his sons. It only states he "served" there. There lies the question "Exactly what as his job there?" According to family lore, Richard was a Commissariat for the Royal Navy. Uncle Sig thought he was a commisioned officer, however, it was not until 1843 they were commisioned. On the Taylor RnD pages, there is much research on this already done. There is a sentence on this passed down from Jane Taylor (1) about his position on Barbados, and it is ETCHED on his gravestone. Here is a 1960's book dsecribing in the last paragraph on this page, that Richard would have been stationed in the Barbados Electricity Supply Company Building as Army Commissariat.
Excerpt: "It had long been the custom for Royal Navy Flag Officers to select as their secretaries "pursers of talent and approved character" and the Purser's other role as a Secretary was generally formalised by 1816. The Purser became formally responsible in 1825 for the payment of the ship's company. He transformed into the "Purser and Paymaster" in 1842 and became a commissioned officer in 1843. The title of Purser finally disappeared in 1852 and he became the Paymaster."
Source Through the Caribbean: The MCC Tour of the West Indies, 1959-1960 By Alan Ross, last para.

Interesting, based on family lore, Richard ...Adobe Dreamweaver messed up so badly (type, it Sets New CSS Rule, forgot my train of thought...
Article on the
Whereby I posted comment. Hard to fathom there could not be a "ton of articles" Richard had left behind during his 35 years on
"Barbados Light and Power Company, when they proposed demolishing their headquarters building at Garrison Hill – the historic old Garrison’s Commissariat Provision Store, built between 1793 and 1801."
Read Article

Here is an immigration record which matches Richard's birthdate. We know almost nothing about their immigration to Kingston, ONT. Includes image of record, and boat name could be wrong.

Trying to get more info on Richard Taylor



The 1st West India Regiment continued doing duty at Barbados until January 27th, 1809, when eight companies joined the expedition against the Island of Martinique.
Ref. Page



A few months after the disastrous expedition to New Orleans, and while the 1st West India Regiment was still stationed at Barbados, an expedition was formed by Lieutenant-General Sir James Leith, commanding the forces in the Windward and Leeward Islands, against the Island of Guadaloupe, the Governor of which, Admiral Comte de Linois, a staunch Bonapartist, had thrown off his allegiance to Louis XVIII., when the news of the escape of Napoleon from Elba had reached the West Indies, and had, on June 18th, 1815, proclaimed the latter Emperor. On the formation of this expedition, Captain Winkler, 1st West India Regiment, was appointed to the staff.

The fleet with the troops from Barbados, among whom were 400 picked men of the 1st West India Regiment, under Major Cassidy, attached to the 2nd Brigade, com manded by Major-General Murray, sailed from Carlisle Bay, Barbados, on the 31st of July, while other troops from St. Lucia, Martinique, and Dominica, rendezvoused at the Saintes. The force from Barbados anchored in the Bay of St. Louis, Marie-Galante, on the 2nd of August; but it was not until the night of the 7th that the troops from the Leeward were all assembled at the Saintes. [Note by Roy: this would be in the middle of Richard Taylor's 35 years as COMMISSARIAT at Barbados]
Page 151

Hi/ie Brigade, Quartermaster-Serjeant [Sergeant ] Richard Taylor Quartermaster,
vice William Hill, who retires upon half-pay. Dated 29th March 1839, Page 697

Date: 29 March 1839 Issue number: 19720 Page number: 697 Read more:;1848-12-31/exact=Richard+Taylor/start=51#ixzz2mAIMhYFG
Hi/ie Brigade, Quartermaster-Serjeant Richard Taylor • to be Quartermaster , vice William Hill , who retires upon half-pay. Dated 29th March 1839
Source PDF
Refined search on Richard Taylor 1787 1848

4th Left Column shows a Richard Taylor

5. Taylor, Richard III:117;176, Michael Cavan dies at 53. He is connected to Enmore, see above.
, [69]

Research of the acronym results
Barbados Museum: Keeping History Alive; Looking to the Future. They talk about reaching out to UK, Canadian,a nd US institutions and staying relevant. Source

I do not believe this is our Richard, yet very possible.
" Rifle Brigade, 1st Battalion [Barbados?]. Officers with the Rifle Brigade were: Lieut-Colonel John Charles HOPE Major Hon. John St.Vincent SAUMAREZ Captain William WARREN Captain William SULLIVAN Captain J. Alexander HENDERSON Captain John ROOPER Captain W.Sher.Ramsay NORCOTT Lieutenant George Kirwan CARR Lieutenant William HenryFRANKLAND Lieutenant William Leigh MELLISH Lieutenant Arthur Stormont MURRAY Lieutenant Albert H. HORSFORD Lieutenant Henry Spencer WADDINGTON 2nd Lieutenant John GIBSON 2nd Lieutenant Sir Thomas MUNRO 2nd Lieutenant Frederik Robert ELRINGTON 2nd Lieutenant Henry John BROWN Paymaster William HOLDEN Adjutant Edward A. SOMERSET
Quarter Master Richard TAYLOR"

New source for location Richard's father, George Taylor and Richards birth certs or death cert for George.

This won't help at all
"The Register Office holds birth, death and marriage entries for events in the City and County of Bristol from 1837."
Hmm, Parish Records?

Bristol FB Page

[ ] is text added by Roy

From Ms. Cadue aling with the inscriptions transcribed many years ago:
The smaller stone for the babies clearly reads: Little Martha and Richard's grave 1863

"Cemetery records state that Richard died 1 May 1859 in Kingston of Old Age. He was born in England and was married at the time of his death at age 73. Minister was Rev. R.V. Rogers (Anglican denomination.) Elizabeth M. Taylor died 3 Apr 1860 (the monument states she died on her 63rd birthday which would put her death date at 31 Mar 1860, perhaps the date from the records is her burial date as there is no burial date noted. No cause of death noted either.) She was born in Barbados, W.I. and died in Ernestown Township, (this is just west of Kingston.)
The children:
Martha Taylor was born and died in Kingston at age 5 of Scarlet Fever on 6 Mar 1863
and Richard Taylor was born and died in Kingston, also at age 5 on 6 July 1863, no cause of death noted.

Also buried in this lot but not memorialized is: Isabella Taylor, born in N.Y. State, died in Kingston on 12 Jun 1865 at age 30 of Consumption. She was married.

The plot is known as Lot 1 in Section C (now known as Old C as there is also a New C). Your reference to N 1C I believe is from the old recording of the plot as No. 1C."

Index Card for William Stewart Taylor's son

MAY 13, 2015
Found new Source - Archives of Ontario. Richard having served the King of England in Barbados probably chose Ontario, as Loyalists were right near Kingston.

Same Rev Rogers?
"In 1831 the Rev. R. V. Rogers, afterwards for many years the revered rector of St. James' Church, was appointed headmaster, which office he exercised for about nine years, resigning it on taking the charge of St. James' ; and during the next year or two there seems to have been a vacancy."
At St. James Anglican Church 1852. Source

Roy was unaware of this Archive in Toronto during 2014 last trip.

Grave of our GGGGrandparents
Richard and Elizabeth Taylor
Wm. S. Taylor's son
Baby Richard

"...The inscription is hard to see completely but the monuments and markers in Cataraqui Cemetery were transcribed years ago so the transcription record reads as follows: "..." Sacred to the memory of Richard Taylor born in Bristol, England 8th May 1786 Served in the Commissariat Department at Barbados W.I. [West Indies] for nearly 35 years. Died at Kingston C.W. 1 May 1859 Aged 73 years. Also of his wife Elizth [Elizabeth or Eliza] Mehetabel [Jones] who was born Barbados 31 Mar 1797 was the beloved mother of a large family of sons and daughters. Died near Kingston C.W. on her 63rd birthday. They were united for 52 years and after life's pilgrimage they rest together according to their desire until the Lord shall bid them rise. The smaller stone for the babies clearly reads: Little Martha and Richard's grave 1863
Burial place of Richard and Elizabeth Taylor, Isabella SLIMMONS? Taylor, wife of William Stewart Taylor, and Richard and Martha.
To see headstone and inscription, click here.

to the memory of
Richard Taylor
born in Bristol, England
8th May 1786
Served in the Commissariat
Department at Barbados W.I. [West Indies]
for nearly 35 years.
Died at Kingston C.W.
1 May 1859
Aged 73 years.

Hmm, No records at England, Bristol Parish Registers, 1538-1900 For Richard Taylor 1776 (target 1786) to 1800 with father as George Taylor.

Last Will and Testament of Richard Taylor
Probate from Ryan states his Will was made out May 19, 1858. Place of abode being Kingston, County of Frontenac. Very hard to read some pages possibly due to back reproduction. Looks like Elizabeth (wife) and son John disolved being Executors, and Richard Jr., and dau. Jane remained so. Attorney which drew up the will was Mark Anthony Orme of Kingston, then Port Hope, ONT.. Four thousand dollars and 550 are mentioned, and Richard is referred to as 'gentleman'. Surrogate Clerk was Charles Fitz Gibbon - document written and signed by himself. Upon Richard's death, His wife Elizabeth, and dau. Jane TAYLOR Hearn became Executrix, and sons Richard and John became Executors. The final will being written ninetenth day of May one thousand eight hundred and fifty eight (1858),79

in 1842 Upper and Lower Canada united to form the Province of Canada. Upper Canada (present-day Ontario) became known as Canada West while Lower Canada (present day Quebec) became known as Canada East. Source

We know that the Taylor family had family ties to England. Having around about 1848, after the American Revolution, they settled in Ontario.
Viewing the History of Canada here. we see, to date nothing ties our family to first United Empire Loyalists extablished in 1783, so 65 years later, how did Richard Taylor come by his acres in Hartington, ONT, and his son William? Did they buy it?
Why did they not moved to Virgina where many Barbados Plantantion owners went?
Locate their Land Grant.

From the Yearwood Ep. on Wo Do You Think You Are US, searching the The National Archives, UK. For George Taylor, years 1790 - 1810 and Drowned and Bristol.
Not good for birth records, or I am ignorant on search function.
We know he was born in Bristol 1786, and married in Barbados 1807. As a boy he was taken away. So target could be 1780-1807
1 Record
Robert Robins; Ship's name: HMS Romney; Pay book number: SB 557; Rank: Able Seaman; Relation:...
Navy Board, and Admiralty, Accountant General's Department: Registers of Allotments and Allotment Declarations. REGISTER OF ALLOTMENTS. Allotment registers recording the sending of wages to next... ; Remarks: Discharged to sick quarters 7 April 1799 Sheerness. George Taylor; Ship's name: HMS Romney; Pay book number: SB 505; Rank: Able Seaman; Relation: Wife Francis; When Alloted: 1798; Remarks: Not Held by: The National Archives - Admiralty, Navy, Royal Marines, and Coastguard Date: 1797 - 1799 Reference: ADM 27/2/180 1 Source:
Date: 1797-1799 Held by: The National Archives, Kew Legal status: Public Record
George Taylor; Ship's name: HMS Romney; Pay book number: SB 505; Rank: Able Seaman; Relation: Wife Francis; When Alloted: 1798; Remarks: Not stated.
A bust, nothing else found

Target Location: BRISTOL, Gloucestershire, Archives
"Bristol, city, municipal and parliamentary borough, seaport, and county of itself, chiefly in Gloucestershire but partly in Somerset...
If in England, this is where we want to visit,

So many of these Bloody UK sites just want money and offer no records!

Let us look for a map of Bristol England and see if George Taylor shows up around 1770! Gloucestershire is the larger area.
Nothing and 1700 maps are crappy image.

Let's try thinking out of the box. Video and Ancestry sites are busting out all over...of course, most just to strip U of yer cash.

It would appear Mark Anthiny Orme of Kingston, possibly born 1798 in Frontenac (Ontario) was rxrcutor on Richard Taylor's will. Mark went to Port Hope Ontario an bought property there (see pg 2, line 6). Not much on Mark in a Google search. Possibly two links to him here and marriage record here.

[1] Taylor RnD July 26, 2012 Update
[31] THFS 31.

Richard Taylor, born 8 May 1786 in Bristol [1], Somerset, England
son of George Taylor [1]
and Unknown

Married Elizabeth Mehetabel JONES Taylor (1), born 31 Mar 1797 in Barbados [1], [A]. m. 1807, d. Mar 31, 1860 Ernestown, Ont. Burial Apr 2

1. ?

1. Taylor Jr., Richard - abt.1808, [31]
 TAYLOR Elizabeth (2) - 1811
2. Taylor, John -1812-1884, [31]
3. Taylor, Abel - 1815
4. Taylor, Alfred - JUL 9, 1817, [31]
5. Taylor, George - abt. 1823, [31]
6. Taylor, Mary - SEP 9 1820
7. Taylor, Maria - Oct 28 1821
8. TAYLOR Noble, Henrietta - 1825, [31]
9. TAYLOR Moore, Frances 'Fanny' 1826-1909, [31
Frances 'Fanny' TAYLOR Moore (1821-1909)
10. TAYLOR Croney, Caroline - 1827, [31]
11. TAYLOR Hearn (1), Jane - 1828-1903 , [31]
12. Taylor, William Stewart
August 9th, 1830-1903, [31]
As many as 21 children, many died young-see Taylor RnD

John Taylor
Taylor Research RnD page
Enmore Cottage
Slimmons RnD page
Life & Times of John Taylor

Bristol Eng
Richard was born at Bristol, England

Bristol England
Location of Bristol, England in United Kingdom

Bristol thumb
Close up of Bristol England Enlarge

Old Bristol England
Old map of Bristol England Enlarge map