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Meet our Relatives - Taylor Branch

Jane 'Janie/Jennie' TAYLOR Hearn 2

Jane TAYLOR Hearn 2, b. September 12, 1860
Father: William Stewart Taylor, brother of John Taylor
Mother: Isabella Slimmons/Isabella Slemins/Isabella Sleaman and possibly Bella, daughter of John [pending research]

Any questions on Jane, Roy has a lot on Jane except it has been requested to keep it private.

Jane TAYLOR Hearn 2, sister of Caroline, should not be confused with Jane TAYLOR Hearn 1 sister of John and Wm. Taylor.

...states ...she and Willie (Her husband) lived a mile and a half from Carrie and Sigurdur's farmstead at Grund (Argyle District), and are their nearest neighbor. Skafta (Skafti Arason?) is 2 miles, and Pa (Wm. Taylor) is nearly 2. Skafti was living in the box they traveled in until few weeks prior, with 20 acres broken and making hay. John Taylor lost 3 cattle on the way, "and 3 since they came here". Bell's calf (Bell is a cow) died over night. William opened it up. Wm. Taylor thought it was due to alkeline (sp), Jane thinks otherwise. Uncle sent photos of a female baby. Their nearest PO was Marringhurst, over 25 miles away. Jane's address is listed as Norse Landing, De Winton-PO C.P.R. Seems the station was moved to Carberry overnight...

"As is the case with most towns in the southern districts of Western Canada, the present town of Carberry owes its origin mainly to the Canadian Pacific Railway. In 1882, the CPR established a station at De Winton, a now defunct town-site about 3.5 kilometres east of Carberry's present site. At the time, several CPR officials covertly purchased much of De Winton's town-site property, hoping for large personal profits as the new town grew around the new train station. This kind of speculation was strictly against the CPR's company rules, and on discovering the violation, the rail company decided to use 100 specially-hired men to physically move the train station to the present site of the town of Carberry. The extensive and secret operation was conducted in the middle of the night and was completed in less than 12 hours.[4] When the station reached its new location, the town of Carberry was born. Carberry quickly grew into a prosperous town and was an important stop along the Canadian Pacific Railway. ". Source

"The first post office opened in 1881 as De Winton, named after Colonel De Winton who at the time was secretary to the Governor General. The name was changed to Carberry in 1883." Source

Letters from Anna Ballard's son, Jane was known as Jennie. In 1910 her residence was
1156 Queen ST, N Toronto ONT

Jane Taylor (2) lived at 116 Queen ST, Parkdale, Toronto, Canada, 1889, according to Ryan Eyford.
This website has maps as there is now a West and an East and both show major changes to here, their living area would now be gone.
Check this photo on above website, lots of construction
"Queen Street Subway construction (Gladstone Hotel in the distance), 1897"

Too bad this is not online might show the couple
The Parkdale register, containing a history of Parkdale from its incorporation to the present time...and an alphabetical directory of the inhabitants of the village. 1881

From another source there is a different address.

Going through 1817 [verify date] letters to Susie Briem. While these are one paragraph synopsis in Icelandic and badly translated back into English, think one letter explains why John Taylor's foster daughter Jane's family left Florida.

Jane TAYLOR Hearn (2) and William Taylor Hearn wrote a letter from St. Augustine in 1885 until APR 15 1888. It was due to Yellow Jack outbreak. They lived in R.M. of Argyle and Toronto, ONT June 17th 1888. Only 2 months after being in Florida with their own Orange grove.
Source letter from Jane Hearn to Susie Briem. The disease was known to the Sailors with Columbus and the Spanish The city's population dropped from 130,000 to 14,000 Yellow Jack (Wiki)
Newspaper account of Yellow Fever breakout in Florida in 1888

In 1921, Jane Hearn was doing orders and receipt his bills in Ontario for Fred who was a plumber with four employees. Source: Ltrs-U. of Iceland Archives, Image 7566

Jane TAYLOR Hearn 2
Daughter of William Stewart Taylor b. August 9th, 1830 at Bristol, England and Isabella S., b. Abt. 1835, Ireland

1. Elizabeth TAYLOR (2) 1851 - 1913
Anna TAYLOR Ballard JAN 12, 1854-FEB 27, 1894, age 40
3. Caroline ''Carrie" TAYLOR Christopherson 1856 - 1923
4. baby Martha Taylor 1858 Kingston, d.Mar 6, 1863 age5
4. baby Richard TAYLOR 1858 Kingston, d.Jul 6 1863 a5, S.Fever
5. baby Fanny Taylor b.about 1859 - d. bef 1861
6. Jane TAYLOR Hearn (2) 1860 - 1929
7. Susanna TAYLOR Briem MAR 12 1861 [33] - 1938
5 and 6 might be out of order

William 'Willie' Henry Taylor, b13 Oct 1890 or 1871-1945. 1868-1941, [33]

Herbert 'Bert' or 'Bertie' Stewart Taylor, b. 13 Oct 1890 or 1871-1945, [33]
Isabella TAYLOR Badger, b. 17 Jun 1874 at Lansing Michigan


1. private

William Taylor Family portrait of himself and four of his five daughters
Courtesy of The Miriam Westereng Collection

For some reason, Elizabeth is not in this photo.
According to one family member, Back left is Annie TAYLOR Ballard, William Taylor, Back right Caroline TAYLOR Christopherson, Front left Jane TAYLOR Hearn, and front right, Susie TAYLOR Briem
There is no known photo of Anna, or Elizabeth. Ones of Jane and Susie are in a Private collection.

Christopherson Clan Page

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Recently our fabulous cousin in Iceland photographed MANY of our family letters in the Icelandic Archives, in the Briem collection. I covered this in detail back when I discovered a PDF file listing the thousand+ letters. Yes, many are from within the Briem family, however, most were sent to Susie TAYLOR Briem or her husband; Halldor.
The letters have been shared with any family members having interest. They have ones from John, Susie's siblings, nephews, John's cousins in Ontario, and GGF Sigurdur.

Some have been transcribed, yet it all remains the "PROPERTY" of the Archives. My initial inquiry into them went unanswered. OK, so they are busy, SO AM I!
Johanna spent a great deal of time and effort sending high resolution images of a portion of these letters. If someone wants to pay my way, I'll go over and photograph each and everyone over course of a week or so. In five years, I vow I will do so. If I had the money, I would sue them for all of our immediate family letters and photos, and let them keep digital copies.. Personally, I think they should be returned to our family. Each sibling of Caroline has living descendants.
But no, they will keep them in some boxes deep in their recesses. That is why I nicknamed them 'Dark Forces'.

There are 167 images (about 160 letter pages from Jane TAYLOR Hearn (2) to Susie Briem, including a lock of Jane's hair. Plus two photos of Percival and baby.


Because many are of a highly private nature, they will not be placed here online.However, to me, nothing gets us closer to past family & relatives than Photos of them, or letters.
Now Jane (2) was in Ontario, Florida, then Ontario for most of her adult life. She was second eldest below Anna (Annie). Jane's letters are very hard to read, but not impossible. One has to read them about 5 times, then you see their pattern of how each alphabet is written. I certainly respect families privacy, yet Jane was four generations ago, so I have not spent time transcribing her letters. She does talk about life in general. Anna's letters are without a doubt the most interesting. Great aunt Veiga has the most eloquent wrtting of anyone in the families. Next goal is to get everyone of John Taylor's letters, and find his siblings descendants; Marys?, Carolines, and Elizabeth (1). Thanks to our Barbadian relative, unlocking the mystery of The Jones, Leslies, and Taylors is just a matter of time.

Copy of letter by Jane Hearn describing neighbors
Letter (IMG 7477 DarkForces) Jane Hearn writing to sister Susie Briem from Prarrie Homes Aug 5th, 1887

Photos and more information for public display here on Jane appreciated.

Have related immediate family then
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