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Meet our Relatives - Sigvaldson Branch

Maria 'Mary' Jacobina 'Sigvaldson' Einarson

Maria 'Mary' Jacobina 'Sigvaldson' Einarson, born Dec 23rd, 1885 in Limestone Township, Lincoln County, Minnesota.
Roy Einar Christopherson's Grandmother, Mary Jacobina Sigvaldson Einarson, daughter of Arni Sigvaldason and Gudrun Aradottir. The key to finding their ancestors came from Nelson Gerrard and Kormakur Hognason, the family name before was Sigvaldason with an "a". Along with Aunt Em, youngest daughter of Mary, who created about 40 page family tree. Recent visit, she shared a family scrapbook she created of the various relatives. Mary passed away young at age 45, according to Emily, leaving four children behind for Gudbrandur to raise. His mother, Soffia helped, along with Mary and Gudbrandur's sisters. Maria Jacobina Sigvaldson, who married Gurbrandur Einarson, Mother of Henry John Einarson, Pauline Evelyn EINARSON Christopherson, Lloyd Einarson, and Emily EINARSON Enns.

Maria would be Latin for Mary used at Catholic Parishes. Source Pp 14, p 1

Unfortunately not much was mentioned about her. Her father Arni Sigvaldason born in Iceland moved to Lake Benton, MN.
Individual Summary:
Father: Sigvaldason, Árni
Mother: SIGVALDASON, Guðrún Aradóttir
Sigvaldson, Maria Jacobina

Individual Report for Sigvaldson, Maria Jacobina
Individual Facts:
Name: Sigvaldson, Maria Jacobina [1]
Sex: Female
Emigration: 1873 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin [2]
Birth: 23 Dec 1885 in Limestone Township, Lincoln County, Minnesota [1]
Baptism: 23 Jun 1889 in Lincoln County Lutheran [1]
Census: 17 Jun 1905 in Minnesota [3]
Residence: 1910 in Limestone, Lincoln, Minnesota [Minnesota] [4]
Death: 12 Oct 1930 [2]
Also Known As: Mary
Shared Facts: Einarson, Gudbrandur
Marriage: 20 Jun 1917 in Sigvaldson farn [sp?], Minnisota, Minnisota [Minnesota] [2] age 27
Children: Einarson, Henry John
Einarson, Pauline Evelyn
Einarson, Lloyd Robert
Einarson, Emily Kristine
Person Notes: Mary was from Minnesota, she & Gudbrandur 'Avi' met in Winnipeg, Canada. (aunt Em).
Mary and her sister Pauline went to Winnipeg to find work.
Event: Godparents Sigurdur Gislason, Kri. Gislason
Married: 20 JUN 1917 Event: Witnesses in Frank Sigvaldson, Christina
Dalmann (1)
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Page 1 of 2 Monday, March 30, 2009 5:39:06 PM

Gudbrandur Einarson and Miss Mary J Sigvaldson were married at the
home of the bride's mother, Mrs Gudrun Sigvaldson, last Wednesday [June
20, 1917] evening. Rev B B Jonsson, of Winnipeg, officiated.
The bridegroom is a young man from Glenboro, Man., and is a very
pleasing and popular young fellow.
The bride is a daughter of Mrs Gudrun Sigvaldson, of Limestone, Lincoln
county. Miss Sigvaldson has been in Winnipeg for several years. She is a
young lady of charming personality and many pleasing and worthy qualities.
Mr and Mrs Einarson will make their home at Glenboro. The Mascot wishes
them happiness.

Maria SIGVALDSON Einarson
Courtesy of Lilja Kernested

"It is only in the last few years I was told my mother was a redhead, just like Pauline (same as Roy's mother and sister - Color : Auburn)!"
Emily Enns



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Page 2 of 2 Monday, March 30, 2009 5:39:06 PM

Mary Jacobina 'Sigvaldson' Einarson
daughter of Arni Sigvaldson and Guðrún (Aradóttir) SIGVALDASON

Mary Einarson
IMG_SCAN_0904 Courtesy of E.E.Collection
Colorized by Roy

Mary married Gudbrandur Einarson

1. Skapti Aaron Sigvaldson, b. 12 Apr 1879
2. Pall 'Paul' Thorvaldur Sigvaldson, b. 10 Aug 1880
3. Thora Jonina SIGVALDSON, b. 20 Apr 1882
4. Julia G. SIGVALDSON Armstrong, b. 13 Apr 1884

5. Mary Jacobina SIGVALDSON, b. 23 Dec 1885
6. Frank Sigvaldson, b. Frank Sigvaldson
7. John E Sigvaldson, b. 15 May 1889
8. Palina 'Pauline' Sigurbjorg SIGVALDSON Armstrong, b. 28 Oct 1893
9. Vigfus
 Sigvaldson, b. 25 Feb 1894

1. Henry Einarson (wikipedia)
2. Pauline 'Einarson' Christopherson
3. Lloyd Einarson
4. Living Éinarson´Enns

Grandmother of Roy Christopherson


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Mary Einarson
Possibly Mary Sigvaldson Einarson
as a child, circa 1897

Image 219
Mary Einarson
-Standing 4th from left
Others are unknown

Courtesy of the Pauline Christopherson Collection

Image 222
Possibly a sister, Mary Einarson,
children: Henry, Lloyd, Pauline

Courtesy of the Pauline Christopherson Collection

Image 226
Unknown, unknown, Mary Einarson, unknown. Perhaps her sisters?

Courtesy of the Pauline Christopherson Collection

Image 1309
unknown, unknown, Mary Sigvaldson Einarson
Possibly Mary's sisters
Courtesy of the Pauline Christopherson Collection

Roy has many photos of the family
in the Ted & Pauline Christopherson Collection.