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Meet the Webmaster of this site
Roy Einar Christopherson

Revised: Sept 11, 2015

Why did I start this family website?
I had a WidowMaker heart attack. Luckily, only minor damage. I attribute that to my start of the website as it has become now. At one time, it was just one page. just turned 10 years old. Had high hopes of becoming a famous designer, Ad man, or Disney or Pixar Animator one day. Closest was project with Kim Carnes. Realized a quote I put on Eileen's page that "Fame is Fleeting, family is forever", gave me thought to put energy into the family history, as opposed to some droll Hollywood interaction (visited Hollywood twice).

When I added the family tree, a problem existed. I wanted to give visitors
a quick connection between myself and the immediate branches of my family.
Some websites have their whole tree. I have considered uploading mine to, yet they lock people out and charge access for "Public Trees". I think this is wrong! Since I placed myself on the Family Tree web page at this site, I am placing my photo and this text because I hate links that go nowhere. I never take good portraits anyway.

In time I will have the other grand parents and hopefully, even photos.
I may place the entire tree, over 5,000 grand parents onto the Surname page within a protected area. Also I never allow the bird get this close to my
eye level, so kids, don't do this at home. I was ignorant when I purchased her.
They should be in their native habitat.

Certified PADI Open Water Diver, Commercial and Fine Artist,
Graphic and Web Designer, 3-D artist, and one-time Certified Sound & Communication Journeyman

"I am my art", to see it go here.

Chloe' the Cockatoo has retired to a Sanctuary in WA.
They accept donations. Checked in 2015 and Paypal button no longer worked.

Roy Einar Christopherson
son of Theodore Evan Christopherson
once caregiver of Chloe the Cockatoo (Lesser Sulfer)
About 16 yrs old.