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Revised: January 12, 2014

Meet our Relatives - Christopherson Branch

Hólmfríðá ‘fríðá’ Ólafsdóttir

Hólmfríðá ‘fríðá’ Ólafsdóttir was born 1880 31. Holmfridur Olafdottir was born in Iceland on Oct. 15, 1848. She was a young widow and came to Canada in 1893 with her daughter, Kristin, and son Oli. One son, Arni stayed with relatives in Iceland and Oli went to live with his uncle Kristjan Olafson and later farmed at Hnausa, Man. When her daughter married Will C. Christopherson, Holmfridur came to live with them. She had a pleasant nature, always ready to help friends or relatives, and was loving and kind. She was a faithful home person and had her certain chores that were done like clockwork.

She made a yearly visit for many years to Markus Johnson's home in sheep-shearing season. She would help wash and care for the wool, and when all was clean and dry, she would help card and spin. Then she would return home to Grund with bags of wool given to her in return for her help. This kept her busy during the winter months making winter's clothing supply for the family. When that was taken care of, she knit men's heavy work socks and mitts, and kept the local 'General Store' well supplied all winter, as did many other older women. This provided her with sufficient money to be happily independent. She was blind the last two years of her life. She passed away at Grund in October, 1933, at the age of 85. pp 589 12.

New discovery: I believe based on this entry in 'Come into our Heritage', available at the R.M. of Argyle, manitoba office, Sigurveig, who married Peter Christopherson, was her sister, not aunt. There is a photo of an elderly Oli Olafson with Veiga CHRISTOPHERSON Dawe, and I'll bet he is one in the same mentioned in the book. This came from seeing Oli Olafson name on the back of an old photo. Since it is probably from MN and a common name, did not think perhaps he moved. Since I have no photo of Oli at about age 25-30, no way to be sure.
Comparing the photo of Oli (right) to Image 0798, not the same person. However, I believe 0798 does match one of an Oli in the Einarson Green Album.

Hólmfriður, widow of Jon Olafson, and mother of Kristin (Christopherson) and Oli Olafson (of Hnausa), who passed away Oct. 25, 1933; pp 590 12.

Her aunt Sigurveig, who married Peter Christopherson 12.

Kjartan (Roy's GF), Stina (Kjartan 'Kay' sister-in-law), and John (far right back
and The Hallgrimssons. Back 2nd to left might be Edwin or Peter Hallgrimsson.
Possible the woman on the far right might be Hólmfríðá. Sigrun 'Runa' (front center)
Courtesy of the SIG & Hank Christopherson Collection


Unknown, Unknown, KRISTIN 'Stina' JONSDOTTER Christopherson, William, Haldor (Will´s brother),
and possibly John

Sept 2013, Roy believes the woman on the far left is Homfridur
Courtesy of The Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

Hólmfríðá ‘fríðá’ Ólafsdóttir
Daughter of Olafur Olafson and Rannveig Sveinbjarnardottir

Courtesy of the Donna, Lauren & Gordon Skardal Collection

Mother of Kristin OLAFSON Christopherson, who married William

Widow of Jon Olafson

Kristjan Olafson
Helga Olafson
Gisli Olafson
Gudrun OLAFSDOTTIR Reykdal
Kristjana Olafsdottir
Holmfridur OLAFSDOTTIR Olafson
Sigurveig OLAFSDOTTIR Christopherson

1. Kristin Olafsdottir
2. Oli Olafson (of Hnausa)

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Holmfridur Olafson
Kristin (Christopherson) and Oli Olafson (of Hnausa)
Sitting: Hólmfriður 'Friða' Olafsdottir
Courtesy of the Donna, Lauren & Gordon Skardal Collection