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The Tale of Bowman Leslie


Document Recreation

The Tale of Bowman Leslie


[ ] = Roys comments
I have typed exactly what was written maybe 50-100 years ago, my apologies if any of the words offends "anyone". While many things have been rumor, this document provides vital evidence to substantiate some, and bring more into question.
Roy Einar Christopherson 2012

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"The following is all I can remember of the family history and is very incomplete and perhaps inaccurate. RICHARD TAYLOR -- I understand was an English gentleman
[Notes written by Henry & Sigurdur ‘Sig’ Thorsteinn Christopherson Commision Officer British ____ Army who came from Bristol in England and settled in Barbadoes island. My Brother Richard Taylor Hearn [ROY: note that this was written by a Hearn. Suspect author was Alfred Hearn, Charles Hearn, or Percival Hearn] was born on his 100th birthday and received his full name so that he must have been born May 2nd 1787.
Bristol England
He [Richard Taylor] married a woman whose maiden name I believe was "Jones" -- she is said to have been a cousin of the then Duke of Norfolk, but was more or less disinherited [excomunicated - this orig text "disinherited" was struck out) because she had given up the Roman Catholic faith and married a Protestant. [Roy: The key will be to locate the marriage of Jones and possibly Leslie in Barbados (possible other surname), resulting in the birth of of their daughter, Elizabeth Mehetabel JONES Taylor, this would lead back. 2015: rereading " then Duke of Norfolk..." this could be Duke during the year they married in 1807]

I believe she had an uncle or some close relations living on the island by the name of Leslie, they were all apparently wealthy. "Aunt Fanny" [?] is said to tell the story of a certain "Bowman Leslie" who was riding about his estate in the Barbadoes Island one morning, and heard a negro wench singing a song. He told her he would give her a guinea if she would sing it again for him -- it was something like:

High Bowman, low Bowman,
High Bowman Leslie
Look upon Guinea Hill and you will see
Gold and Silver,
Look upon Guinea Hill and you will see
Bowman Leslie


[Above Eliza Mehitabel Jones had possibly a wealthy Uncle named Bowman Leslie on "his Estate" at Guinea Hill, Barbados. If you go east from Barbados, there is Guinea, no Guinea Hill!]
[Henry I really don't know maybe they said Bolyne - which was cousin nom [name]? to the Howards (duke of norfolk)
[Updated from a new copy from Cousin Gary Christopherson, son of Henry]
Roy: This note was probably written to Hank Christopherson by his brother Sigurdur 'Sig' Christopherson. There is no proof it was the Duke, nor Henry XIII's wife]
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He threw her the guinea and then struck her across the shoulders with his riding crop.

We have peculiar and beautiful man's gold ring with white enamel on which is
engraved "Henry Leslie ob 12 June 1753 7M." [which no doubt means Henry Leslie
died June 12th 1753 aged 7 months. More research on a Henry Leslie]
[note from Sig: "This would be 34 years before Richard Taylor birth]
According to lore above, Richard was born May 2nd 1787. Yes, 34 years.
[Roy - I believe that is just ring size? See Taylor RnD for more on the Leslie's. Update: AE does equal AGE ]

NEW DISCOVERY BY (Mormon Church),
and Roy Einar Christopherson

On Dec 20th, Roy double checked the site again. They have been adding lots of Barbados Parish records.
Low & Behold, five records show up

1. Marriage of Capt. Bowman Leslie to Rachel Miller 25 Jan 1752 Event Place: St John, Barbados

Partial image of marriage record. Capt. Bowman Leslie to Rachel Miller, 25 Jan 1752 Place: St John, Barbados
Source and Full Image
Already had this except they typed Leslie, Captain Bournan, not Bowan. Now we have physical copies as proof.

Hmm, 1757 a William Croney married Mary Sargant on 1st marriage record above.

Mar 21 1762 a George Jones married Sarah Edwards

4. Henry Leslie ["June 13 Henry, son of Cap'. Bowman Leslie] Ls look like S. Common in early Eng. Language.
Event Type: Burial
Event Date: 13 Jun 1753
Event Place: St John, Barbados
Gender: Male
Father's Name: Bowman Leslie Barbados, Church Records, 1637-1887 St John Church of England Burials 1657-1842 Image 20 out of 121. pp 34; Line 25 Source or Full Image.
"Barbados, Church Records, 1637-1887", index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 20 December 2014), Bowman Leslie in entry for Henry Leslie, 1753.

***See Above - Match by 1 day***
We have peculiar and beautiful man's gold ring with white enamel on which is engraved "Henry Leslie ob 12 June 1753 7M." [which no doubt means Henry Leslie died June 12th 1753 aged 7 months.

Click to enlarge
2. BURIAL: Bowman Leslie buried on 24 Sep 1780 Event Place: St Lucy, Barbados
Source and Full Image

Found a FULL Volume of the Caribbeana which lists Wills, one being Bowman Leslie 1786.

Click to enlarge
3. BURIAL: Bowman Leslie, a child Event Type: Burial Event Date: 13 Mar 1801 Event Place: Christ Church, Barbados
Barbados, Church Records, 1637-1887 Christ Church Church of England Burials 1751-1848. pp179, Line 9. Image 30 of 270,
Odd, there are two of them. Possibly a son was named after him? Yup, A Child. Also proof there was two John Taylors on Barbados.

Hmm, a Mehetable Ann Jones was buried Source same as #3, Line 7, May 26, 1800
Mehetabel Ann Jones
Barbados, Church Records
Name: Mehetabel Ann Jones
Event Type: Burial Event Date: 26 May 1800 Event Place: Christ Church, Barbados
GS Film Number: 1157933 , Digital Folder Number: 004934439 , Image Number: 00593
Source and Full Image Barbados, Church Records, 1637-1887 Christ Church Church of England Burials 1751-1848
Could this be Elizabeth's mother? Jones was common name.

Name: Mehetabel Ann Jones
Event Type: Baptism Event Date: 20 May 1800 Event Place: Christ Church, Barbados Gender: Female
Father's Name: John Jones Mother's Name: Sarah Jones

Mehetable Jones Event Type: Burial Event Date: 18 Oct 1814 Event Place: Christ Church, Barbados. Barbados, Church Records, 1637-1887 Christ Church Church of England Burials 1751-1848 Image 38 of 270. pp 195. Search Page 29 out of 63 in Familysearch. Yup, took a lot of scouring to find this entry! Source.
Wonder if this could be Elizabeths mother?

5. BURIAL: John Bowman Leslie, Event Type: Burial Event Date: 24 Jun 1796 Event Place: Christ Church, Barbados
Barbados, Church Records, 1637-1887 Christ Church Church of England Burials 1751-1848 1751-1848. pp172, Column 2, Line 19. Image 27 of 270
Source and Full Image

"Barbados, Church Records, 1637-1887", index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 20 December 2014), John Bowman Leslie, 1796.

The only match I see is this one, yet the father is John, not Bowman

Arthur Leslie               Kit # 169311
Bartholomew “Bartolf” Leslie b c 1040 Hungary,
Malcolm Leslie d c 1176 Lorn, Argyll, Scotland
Norman Leslie b c 1175 Lorn, Argyll, Scotland
Norino Leslie b c 1209 Lesslyn
Sir Norman Leslie b c 1246 Lesslyn, Scotland
Sir Andrew de Lesslyn b c 1291
George Leslie
Hamelin Leslie b Balquain, Scotland
Sir Andrew Leslie b Balquhain
Sir William Leslie b c 1400 Balquhain
William Leslie,
William Leslie d c 1501 Scotland
Alexander Leslie d 1554 Scotland
George Leslie d c 1562 Scotland
Patrick Leslie d c 1611 Scotland
John Leslie b Scotland
Reverend William Leslie (Rector St John’s Church)
Colonel John Leslie
Brigadeer General Henry Leslie b c 1694 Barbados
John Leslie Robert Collymore Leslie
John Henry Leslie b 1798 Barbados
Robert Henry Leslie b c 1821 Barbados
Joseph Henry Leslie b c 1845 Barbados
Arthur Robert Leslie b 1866 Barbados d 1967

Now what if Col. John Leslie is Bowman Leslie, His son, His son Henry Leslie who died 1753, and his grandson, John Bowman Leslie die 1796 as a child, then names next child John Leslie. What if Bowman Leslie remarried twice [Colonel John Leslie d 1710, m #2 Margaret b c 1661]

The family once had ( photo [redacted photo of Arundel Castle], the Broach of Bowman/Boarman Leslie with hair (DNA)).

MRS. TAYLOR -- her name may have been Jane --- [it was Elizabeth or Eliza]
is said to have been a big healthy and handsome woman fond of pleasure and pleanty to eat and very extravagant so that she was a great worry to her husband. She is said to have had 21 children -- the youngest was Wm. Taylor, my Grandfather. He is said to have been born in Arundel Castle, the home of the Duke of Norfolk, where Mrs. Taylor [Elizabeth] had gone on account of her health and not climate. Most of the children seem to have died as infants or children due to the various tropical fevers. They all had their own black mammy to care for them and no doubt to wet nurse them too.

Wm. TAYLOR -- as a child and boy, twice was so seriously ill that the Carpenter had made a coffin for him -- later this same capenter [carpenter] made a tool box for him. [handwritten-Mary Taylor]

RICHARD TAYLOR -- seems to have been a man of considerable wealth with large estates, and many slaves--
[Hank, Dad said more than 600 slaves, Sig]
[Roy: Perhaps 100 slaves, some Plantations had 300. These were liberated by the [R. Taylor before imancipation by]
British Government about 1833 and ["and" stiked out] many of them then came to him begging to be kept on as servants which he was unable to do. He had a government position in the Commissariat Dept. Mother understood. He used to sell
End Page 2 of 6 Page 3 of 6 "

good deal of the garden [replaced with Plantation] and etc.
as he really need the money.
They tell the story of a darky butler that had done something wrong and was put in the cellar to repent. Then he had had sufficient time to "repent" they called down to him "Moses, have you repented yet?" As he had not, they went down and found that he had sampled several bottles of wine or rum and was happily drunk.

In 1833 or 1834 there was a terrible hurricane [it was 1833] that completely wrecked the house [and plantation], and Aunt Fanny, a girl of about 5 or 6 years was among the wreckage with a badly injured hip, probably a dislocation, from which she was always lame and went about with one crutch.

Sometime in the 1840's, the family moved to Kingston, Ontario where I think the parents died. JANE TAYLOR) Wm. Hearn came to Canada -- Kingston,
WM. HEARN ( from London, England, as a young man. He had been a chemist there and is said to have been very bright and attractive with charming manners. I have heard that he had a sister which married someone named Ireson -- a large transport firm in England. Another sister who married a man named Savage --
lived in Montreal I think, was left a widow and quite wealthy -- no family that I ever heard of. He had a brother who married and lived in Montreal years ago --
a partner in the firm of Hearn and Harrison, Optician and Surveying and Draughting Instruments ect. [Roy found book on this online] The firm was still doing business on one of the main streets in" [Found article online outlining Charles and family business, and how the company name changed - "Canadian Landmarks Unearthed - Charles Hearn Charles Hearn was born in Exeter, England ...". Charles Hearn and Susan Watson Married in 1863 in Montréal, Quebec.
Magic Lantern - Pg 11 has story preceding this one of his father William Hearn
"...promoted the Magic Lantern and m 1864 he claimed that he had "the largest assortment ofLantems and Slides on the Continent, comprising Views of Cel­ebrated Places, Natural and Scriptural History, Astronomy, Comic Figures and Moveable Effects, Chromatropes, Pan­oramas, Fairy Fountains, Moving Ships and Water, Nursery and other Tales, in sets; beautiful di sso l · vmg r:"" c.uec t s &c . "<5> But Charles Ream's time in Montreal was limited and after a short illness, he died on 6 November 1865 at the age of only 32.
Charles' widow, Mrs. Susan Watson Heam continued to manage "C. Heam, Optician," In late 1866, her advertise­ment suggested that Magic Lantern and Slides would be good Holiday Presents. In this ad, she also provided, "Lanterns and Slides...
VOL 14 No. 2 2002 newsletter and Robert Lansdale
I believe it might refernce family as in Geroge Savage? ]

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May 1916. I believe this brother died and his wife married again.
JOHN TAYLOR -- met at Kingston and married an Elizabeth Mary Haines. They moved to Perterboro [Peterborough] where they had a boot and shoe store in George St. They later had a house opposite the Octagon House [Roy: Have not located this yet] At this time they adopted two little nieces, daughters of Wm. Taylor, these were Jane Taylor (about 4 years) and Susie Taylor (about 2 years) [notation-unable to read it] In 1874 or 1875, he became interested in a settlement of Icelanders in the Hallburton District. They were in terrible condition [settled? in poor houses at Kin???? [Roy: Kinmount?] where they worked on railway-Land unsuitable for settlers]
and he took up their cause with the Domion [Roy: Dominion?]Government and was later given charge of the colony and supervised moving them and setling them on a grant of land at Gimli on Lake Winnipeg, this was in 1876.

[NOTE: This became known as New Iceland. A historical postcard belonging to cousins in B.C. prove that William was asked by his brother John to help set up housing, directly tying William to New Iceland!]

He [John Taylor] was wonderfully capable and scholarly man of absolute honesty, A Christian Gentleman.He died about 1887 in Milwaukee.
They adopted and Icelandic baby whom they named Rose. His wife later lived with her brother, Alf. Haines who kept a drug store in Brighton, Ont. and later retired and lived in Toronto at 373 Marguertta St. He died about 1912 and she died about 1920 at the age of 96?
See the new Rosa TAYLOR Banks page.
373 Margueretta St
373 Margueretta St Toronto, ON M6H 1T5, Canada

George ST
Partial map of Peterborough Town and Ashburnham Village 1875
Found a Taylor on George ST and Charlotte in Peterbourough on 1875 map here. If you look closely,
'Taylor' is marked on the map at George ST and horozontally on Charlotte in above map. First letter looks like an L?
Still researching all this!

Octogon House
Octagon House the Taylors lives across from
Found the Octagon House the Taylors lives across from, noted in map above. Looks like John walked across the street everyday to go to the boot store.
You would have to go to the website which hosts this image, to see the larger version. The Peterbourough Museum mailed a copy of this photo to Roy.
No permission to post. More important was the address and location of this house in the old maps. Roy is satisfied he has solved one more puzzle, that of the location of John and Elizabeth HAINES shoes store in Peterbourough. While this is not proof enough based on family stories, it all does fit together with the Octagon house opposite corner of the Taylors. If the Museum there submits a map with the exact street addresses, that could verify all this. Too busy with Rosa to follow up on this portion of John's life. [see City of Peterborough, and John Taylor's page]

Back to The Tale of Bowman Leslie
WILLIAM TAYLOR - married a young Irish woman named Slemins,
[Isabelle Slimmons] she had probably come out from Ireland during the time of the famines; [C.W.?, Daughter? of John Slimmons - see Slimmons RnD]
she was young and bright and red headed.
She said such things as "men are either cross or crazy".
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[Lots of handwritten notes. Most unreadable-locate original]
She had five [struck out] six baby girls [and 1 ??? Richard who died in infancy] without much space between and died about the age of thirty - seven years. [Isabella had 5 daughters and one son] .

A daughter "Lizzie" [Elizabeth Taylor] married a man named Carpenter [struck out-i,es L?????? ????ya]
had a family of several boys and girls -- she visited Toronto in 1897 [Stanton?, Smith, Carrie +Katie-Belle?] Their home was in Milwaukee [struck out] Michigan [second marriage to Carpenter, one son Ted?]

Another daughter, "Carrie" [Caroline] married an Icelander, Sigurdur Christopherson and lived at Grund, Manitoba, later moved to Crescent B.C. Had a family including Veiga [4?], William [2], John [1], Haldor [3], Susan [5], Kjartan [6], and Lillie [7], who died at 12 [11] years of age.

JANE TAYLOR born Sept. 11th 1859 [Toronto, Ontario, Canada] and died at Toronto May 3, 1929, married her cousin, Wm. Taylor Hearn [William Taylor Jr. Hearn, . He emigrated to Canada in the 1850's. According to his wedding certificate, he was married in 1859 in Kingston Upper Canada to Jane Taylor who was born in the Barbados in 1828. She was the daughter of Richard Taylor and Elizabeth Mehetabel Jones, who raised their family in the Barbados and emigrated to Kingston, Upper Canada in the 1840's
From the 1861 and 71 Census Jane and William lived in Ottawa [Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in 1861, in 1891 lived at St Albans Ward, York West, Ontario, Canada, Toronto South, Ontario in 1911, and 1369 Queen ST., W., Toronto in 1918, died 03 May 1929 at York, Ontario, Canada] where William was a chemist.], b. 1830 in London England. Children are Georgina HEARN, Hubbert Hearn, Alfred John Hearn, Richard Taylor HEARNE, and Percival HEARNE, b. 02 Jun 1892 at Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada, William Stuart Taylor's Grandson, Canada, Soldiers of the First World War, 1914-1918
Rank Capt.
OCCUPATION: Physician, RELIGION: Presbyterian
FORMER MILITARY SERVICE: R.N. Transport Service. 1 yr.4 mos.
Niagara Camp, Ont., August 1ST. 1918.
Percival m. Bernice Cumming Rouse]
[Locate beginning of this note from copy]
[Jun 2012 Roy: Bernice's name came right up online! May be a key to locating current generations!
Link 1 here
Search "William R Hearn" and Clinton, Huron Co, Ontario
Locates source
For continued research see Taylor RnD June 20th, 2012]

Susie Taylor [Susanna Taylor, b. 28 Mar 1861, Kingston, Ontario, Canada, d. 29 Dec 1938 in Reykjavik, Iceland] was the youngest daughter. She married an Icelander named Halldor Briem [Halldór Eggertsson Briem, b. 21 Mar 1880]. He didn't like the life in Canada. He belonged to a prominent family there [Iceland] and was Librarian in the University Library [Roy: capitol of Iceland?] until near the time of his death in 1930. They had 2 children, one died in Infancy, the other, Sigurdur Valdimar Briem, is a musician, married and now living in Reyjavik. [He was 72 years whenhowe? interviewed him in ?? material lost.

Wm. Taylor [William Taylor] married again, a Miss McNeil [Eliza] and had several children [William hen?, Hebert ????
Isabelle [exact names are : Herbert Stuart Taylor, b. 13 Oct 1890 in California, Herbert William Taylor, and Isabella TAYLOR Badger PHOTO, b. 17 Jun 1874 in Lansing Michigan, m. Thomas Badger] He lived later in Manitoba near Grund and died about 1904. [His Third wife, married Sigridur? Sveinsson? a? Grund RICHARD TAYLOR - I think died from blood poisoning from some infection in the dissection room. [Studying? of? Misistry? accident? with Basball?]

FRANCIS TAYLOR [a.k.a. Aunt Fannie - See Taylor RnD] -- severe injury to one hip as a child in
[?y] hurricane of 1833, and always lame, used a critch [crutch]. married a Mr. Moore who later ran off with a servant girl and took a lot of money and jewelery. Later she lived with Wm. Hearn [S???-]
in Toronto and later went to Grantwood, New Jersey U.S.A. [C???? Hearn
[Note: Left hand page-top-unreadable.
right hand margin has a paragraph Anna? married ???, son, Henry Ballard? Married ??????, daughter ??? & ???, Ruth? married ?] END Page 5 of 6

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and stayed with Chas. B. Hearn [Charles Hearn] where she died and was buried at about 88, in 1909.

HENRIETTA TAYLOR -- was very deaf . married a Mr. Noble, said to have been Presbyterian Minister. They had two [3] children, a girl Frances, who married Frank [?] Watts, [??? ????]
lived in West Toronto and about 1900 moved out to Edmonton. Quite a large family who did real well [Frances Geo?]
Also a boy Frank, Noble who married and lived in some
small town [Tana?] in Ontario. [a daughter Henrietta? (Lita?0 who taught at Emerson there]

Aunt Henrietta was treated shamefully by her husband who later deserted he [sic She?] and her children.
end pg 6 of 6

Pg 7 is a family tree, see scan ... [Possible match Shropshire, England, Extracted Parish Records Shropshire, England, Extracted Parish Records Text: 06 Apr 1794 Elizabeth, d. of Thomas Jones & Elizabeth. Book: Baptisms at Minsterley. (Baptism) Collection: Shropshire: Westbury - Parish Registers, Hereford Diocese Source Information: Shropshire, England, Extracted Parish Records [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2001. Original data: Electronic databases created from various publications of parish and probate records. Description: This database is a collection of historical parish registers from Shropshire, England. The records in this collection can range in date from the early 1500s to the mid- to late-1800s. Parish records--primarily baptisms, marriages, and burials--provide the best sources of vital record information in the centuries before civil registration. Baptismal records generally list the date of the baptism, the name of the child being baptized, and the name of the father. Marriage records generally include the date of the marriage and the names of the bride and groom. Burial records generally list the date of the burial and the name of the deceased individual. Occasionally burial records will include other bits of information, such as where the individual was from or if he/she was a widow. The 1881 Census - Who lived in Shotton? Name Relation Marital Status Gender Age Birthplace Occupation Thomas JONES Head M Male 72 Golftyn, Flint, Wales Retired Master Mariner Elizabeth JONES Wife M Female 71 Liverpool, Lancashire, England."]

Courtesy of the Miriam Westereng Collection (copy of copy) with annotations by Sig Christopherson.
6 Page Bio transcribed by Roy Einar Christopherson in 2010

August 27, 2012
Vern emailed a letter from Susie Briem' son Sigurdur to Percival Hearn and Bernice in The Hearn Story.
Reykjavik. February 10, 1938
Dear Cousin!

I have to tell you that my mother died on the 29t1 [th?] of December. ... - redacted - "Boaman Leslie, and it is also his hair. He was of the Norfolks family...."
Sigurdur H. Briem
Roy has redacted more personal information.
Update: Roy now believes 'Boaman' is a typo, since Bowman is entered in the book.

New Search: "boaman Leslie" and 08 FEB 1868 Saint George, Barbados
All that comes up is Bowman Leslie.
"...For many years, Arthur maintained a liaison with Leonie, Lady Leslie, sister of Jennie Churchill, while still remaining devoted to his wife.[17]..."
This goes to Sir John Leslie,
"...Sir John Leslie, 2nd Baronet (7 August 1857 – 25 January 1944) was an Anglo-Irish baronet...."
2nd Baronet > which leads to Shane Leslie,
"Sir John Randolph Leslie, 3rd Baronet (1885–1971), generally known as Shane Leslie"
> Castle Leslie
"... 14 August 1971 (aged 85) Castle Leslie, County Monaghan, Ireland...", " home to an Irish branch of Clan Leslie ..."
> Sir_John_Leslie,_4th_Baronet > PBS Video of 'Secrets of the Manor House'
The search does not seem related as Roy suspects the Leslies of Barbados Scottish, not Irish.

View more on The Taylor RnD page.