Meet our Grandparent Einar Einarson by Roy Einar Christopherson
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Meet our Relatives - Christopherson Branch

Einar Einarson or Einarsson (In Iceland = Erickson)
Einar Einarson a.k.a. Einar Einarsson (Eirikssonar), Einar Einarsson was born 25 Apr 1849. From Gilsbakka in Miodolum (punct.) Moved to Vatn at 9 yrs old. Married, lived in Iceland 1879-1883.
Father: Eiriksson, Einar
Mother: Gudmundsdóttir, Helga
Einarsson, Einar
Individual Report for Einarsson, Einar
Individual Facts:
Name: Einarsson, Einar
Sex: Male
Birth: 1846 in Iceland [1]
Death: 11 Nov 1923 in Winnipeg, Canada [2]
Died 11 Sept 1923 and was buried 14 Sept 1923 [4] 2 Mos. earlier?
Residence: McGee Street, Winnipeg, MB, Canada [3]
Also Known As: Einar Eiriksson
Occupation: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada; Trans-Continental RailRoad
Burial: Brookside Cemetary, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada [3]
Burial: 14 Sept 1923. Einar, Soffia and Evelyn are buried in Brookside Cemetery in Winnipeg. (section/lot/grave) W-0131-0. [4]
Employment: Maintenance Crew, Railroad [3]
Shared Facts: Gudbrandsdóttir, Soffiá
Marriage: 1879
Children: Einarson, Áslaug
Einarson, Lilja
Einarson, Kristján Oliver
Einarson, Gudbrandur
Einarson, Florence
Einarson, Hinrik Valtyr
Einarson, Helena Augusta
Einarson, Evelyn
Einarson, Áslaug Holmfridur
Einarson, Freda

Name: 4. Margret Einarsson
Gender: Female
Event Date: 05 Sep 1852
Birth Date: 04 Sep 1852
"Iceland, Baptisms, 1730-1905," index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 13 Feb 2014), Margret Einarsson, 04 Sep 1852.

Name: Gudmundur Einarsson
Gender: Male
Event Date: 22 Jan 1854 [If born in 1849 this would not be my GGF]
Birth Date: 22 Jan 1854
"Iceland, Baptisms, 1730-1905," index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 13 Feb 2014), Gudmundur Einarsson, 22 Jan 1854.

Departure: Glasgow, Scotland
Immigrated 22 Aug 1883 to Quebec, Quebec according to
or arrived in New York City on 28 Jul 1898 [New York Passenger Lists,].
Stae of nebraska Ship
Ship Name : State of Nebraska
Description : Steamship built 1880 at Glasgow by London & Glasgow Co. Ltd. for the State Line. Taken over by the Allan Line 1891
with the rest of the State Line fleet Source : Old Photo card Uploaded By : Børge Solem .

  Einar Einarson
Son of Einar Eiriksson and Helga Gudmundsdottir

Einar married Soffía Guðbrandsdóttir

Einar - Young
Einar Einarson,, Gudbrandur's father

1. Einar Einarson, b. 23 Apr 1851
2. Sigridur Einarson
3. Gudrun Einarson
4. Margret Einarson, b. 1852
5. Gudmundur Einarsson, b. 1854 (New)

1. Aslaug Einarson b. Abt. 1879
2. Lilya nee Einarson Jonsson/Johnson b. 19 Apr 1885
3. Kristjan (Kris) Oliver Einarson b. 17 Feb 1888
4. Gudbrandur (Goodie) Einarson b. 06 Mar 1890
5. Florence nee Einarson Palmason b. 24 Apr 1892
6. Hinrik (Henry Walter) 'Hannes' Valtyr Einarson
b. 29 Mar 1894
7. Helen Einarson b. 25 Sep 1896 .
8. Evelyn Einarson (never married) 29 Dec 1897
9. Lulu Auslaug nee Einarson McCulloch
b. 17 Feb 1900

Great Grandfather of Roy Christopherson
New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957
about Einar Einarsson
Name: Einar Einarsson
Arrival Date: 28 Jul 1898
Birth Year: abt 1852
Age: 46
Gender: Male
Ethnicity/Race­/Nationality: Icelander
Port of Departure: Glasgow, Scotland
Port of Arrival: New York, New York
Ship Name: State of Nebraska

Residence in 1901 was Winnipeg (City/Cité) Ward/Quartier No 3, Winnipeg (City/Cité), Manitoba, Canada.
residence Abt. 1916 at 738, McGee St
Update: June 2012 - 738 McGee St, Winnipeg, Division No. 11, Manitoba, Canada?-Ref. 1901 Census)
Google Map
738 McGee ST
Look at this 1901 Census Map 4X. The river could be reached in minutes from anywhere in the city.

In 1895, the Arctic lands were transferred to Canada through an act of the British Parliament, the Imperial Colonies Boundaries Act,
and four new districts were established in the Northwest Territories. These were the districts of Ungava, Mackenzie, Yukon and Franklin.
At the same time, the existing Districts of Athabaska and Keewatin were also enlarged. [1]
Territorial evolution 1901

Territorial evolution 1905 Keewatin. In 1905, the District of Keewatin was enlarged, but it ceased to exist as an independent entity. With the creation of the Province of Saskatchewan, the western boundary of Keewatin was redrawn. Parts of the Districts of Athabaska and Saskatchewan, which were to the north of the Province of Manitoba, were incorporated into the District of Keewatin. The western boundary
of the district became a line extending north from Manitoba to the Arctic Ocean. Part of the District of Mackenzie was thus also transferred
to the District of Keewatin.
Read about the Map here.

Territorial evolution
1912 Poof, now Manitoba

Einar remained in Winnipeg, Canada. b. = Gilsbakka, Miodolum from Em
Einar Einarson/Einarsson died 11 Nov 1923 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Buried at Brookside Cemetary, Winnipeg
The grave morker has an incorrect date which the family found out later.
Also See
View family photo.
Einarson Family Portrait with names and dates
Clann Einarson (Group Photos)
Tribute to Roberta Lee Einarson

Relationship Report
Einar > Florence > to King of Norway

Einar Einarson with Pipe and Cane
Click photo to enlarge
Courtesy of the Pauline Einarson Christopherson

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May 12, 1983 11:45 PM [typed up on May 12, 2008]
By Roy Einar Christopherson
Orig document from Journal integrated into the Genealogy binder and the Family Tree 2008 database.
"After a 30 minute talk with my mother, Pauline Einarson Christopherson [Granddaughter of Einar Einarson] , I learned specifically about my middle name, Einar. Mom had given my brothers and sister, myself included, short names to go along with a 14 letter last name; Christopherson.Robert Glen and Carol Lynn were names picked at random. Ronald Ted was given after my father. My mother insisted upon my middle name; Einar, which was my Great Grandfather's first name. Einar was born in 1846 in Iceland. He died in Winnipeg, Canada at the age of 74 from a lump in his right side, mom did not know what the lump was. Einar was in Iceland and left in ____. He [Einar] became an emigrant in Canada and worked laying down the first railroad across Canada. He worked the tracks the rest of his life. He would come home with frost bitten fingertips and actually peel skin off the tips. The only early remedy is to rub snow on the frost bite. Einar's name was changed from Erickson when Einar was in Iceland. He changed it to Einarson when he arrived in Canada. Mom said it might have been easier to pronounce, Einarson. But then she said she did not know the exact reason. Einar was about twenty years older than my Great Grandmother. She was about 84 years old when the photo of Avi(Gudbrunder Einarson), my Grandfather and mom next to Robert Glen (child) in Avi's arms. Still I feel as though only three generations before my Great Grandfather was his...
May 13, 1983 12:15 AM
Great Grandfather Leif Erickson [update spelling]. The only disproof I have of this is a question which comes to my mind [25 yrs later I realize I was naive, and Leif had no children - see Great Ancestors page]. Why would Einar Erickson change his name to Einar Einarson or Einarsson if he was related to Erick [Eric] the Red?
[That answer lies in Patronymic, more on that at Wikipedia]

What was Einar's job title? Was my Great Grandfather from Iceland or Norway? My Grandmother never told my mother, Pauline about him or where his origin was. In the family photo [upstairs which is from Emily Einarson Enns] shows Einar and his wife and some of the 11 children. Avi sits in the right corner. Chris sits in the left corner. One of the two daughters standing in the back [Auslaug], drowned when she was 16 [22] years old. She was in a boat in the middle of the lake [online shows the Flu as the cause-investigate]. Mom figured that may be in those days, knowing how to swim might not be that important. Einars wife is shown the picture of Avi, mom and Robert Glen , at the age of 84. Possible Emily; mom's sister might know more of the past and have a family tree [oh boy does she]. Most of my childhood, I was mocked for having such a strange middle name, which other immature kids related to ...redacted [just as my GF Avie [Avi] was made fun of then nicknamed Goodie]. However, at the age of 25 [now typing this at age 49], I am proud to have been bestowed such a fine and unique name as Einar.
Page 2
Einar Einarson, b. 1849 in Iceland
He began working on the Trans-Continental RailRoad in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He would be gone four months of the year trailing with the railway. Farmer in Iceland, then he settled in Winnipeg.

The answer regarding Erik the red of Greenland was answered by Roy in 2009 when he found a branch going to Erik's wife. Also Leif never had any children, so there are no descendants of his. "

Einar [Roy's middle name from his Great Grandfather] translates to "One Warrior" specifically "he who fights alone"
"The name is derived from aina-harjar, composed of the prefix Ein- and the suffix - ar, corresponding to einherji "he who fights alone." The meaning of the name has changed over time. For example there is a sports team in Iceland called Einherji. So here you have an example of a team that fights as a single unit. The spelling has changed over the centuries and the name is pronounced differently in different countries. In Icelandic the name is pronounced as follows: Ei is pronounces like "ay" in the word ray nar is pronounced like the "nar" in Narnia Einar has been among the most popular male names in Iceland from the beginning of settlement in the 9th century. The name is older still in Norway. Sweden spelled the name as Enar and Ejnar and then Einar since the 19 century. In Denmark, during the Viking period the name was also spelled Enar and later Ejnar and Ejner. Einar was also used in England and Germany. In 1982 Einar was the ninth most popular name in Iceland. in 1989 six women had the name Einarína accoring to the Icelandic National Registry. The name is derived from the male name Einar and the suffix - ína." Translation from Kommi, Kormakur Hognason

Oddly enough, from Halfdan Helgason comes a Place Name, that of einarson avenue, winnipeg. No idea who it is named after.
Nelson later gives the answer,
'Ina told me that Einarson Street was named for (or by) Gunnar Einarsson' No immediate relation to us, to my knowlege

Randy Einarsson was told there are three ways to be named Einar
#1 be born in November, to honor the death of einherjar god of war, whom died in November, he ship was capsized in a storm, and sank, my ancestors travelling with einherjar were on another ship and it was told to me that he was kin.

#2 to be victorious in battle against you, 20 to 1, this means you has to survive against 20 men trying to kill you.

#3 to die in battle protecting, family so they may flee to safety
It was told to me that name Einar is no different than getting the Congressional Medal of Honor.

There is also an author in Canada named Randy Einarson, unsure if he is related? Have researched him and found no connection.


Ingiridur Einarsson, "Iceland, Baptisms, 1730-1905"
Name: Ingiridur Einarsson
Gender: Female
Event Date: 30 Jun 1878
Birth Date: 23 Jun 1878 , Birthplace:
Death Date: 27 May 1879
Father's Name: Einar Einarsson , Mother's Name: Soffia Gudbrandsdr
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: C49011-2 System Origin: Iceland-ODM GS Film number: 73940
"Iceland, Baptisms, 1730-1905," index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 24 Jan 2014), Ingiridur Einarsson, 23 Jun 1878.

To Roy's knowledge, Ingiridur and Hakon were not known about. It was very common for them not to talk about children that passed away so young. However, usually the name was given to the next child of that sex. Not positive these are children from our ancestors, since Aslaug was born before Hakon, in Canada.

Aslaug Holmfridur Einarson b. Abt. 1879. Died in flu epidemic in Winnipeg, 1899, age 20 or drowned in boat accident. Born in Iceland. Nothing more is known about Aslaug.

Aslaug Holmfridur, "Canada, Births and Baptisms, 1661-1959"
Name: Aslaug Holmfridur
Gender: Female
Christening Date: 19 Apr 1900
Birth Date: 17 Feb 1900
Father's Name: Einar Einarsson , Mother's Name: Sofia Gudbrandsdottir Mother's Birthplace: Mother's Age:
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: C54183-1 System Origin: Canada-VR GS Film number: 542547 Reference ID: 2:29N4G4J
"Canada, Births and Baptisms, 1661-1959," index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 24 Jan 2014), Aslaug Holmfridur, 17 Feb 1900.

If you have any details or photos, please contact Roy.


Courtesy of Emily Enns Collection

Hakon Ingvar Einarsson, "Iceland, Baptisms, 1730-1905"
Name: Hakon Ingvar Einarsson
Gender: Male
Event Date: 13 May 1881
Birth Date: 12 May 1881 , Birthplace:
Death Date: 12 Jul 1882
Father's Name: Einar Einarsson, Mother's Name: Soffia Gudbrandsdr Indexing Project (Batch) Number: C49009-3 System Origin: Iceland-ODM GS Film number: 74092
"Iceland, Baptisms, 1730-1905," index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 24 Jan 2014), Hakon Ingvar Einarsson, 12 May 1881.

Lilya 'Lillie; EINARSON Johnson b. 19 Apr 1885
married Sigurjon Jonsson. Moved to Vancouver, BC. Children: Kristine, Einar John and Harold Albert.

Einar Einarsson in entry for Lilja, "Canada, Births and Baptisms, 1661-1959" Name: Lilja
Christening Date: 05 May 1885
Birth Date: 19 Apr 1885
Father's Name: Einar Einarsson Father's Birthplace: Father's Age:
Mother's Name: Sofia Gudbrandsdottir
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: C54183-1 System Origin: Canada-VR GS Film number: 542547 Reference ID: 2:29N3CDJ
"Canada, Births and Baptisms, 1661-1959," index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 24 Jan 2014), Einar Einarsson in entry for Lilja, 19 Apr 1885.
Here is another record - same:
Another Christening Record

Roy found out that the last name was changed to Johnson.
He now has contact with A.J.

Visit the Clann Johnson Page
Many photos of Lilja about 1937 are in the Einarson Green Album.

Lillie Johnson, "British Columbia Death Registrations, 1872-1986"
Name: Lillie Johnson
Event Type: Death
Event Date: 15 Oct 1965
Event Place: North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Age: 80
Marital Status: Widowed
Birth Date: 19 Apr 1885
Birthplace: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Father's Name: Einar Einarson Mother's Name: Soffia Gudbrandson Spouse's Name: John Johnson
Image Record on file: Yes except when logged in, it does not show?
Tribe or Clan: Affiliate Film Number: B13274 GS Film number: 2033798 Digital Folder Number: 004479265 Image Number: 00993 Registration Number: 65 09 012949
"British Columbia Death Registrations, 1872-1986," index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 24 Jan 2014), Lillie Johnson, 1965.

Courtesy of Emily Enns Collectio

From Living Johnson
"Einar Einarson (Eirikssonar) (b. April 23, 1851; d. Sept 11, 1923, 72 years old). Father was Einar Eiriksson from Ytri-Hrafnabjorg in Hordudal, and mother was Helga Gudmundsdottir from Laxardal in Hrutafjordur. Einar was brought up with relatives at Gunnarsstadir. He started farming at Gilsbakki in Middalir in 1879. Went to Canada (Vesturheims) along with his family in 1885 [however, later in the papers there is a note from 2001 that this date should have been 1883 - found from passenger lists in Iceland. Unfortunately, this info was found one year after a grave stone marker was placed on Einar Einarson's and Soffia's grave site with the 1885 date.]

Soffia Gudbrandsdottir from Vatn in Haukadal. Born Feb 9, 1859; Died Oct 6, 1948 at 89 years old. Soffia was born at Holmlatur but moved with her parents to Vatn when she was 9 years old. Soffia and Einar lived at Gilsbakki in Midfjordur 1879-1882. Lived in Winnipeg, and spent her last years with her son Gudbrandur who lived in Argyle, Manitoba.

Daughter: Lilja, she married Sigurjon "Jon" Jonsson (from Dvergasteinn in east Seydisfjordur) in Ballard, Washington; they lived in Vancouver. From 1946-1948 Lil spent many months on the farm in Manitoba with her brother, Goodie, and her mother, Soffia, who was in declining health. After her mother died in the fall of 1948, she went back to Vancouver, BC. She was dearly loved by Goodie's family.

[This is where the genealogy becomes inaccurate according to the papers from Emily Enns. At some point between Iceland and the birth of my grandfather, Einar Johnson, the last name of Lilja and Sigurjon changes from 'Jonsson' to 'Johnson'. My grandfather's birth certificate (BC reg # 11-09-138582) states he was born as Einar John Johnson]

Lilja Einarson died on Oct 15, 1965 (79 years old) in North Vancouver (BC reg #1965-09-012949) under the name of "Lillie Johnson". Sigurjon Jonsson also died in North Vancouver on May 4, 1945, age 66, (BC Reg 1945-09-662934) under the name "John Johnson". This info was found in the BC Archive website, I still need to apply for copies."

Einar John Johnson, first married Living Comba.... Margret was born in Edmonton, Alberta...only child is Living Johnson born ... in North Vancouver. Einar's second marriage was to Phyllis Fleming.... They did not have any children.

Pauline and Aunt Lil Johnson
Pauline EINARSON Christopherson visiting her Aunt Lil Johnson
Ted and Pauline Cbristopherson Collection
[Emily Enns has "Bethnee Kristina" as being born to Einar and Phyllis, but this is not the case. Living Johnson (my sister) is the oldest child of Living Johnson (my father). Living now goes by her middle name Living - she decided to change it when she was about 16 years old.] Living Johnson... married Living Currie (born in New Zealand) in Sidney, Australia on  .... Their children are: Living Johnson, ... in Sidney, Australia. She now goes by Living' and has 5 children. Living Johnson, ... in North Vancouver, BC.
I have 2 sons, Living and Living.
Living Johnson, b. ... in North Vancouver, BC. Living has one son. Living Johnson, b... in South Korea. deleted.
End From Living Johnson

Visit the Johnson Clan page for more. We have a connection from Einarson to Johnson to Christopherson, through Ranka JOHNSON, wife of Halldor Christopherson.

Kristjan (Kris) Oliver Einarson, a.k.a. Chris b. 17 Feb 1888
married Bjorg Egillsdottir Arnason (Anderson), children: Pauline and Geraldine

Kristinn Oliver, "Canada, Births and Baptisms, 1661-1959"
Name: Kristinn Oliver
Gender: Male
Christening Date: 24 Dec 1888
Birth Date: 27 Mar 1888
Father's Name: Einar Einarsson, Mother's Name: Sofia Gudbrandsdottir
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: C54183-1 System Origin: Canada-VR GS Film number: 542547 Reference ID: 2:29N3MF4
"Canada, Births and Baptisms, 1661-1959," index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 24 Jan 2014), Kristinn Oliver, 27 Mar 1888.

Roy has been in contact with P. Watts
One of Roy's favorite photos, view Chris later in life on a ship probably going to Iceland.
Regarding a post found on a forum:
On Sat, 21 Feb 2009 10:49:49 -0800, Roy Christopherson wrote:
Hello Omar,
Egill Arnason was related by marriage to my Great Uncle Kristjan Oliver Einarson and his wife Borg was Egill's sister. Being that the post was online in 2004, please respond to confirm. Hopefully this email acct is still good. I contacted Terry in Sept but due to a computer going down, have not heard back.This email would not work, ...
Terry contacted Roy confirming the connection and would get back.

On 2/23/2009 2:23 AM, Ómar Árnason wrote:
Dear Roy
Thank you very much for your post. It seems that Egill Arnason (1844 - 1938), Petur Arnason (1836 - 1918) and Borg [Kristjan's wife] lived somewhere in Eastern Iceland (Austfirdir) before they emigrated to Canada.
My cousin, Petur Arnason (1830 - 1911) lived in Skagafjardarsysla in Northern Iceland, as his forefathers and mine did. I have to go back to the 17th century to find a common ancestor with Egill and his siblings while my ancestor Egill Helgason, Petur's grandfather, died in 1846. ...I also hope that Terry sees this as I haven't replied to the thread on the forum yet.
I'm extremely grateful for your post and will take a look at your family page today.
Omar Arnason


Courtesy of Emily Enns Collection

Roy's Great Uncle Kristjan Oliver Einarson
IMG_SCAN_1333 Kristjan O. Einarson 1938

Gudbrandur (Goodie) Einarson b. 06 Mar 1890
married Mary Sigvaldson, children: Henry, Lloyd, Pauline and Emily


Gudbrandur, "Canada, Births and Baptisms, 1661-1959"
Name: Gudbrandur
Christening Date: 07 Mar 1890
Christening Place: FIRST LUTHERAN, WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, MANITOBA Birth Date: 06 Mar 1890 Birthplace:
Father's Name: Einar Einarsso, Mother's Name: Sofia Gudbrandsdottir
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: C54183-1 System Origin: Canada-VR GS Film number: 542547 Reference ID: 2:29N3R8R
"Canada, Births and Baptisms, 1661-1959," index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 24 Jan 2014), Gudbrandur, 06 Mar 1890.

Gubrandur's Individual Page


Courtesy of Emily Enns Collectio
Gudbrandur (Goodie) Einarson
b. 06 Mar 1890
Courtesy of Living Gillman Collection

Florence Soffia EINARSON Palmason b. 24 Apr 1892
married Hannes Johann Harold Pálmason,
Children": Einar, John (Jack), Diane and John

Florence Soffia, "Canada, Births and Baptisms, 1661-1959"
Name: Florence Soffia
Christening Date: 22 May 1892
Christening Place: FIRST LUTHERAN, WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, MANITOBA Birth Date: 24 Apr 1892
Father's Name: Einar Einarsson
Mother's Name: Soffia Gudbrandsdottir
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: C54183-1 System Origin: Canada-VR GS Film number: 542547 Reference ID: 2:29N3ZH8
"Canada, Births and Baptisms, 1661-1959," index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 24 Jan 2014), Florence Soffia, 24 Apr 1892.

Flo came down to help her niece, Pauline Christopherson to take care of Roy (webmaster of during his 1st year on this planet, and forever grateful to her.

Roy has been in contact with Gail EINARSON-McCleery (INL Link dead)
Article and photo on Gail. Read more.

Courtesy of Emily Enns Collectio
Florence Einarson
Auntie Florence at Keewatin

Courtesy of Pauline Christopherson
Green Album Collection

Carol married Steini Kristjansson. Diane Kristjansson lives in Winnipeg, where Carol now lives in a seniors home at age ? 86/87?. Interesting, too, to see the photos of Pt. Roberts and the Julius family. When I lived in Blaine in the early 2000s, I visited Pt. Roberts and met a descendant of the Julius family - knew of the relationship after a visit to Iceland in which a descendant of Sophie - well known to Emily - showed me the connection with the Julius family. Fun, too, to see my Dad's aunts and uncles - who I called aunt and uncle too - Chris and Bjorg, Art and Lu, Clara and Henry. Icelanders all! ...redacted...
Einarson Family Census

Hinrik (Henry Walter) Valtyr Einarson b. 29 Mar 1894
married Clara Thordarson, children: Phyllis, Florence, Kenneth, Clifford, Ronald, Stanley.

Valtyr Hinrik, "Canada, Births and Baptisms, 1661-1959"
Name: Valtyr Hinrik
Christening Date: 19 Apr 1894
Birth Date: 29 Mar 1894
Father's Name: Einar Einarsson
Mother's Name: Soffia Gudbrandsdottir
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: C54183-1 System Origin: Canada-VR GS Film number: 542547 Reference ID: 2:29N44RQ
"Canada, Births and Baptisms, 1661-1959," index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 24 Jan 2014), Valtyr Hinrik, 29 Mar 1894.


Courtesy of Emily Enns Collection
Henry Einarson
(Henry Walter) Hinrik Valtyr
b. 29 Mar 1894
Courtesy of Pauline Christopherson
Green Album Collection

Children of Henry & Clara Einarson

Below Obit looks like a match to me


From The Pauline Einarson Collection

Date of Passing: November 18, 1999

PHYLLIS JOYCE STEWART (nee EINARSON) Peacefully on Thursday, November 18, 1999 at the Victoria General Hospital with her daughter Gail at her side, Phyllis Joyce Stewart passed away at the age of 78 years. Phyllis will be lovingly remembered by her husband Walter; her daughter Gail (Gordon) Thompson, grandsons, Ian and Craig; son Garry (Shirley), grandsons, Eric and Scott; her brothers, Ron Einarson and Stan Einarson; her sister Florence Jackson and sister-in-law Margaret Lowe; special friends, Frances and Fred Lees, Roberta and Charlie Rafter and numerous nieces and nephews. She was predeceased by her parents Clara and Henry Einarson and brothers, Kenneth and Clifford Einarson. Phylliss life was devoted to her husband, family and friends. She will be lovingly remembered and dearly missed. She was a lifelong member of the Norwood United Church and an active member of the U.C.W. Special thanks to Dr. Helga Sickert for her care and loving concern. A service of remembrance will take place on Monday, November 22 at 1:00 p.m. in the Norwood United Church, 160 St. Marys Rd. with Reverend Susan Tough officiating. If friends so desire, donations in memory of Phyllis may be made to the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Manitoba, 301-352 Donald St., Winnipeg, Man. or to a charity of their choice. LEATHERDALE GARDINER 1501 Waverley Street 949-4860
As published in the Winnipeg Free Press on November 19, 1999


There are about 12+ photos in this set.
Roy would welcome any stories that family would like posted here.
From The Pauline Einarson Collection

Helen EINARSON Beamister b. 25 Sep 1896
married Bert Bemister. children are: Elizabeth, Warren, Bertram, and Dorothy.


Courtesy of Emily Enns Collection
Helen EINARSON Beamister
Helen EINARSON Beamister
b. 25 Sep 1896
Courtesy of The Andrew E. Bemister Collection

Evelyn Einarson 29 Dec 1897
Evelyn never married.
Einar, Soffia and Evelyn are buried in Brookside Cemetery in Winnipeg. (section/lot/grave) W-0131-0. [4]

If you have photos of Evelyn, and stories to post here, please email Roy


Courtesy of Emily Enns Collection

Lulu Auslaug nee Einarson McCulloch, b. 17 Feb 1900
Named after her oldest sister who died in the influenza epidemic. Source: Emily Enns
Lulu Auslaug Einarson was aunt Lulu, who married Arthur McCulloch, their daughters: Joan,
Photo credit: Gail Reid, Lulu's granddaughter

Lulu Auslaug nee Einarson McCulloch
Courtesy of Emily Enns Collection
Lulu Auslaug nee Einarson McCulloch
Courtesy of Pauline Christopherson
Green Album Collection
Lulu Auslaug nee Einarson McCulloch
Photo credit: Gail Reid, Lulu's granddaughter

Einar's Occupation: Maintenance Crew, Railroad for the Trans-Continental RailRoad, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
He began working on the Trans-Continental RailRoad in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He would be gone four months of the year trailing with the railway. Farmer in Iceland, then he settled in Winnipeg.
Almost nothing is known about Einar.

The family has no photos of Einar other than 3.
This is a random photo from Canadian Pacific Archives
Canadian Railways
Click photo to enlarge
Courtesy of the Train Museum - Winnipeg

Einar was one of 3700 residents, most in shacks at the start of the city.
"Winnipeg's great growth was due to periods of rapid immigration. While the first phase of immigrants during 1880s and 1900 came from Ontario and Great Britain, the next phase during 1900 an and 1920s came from Northern Europe. Winnipeg's population swelled from 42,000 in 1901 to 150,000 in 1913."

Two CPR Work Trains on Prairies
Not related, yet shows some great old trains. Never know, Einar might be in one

1881, the Canadian Pacific Railway Company was formed...For the next 16 months following, immigrants migrated to the city in search of employment...Due to this massive influx, the CPR announced 2,000 new jobs at their shops.
CP Rail System, or CPRS, was changed again to Canadian Pacific Railway Company in 1996

Winnipeg Train Museum
We do not know exactly the details of what Einar did regarding the railway. A family story here and there. Ironically, Roy worked on the rail in early 2000.
Nothing like the hard work Einar did.

Even more dangerous is the fact that the new light rail is near silent and your life is in your co-workers hands, as they are watching opposite direction while you work on the rail. Heard stories of those that did not make it.

SW Handle
SW Motor
2004 Switch and Motor
GE VTA Light Rail Project
Vintage Relay
Train Museum - Winnipeg
2004 Post
2004 Post
GE VTA Light Rail Project
Vintage Switch
Train Museum - Winnipeg
Vintage Signal
Train Museum - Winnipeg
2004 Signal
2004 Signal
VTA Light rail - San Jose Diridon

Photo at CPR Museum
White Pass & Yukon Railway in 1899 HISTORY
MAP of the Route in Alaska
LEFT: Photo Mural hanging at the Train Museum in Winnipeg
Note the 3rd man on the left. Now see below.
Courtesy of The Train Museum - Winnipeg

Caption: Labors on the W.P.&Y.R. [View of W.P.&Y.R. labourers interrupting their work on the railway tracks for a short break and a picture. One worker in the center may possibly be a woman.]
YA# 5319 Original #: 394 Date: May 1899 Fonds/Collection: H.C. Barley fonds Photographer: H.C. Barley Location: Alaska Format: 1 photograph : b&w glass plate neg. Original Size: Record Last Modified: January 1, 2004 Subject Headings: W.P.&Y.R. - Construction Crew
See full low Res image here
Cannot say the left photo above is my Great Grandfather, Einar Einarson, shown 3rd from the right
The resemblance is uncanny, including the same pipe! He was working on laying down tracks on the Trans-Continental Railway. A lot of men worked the rail, yet this struck me as Einar when I first saw it.
The next step would be to locate a better copy of this mural hanging in the Winnipeg Train Museum.

Update: Mr. Lacey Assistant Archivist, Winnipeg Railway Museum responded: Photo (above) was taken during the building of the White Pass & Yukon Railway in 1899. Part of the entire "Women in railroading" display from the Canadian Rail Heritage Association in Delson, Quebec. Their web-site address is; You will have to mention "the 'Women in Railroading' exhibit given to the Winnipeg Railway Museum", and include the photo and the WP&Y derivation.
Train Museum - Winnipeg

Jean-Paul Viaud Exporail
I'm afraid, we don`t have any info about the identity of the person you think may be your Great Grand Father. We are also unable to find the original and scan it at hi-res. I will send it to you when we find it.

You can get an original, hi-resolution version at : Yukon Archives, H.C. Barley Collection, item number 5319 They are the best qualified to give you more info about this picture and the people depicted. Best regards, Jean-Paul Viaud

Image online very low res. Buy digital copy IF Hi Res (300 dpi) when I have the money
Yukon Archives Reproduction Services at
Finally fund Fee
Fees for digital file reproductions5(1) The fee for a digital file reproduction is:size of originalup to and including 11" by 14"$9.00 per item; and greater than 11" by 14" $27.00 per item
Order Form & E-Mail:
Wall poster at Train Museum - Winnipeg
Einar Einarson
Einar Einarson
White Pass & Yukon Railway in 1899
named the new potential route, White Pass, for the Canadian Minister of the Interior, Sir Thomas White.
Thirty five thousand men worked on the construction of the railroad – some for a day, others for a longer period but all shared in the dream and the hardship. Source

Keewatin, Canada - Home of the Einarson Family
Chris, Henry, Florence, boy_Keewatin, CA
[The boy could not be a brother, Gudbrandur
was older than Henry]

Click photo to enlarge
Courtesy of Pauline Christopherson
Green Album Collection
Mr. Palmason, Florence,
maybe Lulu, and.Jack

Click photo to enlarge
Courtesy of Pauline Christopherson
Green Album Collection
Auntie Florence Riding

Click photo to enlarge
Courtesy of Pauline Christopherson
Green Album Collection
Window Detail
Close-up of Stained Glass window
in photos 6464 below
May yield a clue if the house still stands

738 McGee St, Winnipeg, Division No. 11, Manitoba, Canada
Home of the Einarson Family

Mc Gee ST Close up
Close-up of Winnipeg
and Mc Gee ST
The house is no longer there

Green Album Project Part one Link - Pauline Einarson Collection
The Green Album Project has been completed.
To view the slideshow, type user, then password
Click here to go to the slideshow.
Do not want Google does not steal the photos!
Keep in mind, these are mostly 1930s-1940s. Covers Einarsons, Finnssons, Palmasons, and Julius along with Great Aunt Lil in Vancouver.
Not too old, yet wide spectrum and may find of interest. A few of the included photos are above #1344, #6464, # 6407, # 6453, and # 6457.

Main People in the Slide Show:
1. Einarsons: "Dad" = Gudbrandur Einarson.
His Children: Henry (Henry Einarson)
"Myself" = Pauline EINARSIN Christopherson (Roy's mother),
Lloyd = Lloyd Einarson, brother to Henry, Pauline, and Emily.
Emily = sister of Henry, Pauline, and Lloyd
Ama = Soffia Gudbrandsdottir Einarson.
The mystery of the Vopnis has been cleared up by Roy's aunt Em, Mr. Vopni's wife was married to Soffia's sister. There is a photo of the three sisters together.

2. Uncle Chris = son of Einar Einarson

3. Some have been posted at Einar's page of his children.

4. Lilja at bottom right of this new page. In the album, she is
referenced as "Aunt Lil".

5. Carol = Carol Palmason. Daughter of Florence Einarson,

6. Hannes, there should be two, one son of Einar Einarson, in photos with "Flo" and 2nd is possibly G. Aunt Florences husband (rowing the boat) son of Mr. Palmason. Still to all be verified. Now are the Jackson Family.

7. This is in regards to the photo
Looking at the map, seems to match, and may be by the last remaining building.

8. Grymson Boys ?

9. Image 6355 - I believe this is Hallgrimsson house, not Grund. Update: Yes, He was married to Sigurdur Christopherson's sister in Argyle District, Manitoba, Canada and probably built Grund. While there are letters from Ryan Eyford talking about Grund, there are no specifics on who built it. They both use the Mansard Roof (French). More on that should be on the Grund Homestead page.

10. Last two photos-woman in glasses is Roy's grandmother, Mary Sigvaldson.

From Diane Palmason, granddaughter of Pauline's Aunty Florence and Uncle Hannes.
My Grampa "H'anny" (sounded almost like "honey" to me) was indeed adopted - by the man identified as Mr. Palmason - My "step great-grandfather" I guess - we called him Avi.
The photo of him was at Keewatin - the Palmasons had a farm there where my father, Jack, worked in summers. Just after Dad's grad photo, there is a photo of a woman outside a stucco house in St. Vital/Winnipeg - that's my mother Jean Palmason - no. 6421 I think.

There's another of Mom holding my hands - 6417, I think. Somewhere there's a comment that "Diane is Carol's daughter". True - Carol's older daughter was named Diane - after me.
So I'm the Diane in the photos.

IMG_6374_SCAN_GreenAlbum_lulu.clara (Click to enlarge)

IMG_SCAN_1355_Auntie Lulu
Courtesy of The Pauline Einarson Collection

17.10.2007 | 11:00
How can I trace my relatives in Iceland? Q: My grandfather Einar Einarsson left Iceland in the early 1900s with three brothers and went to Chicago, and then slowly migrated to Saskatchewan Canada. When he joined the army in WWI they changed his last name to Einarson instead of Einarsson. I have never met my grandfather’s brothers or any of their children and my grandfather died before I was born and my father died when I was a teenager, not knowing that family line. So is there any way to trace down some of my relatives and family history? Randy Einarsson, Saskatchewan, Canada

Randy, if your out there, email me!

Jan 05, 2012, Randy JUST contacted Roy. How cool is that!!!! No names or dates to verify relations.
Randy gave family outline, and this story from his father "... his grandmother, had an oven dug into the side of a hill, and that the underwater streams there were very hot"
We are both related through the Icelandic settlers and Jon Arason, the Bishop, which I learned through Halfdan.

Avi, Gudbrunder Einarson (Goodie), Einar's son, worked for the T.E. Eden Company in Winnipeg, then when he married, his wife insisted that he move to a farm outside of Glenboro.
Mary Sigvaldson Einarson died in 1930. The owner of the farm foreclosed on the farm during the Depression, then they moved to another farm 8 miles south of Glenboro (District of Argyle)

From Katelin Parsons:
It just so happens that I'm researching Icelandic manuscripts at the University of Manitoba library, two of which were written by Einar when he was still living in Iceland. It was actually quiten common in 19th century Iceland for people to copy out whole books by hand - it was cheaper than buying printed books, and the selection of printed books was still fairly limited (these particular manuscripts contain poetry that was mostly unpublished at the time).

Einar Einarsson grew up on a farm called Gunnarsstaðir and later worked as a farmhand at Vatn before moving to Gilsbakki (the manuscripts were written at Gunnarsstaðir and Vatn).  A third  manuscript at the U of M was probably once owned by Soffía Guðbrandsdóttir's brother Ólafur Guðbrandsson - Soffía might have inherited it and taken it with her to Canada when they moved.

Einar Einarson sig1

Einar Einarson sig2
Katelin Parsons from Manitoba just sent a page out of a manuscript written by Einar Einarson.

Letter by Einar Einarson
A letter Translated by Kommi [Kormakur Hognason]
"Keewaten? 24 Sept 1916
Greetings my dear Jónína and heartfelt thanks for your letter and for walking with me down to the train tracks at the beginning of my journey. Unfortunately I´m a lazy letter writer and few things
will be said in these lines except that I´m thinking about getting home next saturday evening unless something happens. Because I don´t care to loose the money [?] since there aren't to many cen'ts [appears to  'sentunum' a made up Icelandic slang word for the english word cent] to use, there is enough to do, but the work shows little progress. The path is wet. It has rained. Henri went until yesterday when it stopped raining and the weather is good today (Sunday). There is nothing else to write except that Mrs. Pálmason thinks that Flori[?] is a lazy writer but most people are,
ask Henri if he forgot what Pálmason asked him to tell her. (He knows what that refers to). Now I´m going to end this and ask that you give my regard to your mother and everyone at home in
one word. This asks and writes yours sincerely  ?[can't read first name] E. Einarson

Backside of letter:
"I found this in my
trunk from papa so I
thought Mother would
like to read this,
bring my earrings etc
their in the small box &
red knitted d??? & all my
junk. If I go to Van I hope you come before you go
I'm going to see Rose theater tonight heres
hoping I get a prize.
  Evelyn (Einarson, now Enns) [Incorrect, would have been Einarson not Enns, as Evelyn never married]
  Hope threshing over everyone
                        Happy      like
weather beautiful summer

"I found this in my trunk from papa so I thought Mother would like to read this..."
Papa being Einar Einarson, Mother being Soffia Gudbrandsdottir.

Conversation by Roy to Kommi on 7/3/2009 11:45 AM
I will forward it to my aunt who wrote on the back. She might know who Jónína was. The Pálmasons were very close cousins/uncle. Hannes Johann Harold Pálmason and my moms
aunt Florence Einarson. She might be referring to her daughter-in-law, which Flori might work. I have no tree above Hannes. Henri might be Florences brother, Hinrik (Henry) Valtyr Einarson.
The writer possibly was Evelyn Einarson. Her, Florence and Hinrik were the children of Einar Einarson up in Glenboro who worked on the Trans Continental.
end email

Roy was off on people above. The Green Album helped discover "KEEWATIN". Letter probably written by our Great Grandfather Einar Einarson, born 1851.
The top of the letter should be Keewatin.
On the backside Roy thought it was his aunt WRONG, should be Einar's daughter, his 8th child Evelyn. Compare the handwritting to the Manuscript above.
This would confirm the book was done by Einar. In the letter, he uses only one 's' in his last name.
Einar passed away in Winnipeg in 1923. See top of page regarding formation of Keewatin.

Cousins Tour 2014
Part of Roy's trip east was two stops at his Aunt Em and Uncle Hank's house.
Em had full album of her mother (photos yet to be processed), and a Genealogy Scrapbook she was woking on, which Roy took photos of it.
May 31, 2015, Roy found one page on Soffia Einarson's lineage, and looked them up
in the Icelandic Database in Utah.
Eirikur Eiriksson m. Elisabet Magnusdottir,
Elisabet's mother was Sigridur Jonsdottir,
Sigridur's mother was Elin Einarsdottir (2nd marriage),
Elin Einarsdottir is the mother of Grímur Jónsson Thorkelín from1st marriage of Einar Magnússon, b. 1703-1779 and Elín Jónsdóttir, Abt 1699-1752
Sigridur Jonsdottir's half-brother.
Looking up Grímur Jónsson Thorkelin we find a Wiki page; Grímur Jónsson Thorkelín (8 October 1752 – 4 March 1829) was an Icelandic–Danish scholar, who became the National Archivist of Denmark and Professor of Antiquities at Copenhagen University...Beowulf...Read More.
Roy sent copies to his Aunt Em.
"I went to the Icelandic Database in Utah and looked up a few names you had typed up, which lead to the fellow you mention was a Half-brother. The attachment is three pages from this database. I added yellow arrows to show the names against your section of the scrapbook page I added to this attachment, with numbers. This goes to Grímur Jónsson Thorkelin
Grímur Jónsson Thorkelín (8 October 1752 – 4 March 1829) was an Icelandic–Danish scholar, who became the National Archivist of Denmark and Professor of Antiquities at Copenhagen University. In 1786 he travelled to England in order to search for documents relating to mediaeval Danish-English contacts. In 1787 he hired British Museum employee James Matthews [1] to transcribe the sole extant manuscript of the Old English epic poem Beowulf and made another copy himself. He was elected a Foreign Honorary Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1790.

Under a commission from the Danish government, Thorkelin had prepared Beowulf for publication by 1807. Unfortunately during the Battle of Copenhagen (1807) his house was burned, and the manuscript of his edition (the work of 20 years) was lost. The two transcripts survived, however, and Thorkelin began all over again. The poem was eventually published in 1815.

Thorkelin was also the first scholar to make a full translation of the poem. The Thorkelín transcriptions are now an important textual source for Beowulf, as the original manuscript's margins have suffered from deterioration during the 19th and 20th centuries. His early copies provide a record in many areas where the text would otherwise be lost forever.

Thorkelín is generally regarded as one of the pioneering figures in Nordic and Germanic studies. Moreover, his visit to Britain reinvigorated interest and appreciation in the island's Germanic past, in ways both scholarly and Romantic. However, this view is not without its detractors; Magnús Fjalldal describes Thorkelín as "essentially a fraud as a scholar" and lists a number of errors in Thorkelín's edition and translation, many of which were pointed out by contemporary reviewers."

Einar Einarson
Click photo to enlarge
Courtesy of the Pauline Christopherson Collection

1. Natural Resources - Canadian Gov website.
[4] Dates courtesy of Lilja Kernested