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Revised: Oct 5, 2015

Meet our Relatives - Christopherson Branch

Soffia Gudbrandsdottir

Soffia Gudbrandsdottir,
Born 14 Feb 1858 at Holmlatri, Snaef, Iceland. Soffia moved to Vatn at 9 yrs old. She married Einar Einarson. They lived in Iceland 1879-1883. Soffia died 6 oct 1948 and was buried 8 Oct 1948. Einar, Soffia and Evelyn are buried in Brookside Cemetery in Winnipeg. (section/lot/grave) W-0131-0.

Homestead in Iceland
  Soffia Gudbrandsdottir
Daughter of Guðbrandur Guðbrandsson
and Lilja Ólafsdóttir

Soffia married Einar Einarson
Mother of Gudbrandur Einarson
Great Grandmother of Roy Christopherson

1. Katrin Gudbrandsdóttir, b. 25 Mar 1854, Iceland
2. Kristin Gudbrandsdóttir, b. 04 Feb 1857
3. Soffiá Gudbrandsdóttir Einarson, 14 Feb 1858
4. Hans Júlíus Guðbrandsson, b. 03 Jul 1861
5. Gudbjórg Gudbrandsdóttir, b. 22 May 1863
6. Gudbrandur Gudbrandsson, b. 09 Oct 1864
7. Jörundur Gudbrandsson, b. 09 Jul 1867
8. Ólöf Kristbjörg, b. 1870
9. Ólafur Gudbrandsdóttir, d. 25 May 1875,
crippled by accident

1. Kristjan (Kris) Oliver Einarson
2. Florence nee Einarson Palmason
3. Aslaug Einarson
4. Lilya nee Einarson Jonsson/Johnson
5. Hinrik (Henry Walter) 'Hannes' Valtyr Einarson
6. Helen Einarson
7. Gudbrandur (Goodie) Einarson
8. Evelyn Einarson (never married)
9. Lulu Auslaug nee Einarson McCulloch
Einar Einarson
Soffia Gudbrandsdottir
LEFT: IMG_SCAN_0003 Sophia´s Farm
Soffia's parents homestead, Lilja Ólafsdóttir
Photo from Emily and Pauline
Probably at Vatni, Haukadal, Dalasýslu, Iceland

Think only thing left is a rock wall for a sheep pen. Yes, this is the third scan out of 6,000

Part of the Henry, Pauline, and Emily
trip to Iceland in the 1980's album
Relationship Report Einar Einarson to Florence to King of Norway

Einar Einarson Family Page

Soffia Gudbrandsdottir

Soffia Gudbrandsdottir
Courtesy of the Green Album
Courtesy of the Pauline Einarson Collection
Soffia Gudbrandsdottir
IMG_6368_SCAN - Cropped

Soffia Gudbrandsdottir
Courtesy of the Green Album
Courtesy of the Pauline Einarson Collection
Four Generations
Robert Glen (Child), son of Pauline
Christopherson (Left),
daughter of Gudbrandur Einarson (CTR),
son of Soffia Einarson (Right)

Courtesy of the Pauline Einarson Collection
Soffia at PT Roberts, WA
Soffia at PT. Roberts, WA 1929
Courtesy of the Green Album
Courtesy of the Pauline Einarson Collection

Iceland - Soffia's place I suspect.
Pauline Christopherson Collection c. 1985

Canada 1883 Then remained in Winnipeg, Canada.
Sec. 3 ''Before Em knew the info from books in the library in Reykjavik may not be accurate. Em put marker on their gravesite in Winnipeg in 2001 with the year 1885, which is incorrect.'' The date should be 1883. See gravestone here. Click on the Einarson Stone.
Sec. 3-''Soffia Gudbrandsdottir favorite place to visit was Point Roberts in the 20's and 30's. Soffia Gudbrandsdottir from Vatn in Haukadal. Born Feb 9, 1859; Died Oct 6, 1948 at 89 years old.
Soffia was born at Holmlatur but moved with her parents to Vatn when she was 9 years old. Soffia and Einar lived at Gilsbakki in Midfjordur 1879-1882. Lived in Winnipeg, and spent her last years with her son Gudbrandur who lived in Argyle, Manitoba.'' Source: Living Johnson

Lilja Marriage 1: Soffia married Einar Einarson, Roy's Great Grandfather. [TO DO: re-verify text here against original]

Lilja Marriage 2: Thorvardur Bergthórsson, b. unknown at Leikskalum, Iceland [1], Described as a Ladies Man.
Source: [1] SEC.3 E. Enns-1954 translated Icelandic Papers

Lilja Marriage 3: Jón Bjarni Jónsson, b. 28 Aug 1847, hér í sókn, Residence: Reynir eystri, Garðasókn, Borgarfjarðarsýsla
Farmed: Vatni, Iceland. Died: 29 Jun 1890

Lilja Einarson
Residence: Bet. 1879–1882 at Gilsbakki in Midfjordur
E-mail from a Cousin on Einarson Side - Living Einarson 02/20/2011
"I happened upon your website while researching for information about my GGGF, Einar Einarson. I wanted to correct some of your information in regards to the descendants of Lilja Einarson."

"Einar Einarson (Eirikssonar) (b. April 23, 1851; d. Sept 11, 1923, 72 years old). Father was Einar Eiriksson from Ytri-Hrafnabjorg in Hordudal, and mother was Helga Gudmundsdottir from Laxardal in Hrutafjordur. Einar was brought up with relatives at Gunnarsstadir. He started farming at Gilsbakki in Middalir in 1879. Went to Canada (Vesturheims) along with his family in 1885 [however, later in the papers there is a note from 2001 that this date should have been 1883 - found from passenger lists in Iceland. Unfortunately, this info was found one year after a grave stone marker was placed on Einar Einarson's and Soffia's grave site with the 1885 date.]

Soffia Gudbrandsdottir from Vatn in Haukadal. Born Feb 9, 1859; Died Oct 6, 1948 at 89 years old. Soffia was born at Holmlatur but moved with her parents to Vatn when she was 9 years old. Soffia and Einar lived at Gilsbakki in Midfjordur 1879-1882. Lived in Winnipeg, and spent her last years with her son Gudbrandur who lived in Argyle, Manitoba." end

UPDATE: Roy has updated Einar and Soffia's pages, the family database, along with the Einarson Family page with this intel. Visit the Clann Johnson regarding Lilja Einarson.

Soffia´s father, Guðbrandur Guðbrandsson, m. Lilja Ólafsdóttir
Gudbrandur died young and left Soffia's mother; Lilya a widow with a large family.
Sources: - person: MT1845V136.

Pauline, grand daughter of Soffia's had a couple photos of what appeared to be a hard working man. Then Roy found a photo of a house, which still stands today.
Roy and Nonni Jonsson bantered these photos back and forth with Nonni asking two gents if related.
Thanks to Nonni and Emily Enns we have an identification.

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Vopni. Mrs. Vopni happens to be in a photo with her two sisters, one being our Soffia. Mr. Vopni is Soffia's Brother-In-Law!

Mr. and Mrs. F. Vopni,
Sister of Soffia Gudbrandsdottir
Courtesy of the Pauline Einarson Collection
Mr. and Mrs. F. Vopni
Vigfus Vopni Jónsson a.k.a Fusi and
Gudbjórg Gudbrandsdóttir,
lived in Bellingham, WA

2020 Woburn, Bellingham, WA- Front of house

Courtesy of the Pauline Einarson Collection
2020 Woburn, Bellingham, WA in 2011- Back left side

Courtesy of Google Maps


Courtesy of the Green Album
Courtesy of the Pauline Einarson Collection


Carl Julius, Helga, and The Vopni's

Courtesy of the Green Album
Courtesy of the Pauline Einarson Collection

John and Gudbjórg Vopni
Courtesy of the Green Album
Courtesy of the Pauline Einarson Collection
Looking at the above photo IMG_6391_SCAN_GreenAlbum_The Three sisters 1929
1. (Left) Soffiá Gudbrandsdóttir Einarson, b. 14 Feb 1858 at Hólmlátri, Snaef, Iceland
Roy's GGM

2. (Center) Katrin Gudbrandsdóttir, b. 25 Mar 1854, same birth location
Soffiá's sister

3. (Right) Gudbjórg Gudbrandsdóttir, b. 22 May 1863, same birth location
Soffiá's sister

Soffia moved to Vatn age 5. They lived married 1883 and moved to Canada 2 days after marriage. Winnipeg 2 yrs, then Argyle, Manitoba until 1893 or 90. Moved to Thingvallabyggd in Saskatschewan 5 years later. Then in 1893 moved back to Winnipeg working in construction.
Lived at Vancouver, then WA.
There is an article in the Almanak ólafs S. Thorgeirssonar 1941, p.p. 44-49 about Gudbjorg and Jón's journey from Argyle to Saskatchewan.
M1. Jón Jónsson, Harness maker. When they went to Vinnipeg (Winnipeg?) he died by accident.
Moved to Canada 2 days after marriage
M2. Vigfus Vopni Jónsson. lived with her husband Fusi in Bellingham, WA
Katrin Gudbrandsdóttir and 2nd husband Jón Jónasson (1st husband Sveinbjorn Bjornsson died young)
Citation: (Almanak, O.S.Th. 1940, p. 27-28. - Saga Isl. in Vesturheimi, IV, 194, Logberg Febr.10th, 1949), SEC.3 (Aunt) Em Einarson Enns-1954 translated Icelandic Papers. [6]
And the Red text is a recent identification by Emily in June 2012, after seeing the three photos here at

Roy believes the following tree is Fusi above. Mystery solved. Now is he related to Living Vopni or Living Vopni family?

Here is some discussion online. Same Family? Too late to research, roofers arrive 8 AM next door!
Vigfus Vopni (1872 - 1971)

Born in Ljotsstadir, Vopnafjordir, Iceland on 15 Feb 1872.
Parents: Jon Jonsson and Arnprudur Vigfusdottir. Vigfus married Gudbjorg Guobrandsdottir.
He passed away on Aug 1971 in Blaine, Washington, USA.

Jon Illugason
Vigdis Stefansdottir
Marriage 1 Marriage 2
Arnprudur Vigfusdottir
Bjorg Vigfusdottir

Gudbrandur Gudbrandsson ancestors
Gudbrandur Gudbrandsson ancestors
Gudbrandur Guðbrandsson's father was Guðbrandur Magnússon, according to Halfdan Helgason. He was known as "The Rich".
Residence: South shore of Hvammsfjordur and west of Snóksdalur, Iceland.
Bóndi á Hólmlátrum í Narfeyrarsókn 1816-45.
Source: MT1801V148, MT16:586, TVA:B. Rankin.

Jofridur Jonsdottirs Family Tree
Jofridur Jonsdottirs Family Tree
Magnusson's wife, Jófríður Jónsdóttir, b. 1761, has three branches going back.
If we continue with gent on the right, Hákon Hallsson, b. Abt. 1440, this leads us to the next screen capture of Þórður Andrésson.
With 5,000 Great grandparents, largely thanks to halfdan Helgason and Roy, having connected all the American and Canadians to Icelandic ancestors, with entering all of them, we will stop at Jón Loftsson. Who the heck is that?
Since Roy has so little about Soffia, let us talk about Jón Loftsson and his parents
they are a key connection to the Petty Kings and Nobles of the past.
Jón along with Snorri Narfason. Then again, most Icelanders and their descendents are noble persons, ready to help their neighbor.

Jón Loftsson
Born 1124 at Oddi, Rangarvalla, Iceland [2, 3, 4]. Death: 01 Nov 1197. Age at death: 73 years old
Roy's Notes:
Goðorðsmaður af ætt Oddaverja, fór með Oddaverjagoðorð og hugsanlega einnig goðorð Hlíðverja um tíma; bjó að Odda á Rangárvöllum. Jón var voldugastur höfðingja á Íslandi um sína daga og til hans var gjarnan skotið erfiðum deilumálum. Jón var fyrir höfðingjum í mótspyrnu gegn kirkjuvaldinu. Hann fékk ásamt Gissuri Hallssyni og fleirum umvöndunarbréf frá erkibiskupi í Niðarósi fyrir "búfjárlífi" í ástamálum en Jón átti launbörn með fjórum konum.

Jón Loftsson (died 1197) was chieftain at Oddi in the county of Rangá in the south part of Iceland, and of the Oddaverjar family clan. He was one of the most popular chieftains and politician of his age in the country. He participated in the so-called Staðarmál, in 1179, against the Roman-Catholic Church and was victorious. After Jón died the family at Oddi was still the most powerful family in Iceland but their power soon began to go downhill after his death. His parents were Loftur Sæmundsson and Þóra Magnúsdóttir. At a young age the great scholar Snorri Sturluson was adopted by Jón Loftsson. (Google search)

The poem Nóregs konungatal was composed in Jón's honour, tracing his ancestry to the Norwegian royal line.


The most powerful ecclesiastical chieftain of the 12th century, Jón Loftsson (1124-1197), had one of his manors at Keldur. He lived there during the last years of his life and is buried there. Jón Loftsson established a monastery at Keldur, but it was a short-lived endeavour. Snorri Sturluson was sent to Jón Loftsson for fostering and education when Jón lived at Oddi in Rangárvellir.

Keldur was home to Ingjaldur Höskuldsson, who failed Flosi in the attack on Bergþórshvoll. Ingjaldur was brother to Hróðný, who was the mother of Njáll’s son Höskuldur. The farmstead at Keldur is the only large, preserved turf house in Southern Iceland. It is now owned and overseen by the National Museum of Iceland. The farmhouse consists of six timber-paneled gables facing the farmyard, one of which serves as the entryway to the lodge. This lodge is built in the ancient style and is the only one of its kind that has been preserved through the ages. Such buildings were common in earlier centuries. The structures standing at Keldur represent three distinct periods of construction: the oldest part of the farmhouse, which is made of turf and stone; the central part, somewhat younger, consisting of a wooden house clad with corrugated metal and facing the farmyard; and the youngest section, a metal-clad wooden building that dates from 1937 and is representative of the style that was common in the Icelandic countryside at that time.
Must be some reason why Roy posted the above paragraph on Jon's data file.

26 Jón Loftsson, f. 1124 í Noregi, d. 1. nóv. 1197. Goðorðsmaður og Höfðingi í Odda. Var valdamestur maður á Íslandi í sinni tíð og var friðsamur maður, kom með foreldrum sínum til Íslands 1135, sjá bls 214 [Íæ III, Í.saga.II] - Halldóra Brandsdóttir (sjá 39. grein)

Loftur Sæmundsson (died 1133) was the son of Sæmundur fróði. Loftur was the father of Jón Loftsson who adopted Snorri Sturluson. Loftur was a priest and a chieftain at Oddi in the county of Rangá in the south part of Iceland. He was married to Þóra Magnúsdóttir, daughter of Magnus III of Norway.

Oh, I got your attention now, eh? "Chieftains, and vikings, and Iceland! Oh my"! [5]
Yes, Soffia leads back to a very rich history of our ancestors, next to Sigurdur Christopherson, she has the most branches of the rich and famous of their time, yet she was a hard working woman from Iceland, whom helped raise Roy's mother, her sister Em, and their brothers, Henry Einarson and Lloyd Einarson, for which Roy will always be grateful to her.
For more on Jón, Loftur Sæmundsson and Þóra Magnúsdóttir, and Snorri Sturluson or Snorri Narfason, they are featured on our Great Ancestor page.

[3] Halfdan Helgason (password req)
[4] Public Member Trees, Record for Þóra Magnúsdóttir
[5] Quote by Roy E. Christopherson
[6] Emily Enns
[7] Dates courtesy of Lilja Kernested