Meet our Relative - Christopherson Branch

Kristófer Andrésson or Andresson

Kristófer Andrésson, born about 1806, Nelsondum, Myvatn, Iceland. Died 08 Oct 1865 at á Ytri-Neslöndum from typhoid epidemic.

In Iceland the son takes the first name of the father as their last name. Hence you will not see the same last name passed down.

Kristófer Andrésson was the father of Sigurdur Christopherson.

Since Roy has no photos or records of his time regarding Kristofer, he is being posted here as an anchor and Matriarch to help us connect to family that descended from him.


Roy received a census from Iceland from the owner of the Bird museum, whose GGF bougt the Ytri-Neslond. They were kind enough to do an online look up, as most are interfaces are in Icelandic, and give Roy a print out (find). Doubt Kristofer had a will, yet a form of Parish deed might be in the church covering Myvatn. Maybe obtain if another trip?


Paternal Grandfather

Did you know that Kristófer's paternal great grandfather was Ingólfr Arnarson (Paternal meaning "related through the father"). This lineage continues through his son; Sigurdur, his son; Kjartan; his son; Theodore; his son; Ronald Ted; to his sons, Mattew and Adam Christopherson. The family joke could now be "we owned half of Iceland at one time". Read more on Ingólfr Arnarson here. Click the reports link above to view a detailed lineage report from Roy to Ingólfr. Adding family seemed to alter this report. A glitch in Family Tree Maker 2010.


Information from "Come into our Heritage RM of Argyle 1882-1982"

Sigurdur was born on July 9 1848 in Neslondum, Myvatn, Iceland. His father, Kristofer Andresson died in 1865, during a typhoid epidemic. The whole family had been very sick at the time and their mother, Sigurveig Sigurdurdottir, was unconscious and very low. A kind neighbor helped the three older boys bury their father.


Ancestor´s of Sigurður Kristófersson according to Íslendingabók from cousin Gudrun Gisladottir:

Halldór Bjarnason 1640 - 1712

Vigfús Halldórsson 1691 - 1746

Halldór Vigfússon 1719 - 1768

Elísabet Halldórsdóttir 1750 - 1833

Sigurður Árnason 1790

Sigurveig Sigurðardóttir 1814 - 1893

Sigurður Kristófersson 9 Jul 1848 - 1921


Klömbur, Iceland


The homestead Ytri-Neslöndum is now the home of Sigurgeirs Bird Museum. Please visit when in Iceland. Of great interest to Bird Watchers.


The following is from Halfdan Helgason, 2007, for whom without, Roy would have little information on our Icelandic Ancestors!

16. Jón Gamlason (age: 40 years old). Born about 1410 , Died


15. Páll Jónsson (age: 30 years old). Born about 1450 , Died


14. Pétur Pálsson (age: 30 years old). Born about 1480 , Died in 1546 age at death: possibly 66 years old

Married to Ólöf Einarsdóttir (age: 40 years old), Born about 1470 , Died


13, Þórður Pétursson (age: 40 years old). Born about 1510 , Died

Married to Gunnvör Jónsdóttir (age: 30 years old), Born about 1520 , Died


12. Ólafur Þórðarson (age: 20 years old). Born about 1550 , Died


11. Þórður Ólafsson (age: 57 years old). Born about 1570 , Died in 1660 age at death: possibly 90 years old


10. Magnús Þórðarson (age: 32 years old). Born about 1627 , Died

Married to Þóra Helgadóttir (age: 31 years old), Born about 1628 , Died

Kristofer Andresson

Son of Andrés Guðmundsson & add

Kristofer married Sigurveig Sigurðardóttir



1, Helga Andrésdóttir

2. Jón Andrésson d. 21 days old

3. Ragnheiður Andrésdóttir



1. Sigurdur Kristofersson, b. 09 Jul 1848

now Christopherson

2. Sigríður Kristófersdóttir, b. 26 May 1843

3. Sigurjon Kristofersson, b. 05 Oct 1844

4. Hernit Kristofersson, b. 01 Jul 1850

5. Lilja Ingibjörg Kristófersdóttir, b. 16 Dec 1851

6. Peter/Pjetur/Pétur Kristofersson, b. 24 Sep 1853

7. Sigurborg Kristófersdóttir Hallgrimsson, b. 27 Sep 1855

8. Sigurborg Kristófersdóttir, b. 23 Apr 1841

(died at one month old)

9. Kristveig Kristófersdóttir Árnason, b. 25 Apr 1842

10. Kristján Kristófersson, b. 30 Oct 1858

died at 13 mths old


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Read about Sigurdur's Siblings

"Come into our Heritage" book excerpt

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Clann Christopherson Page


Miriam & Ken Westereng Collection

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09. Jón Magnússon (age: 41 years old). Born in 1659 , Died

Married to Guðrún Finnbogadóttir (age: 22 years old), Born in 1678 , Died


08. Árni Jónsson (age: 32 years old). Born in 1700 , Died in 1778 age at death: 78 years old

Married to Guðný Guðmundsdóttir (age: 23 years old), Born about 1709 , Died in June 1784 age at death: possibly 75 years old


07. Guðmundur Árnason (age: 38 years old). Born about 1732 , Died on 14 November 1798 age at death: possibly 66 years old

Married to Ólöf Hallgrímsdóttir (age: 27 years old), Born in 1743 - á Naustum í Eyjafirði , Died


06. Andrés Guðmundsson (age: 40 years old). Born in 1770 - (12.9) í Kasthvammi , Died on 7 December 1824 age at death: 54 years old

Married to Ingibjörg Jónsdóttir (age: 36 years old), Born about 1774 , Died on 8 March 1834 - í Kvígindisdal. age at death: possibly 60 years old


05. Kristófer Andrésson (age: 30 years old). Born about 1810 - í Máskoti , Died on 8 October 1865 - á Ytri-Neslöndum. age at death: possibly 55 years old

Married to Sigurveig Sigurðardóttir (age: 26 years old), Born on 8 April 1814 - í Klömbur


04. Sigurður Kristófersson (his surname became Christopherson upon immigration) was born 9 July 1848 at the farm Ytri-Neslönd in the beautiful Lake Mývatn district in Northern Iceland. His parents were Kristófer Andrésson (1810-1865) and Sigurveig Sigurðardóttir (1814-??), farmers at Ytri-Neslönd. Sigurður emigrated to Canada in 1873 and became a well known emigration agent as well as a leader amongst Icelandic settlers in both New Iceland and Argyle. He married Caroline Taylor, niece to John Taylor, an Englishman who was a great helper to the Icelandic settlers, mainly in New Iceland, Manitoba.

Married to Caroline nee Taylor Christopherson, Born on 11 May 1856, Died on 9 December 1923 age at death: 67 years old

Taylor, Daughter of John Taylor, born 1812, Bridgetown, Barbados, 63 when he led Icelanders from Kinmount to New Iceland (Gimli).

Carrie (Carrie (Carolyn) sisters, Susie, who married Halldór Briem, Jane who later went to Toronto; from Nyja Islasnd book, pg 120 - 121.

John Taylors father served as a quartermaster in the British fleet.John married Elizabeth, 13 years his junior, from Birmingham, England.

Do lineage search on John. English or Scottish? Scottish is incorrect, least immediate family, Caroline is English/Irish.


Sigurður had many siblings, nine at the least. Six of them emigrated to Canada.

1) Sigríður Kristófersdóttir (1843-1924) married Guðni Jónsson (1835-1909) in Baldur, Argyle. In my files are ten of their children.

2) Sigurjón Kristófersson (1844-1920), farmer in Argyle, married Helga Jórunn Jónsdóttir (1853-1934). I have two of their children.

3) Hernit Kristófersson (1850-1928) married Þóra Sigurðardóttir (1856-1897), their son was Pétur Hernitsson (1881-??).

4) Lilja Kristófersdóttir (1851-1909).

5) Pétur Kristófersson (1853-1922), farmer in Argyle, married Sigurveig Ólafsdóttir (1852-1931), three children.

6) Sigurborg Kristófersdóttir (1855-1923) married Bæring Hallgrímsson (1853-1941).

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03. Kjartan Christopherson, son of 04. Sigurður Kristófersson

Married Gudrun Rooney Stoneson (See Clann Stoneson Page)


02. Theodore Christopherson,son of 03. Kjartan Christopherson

Married Pauline Evelyn 'Einarson' Christopherson


01. Living Christopherson, Ron Christopherson, Living Gillman, Roy Christopherson, sons and daughters of 02. Theodore 'Ted' Christopherson

Six children of the 1st three, Nieces and Nephews of Roy


Original data from Halfdan enhanced by Roy.




Working on identifying the locations of Sigurdur's father and GF's place of birth

Kristofer Andresson was born at ____________

Andrés Guðmundsson was born at _______________