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Meet our Relatives - Christopherson Branch

Pétur Christopherson

Pétur Christopherson, born 24 Sep 1853, á Ytri-Neslöndum í Mývatnssveit, Iceland [1]. Died 24 Nov 1922 [1].
Married to Sigurveig Ólafsdóttir. [Born: MAR 24, 1853, Died JAN 25, 1931, Buried at Grund Cemetery, Manitoba]

Age at death: 69 years old
Bóndi á Grímsstöðum í Mývatnssveit. Síðar bóndi í Argyle, Manitoba [1].

Sigríður Kristófersdóttir had many siblings, nine at the least. Six of them emigrated to Canada.
1) Sigríður Kristófersdóttir (1843-1924) married Guðni Jónsson (1835-1909) in Baldur, Argyle. In my files are ten of their children.
2) Sigurjón Kristófersson (1844-1920), farmer in Argyle, married Helga Jórunn Jónsdóttir (1853-1934). I have two of their children.
3) Hernit Kristófersson (1850-1928) married Þóra Sigurðardóttir (1856-1897), their son was Pétur Hernitsson (1881-??).
4) Lilja Kristófersdóttir (1851-1909).
5) Pétur Kristófersson (1853-1922), farmer in Argyle, married Sigurveig Ólafsdóttir (1852-1931), three children.
6) Sigurborg Kristófersdóttir (1855-1923) married Bæring Hallgrímsson (1853-1941). , [1]

Pétur was born in northern Iceland on Sept. 24, 1853, son of Kristofer Andresson and Sigurveig Sigurdursdottir. He married Sigurveig Olafsdottir, who was born in Iceland on March 24, 1853 (her parents were Olafur and Rannveig Sveinbjarnarsdottir). They immigrated to the Argyle Municipality in 1893, and bought SE 3-6-14 where they farmed all their lives. Both Peter and Sigurveig were of a quiet but jovial demeanor, with Peter having a tendency for mischievous tricks and story-telling. When he shaved off his beard it changed his appearance so much that his own sister Sigridur didn’t recognize him. His nephew Paul, who shared his uncle’s love of a good joke, took him into the house and introduced him to his mother and fiance, Gudny, as a fellow looking for work. Explaining that he had hired him to help with a job on the farm, he asked them if they would give him something to eat. The two women grudgingly prepared a meal for him, talking all the time in Icelandic about how they thought he was just out to get a free meal, they were certain that he would quickly be on his way once he had eaten! Sure enough, as they watched him disappear north across the field, they could triumphantly tell Paul, "I told you so! " Paul never said a word, and it wasn’t until the next day when his mother went over to visit her brother and sister-in-law, that she finally discovered the trick that had been played on her.

Sigurveig Olafsdottir
Sigurveig OLAFSDOTTIR Christopherson
Daughter of Olafur Olafson and Rannveig Sveinbjarnardottir Pétur's wife
Courtesy of the Donna, Lauren & Gordon Skardal Collection
Med Bag
Sigurveig's bag
Courtesy of The Skardal Collection
Sigurveig had trained as a midwife in Iceland and was called upon many times in Argyle to help young mothers give birth to their tiny babies. She carried medicines and necessary tools in a small leather and needlepoint satchel, the embroidery having been done by her in 1877.

Rosa was born in [7] July, 1882, in Iceland. She became a school teacher and taught at various schools in the district before going to teach at Stoughten, Sask., where she met Carl Story [Storey]. They were married on Oct. 25, 1918. They had no children. Like her mother, Rosa was an active suporter of the "Kvitabundi" and spent much time driving about the countryside gaining support for the women’s suffrage movement. She died Sept. 2, 1921. Helga was born in 1886 in Iceland, and died in 1897. [Based on their grave stone at Grund Cemetery, Manitoba, Peter outlived his daughter by a year. Must have been hard on him.]

Helga was born on Nov. 22, 1897. He never married. His photo is in the Skardal Album.

Helgi attended Wesley College in Winnipeg, then took a course in drafting and surveying. He was in his third year when his father died, he never completed that year, but instead came home to take over his father’s farm. He died in a car accident on Nov. 11, 1938. [Died NOV 11, 1931 Buried at Grund, Manitoba]

Allabjorg was born in 1900, she became a victim of polio and lived in a wheel chair for several years. She died in 1912. Peter died Nov. 25, 1922,
Place image of here from CIOH book.

Sigurveig died on Jan. 25, 1931.
There are no direct descendants left. , [12]

Possibly Rosa Christopherson
Courtesy of The Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection [59]

Pétur Christopherson
a.k.a Sigurjon Christopherson
Son of Kristófer Andresson and Sigurveig Sigurðardóttir,
Peter Christopherson
Peter Christopherson
Courtesy of The Skardal Collection

1. Sigurborg Kristófersdóttir, , b. 23 Apr 1841 d. 29 May 1841, [73] (died at one month old)
2. Kristveig Kristófersdóttir, b. 25 Apr 1842-1880, [73]
3. Sigríður Kristófersdóttir Jónsson, b. 26 May 1843
4. Sigurjon Christopherson, b. 05 Oct 1844
5. Gudbjorg Kristófersdóttir, b.8 June 1846, 7 Sept 1846, [73]
6. Gudny Kristófersdóttir, b. 30 May 1847, d. 30 May 1847, [73] (Twins)
7. Gudrun Kristófersdóttir, b. 30 May 1847, d. 30 May 1847, [73] (Twins)
8. Sigurdur Kristofersson, b. 09 Jul 1848 d. Mar 1921
now Christopherson
9. Hernit Christopherson, b. 01 Jul 1850
10. Lilja Ingibjörg Kristófersdóttir, b. 16 Dec 1851
11. Peter/Pjetur/Pétur Christopherson, b. 24 Sep 1853
12. Sigurborg Hallgrimsson , b. 27 Sep 1855
13. Kristján Kristófersson, b. 30 Oct 1858. d. 6 Dec 1859, [73]
died at 1 yr old

1. Sigurveig Christopherson
2. Elin Rosa Storey
3. Helga Christopherson
4. Helgi Christopherson
5. Allabjorg Christopherson

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Peter Christopherson Family
Standing: Rosa Christopherson
Peter with Helgi on knee, Helga
Courtesy of The Skardal Collection

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