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Meet our Relatives - Christopherson Branch

Sigurjón Christopherson
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Sigurjón Christopherson, born 05 Oct 1844, á Ytri-Neslöndum í Mývatnssveit, Iceland. Died 19 Oct 1920, Winnipeg, Canada.
Married to Helga Jórunn Jónsdóttir b. [1853 - H. Helgason]. Farmed Argyle District. Age at death: 76 years old
Bóndi (Farmer) á Grímsstöðum í Mývatnssveit. Síðar bóndi Farmer) í Argyle, Manitoba, Kanada (Canada).
Married: 1872, Iceland.

Sigríður Kristófersdóttir had many siblings, nine at the least. Six of them emigrated to Canada.
1) Sigríður Kristófersdóttir (1843-1924) married Guðni Jónsson (1835-1909) in Baldur, Argyle. In my files are ten of their children.
2) Sigurjón Kristófersson (1844-1920), farmer in Argyle, married Helga Jórunn Jónsdóttir (1853-1934). I have two of their children.
3) Hernit Kristófersson (1850-1928) married Þóra Sigurðardóttir (1856-1897), their son was Pétur Hernitsson (1881-??).
4) Lilja Kristófersdóttir (1851-1909).
5) Pétur Kristófersson (1853-1922), farmer in Argyle, married Sigurveig Ólafsdóttir (1852-1931), three children.
6) Sigurborg Kristófersdóttir (1855-1923) married Bæring Hallgrímsson (1853-1941)., [1]

9. Kristveig Kristófersdóttir, b. 25 Apr 1842 would have stayed behind in Iceland?

Sigurjon was born on Oct. 15, 1844, and Helga Jonsdottir was born on July 26, 1854 in Iceland.

They were married in 1872, and had two children, Sigurdur and Thorgerdur (Gerda). They immigrated to Canada in 1893, coming to Argyle Municipality. They lived with Sigurjon’s brother Hernit for a year before homesteading SE 27-5-14 in the fall of 1894. This was known as Sigurjon’s Hill, on the Antonius farm. In 1905, Sigurjon and Helga moved into Baldur, living in the little house on Schultz Street. Sigurjon had kept a team of horses and was kept busy with jobs requiring their use. In the summer he would help farmers with haying and threshing.
Page 340,[12]

In 1918, they moved to Winnipeg, where Sigurjon worked in the post office and they also kept a boarding house. Here Sigurjon passed away on Oct. 19, 1920. Helga made her home with Gerda and later Sigurdur, passing away on Oct. 19, 1934. Sigurjon and Helga are both buried in the Grund Cemetery...,[12]

Gerda accompanied her parents to Winnipeg in 1918, and helped with their boarding house and did dressmaking as well.
Page 341 Source: 'Come Into Our Heritage' book available at the R. M. of Argyle.,[12]
Mrs. Christopherson
Helga Jórunn Jónsdóttir
Courtesy of The Skardal Collection
Sera Sigurdur Christopherson
Sera Sigurdur S. Christopherson
Not to be confused with the one that married Caroline Taylor

Courtesy of 'Come into Our Heritage'
and The Skardal Collection

Gera Christopherson
Thorgerdur 'Gerda' Christopherson
Courtesy of 'Come into Our Heritage'
and The Pat Deasley Collection

Obit on Sigurjon (Bad Google Translation)
Apr 1922 Heimskringla
Sigurjón Christopherson 1844-1920 On 20 oktáber died in 1920 Winnipeg, Manitoba öldungur- In Sigurjón Christopherson by chronic disease and suffering 76 years ao age. Because thas Iiefir not been made by another State I move I'd like ao minn- ast this remarkable and Gosa people MES few imperfect ORSUS. Sigurjón Ohristopherson was born on the Outer Neslöndum Vis Lake in Þiqgeyjarsýslu on ice Onshore Aris 1844. His parents the couple were Chrostopher Andrés- son ættaSur from HöfSahverfi in SuS- Log-districts and Sigurveig Victory Ardóttir fr§ forests Smoke Neighborhoods in the same county; labeling ishjón and well spoken. Sigurjón ólzt up with his parents External Farm and lærSi the work is common were sveita.heimilum them days. He Misti phases time when He was 20 years old, and took he Aware IbiúsforráSum MES n.óSur time and was standing for the estate MES dugnaSi and foresight in many year ESA to Mosiah drew his estate near 1870 Sigurjón took Vis estate ones on their spits and drove the economy of a great warrior and prudence. Arista 1872 he married Helga Jonsdottir Jonsson and his wife His Oluf Jónasdóttir, bred from Smoke disappears and raised in HeiSarbót in the countryside; the best fn'Sleiks and gave the woman, and her husband closely together in all his work. Was thas his ástúSlegasta marriage. The couple lived the best rausnarbúi on external Neslönd- for until 1884 aS Sigurjón bought Grim Stasi vis lake, which was very large and expensive and extensive high jörS. He lived on three fjórSu of jörSinni against RETR his smile the ocean one fjórSa. At GrímstöSum thought Sig- urjón OAL. its former bounty; höfS- Contracting Lundin he was meSfædd and búskaparstarfiS iblessaSist and materials increased year by year. 1893 kast- Asi he dice and moved west ur the ocean. He elskaSi of mountains woman and boys relieve their alt HIS noble and beautiful í'fari þjóSarinn- ar, because he was a true Icelanders engineer, but his smile, and related they were way west and æfin- Týri brnn longing in his soul and He urged aS explore His strange. He left the ættjörSinni good ',"
DODDS '% Kidneys '/' Pill Kidne. Í287 Dodd's kidney pills are the best nýrnameSaliS. Medical and rheumatism, back pain, heart failure; urinary retention, and other illnesses resulting from kidneys. - Dodd's Kidney Pills cost EOC carton or bodies of 6 cartons fur. ic $ 2.50, and dealing with all lyfsöl- The formal notice of the Dodd's Mediclne Co., Ltd., Toronto, Ont. In the large and víSáttumikill; of high fjiillstindi views please. Of fjaHlstindi ideal anna Sea he good view of human life and world; he understood and knew HfiS tlfinningar man-men, and he jþekti feelings of men, and He wanted men alt good do, all wounds mýkj'a and græSa> He had yfir'aS Rasa Nordic sportsmanship, true Christians' attitude and successful intelligence. LæknisfræSin he was thinking sensitive viSfangsefni and his mind henigSist thither; thas he was meSfæddur feature, and he Mac practiced medicine all my life more or less at home in Iceland and here in the country and the accompanying pasi morning about. He was often times together with the sick and showed them added humanitarianism and subtlety, but worker in were often little the poor were often share aS matter, and thas was not earning Ihan was aS work ^ but for other aS help - welfare work.

Sigurjón SIAL. was all the practice venerable company offender and took liberally participating in all hiking inhabitable company issues and collection pockets matters; eilífS- armálin was it really of heart involved and he understood and explained frelsaríinn the g Guss omnipotence better but the Church has often and iSulega: do. Home in Iceland is He and many trúnaSarstörfum Sierra liberally employed for issues were almenningsheillla; districts Committee, he was years ago and Trade was standing as the forefront and won not only his country ó- estimable benefit heldur'stafaSi covers estate and Gosal the circumstances, and 'lying Rentals blessing of work never felt here in the land of the ham- | him. GVO have ^^ me áreioan_ prisoners, he was praised and] egirl who bekti æfiferlil saknaSi he hurt Islands, and. ans of ættjörSinni, and I also dauSadags I think aS 'Hanra told aS they Stasi honumr lamented thas footprint is moving as provided in Þiingeyjarsýslu out of the land. When h'ngaS came byrjaSi his farming Argyle- bygSinni a relatively small scale, 'and had learned farming jobs in 1 5 years. Official ine they were difficult for many farmers grasses and small. Yet traveled sist him well. " Reach hair was replaced by Fifi in old age and tired orS- Enter; He drew the estate in 1908 moved to Baldur, Man., bought in home and stundaSi employment of various forms until 1918 he aS moved to Winnipeg, then very fares axis at Heist; d'chose him in the city with his son, now aS Langrutih man, thas remaining practices.
Sigurjón Sad. was gáfaSur and aS see prevented from vandræSunum ,. where distress, poverty and shortages Log klappaSi the door. There he was saver; quick aS help and most of the sling Switzerland. Sigurjón was ættmargur and his siblings were many. Some alive and I am aware of the Military mit Peter, ibændur in Argyle- bygS, mostly prudence 'and ^ sómamenn, and two sisters, sig- giants, widow GuSna Jonsson, Tit the home of his son Paul, aS Baíldur, Man, and Sigurborg wife Bærings Hallgrímsson farmer Argyle bygS. Sigurdur Christopherson, einrt the first of the Icelandic settlers. listhneigSur Masuda starter and men in Manitoba, dugnaSar Playful in samrœSum, and also atorkumiaSur that great subsequently marketed rrúmálasviSum, and he knew and j ur vis the progress ARIB eight ball f viSoirkendi aS even where væri'j history of Western lslendinga was Smile niargt opposed to depart dition aS s Siurjóns. He was dead for for the light of knowledge,> and aS Gus is always aS Leis men aS year Sisa west coast. The couple Bodvar and more and larger truth springs out : Helga were two children sprinkled from error and darkness. He | which are added life. Reverend SigurSur the hugs sensitive aS struggle vis whereas several ar örSugar ráSgátur in samræSum He marine earn much knowledge at their leisure . He was höfSingi in mind, gestris- Enter and helpful , both vis Iagaru as high . No one was questioning from leitaSi to him that his case was possible to grant the resolution . - His spirit was free ; he issue prestílþjónustu which has in the book-building Usún west Vis Manitöbavatn , resides in Ruth Lang , Man , and DISLOYAL Löf ÞorgerSur , gift , home peat Log his town Glemboro , Man . They were also one stepdaughter , Sigurveig Victory Ardóttir , now married Jonah Björnsson aS Baldur , Man .. Sitting now systkin- in the widow and mourn the no tapes. Sjóndeildarhringur- the gasification phase and their offender in CRDS fy'lsta skimingi ; true who invested their pound mission to do all æfidaginn . Friðarljós Master surround he describes him on the sun broke ever make .
Written in Glenboro , Man . , April 2, 1922 .
G. J. Olesova

Events during 1909
On June 27th, 1909 during the church convention the following theology candidates were ordained : Guttormur Guttormsson (previously mentioned in this Almanak) , and Sigurður S. Christopherson. His parents are Sigurjón Kristofersson and Helga Jórunn Jónsdóttir from Ytri - Neslöndum at Mývatn , now living at Baldur in Manitoba . Both have graduated from the Lutheran theological college in Chicago during the same year . Source Link 2

1955 Article about Rev. Christopherson from 1955 in Icelandic Source

Article mentioning Sera Christopherson in Sask

Also see their two children's Individual pages linked on the right.

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Sigurjón Christopherson
a.k.a Sigurjon Christopherson
Son of Kristófer Andresson and Sigurveig Sigurðardóttir,
Sigurjon Christopherson
Sigurjon Christopherson
Courtesy of The Pat Dearsley Collection

1. Sigurborg Kristófersdóttir, , b. 23 Apr 1841 d. 29 May 1841, [73] (died at one month old)
2. Kristveig Kristófersdóttir, b. 25 Apr 1842-1880, [73]
3. Sigríður Kristófersdóttir Jónsson, b. 26 May 1843
4. Sigurjon Christopherson, b. 05 Oct 1844
5. Gudbjorg Kristófersdóttir, b.8 June 1846, 7 Sept 1846, [73]
6. Gudny Kristófersdóttir, b. 30 May 1847, d. 30 May 1847, [73] (Twins)
7. Gudrun Kristófersdóttir, b. 30 May 1847, d. 30 May 1847, [73] (Twins)
8. Sigurdur Kristofersson, b. 09 Jul 1848 d. Mar 1921
now Christopherson
9. Hernit Christopherson, b. 01 Jul 1850
10. Lilja Ingibjörg Kristófersdóttir, b. 16 Dec 1851
11. Peter/Pjetur/Pétur Christopherson, b. 24 Sep 1853
12. Sigurborg Hallgrimsson , b. 27 Sep 1855
13. Kristján Kristófersson, b. 30 Oct 1858. d. 6 Dec 1859, [73]
died at 1 yr old

1. Rev. Sigurður S. Christopherson
2. Þorgerður 'Gerga' Christopherson, 1882


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Back Row: Sigurður S., Thorgerdur 'Gerda'
Sigurjon, and Helga Jórunn Jónsdóttir
Courtesy of The Pat Dearsley Collection