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Meet our Relatives - Christopherson Branch

Sigríður Kristófersdóttir Jónsson
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Sigríður Kristófersdóttir, born 26 May 1843, á Gautlöndum, Iceland. Died 28 Feb 1924. Sigridur is Sigurdur Christopherson's sister.
Married to Guðni Jónsson.

Sigríður Kristófersdóttir had many siblings, nine at the least. Six of them emigrated to Canada.

Gudni was born in Hofstodum, near Myvatn, Iceland, on Oct. 10, 1844. He came to Canada with his wife Sigridur, who was born on May 26, 1843. They brought a family of six with them and settled on NW 35-4-14. Sigridur was Sigurdur Christopherson’s sister. Gudni and Sigridur’s children were: Kristjan Gudnason, Baldur, born in 1865 and died in 1956; Kristin (Mrs. Einar Sigvaldson), Baldur, born in 1872 and died in 1947; Sigurdur Gudnason, Kandahar, Sask., born in 1878, died in 1957; John Gudnason, Wynyard, Sask., born in 1881 and died in 1914; Petur Gudnason, Baldur, born in 1883 and died in 1903; Paul, a twin brother of Petur Gudnason, Baldur, born in 1883 and died in 1936.

Gudni passed away in September, 1908.
Sigridur lived with her son Paul, where she passed away in February, 1924.[81 yrs old]
'Come Into Our Heritage' book pp 510., [12]

Great West Express Leaving Elfros, Sask.
There is no written information on this card. Being family here is mentioned in Sask., posting this family post card

Courtesy of The Sug & Hank Christopherson Collection

The Connection
Kristófer Andresson had 10 children. Our GGF was Sigurdur Christopherson, one of his sisters (Star of this web page) was Sigríður Kristófersdóttir.
OK, Sigríður Kristófersdóttir married Guðni Jónsson in Iceland. His father was Jon. Sigríður is now Sigríður Jónsson.
Still with me?
All of their children being born in Iceland took the fathers name Guðni for their last name, not Jónsson, as done in Canada and America .
The childrens last name was Gudnason or Gudnadottir.
All six of the children are Sigurdur's nephews and nieces. Their Grandparents, Kristófer Andresson and Sigurveig Sigurðardóttir, are OUR Grandparents.
Since I am terrible at 1st, 2nd cousin calculations, the names will be entered into the 5,000 database as I suspect the children are our 2nd cousins.
Let's try a quick lineage using Kristin nee Guðnadóttir, daughter of our Great Grand Aunt:
Kristófer Andresson and Sigurveig Sigurðardóttir (GGGP)
Sigurdur Christopherson (GGF)
Sigríður nee Kristófersdóttir Jónsson
Kjartan Christopherson (GF)
Kristin nee Guðnadóttir Sigvaldason
Theodore Christopherson
Athalstein 'Alli' Baldur Sigurdur Sigvaldason
Roy Christopherson
Robert 'Bob' Allan Sigvaldason

I found Robert 'Bob' in the Come into our Heritage book after our cousins in B.C., Carol, Bev, and Miriam graciously gave Roy one of their copies.
Possible it was the 'Sigvaldason' name that caught my attention. I knew we were related and from the lineage above, it could not be further away from
my GGM Gudrun Sigvaldason. Although possible if we go further back, there is a relationship. Iceland is an island.
From June 2012, we no longer have to 'Research Mrs. Einars Sigvaldson IMG_5031z.4' (Image of text from above Come Into Our Heritage, pp 510).
This is Kristin see No. 2 below.

Residence: Lived at 35-4-14

Surname: Gudnason

If you are family with information and photos, please contact Roy.

From Tí
2. Sigurborg Kristófersdóttir, kona Bærings Hallgnmssonar í Argyle-bygtS. Forelarar: Kristófer Andrésson qg Sigurveig SigurtSardóttir, a?> Ytri-Neslöndum vit5 Mývatn, Og þar var Sigurborg fædd.

The Children in Detail

1. Kristjan Gudnason, Baldur, born in 1865 and died in 1956, [12]

Kristjan Gudnason was born in 1865, and came to Canada from Myvatnasveit, Iceland in 1893 with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gudni Jonsson [Guðni Jónsson and Sigríður Kristófersdóttir Jónsson], his sister, Kristin, and four brothers, Jon. Sigurdur, Paul and Peter. They settled in the R.M. of Argyle.

Kristjan married Malmfridur Josafatdottir. They farmed on SW 35-5-14 until 1908. They then moved to Baldur where he worked at odd jobs till blindness forced his retirement.

4.1 In 1905, they took into their care a foster daughter, Kristrun Gudmundson who was born in 1903, and was the daughter of Howardur and Kristrun Gudmundson. She was born at Lundar. Kristrun attended Baldur School and in 1928, she married Jon Breidal.
Following the death of Malmfridur in 1931, Kristjan hired a housekeeper, Thorun Vopni. Thorun had a daughter, Mrs. Ed Desrochers). Kristjan died in 1956.

pp 443
'Come Into Our Heritage' book pp 510., [12]
Generic Male Stand-In

2. Kristin nee Guðnadóttir Sigvaldason (Mrs. Einar Sigvaldson), Baldur, born in 1872 and died in 1947

While Roy was at the Frelsis Church at Grund, there was a photo of John Gudnason. For some reason while visiting there, it felt like I knew of them. Like they were family.
This is for a fact, a son of "A" Kristin Gudnason. Turns out dad and him are 1st cousins.
Perhaps Elena is not far off in saying 'I am Empathic'. Maybe even psychic?
Roy Einar Christopherson, SEPT 4, 2013

"Kristin Sigurveig Sigridur Gudnason (Gudnadottir) was born in Iceland, Sept. 17, 1872 and came to Canada in 1893. Einar and Kristin were married Aug. 8, 1901. They were very fond of reading, and for years worked at keeping the Icelandic Library in Baldur. Kristin died in July, 1947, and Einar in May, 1951.
Kristin and Einar

Einar and Kristin nee Guðnadóttir Sigvaldason
, [12]
Turns out Tryggvi Sigvaldason is the brother of Einar to the left.
Kristin is Roy's 1st cousin, 2x Removed.
See Tryggvi here on the
Unknown Family page as he was
photographed with Ranka.
They had four children.
2.1 Thorhallur Einar son of Kristin
Thorhallur Einar was born Oct. 8, 1902. He lived on the home farm until he sold it to his nephew, Robert Allan Sigvaldason. He retired to Baldur." , [12]
[Obit below says he is passed away]
Sigvaldasons at Mundia
Troy is listed, and Vice President and WebMaster (site is being rebuilt)

Thorhallur Einar Sigvaldason 1902- Born: Argyle, Manitoba, Canada

Baldur Gazette, Thursday, June 04, 1964, Page 4
... received were Misses Sandra Dell Parsonage and Constance Thora Christoph John Gudnason and her son Donald John Robert Allan Sigvaldason and Allan ...

Robert Allan Sigvaldason 1950-1998 Born: Baldur, Manitoba, Canada Died: Baldur, Manitoba, Canada

Known as 'Halli'. Marker 1902- 1989, G. Norman 1914-1914
G. Norman a child?
Generic Male Stand-In

2.2 John Peter Sigvaldason, son of Kristin
John Peter was born Feb. 9, 1904 [Argyle, Manitoba, Canada. Obit below says he is passed away]. He took his schooling at Hola and Baldur, and graduated as a teacher in 1922. He taught school in various places, including Pilot Mound, Mather and Cartwright. He obtained his Bachelor of Education in 1939 and was a school inspector for some time. John joined the Air Force in 1942, and was discharged as a squadron leader in 1946. He came back to Canada. John won an appointment with the Department of External Affairs as an assistant secretary in the office of the High Commissioner in London, England and served at various divisions in the diplomatic departments. In 1960, he was appointed Ambassador to Indonesia, then to Norway in 1964. He retired from the diplomatic services in July, 1969. He then taught political science at Brandon University for two years. John and his wife Olga (nee Gasteiger) make their home in Ottawa, Ont.
John and Olga have one son, George.

John also has two children by a previous marriage:
2.2.3 John William 'Jack', and
2.2.4 Joyce.
Kjartan Ingolfur (Ingi) was born May 4, 1907. He married Violet Radford in 1940. lngi had made his home in Dauphin since 1935, where he was employed as a machinery salesman. He upgraded his education and became head engineer at the McKay Indian School for a number of years. He retired from the school, and then for five years he did building inspection for four Indian reserves.
Ingi and Violet have two children;
James [Sigvaldason]
and Ruth. (Mrs. Don Henderson).

pp 638
'Come Into Our Heritage' book pp 510., [12]

Here is an article on John's passing in 1986 at
Includes a photo
In 1942, John joing the R.C.A.F and stationed in England.

Another article on Ambassador.. See Photo 2

Mr. John Sigvaldason is survived by his wife Olga and son George in Dartmouth . Also by three brothers , Halli and Alli both in Baldur and K.I . (Ingi) Sigvaldason of Dauphin.

Of previous marriage a son , 2.2.1 John William [Sigvaldason] of Yellowknife and daughter 2.2.2 Joyce __?__ of Edmonton .

Found a Violet Sigvaldason of Dauphin
and her sister, Beatrice SIGVALDASON Ames

A special thank you In Memoriam to our supporters and Tribute ... Violet Sigvaldason Steve & Nellie Paziuk Don & Judy Doucette Cordonier Family Joyce & Larry Love Elsie Seniuk

Past Fjallkonur
1980 Mrs. Adalbjorg Sigvaldason? Source
John Peter
Photo Courtesy of the Argyle District Collection
John Peter and Olga
Photo Courtesy of 'Come Into Our Heritage' book

2.3 Kjartan Ingolfur (Ingi) son of Kristin

Kjartan Ingolfur Sigvaldason 1907- Born: Argyle, Manitoba, Canada
Generic Male Stand-In

2.4 Athalstein Baldur Sigurdur (Alli) was born Sept. 4, 1911. He resides on his own farm, SW 36-5-14. He bought the farm from Frank Bateman in 1945. In 1949, he married Jonina (Jonsie) Johnson and they have two sons, Robert Allan and Brian Einar Tryggvi., [12]

Searching for Violet, found the following
Dated April 15, 2003
ATHALSTEIN BALDUR SIGURDUR "ALLIE" SIGVALDASON Passed away at the Wawanesa Health Centre on Tuesday, April 15, 2003 at the age of 91 years, Athalstein Baldur Sigurdur "Allie" Sigvaldason, of Baldur, MB. Allie leaves to mourn his passing his son Brian and wife Nikki of Calgary, AB; daughter-in-law Margaret Sigvaldason of Baldur; three grandchildren, Christa, Colleen, Troy; two great grandchildren Stephen and Kayden; sisters-in-law Olga Sigvaldason of Ottawa, ON. and Violet Sigvaldason of Dauphin, MB, as well as numerous relatives and friends. Allie was predeceased by his wife Jonsey and son Bob in 1998, parents Einar and Kristin, brothers Halli, John and Ingi. A Graveside Service will be held on Saturday, April 19 at 2:00 p.m. at the Grund Cemetery with Rev. Doug Craig officiating. Friends that so desire memoriams may be made in Allies memory to the Canadian Cancer Society, 415-1st St., Brandon, MB R7A 2W8. Jamieson Funeral Service of Baldur-Glenboro in care of arrangements, 1-204-827-2480.

As published in the Winnipeg Free Press on April 16, 2003

So Jonsie has passed away
Roy is sorry he missed meeting Margaret of Baldur while there.

Alli and Jonsie
  2.4.1 Robert [Bob] Sigvaldason was born Aug. 17, 1950. He married Marguerite Desrochers on Oct. 12, 1974. He is farming his own and his father’s farm. He has been a councillor of Ward 6 since January, 1981., [12]

Robert and Brian are Roy's 1st cousins.

[Note: Under No. 1 above, it lists a Mrs. Ed Desrochers. Wonder if there is a relation to Margaret?
Bob Sigvaldason

Bob Sigvaldason - Roy has minimal information on the family and would appreciate any family contacting him. This may be a relation.
UPDATE: This was posted on Roy's GGrandmother's page under Sigvaldason. There does not seem to be a relationship to the Sigvaldason's of MN...yet, Bob is now connected just above after visiting Arygle District Aug. 2013
Bob Sigvaldason Memorial Property
Courtesy of The Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection [59]

Bob Sigvaldason Memorial Property
Ah! Troy is mentioned right here!
Courtesy of The Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection [59] Troy Sigvaldason is the son of Robert 'Bob'.
Born 1983. His mother is Margaret, seen above as Marguerite Desrochers.
Troy currently works for Prairie Spirit S.D. (formerly Tiger Hills which includes Baldur) in the IT Department since 2008.

Troy married Lindsey Hendrickson of Wasilla, Alaska on August 27, 2013 and they reside in Baldur. His Mother, Margaret continues to reside on the homestead north of Baldur (Loki Farms).
Info courtesy of Troy Sigvaldason  



2.4.2 Brian Sigvaldason was born on Jan. 22, 1952. He married Nora Lynn Swatsky on July 12, 1980. They make their home in Calgary, Alta. where Brian works on construction., [12]

Troy confirmed this is Brian at LinkedIn
and his company he is at here
Roy deleted hislinkedin account, and do not want to send generic email to info@...his company.

Nora and Brian live in Calgary.

Brian Sigvaldason

3. Sigurdur Gudnason, Kandahar, Sask., born in 1878, died in 1957 , [12]

Wife, Children?
Generic Male Stand-In

This might be Sigurdur?
Siggi Gudnasson

Possibly the same Siggi as in Image 2223 on Grund Barn & Horses page
Plowing field with Jphn Christopherson ?
Courtesy of The Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

4. John Gudnason, Wynyard, Sask., born in 1881 and died in 1914, [12]
Children ?

John Gudnason, Sigurdur's nephew and Roy's 1st cousin, 2x Removed [Died age 33]
Courtesy of the Skardal Collection


Left: Mrs. John Gudnason Kandahar
Right is Gerda Christopherson

5. Petur Gudnason,
Baldur, born in 1883 and died in 1903., [12]
[Died age 20]
Children ?
Generic Male Stand-In

6. Paul Gudnason, a twin brother of Petur, Baldur, born in 1883 and died in 1936., [12]
[Died age 53]
Children ?
Generic Male Stand-In

Roy discovers, after connecting with Troy Sigvaldson, that Tryggvi Sigvaldason and Einar Sigvaldason above were brothers.
Now the question is, who were the parents of Tryggvi and Einar, and are they related to Roy's GGF Arni?
We know Arni was the son of Sigvaldi Jónsson (Johnson) & Arnfríður Jónsdóttir

Arni's brothers were
Prof Sigurdur Sigvaldson, of Buffalo Lake (as seen below not the same Sigurdur)
John Sigvaldson, of Marshall
Paul Sigvaldson

No Einar or Tryggvi is listed.

Sigurdur Sigvaldson of Virdine or Selkirk is NOT RELATED to Arni,
SIGURDUR SIGVALDASON On April 22 , 1979 , at his daughter's residence at Car-berry , Man. , Mr. Sigurdur Sigvaldason , aged 82 years , a longtime resident of Vidir, Manitoba . Funeral service s will be held on Wednesday, Apri l 25, at 2:00 p.m . in the Vidir Community Hall with Rev. Michael Cone officiating . Interment will follow intne Vidir Cemetery . Mr . Sigvaldason was born at Gimli , the son of Sigvaldi and Ingibjorg Johannesson, and moved with his parents to Vidir in 1911 . He farme di n th e Vidi r district and later operated a general store and the post office in Vidir. He took an active part in commu-nity affairs, serving on the school board, the North Star Creamery Co-op Board , the Vidir Community Ha U Board , and was a councillor on the Bifrost Municipal Board for 25 years, retiring from that position i n 1977 . He also served with the Canadian Forces during the First World War. In 1920, Mr . Sigvaldason married Eggertina Sveinson , and she predeceased him on November 18,1978. He leaves surviving, four daughters, Ingibjorg (Mrs. Jack Elmhirst), Arleif (Mrs. Harold Calvert), both of Car-berry, Lilja (Mrs. Peter Erikson ) of Coquitlam, B.C., Elin (Mrs. Owen Moore) of Vancouver; his son, Sveinn, also of Coquitlam; 17 grandchildren and four great-grand-children.
Source: Lögberg-Heimskringla May 1979,
Eggertina Sigvaldason's obit is here.
Sigríður Kristófersdóttir
Daughter of Kristófer Andresson and
Sigurveig Sigurðardóttir,
Sigridur or Lilja
This might be Sigridur or possibly Lilja
The dress material matches Liljas
Lilja has a slight protraction
on her upper ear
Courtesy of Pat Dearsley Collection

1. Sigurborg Kristófersdóttir, , b. 23 Apr 1841 d. 29 May 1841, [73] (died at one month old)
2. Kristveig Kristófersdóttir, b. 25 Apr 1842-1880, [73]
3. Sigríður Kristófersdóttir Jónsson, b. 26 May 1843
4. Sigurjon Christopherson, b. 05 Oct 1844
5. Gudbjorg Kristófersdóttir, b.8 June 1846, 7 Sept 1846, [73]
6. Gudny Kristófersdóttir, b. 30 May 1847, d. 30 May 1847, [73] (Twins)
7. Gudrun Kristófersdóttir, b. 30 May 1847, d. 30 May 1847, [73] (Twins)
8. Sigurdur Kristofersson, b. 09 Jul 1848 d. Mar 1921
now Christopherson
9. Hernit Christopherson, b. 01 Jul 1850
10. Lilja Ingibjörg Kristófersdóttir, b. 16 Dec 1851
11. Peter/Pjetur/Pétur Christopherson, b. 24 Sep 1853
12. Sigurborg Hallgrimsson , b. 27 Sep 1855
13. Kristján Kristófersson, b. 30 Oct 1858. d. 6 Dec 1859, [73]
died at 1 yr old

1. Kristjan Gudnason b. 1865
2. Kristin GUDNADOTTIR (Einar) Sigvaldason,
b. 1872
3. Sigurdur Gudnason, b. 1878
4. John Gudnason, b. 1881
5. Petur Gudnason, b. 1883
6. Paul Gudnason, b. 1883


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